Satisfying the naughty, Amelia

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He groaned at the feeling of how tight she felt around his penis..
Have you ever had that feeling? That amazing feeling when a big cock is pounding in and out of your pussy and your clit is being tickled at the same time and your whole body goes to a state of pure pleasure; your whole body starts to feel like its light, everything goes black, you can’t hold back your whimpers and moans, your whole genital area is experiencing a heavenly tingly sensation, like you’re going to explode any moment with satisfaction. You can’t take it any longer and let out a loud orgasm and squirt your pussy juices as your body shakes and a blissful feeling takes over your body. Have you had that happen before?

I’m Amelia Ravenswood and my eighteenth birthday is about 6 weeks away. The only thing that I really want for a present is to have the ultimate fuck and orgasm. “Amelia read from her computer screen, smiling at her own thoughts and being captivated in the idea of having amazing sex. She bit her bottom lip in desire, imagining a guy thrusting into her. She was horny and longed to feel any penetration inside of her, even if it was only her fingers. She managed to be patient and let out a loud sigh as she closed her laptop.

Amelia was a bi-sexual, roughly 5ft 7, average weight, 12DD breasts, with fair skin, soft white-blonde hair- almost waist length and deep blue eyes. She had her tongue, top lip pierced and a rose chest piece tattoo. Amelia could be stereotyped as a ‘scene’ girl; she was a real ‘girly girl’, but had her ‘punk’ side too.

Amelia walked into her bathroom, leaving the door opened as she wriggled her way out of her pink laced panties. She noticed someone was watching her from the corner of her eyes and pulled her oversized t shirt off, exposing her large, braless breasts, and leaving her in the nude. Turning around she saw her brother’s friend Matthew, leaning against the door frame, staring at her body up and down in desire.

“Fuck, you’ve filled out...” Matthew said as his eyes lured onto her wobbling breasts as she walked over to the shower to turn it on.

“Well, I can’t say the same for you, Matty. “She laughed, glancing at his hard cock, bulging from his jeans and then getting into the shower.

 Matthew gave her a dirty look, “Pfft, babe… You never even got to see or experience the full thing; you’re too much of frigid bitch.” He hissed. 

Amelia turned around to face him as she began to rub soap all over her body, ”Jeez, I was only joking and I’m frigid? Oh honey, please! That was ages ago; Do you know how many guys I’ve fucked now?” She giggled. 

Her breasts were now covered in foam and she traced little circles around her tender nipples and began to take big handfuls of breasts and squeeze them. Letting out a little whimper, she continued to fondle one breast as she slowly slid her other hand down her wet, soapy body and to her shaven little pussy. Amelia stroked her labia and tingled the whole area around her vagina, making her start to become wet from the insides. She had her eyes closed, imagining and getting into her dream fantasy, not caring one bit that Matt was still in the room with her. She needed to feel something hard penetrate her, so she put one leg on the shower railing that was on the wall and spread her legs wide. Placing her index finger on the entrance, she pushed it gently through her pussy, letting out a yelp of relief. Amelia fingered herself vigorously, still playing with her breasts and moaning. Her breathing became heavy and loud, she shoved two more fingers inside of herself, she whimpered in satisfaction. Panting and finger fucking her pussy with the whole force of her hand now, she moved her whole body and got into, feeling like she could cum but holding it back.

“Fuck yes!” She screamed. “It feels so good, I want it so bad!” She fisted harder and harder, losing herself in her own sexual world and about to cum.

She slammed her arms against the shower door as she squirted and moaned over the sensation, but was unable to completely orgasm. Coming back to reality she opened her eyes to see Matt naked and climbing into the shower with her.

“What are you-” She began, but Matt quickly cut her off.

“Just shut the fuck up, slut and get on your knees.” He said forcefully, his horny, caveman side taking over him completely.

Amelia getting horny again over his forceful attitude, got on her knees, obeying his orders and crawled closer as he shoved his big cock into her mouth, making her gobble it all. She tightened her mouth around his cock and began to suck up and down. He then gripped onto her hair long blonde hair as he thrusted into her mouth in synchronisation as she sucked and licked around his cock. Her tongue piercing tickling the head of his penis as she flicked it back and forth.

“Who’s a dirty whore?” He yelled and groaned as he pulled her hair.

“I am!” She mumbled with excitement, with a mouthful of his penis.

As Amelia picked up the pace, sucking faster, getting into it and moaning over the big cock in her mouth, he suddenly stopped and pulled out of her mouth.

“What? Please let me suck it, Matty?” she looked up at him and then tried to put it back in her mouth.

“Nah uh-uh!” He smiled. “I want to cum in that tight little asshole of yours.”

“But…” She paused. “My asshole’s a virgin; it might be too tight for your big cock.” She said, worried but getting horny and having her wetness start to ooze down between her legs as she imagined herself getting pounded against the steamy shower wall.

“Mmmm, tight little virgin asshole.”He moaned, wanting to fuck her now more than ever. “Bend over!”He yelled, impatient.

She got up from the floor and bent over; holding onto the shower railings and spreading her legs wide enough, as if inviting him in. Coming up from behind her he grabbed her hips and pulled her ass closer to his penis. Rubbing his penis on the juices from her vagina for lubrication, he put his penis on the entrance of her little asshole, about to push his cock into virgin territory.

“Hold on!” He said as he started to penetrate inside of her ass.

Amelia let out a groan of both pain and pleasure and gripped onto the railings with all of her strength. Matt dug his hands into her hips, and to his surprise Amelia bucked her ass up and began moving backwards onto his cock with her little asshole.

“Oh!” She whimpered, as they pushed together and his whole penis was inside of her, making her no longer a virgin.

“Do you want it, baby?” He teased, knowing she was dying to be fucked by him.

“Yes! Please, fuck me!” She yelled and tried to move back and forth, fucking herself and beginning to moan.

“Did I say you could do that, slut?” He held her hips to stop her, wanting to sexually torture her until she desperately needed his cock to be fucking her hard.

She whined and was becoming sexually frustrated. He reached down from under her and started to tickle her clit, gently gliding his finger over it back and forth. She moaned and whimpered over the sensation and wanting to fuck her himself, he finally gave a deep thrust and began pounding into her tight little hole. He groaned at the feeling of how tight she felt around his penis and continued to play with her clit, taking the pleasure to a whole new level for her.

“Yes, Fuck me, Matty! I want you to fuck me hard!” She said screaming and gripping onto the railings as his balls bounced around and fucked her as hard as he could. Their bodies soaked by shower and the small space becoming steamy.

Her whole body began to build up an amazing sensation and she could feel an orgasm coming. She bit her lip and held on as tight as she could as her squirted her pussy juices everywhere and let out the most pleasurable orgasm she had ever had. Her whole body shook in pleasure and she kept moaning as he pounded into her ass. 

“I’m going to cum now!” He groaned as he filled her tight little hole with all of his cum. Pulling out of her, all of his juices started running out and her own juices were dripping down her leg.

Now that Amelia had realised that all along, all she needed was to have anal sex. She continued to go around, getting fucked in the ass by guys and girls, as well. She had experienced her first real orgasm but she longed the taste for more… an even better fuck. Could this even be possible? Can someone experience anything better than what she felt with Matt? Her birthday is currently two weeks away, and she’s hoping and waiting to have an answer to that question very soon…