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Seaman Sam

He takes a couple on a charter cruise, with added perks.
Hi I’m Sam. Mid thirties, divorced, six feet tall, short black hair, great legs (if I say so!) and an athletic body, toned through my exercise routines and my sailing. And seven inches of uncut horny cock when engorged!

You see I own a small four berth boat and as an income I take people on cruises around the rivers and ports of the south of France. It’s not a big boat, but cosy enough. I go where they want and do what they want. We can stop at ports or beaches, small islands or the mainland. Offshore or on a river.

Mainly the people are of a certain age, shall we say. And the views on the sun deck can vary considerably. However I have seen good and bad; superb and horrendous. And sometimes there can be some naughty ‘fun on board.

Let me tell of a recent encounter. I met this couple, as arranged, in the hotel lobby in Marseille. He was maybe fifty whilst she was late twenties. He was balding, round and portly (not exactly a stud) whilst she was statuesque, beautiful and ‘stacked’; chalk and cheese.

I took them to the port and fairly soon after I cast off and we headed east. It was a cloudy day so Rupert and Victoria sat at the back of the boat and enjoyed the ride. Snacks open and the wine flowing, slowly we got to know each other. As in all conversations it was over-formal at first but became more relaxed as time passed. Rupert liked the bottle of the alcoholic kind; that was certain whilst Victoria (Vicki) had a few, but not too many.

It seemed to me that she loved showing off her deep cleavage, not that I objected. She wore very short, shorts, which showed off her long, shapely legs, and a light flowing blouse and thin bra which showed her ample mounds off to their best advantage. She was a tall lady and the 38 or 38, DD or E, orbs looked so in place on her. I had trouble keeping my eyes off them.

That night we berthed at a small port and R & V went out for the evening to have a meal and, no doubt, more drinks. I relaxed while they were on shore and heard them come back around midnight .

The next morning I was up early and set sail. After a while I heard noises and V appeared in a small yellow bikini. Gulp! We said the normal pleasantries and as I prepared her some breakfast V said she was going to lay on the sun deck to get her first real shot of the sun’s rays. There was no sign of R.

As I brought her meal from down below I hit the open decking to be greeted by the sight of V lying on the deck, topless and wearing just her tiny thong triangle. She had her legs towards me splayed out wide and the yellow triangle was trying to cover her pussy. However it wasn’t successful! Whilst it covered her pussy mound the base of the triangle had moved to one side so that half her luscious lips were peeking out.

As I placed the tray she sat up and her breasts bounced into place, perfectly.

“Sorry,” she said, “Is it okay to go topless on board? I don’t want to offend you.”

I laughed. “I don’t mind at all. I certainly won’t be offended by such, if I may say so, beauty. How could such a body offend anyone? Quite the opposite I’m sure. I don’t mind what you wear, or don’t wear at all. This boat is yours for the week and I am here to serve all your needs.” I looked her up and down.

“Oh, thank you,” she replied, smiling at me.

“Besides, half your pussy lips are escaping!!”

In a fluster V reached down and rearranged the small triangle. “Oh, er, I’m sorry.” She regained her composure.

“Look,” I said. “Over there to our left is Cap d’Agde. A huge naturist resort and all along the south of France there are plenty nudist beaches. So don’t be shy. Show whatever you like. Flesh is fun. Besides when I don’t have guests I sail naked or visit such beaches. I love the freedom.”

“Really. So you don’t mind if I go naked do you?”

“Mind?” I smiled. “Oh no, not at all. Quite the opposite. This is your boat so do as you wish, But R might object. Letting another guy this close to your hot, naked, body!”

“Hell, he doesn’t care a jot. Look, let’s get this right. I’m his status symbol on his arm and he’s my meal ticket to luxury. All he wants is for me to wank him occasionally as he fondles me. He doesn’t care at all. He knows of my fun times. And I get my ‘fun’ with people I like.” And with that she stripped off her tiny string-tied, triangle of cloth.

Oh. I felt the blood rush. I felt a growth in my shorts. I felt a horny expansion up to full stand. And if I had reached into my shorts I would have felt a hard cock.

“Your turn. Come on. Nudity you said,” she said mischievously.

“Oh…er…em…. I better not,” I stammered.

She laughed loudly. “Come on. That’s an order Seaman. I’m the Captain in charge remember! And you will not have the first semen stick I’ve seen.”

So slowly, excitedly, but coyly, warily, I must admit, I peeled off my shorts and my stiff rod sprang out in front of me.

She purred a moan of satisfaction. “Nice,” was all she said as she lay back on the towel, naked to the sun.

