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Sandra's Dad

Beth has sexual adventure with her best friend's father

Beth had flown out to Mallorca to join her friend Sandra at her parent’s holiday home. They had the place to themselves and spent most of the week down at local beach sunbathing. Beth was pleased with her tan, her pale skin had bronzed nicely during her days there. They both went topless on the beach, as is the custom there, but it was always Sandra that caught the eye’s of the boys. She had a fine classical figure with well shaped hips and firm 36D breasts.

Beth on the other hand was more boyish and looked more 17 than 23 with an elfin like appearance. Her petite frame and slim hips were clearly not what attracted the local men. Her one reticence about sunbathing topless was that her 30A breasts didn’t get a second glance. She was not only a bit jealous of her friends figure but sexually very frustrated – it was Sandra who brought the tanned young man back from the beach bar and left Beth listening to them fuck like animals all night.

So in a selfish way Beth was kind of relieved when Sandra’s dad, Brian, turned up the next day, Friday, to spend the weekend doing DIY jobs on their villa. He ran them down to the breach in his car, which made a nice change to the bus, and picked them up again late afternoon. He met them at the beach café for a quick drink after his day of sorting out the villa. Beth was surprised that Sandra didn’t wear a top in front of her dad, but neither seemed to mind. Beth however, felt very conscious of her bare breasts in front of her friend’s father. The cool evening air made her nipples harden and goose pimples appear on her skin.

"You look cold," Brian said offering his jacket – she accepted politely and wrapped it tightly around your cold body

That evening they all went out to the local restaurant and got a little drunk – it was Sandra’s last night as her flight left at 8 am the following morning. Beth, having left it too late the book the same flight, was staying on another day. By the time they left the restaurant Beth and Brian were like old friends – she’d not found him at all parent like, he was a very youthful 55 yr old with a wicked sense of fun.

The next morning Beth stayed in bed nursing her hangover, only appearing from under the duvet to wish her friend fair well. It was mid morning by the time she crawled out of bed and decided to freshen up with a swim in the pool. She swan naked and then return to her room to dry and slip on a pair of simple white cotton knickers. Picking up her book, she went and lay in the sun.

It was nearly mid-day when Brian returned. Hearing him arrive back and suddenly feeling aware of her near nudity, Beth rolled on to her front.

"Hi," called Brian, ""Want a cold beer?"

"I thought I’d never drink again when I woke up, but now you mention it, why not!"

Brian brought the beers out and was once again taken by Beth’s beauty as he had secretly been the night before. What was more, he’d always found knickers far more sexy than a bikini and Beth looked just perfect. Beth, raised herself onto her elbows and took the beer.

"You’ve got plenty of sun lotion on I hope," he added.

Beth shook her head.

'"I’ll do your back," he said helpfully picking up the lotion.

Beth felt his strong hands rub the cool lotion into her back. He rubbed it into her shoulders and down her spine. It was really more of a massage than simply spreading sun lotion on her skin. She liked it, she knew she shouldn’t but it felt so relaxing in the sun. Brian paused for a moment, aware of the intimate way he was now touching her.

"Shall I do your legs?"

Beth, knew she should say no, but dropped her head down on the sun lounger and nodded dreamily closing her eyes. There was a long pause but before she could bring herself to enquire she felt Brian’s strong hands on her ankles rubbing the cool sun cream up her legs. Soon he was above her knees, fingers pushing hard along her slender thighs. She let her legs relax, and now slightly open, Brian’s hands ran lightly up her inner thigh. Beth felt aroused, and said nothing when his fingers pushed up the back of her knickers exposing her buttocks and pulling her knickers tight against her pussy.

Brian stared down at the young woman his hands were working over. He pulled her knickers up high on her hips, the white cotton deep between her bum cheeks.

"How about the front?" he asked directly.

Beth, knew it wouldn’t stop there if she turned over but was feeling so horny after a week of frustration and could do nothing but comply.

She turned over, eyes closed, too embarrassed about what he was doing to look him in the eye. Brian ran his hands back down the front of her thighs helping Beth relax. He stared down at her tiny frame, her stomach was perfectly flat, her knickers stretched over her public mound and her breasts looked nothing more that raised pink puffy nipples as she lay on her back.

He was secretly pleased she’d kept her eyes closed – he’d taken his shorts off before he’d began the massage and was naked from the waist down, his cock hard and free in the warm summer air. He ran his hands back up her thighs and this time onto her stomach and up to her chest up until each hand covered her breasts and he squeezed firmly forcing her nipples between his thumb and fore finger. With her nipples now hard she opened her eyes and was shocked to see Brian. His uncircumcised cock stood proud and straight.

How long had he been naked she wondered and was about to ask but was distracted when Brian moved his hands back down to her hips. Almost instinctively, Beth lifted her hips allowing Brian to slide her knickers down first to her knees and then offer her feet in two quick moves.

It is one thing being naked with a man in bed she thought, and another, when you are lying on a sun lounger with your legs apart! Brian kneeling next to her on the floor, leant over her hips and pushed her legs apart. Her pubic mount was covered in a small patch of thick black hair and pussy lips were pink and plump. He eased them apart and inserted his middle finger. Beth, gasped and reached out taking hold of his cock.

It was not by any measure thick and maybe that’s was what made it look so long but it was one of the finest she’d every seen. Holding his shaft she moved her hand down to its base watching his foreskin roll easily back and the beautiful swollen head of his cock emerge from its hiding place. Her legs were now wide apart with Brian’s tongue licking deep into her open vagina. She gripped his cock tightly as his tongue moved up her pussy, lifting the delicate folds of skin protecting her clitoris. He sucked and teased it with his mouth and tongue, rubbing it hard and then pulling gently on her skin. She turned slightly towards him making it easier for him to lick her.

