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Searching for Mr. Right

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I need someone who can satisfy my anal needs.
Ever since the first time I'd had anal sex, I'd loved it. My boyfriend at the time had been very careful and gentle, preparing me well so there was no pain, only pleasure. After that first time he'd wanted my ass constantly. We bought plugs and toys, a lube injector and anal douche so that I could be ready for him whenever he wanted me. It wasn't unusual to wake up to the feeling of him sliding his thick morning wood into my welcoming rectum.

That relationship ended, though, and I was left with only my toys to satisfy my craving to have my ass filled. I'd had several boyfriends since then, none of whom were interested in having anal sex regularly. There was one who was disgusted by the very idea. He didn't last long. In desperation I'd placed several discreet personal ads, noting that I was looking to meet someone, hopefully for a long-term relationship, and that any potential partners should be willing to practice anal sex frequently. After weeding out the obvious freaks and weirdos, I came across Tom's reply. He was very willing and eager to enter into a relationship where anal sex would play a large part. He'd been with an older woman who had initiated him into the joys of anal, and when that relationship ended, he had trouble finding women his age who were willing to try anal more than once or twice. He was desperate to find someone with whom his desires and needs were compatible.

I wrote back to him, asking for a photo. He was gorgeous—tall, lean, with reddish-brown hair that looked like he'd just rolled out of bed. Green eyes and a gorgeous smile completed the picture. I immediately wrote back, asking if he'd like to meet for dinner. He agreed, we made plans, and I crosed my fingers that he was as amazing in person as he was on paper.

Turns out, he was. Sweet, gentlemanly and funny, he had me ready to strip off in the middle of the restaurant. After dessert I invited him back to my place. My pussy was soaked, but that wasn't where I was hoping to see some action.

As soon as we were inside my apartment, he pulled me to him for a deep kiss. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach, and reached down to squeeze it. He groaned. Taking his hand, I led him to my bedroom, where we quickly shed our clothes and climbed onto the bed.

As he pumped his fingers in and out of my sopping cunt he whispered, "I want your ass. Are you ready?"

I nodded eagerly, and he pulled his fingers out, teasing my asshole for a moment. "Everything you need is in the nightstand," I said.

He pulled out the lube, squirting a blob directly onto my hole. He rubbed it around before pushing in with two fingers. It had been months said I'd had a real cock up my ass, and even though I used my toys, warm flesh was so much better. "More," I moaned, and he added a third finger. He fucked my ass like that for a few minutes, before giving his cock a few strokes. Rubbing it along my lips, he asked, "Are you ready to take this up your ass?"

"Yes, God, yes." He wasted no time in pushing the thick, red head of his dick against my asshole. After a few seconds of steady pressure it popped in, and he slid the rest of his thick meat into my tight, hot hole. He fucked me hard, pushing in to the hilt then pulling out so only the head remained, before ramming in again. I felt myself squirt, something that only happened with anal. I'd missed this so much. I didn't care if I never felt a cock in my cunt again.

Finally he pushed in with a loud grunt and I felt his balls release their load into me. I loved the feeling of hot cum filling my rectum. Eventually he pulled out, and I felt him probe me with a finger. He brought it around to my mouth, dripping with cum. I sucked it in eagerly, savoring his flavor.

Needless to say, Tom and I hit it off. We saw one another frequently, always ending with scorching hot anal. He insisted that I be plugged at night, and for several hours each day—he wanted to be able to use my ass without bothering to prep me each time. My morning routine consisted or removing the plug, relieving myself, douching, applying lube and re-inserting the plug. He would remove it at his leisure, pushing into my open hole and pounding my ass until he shot his load inside me. Sometimes he would plug me with his cum still inside. Other times, I would eagerly lick it from his fingers.

We got to the point that anal was pretty much all we did, aside from oral. I loved sucking his big dick and swallowing his cream. He wasn't particularly fond of pussy, but would happily rim and finger me until I came. I wasn't surprised when he told me that he wished to go anal-only, and that from now on my pussy was off-limits. We were practically there anyway. I was so thankful I'd found someone who shared my love of anal, and maybe even surpassed it.

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