I just wanted, at that moment, to jump on top of her and slide my stiff seven inches deep into her inviting pussy hole that was slightly open and waiting to be invaded. But these were my guests, paying guests, so I thought I better not try it or make a pass in case I read the signals wrong.

So at the behest of one of my guests I continued my work on-board naked but with a flaccid cock. We sailed along the coastline slowly passing many towns, ports, beaches, island and other boats. After a couple of hours R appeared looking the worse for wear, no doubt caused by the alcohol he consumed the night before. He didn’t remark on my nakedness or that of his wife’s as she lay there spread out, exposed to me and the world.

About 1 o’clock I made lunch and we sat at the stern of the boat and ate it. I could hardly keep my eyes off every part of V, but I had too otherwise my cock would rise and stiffen, which could be awkward in front of her husband. All R said was that we should both be careful otherwise our tender bits would get burnt in the hot sun. As we ate R was back on the bottle, swilling down the whisky and brandy I had on board. V had one or two glasses of wine, but nothing serious. I had none.

V & R were happy just to relax today so I moored just off a small island. R got more and more intoxicated with the alcohol and at about 4 o’clock he stumbled downstairs for a “rest”. During the afternoon, as we chatted, we all seemed to relax in each other’s company. I especially seemed to click with V and we laughed at many things. She occasionally placed a hand on my shoulder, arm or thigh and when R wasn’t looking I did the same to her. And tried to avoid getting an erection!

It was still hot and having done my days work I asked V if I could join her on the sunroof. She smiled and told me that of course I could. So I lay down beside her, both of us still naked. Her whole body was super-model like, but not of the skinny type. She had curves and in all the right amounts, in all the right places! I lay on my stomach adjacent to those desirable facets of hers. She offered to rub some lotion onto my back and who was I to object. She poured the cold cream on and started to rub it into my shoulders and back. Instantly I felt my cock swell beneath me as her soft, gentle, hands caressed me. I felt as if I was going to cum, trapped between my stomach and the towel, as she rubbed me. It was such a sexual massage she was giving me and it became even better as she moved down to my ass.

With more force she massaged the lotion into my cheeks, occasionally fingering in the deep valley between them and brushing my ass-hole. I was in heaven. And even more so as she rubbed the lotion onto the backs of my thighs letting the rear of her fingers brush my exposed ball sac. I squirmed, and all the while she worked on my body, I was treating my eyes to the delightful view of the body beside me.

For five or more minutes she rubbed me, knowing exactly what was going on beneath me. But just as sharply, she smacked my ass and told me to turn over!! How could I in front of my paying guest.

As before I stuttered an, “Oh…er…em…. I better not.”

But she insisted. “Just do it. Roll over onto your back. I’m paying you to do whatever I say. So just do it. Now,” she politely but firmly commanded.

Shyly, reluctantly, slowly, I turned over and my pulsing shaft bounced free from its trappings. I know she had seen me hard before, some hours ago, and I had been naked around the boat for most of the day, but this time it seemed different.

And as before V purred a moan of satisfaction. “Ah so hard and so nice,” she said as she lay on her side facing me. “It seems to be leaking a good amount.”

I looked down at my cock to see beads of clear pre-cum oozing from my purple pal’s slit. A good flow indeed. I laughed. “Yeah, I wonder why.” I responded. And with a flick of her index finger over my satin cock head she scooped up some of that sticky lube, fluid and placed her coated finger deep in her mouth. As I watched she sucked them clean, moaning with pleasure. Then she took those same two fingers and placed them deep in her pussy! She plunged them deep, rotated them, thrust them and then withdrew them.

“I don’t need your lube. I have plenty of my own,” she said, smiling, showing me her juice-coated fingers.

Then she placed those same fingers into her mouth again, taking her own pussy sap orally. Oh god that was horny, so erotic, as she looked at me and slowly sucked them clean. My cock sprang and pulsed as I watched her, more beads of pre-cum seeping from my cock slit.

Should I? Was this my signal to caress that beautiful body from top to toe? Was this my signal to, well, fuck her?

But before I had the chance she stood up and wandered to the side of the boat and stood bending over the handrail peering into the water. I watched every naked sinew of her body, her shapes, her moves her curves and slits.

“What are these fish?” she asked.

I stood up and, hard cock pointing the way, swaying and bouncing in front of me, I joined her. Side by side, skin to skin.

“Where, which fish?” I asked.

“Go behind me and look over my shoulder.”

It was a tight space on that walkway around the side of the boat. And for the first time I held her as I moved and stood behind her. I held her slim, soft, waist, my legs between her spread legs, my cock brushing her ass. I leant forward trapping my rock hard rod between my stomach and the top of her ass. I peered over her shoulder.

