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Round Four with the Naughty Doctor

The Doctor wants to give Sophie a full examination………..
‘Now did you say you had a vibrator or did I dream that?’

‘Ha, it’s not mine it is for a friend,’ I said smiling back.

‘Hmm I will buy a replacement, now where is it’………………………………………….

I reached into my shopping bag that was on the back seat and pulled out the pink bag it was in. I laughed a little apprehensively, not sure of what he was planning to do with it.

‘Hand it here,’ he requested and took the bag. He pulled the ‘Pocket Rocket’ out of its box and I felt my pussy pulsate at the sight of the shiny pink small rod. I laughed as he twisted it and it began to vibrate, my cunt was wet at the familiar buzzing sound.

He pulled me back into him, so my bum was cradled in his crotch and he rubbed the vibrator over my breast and nipple. I breathed deeply as the buzz over my nipple sent shock waves of pleasure down to my pussy. I could feel his cock, hard against my arse and I was quickly feeling extremely turned on. I forgot about checking the time or seeing if Tom, my boyfriend had tried to call and focused on James’s hands caressing me.

He kissed my neck, it gave me goosebumps all down my side. One hand was wrapped around me massaging my breast, the other still running the smooth vibrator over my nipple. As I shifted further into him, I realised how stiff my muscles were feeling lying in this position, I also bashed my knee on the gear stick as I pulled myself up and towards him.

‘If we move into the back, we will have a bit more room,’ I suggested and he nodded turning the vibrator off.

I reached over to put my seat back up after we had reclined it for sex earlier. Unknowingly I had placed my bottom right in James’ face and suddenly his tongue was licking up and down my arse crack and darting in and out of my pussy hole. I nearly toppled over as he took me by surprise and at how sensitive my pussy was. I struggled to balance with one knee on the middle arm rest and the other resting by the gear stick. He was moving his head down between my legs, lapping up my flowing juices and tasting where his cum had mixed with them earlier.

My legs shook as the cool air flowed around me and as my clit swelled and sensitised. As he sucked and flicked my clit, he rubbed his fingers up and down my slit and round to my bum crack smearing it all in my juices and his saliva.

I could feel my orgasm building quickly and was panting heavily, I again nearly toppled and grabbed onto a headrest to steady myself. I felt him stop licking me out and was about to turn around when I heard the buzzing sound again and felt the cool smooth bullet slide into my hot hole. He slid it in and out as he flicked his fingers over my clit. The vibrations pulsed through my vulva, pussy lips and clit and I moaned out loudly, ‘I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,’ I panted, holding onto the seat and headrest as the orgasm shuddered through me. He held the vibrator in as my pussy clamped and pulsated around it. He pulled it out as my moaning subsided and I shifted round.

I could barely feel one of my knees it had been crushed against the gearstick which I hadn’t noticed in my pleasure haze but now I needed to stretch out so climbed into the back. I leaned forward to James who was grinning at me, clearly pleased with his work and kissed him hard.

‘Get in the back here. I will let you do whatever you want,’ I whispered my throat raw with the moaning.

He clambered through to the backseat and we tongued deeply as we both ran our hands over each other’s bodies, warming ourselves from the cold air and discovering each other again. I reached down to his crotch and felt his thick hard cock.

‘Do you want me to suck it?’ I asked.

‘Hmm yes but not for too long as you are too good and I don’t want to cum yet, I want to cum inside you again.’

I smiled but wasn’t sure if my pussy was going to take much more pounding. It was sore from its stretching earlier and although I was hot and horny for him I didn’t know if I could take his thick cock again just yet. I didn’t want to disappoint though and nodded, bending down to suck on his thick rod.

I could taste my pussy juices round his dick as I licked and sucked on the tip, occasionally sliding my lips down his full length to the base.

‘Sophie I want to fuck you in the arse… if you will let me?’ James whispered.

I stopped sucking, now that was interesting! I gave his shaft a long, deep suck and sat up.

‘Like I said anything you want but you will need to be gentle with me.’

He nodded. Tom didn’t really like anal sex, he was one of the few boyfriends I had, had who didn’t. It didn’t bother me too much as I always preferred his cock in my pussy but it was fun occasionally and I loved the taboo side of it. The problem was that my arse hole was always so tight that Tom only lasted a few moments and James’ cock was even thicker. The idea excited me but I also worried about if I could take his fat girth and if he would cum trying to get it in.