Lying half on one side, her began gently rocking her hips lifting her pussy to his mouth. Brian was now finger fucking her in time to her thrusting hips whilst rolling his tongue over her hard clitoris. Beth felt her womb tighten as the rush of her organism began. Letting out a shudder and a squeal as she came thrusting her pubic mound into Brian’s face.

As her orgasm subsided she realised she had a near death grip on his cock. Easing her hold she smiled at Brian who was now kneeling up, hands on his hips. She turned on to her side and changing hands pumped away on his cock.

"That’s wonderful’ he purred encouraging her, "Would you rub me with your breasts?"

Beth was a bit surprised and flattered, she ran the tip of his cock over her nipples and the tried in vain the squeeze then around his cock. They simply weren’t big enough to do it properly but it was enough for Brian. A powerful stream of cum erupted from his cock covering her chest it his hot sticky mess. Beth, loved it! It was the first time she’d made a man cum using her breasts, the musty aroma of his hot cum smelt wonderful to her. She continued to rub his shaft until he was spent and then for final measure gave his now very sensitive cock a gentle kiss.

They went for lunch. They sat in the warm shade at the local bar having cool beer and tapas. Beth wore a simple loose fitting cotton dress and nothing else. They chatted quietly together and the subject soon came round to sex. Although she felt what they had done was wrong (he was old enough to be her dad and was her friend’s father!) she had really enjoyed it. What’s more, Brian was so cool and relaxed. They talked openly about their morning’s adventure.

Brian confessed to feeling very unsure about taking his shorts off whilst rubbing her back but explained ‘you have to be bold now and then’. She told him he was the first man to cum on her breasts – she’d given her boyfriends plenty of blowjobs but no one had asked to do that before. They sat for several hours sipping wine both feeling more and more in need of another encounter with each others bodies.

As they walked back to the villa Brian began "You know I was the first to cum on your cute breasts."'

"Yes," Beth interrupted smiling, "Is there somewhere else on me you’d like to cum?" she said, whispering to him before him a quick kiss on his shoulder.

Brian pulled her to him.. "I was think of something even more naughty, I don’t suppose anyone has used the backdoor before have they?"

Beth was puzzled, she didn’t get his meaning immediately, but when his hand stoked over the curve of her buttocks she realised what he meant.

"God no!" she exclaimed.

Brian ignored her apparent rejection, "So why don’t we try it – if you don’t like it at least you’ll know without having to fall out with a boyfriend."

"Um that’s not a good reason," Beth retorted but with just the hint of a smile.

They walked on down the road with nothing else said on the matter but it weighed on her mind.

'What would it matter to try it,' she thought, and yes, she had been curious once or twice and she had discussed it was with her girls friends on a hen weekend when one confessed to have done it.

They got back to the villa and in the kitchen Beth undid the buttons on her dress allowing it to fall to the floor. Brian’s cock bulged in his shorts, Beth knelt in front of him and pulled them down. She stroked and admired his beautiful member, pulling back his foreskin and gentle licking its head. When she first saw him she hadn’t thought it big at all – more mid to small – but now with the idea of letting him fuck her arse it looked huge!

She stood up, they kissed, "OK," Beth whispered

"OK what?" Brian replied.

"We can do it – but stop if I say so."

"Good girl – you’ll love it." 

He went to the kitchen and got a small bottle of olive oil and then took her by the hand to the bedroom. They lay on the bed together and he poured a few drops of oil into her palm. She knew what to do. Rubbing the oil on his cock she made sure he was well lubricated. Her heart was pounding, she sat across his legs as she oiled his cock fully aroused, her pussy lips wet and parted. She could explain why except for the raw excitement/fear of what they were going to do.

"Lie down," Brian said "and curly up into a ball on your side."

Beth lay with her back to Brian, her knees up by her breasts. He snuggled up to her, gently fingering her pussy. She reached behind and stroked his cock. And then he touched her bumhole. He took his wet finger out of her pussy and rubbed it lightly around her sphincter. Beth was amazed how sensitive she was to his touch and pushed her hand down between her legs and fingers her pussy. Brian paused and poured more oil over his middle finger – she felt him touch her again but this time he pressed on her clenched hole and eased his finger up her arse.

Beth pushed her fingers deep into her vagina – it felt bloody good she though. Again Brian stopped withdrawing his finger and pours lots of oil along the shaft of his cock. Snuggling behind her, she felt the blunt think head of his cock pressing on her sphincter. Breath out hard he whispered.

As she did so she relaxed and with a long slow thrust he was in. It felt huge, she could feel the head of his cock enter her and then her stretched muscles contract back around his shaft. With her fingers she could feel the slow thrusts of his cock press on her vagina making it grip tight around her fingers. The discomfort eased and almost without noticing the change Beth began to enjoy herself.

“Shall we do it on all fours?” she whispered. As a physical reply, Brian withdrew and slapped her teasingly on the bottom.

Beth rolled onto her front and onto her hands and knees. Brian pours a bt more oil on his cock and held its head against between her parted buttocks.

“Ease yourself back,” he instructed.

Beth rocked back, the first touch of the rounded head of his cock making her screw up her pretty face. She rocked forward and then with a slow determined push forced herself onto his hard shaft. Once he was in, she found it easy to ride back and forth until she felt his thighs against her bum, he was in as deep as he could go. Dropping one shoulder onto the bed she pushed her arm under her body and began to masturbate.

Brian held her hips and helped her gently slide back and forth on his cock until quietly Beth shuddered to her second orgasm of the day. As she collapsed on the bed his cock popped out of her slim body. He grasped her buttocks with both hands and squeezed them against his now exposed shaft. After only a couple of thrusts from his hips Beth felt his hot cum streak up her back. They lay together exhausted, but there was still 18 hours before her flight home…

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