“I like you Sam,” she whispered. “Let’s have fun. Fuck me,”

My cock pulsed. “…em….what about Rupert?” I queried.

“He’s comatose and besides he doesn’t care. He’d rather watch us anyway. It turns him on. He would wank watching us. Now fuck me. That’s an order Seaman. I want your semen.”

I didn’t need a second invite. “Eye, eye Captain.”

She moved slightly and spread her legs wider as I leant back and took my cock in my right hand. She had prominent pussy lips, lovely flaps that you’d love to nuzzle and suck on. Big and pink. I ran my cock head up and down those lips, slowly separating and slipping between them. I cock stroked them adding more of my pre-cum to her natural wetness. Slowly I entered at the opening of her tunnel and with such ease my purple pal cock head slid in. inch by inch I moved in, her sap coating my shaft allowing a smooth, soft movement.

V leaned forward over the safety rail, allowing her large breasts to swing free over the edge of the boat. I was as deep as I could within her, my cock entirely sheathed in her warm, willing, wet, cunt. I held her hips, her soft skin matching her soft inner channel.

“Fuck me,” she said, with a growl.

Slowly at first I pulled out my seven inches and slipped it back in, then out, then in. I picked up the pace. My hips rocked back and forth as I did as she asked: I fucked her. It felt so comfortable, so natural, so horny. Fucking this beauty from behind, in the open. I looked down to see her long hair, her back, her curved waist, her ass, her clean, dark, wrinkled ass-hole, and my cock surrounded by her pussy labia pounding in and out of her.

After a while of this exquisite fucking I paused and ran my thumb over the outside of her ass-hole, tickling it. She moaned and didn’t resist. So I edged the tip in, She moaned more and didn’t resist. Slowly I rocked my hips as I inched past my nail into her dark depths then another inch of my thumb. It was all in and she moaned loudly and didn't object. She was actually enjoying the feeling. Both holes entered. So I resumed my fucking leaving my thumb in place. Maybe a slow minute or two or three of double fucking.

“Take my ass,” she whispered, barely audible above the sound of the waves and birds circling above us. “Take my ass,” she repeated.

Whoa. This lady wasn’t just loaded, beautiful, stacked and horny. She was, kind of, kinky as well!

Withdrawing my cock, reluctantly, from it’s warm home I raised slightly and placed my cock glans at the entrance to her puckered, mysterious, hole. Grabbing a bottle of sun lotion I poured some over our touching, joint, points of sexual focus. And I pushed in slightly. She stiffened and groaned. Another push and my cock head was in, past my ridge and her tight ring of muscle. Another thrust, another inch. And slowly, I pushed more and gently the rest of my man meat entered her ass, until I bottomed out. Her tight ring gripped my shaft but I loved it. I held her hips as the beauty in front of me moaned, bent over the side of the boat. I slide my cock out until just the head was in the tunnel. Then in, and out, and in, and out. I fucked her, building up the pace. In and out of her taboo hole. As I slammed my cock into her hard I sometimes slapped her ass cheeks. My hanging, full, balls bounced against her cunt lips.

I kept this rhythm up for a while. Oh god it was good. My seven inches buried deep inside her. Where she wanted it. Four, five, six, maybe ten, minutes of her stretched hole sucking my cock in, and I pulled back out.

But all good things cum to an end. And it did. I felt my cock head become more sensitive, my balls tightened and tingled, I felt the tenseness in my body. And I reached the point of no return, Screaming, I froze and then sharp thrusts overcome me. I exploded my cum deep inside her. Travelling up my tubes it shot from my cock slit deep into her. Thrust after thrust. I slapped against her ass. Hot cum flooded her insides released from me. Maybe one minute of orgasm, my seed shooting and flowing within her. I was lost in my own world. Finally the sensations faded away, that so wonderful feeling gone. Sadly, I wished it could last a lot longer.

For a while I slumped on her back and reached for her ample swinging breasts. I cradled them, squeezed them, and nipped them.

As our breathing returned to normal I stood back up and my wilting cock slipped from her hole with a ‘pop’. My cock was slime, cum and juice coated and the last drops of my liquid pearls seeped from my cock head opening. her asshole exuded the delights of my cum as it ran from its flooded confines.

Then the sound of applause started. I turned in its direction to see Rupert, naked, clapping as his own cock leaked cum dropping beads of cream to land at his feet and to join the cum pool already there.

“Bravo, dear chap. Bravo. Vicki will have loved that!”

The rest of the trip was, let me tell you dear reader, very interesting and lots of ‘fun’!

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