James kissed me gently and I wondered if he sensed my nervousness. I turned over and knelt on all fours across the back seat, James knelt up behind me and I angled my bum upwards to make it easier for him to enter me.

Normally I also always used lube when going anal but I felt James gathering my juices from my pussy and thighs and smearing them over his cock and along my arse crack.

‘I am just going to warm you up again hun’ and he grabbed the vibrator from the front seat again. He turned it on and rubbed it up and down my arse crack. As he slid it over my pussy lips, I quivered and groaned out, I was still so sensitive. He gently eased the smooth rod into my arse hole, ‘ahhhh’ I breathed out as my arse hole relaxed with its vibrations. My pussy juices were dripping again and James ran his fingers softly over my pussy lips and clit as I softly moaned and bucked towards him.

He removed the vibrator and I felt him pull the renewed juices from my cunt and wipe them up my arse crack. I braced myself for his entry as I felt the tip of his stiff rod pushing against my arse hole.

I bit my lip as he gently tried to push it into me, I could feel the resistance of my hole, struggling to adjust to this thick cock. I breathed deeply trying to relax and pushed back slightly to see if it would help. Suddenly my arse hole expanded and pulled him into me. He groaned loudly as he slowly slid his cock deep inside and he very slowly pulled out almost to the tip before plunging back in.

I was thrilled that I had taken his full length in, it felt uncomfortable to begin with but as he slid in and out slowly my hole relaxed around his cock and it began to feel good. I was relived I had had a thorough wash that morning, preparing myself for a full examination with the Doctor, which I was certainly receiving. I was enjoying being his dirty girl, giving him exactly what he had wanted.

He groaned loudly as he thrust slowly back and forth, I could tell from him deep moans he wouldn’t take long. As he thrust forwards I pushed back feeling his balls bang against my wet cunt. He pulled back, ‘Fuck’ he shouted and thrust in hard, I nearly fell over with the force of it but managed to hold on as he shuddered his salty juices deep into my naughty hole. He gripped my hips as he pumped his cum in again and again and my legs shook with exhaustion.

As he pulled out, I rolled onto my front and he collapsed down next to me as best he could in the cramped conditions. He held me close as I shivered, we had managed to steam up the windows of the car but my post cumming haze was lifting and the reality that I was in a car, late at night with this almost stranger was drifting in. He reached over for some more of the napkins we had used earlier and we cleaned ourselves up. He lay back down on the back seat and I let him pull me into him. Within a few moments he was fast asleep but my mind was whirring.

I lay there replaying what had happened. I looked at James, he had some weird power over me, all I could think of looking at him was what it felt like when he kissed me, how amazing his cock felt inside me, how I loved the feel of his long arms wrapped around me, how he made me orgasm so hard. Yet I knew very little about him, he was a doctor, an old family friend but did we have anything in common? I saw his wedding band glistening in the moon light and he was married!

I remembered my phone and carefully pulled myself out of James’ arms.

11.56pm it flashed up. We had been here for nearly 5 hours. 3 missed calls and 2 texts. Guilt flooded through me, I read the messages, both from Tom,

‘No problem, don’t work too hard, do you want me to cook you some dinner for when you get in? I will head round to see Paul for a bit.’

2nd text, ‘Hey, guess you are really busy at work, just off to bed, I got you a slice of cake from the bakery, it’s on the side as bet you haven’t had time to eat. See you in bed, love you.’

My cheeks flushed with the horror at what I was doing. I needed to get home, this was wrong.

I grabbed my clothes and as I pulled my dress over my head, James stirred next to me.

‘Hey gorgeous,’ he smiled up at me.

‘Sorry, I need to get home,’ I blurted out flustered with guilt.

He got the message, ‘Sure’ and as I climbed into the driving seat he quickly dressed, climbed into the front and buckled himself in.

He directed me to his house and we drove again in silence. I could still feel his juices running out of me from earlier and I blushed as I thought of him fucking me in the arse.

We arrived outside his place. ‘Will I see you again Sophie?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know, I need some time to think,’ I muttered not looking at him as I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist his deep blue eyes.

‘You know where to find me,’ he said as he climbed out the car and shut the door. I drove off before I had time to look at him walking to his door, desperate to follow him.

Would I be able to resist the sexy Doctor? I really didn’t know……

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