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Rebecca's Sex Ed (Part 2)

Tags: anal, domination, cum,
Becca teaches Jon how to pleasure a woman.
Christine laid there, legs spread with her sweet juices rolling down her pussy. I climbed on top and kissed her. From behind me Becca grabbed my cock and directed it towards Christine’s hole. I slid right in because she was so wet. I began to plunge into her, starting slowly, but inserting my full length deep inside her pussy each time. I sped up and Christine began to moan as she grabbed my back. Christine was warm, wet, and tight; I could feel my cock pulsing inside of her, set to blow. Becca rubbed her tits against my back and played with my nipples, which felt surprisingly good.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum Christine!” I yelled out between my deep moans.

“Inside me! Inside me Jon!” Christine called out.

“Oh God! Yes! I’m cumming!” I screamed as pumped my seed into her wet pussy. Becca pulled out my dick and began to clean it off with her mouth. She sucked it hard and played roughly with my balls. My dick didn’t have time to get soft as it remained at attention in Becca’s mouth. I wanted to fuck again, but knew I would have to earn it.

Suddenly Becca pushed me on my back “Now it’s time to explore your body.” I was confused because she went back to sucking my cock. Then out of nowhere I felt her finger on my anus. I was surprised at first, but realized it felt good. She continued to toy with the outside of my anus and sucked my dick. She began to lick down my shaft and then suck on my balls. “Christine do you want to cum again?”

“Yes!” she moaned and laid down spooning position in front of me.

Becca rolled me over “Fuck her ass until one of you cums.” My dick was already slicked up with Becca’s saliva so I was able to slide into Christine slowly. I grabbed her waist and began to thrust her slowly as she grunted in pain at first. Soon her grunts turned to moans as she grabbed my hand on her waist and encouraged my efforts. I felt Becca begin to lubricate my anus with her tongue. This felt amazing and I began to moan along with Christine. Becca kept this up and soon inserted a finger into my ass.

“Fuck Becca! Why does that feel so good?” I moaned.

“Because you’re in touch with yourself unlike most men,” she said as she continued to finger me. She constantly spit into my ass to lubricate it as I began to ram my cock into Christine’s ass.

“I’m going to cum Jon! Ah! Ah! I’m…Ahhh!” Christine’s anus chocked my cock and did not let it go until her orgasm has fully passed. Becca stopped fingering me and pulled me out of Christine.

“For your final assignment: cum inside my ass,” she said as she bent over and spread her cheeks. “Lube me up first.”

“Christine,” I said impulsively. “Moisturize Becca’s dirty little hole.”

Christine nodded and complied. She dove in, inserting her tongue and spitting into her hole before turning to me “She’s ready for you babe.” I moved towards Becca, grabbed her plump cheeks and spread them. Becca’s glistened with Christine’s saliva as I inserted my cock and began to ram Becca hard

“Damn Jon! Get into it! Fuck me good!” Becca shrieked.

“You’re so tight! Yes I’m going to fuck you good you sexy slut!” I screamed as my full length disappeared inside her tight hole over and over again. The room was muggy now and smelled of sex. The bed was moist with our sweat and love juices and all three of us were glistening with sweat. Christine rubbed her pussy while she watched me fuck Becca’s ass. I panted, tired from fucking, and my cock throbbed as Becca’s tight hole tugged hard on it with every thrust.

Becca’s shuddered “I’m gunna…I’m so close Jon! I’m gunna cum!”

Her screams sent me over the edge. As her ass tightened around my cock, I began to fill her ass with my hot load.

I pulled out and fell on the bed between Christine and Becca “You’re definitely ready to please Violet.”

To Be Continued...
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