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She fell in love with my dick

This mature was reluctant to be fucked from behind, but finally she'd fall in love with my dick

She fell in love with my dick
Straight, mature
A teenager decides to make a trip  south of the country because he was hired as a sailor   in a freighter ship, but  ends up having intercourse with the land lady. She's 40yo, and   had never  been fucked from behind. This boy initiates her on this beautiful and unusual ability, anal sex.
This is a story which happend to me last fall in a city located south of the country.  I had rented a room at a house near the docks, where I’d board my ship as a crew member. This land lady, I reckon 40yo,  still kept   her best silhouette,    despite  her age. She had good legs  –I'm a leg man-   and a gorgeous round  ass, pretty hard, firm and solid: well built and vigorous because she used to exercise. She was divorced and had no boy friend,   so I guessed she surely had pretty a long time since she didn't fuck… and would be willing to.
I sometimes borrowed the bath room and found her panties, which she had just taken off, in the line cloth. in the cloth line, to  discovered traces of vagina juices still fresh, as if she had been  masturbating, or had had an erotic dream during the night,  making her panties wet.
She liked to wear a tight  fine fabric short, so you could guess the big and hairy cunt   thorough her clothes. I stared at her pretending I wasn't paying any attention, but the truth I longed to suck and pocke my tongue into her swelled protuberance which meaning her  pussy was one of the biggest. These were my hidden thoughts about this lady: to make her moan from pleasure after I've tongue fucked her.     

On one ocassion she asked me a favour: to give her a ride downtown. As we got in the car, I told her to strap the seat belt but as she tried to, it looked like if the seat got stuck, or jammed, so I tried to give her a hand at it.  I didn't mean to brush her breast with my hands, but this had turned me on almost instantaneously. I continued to disengage the seat belt,   then snapped it back,   pretending  to have difficulties, so I had another chance to brush  her breasts again. I   noticed she acted like if nothing really happened and I began to control myself so not harrass this lady. 
One day I got home and she was alone,   doing the laundry. That's why her T-shirt was wet. Since  she wasn't wearing a bra, I could make out two tits dangling, adorned with big nipples  each,  which made me turned on again.  I couldn't help thinking in throwing  out  a hand  and touch her pussy.

Well I only wished to say hi, by kissing her in the cheek, she got her face close to me, so  our lips happened to brush together.  This apparently was too funny to her,  looked me in the eye, but  didn't say boo.
While we having small talk, I was looking for a  way to get closer to her, or touch her skin, during the chat,  but it occurred to me to start taking about a new subject: massages and how good this rubdowns were to help people relax. I asked her if she wanted a massage. She said it’s ok with me, so I showed her to  a bed and made her lie face down. An enormous ass could be appreciated and I was able to stare at her bubble but,  taking a chance here,   she had turned her back to me though.  
I began to massage her back, smoothly, and she responded pleasantly. I dared to pass my hands through the base of her boobs, noticing immediately how her niples grew hard, erect. This reaction perhaps made me confident and  I continued to feel with the hand.

Since she hadn't complained,  I grabbed her tits imprudently, and began to squeeze them. My next step, would be to stroke her ass while my fingers made passes along her cunt, making her to twitch, like convulsing, and shrink  her ass, sending me a signal of gratification. My other hand continued to stroke her tits and I didn’t wait to quicly make my nest move:  took off  her blouse and  kiss her back and at the bottom of her tits.  

At the same time, I fondled   the entire ass,  parted  her ass cheeks and sneaked my nose in the crack: That scent of a sweat in her ass drove me crazy.  I turned her around, drawing her towards me and began to kiss her in the tummy, the navel, moving up to get to the nipples where I kissed her: good build up here. She begged:

"Please, don't do this to me!"

I simply put a hand over her mouth to keep her from speaking, where she began to suck my fingers. I continuously kissed her breast while  my other hand got  busy gripping her cunt over the panty fabric.   I still stucked  her tits like a baby, and moving  to the other tit on and of. 

What a big pussy the woman owned! My hand couldn't cover it totally, and she began to take off my T-shirt.  I didn't object because I knew she was about to explode from so much ecstasy, and she was already in the seventh heaven. I proceeded to take off her panty which she wore too tight to her body. Soon that huge animal, her hairy cunt, the perfect mound was in front of me, showing her labia,   too swelled to the edges. That massive  stuff was bigger than my face!  She wore a tiny  white panty making the mound  to project out, despite of her age.   This woman had already been giving signals  of a wetness above her panty, as I could see a wet spot. Probably had been creaming?   I couldn't stand it anymore and began my attack on that  kissing it eagerly.

The panty had small holes through which  black  hair  sneaked out.  I began to kiss her starting from the knees, moving up, slowly. I moved up along the massive thighs  which looked like boiling from desire and she said:

"Please, eat me now."

It was time to get her horizontal. As I got to the  little cunt, I stopped there to smell  that scent coming from a wet cunt.   I kissed her everywhere, and to do this, I had to lift up her panty and poke my tongue within her.  I tested her vaginal juices while she wriggled and squirmed from pleasure.   I didn't wait any longer and took off her panty. The crack looked wet and well shaved. I run my tongue along the surface which made her to tremble and shake; she then squeezed my head against her  cunt: I was not going to prolong this any more and would git it in, so   I began to   part her vagina lips using my tongue as a tool and began to pocke my tongue deeper inside her.   Needless to say,  I was aware those pink lips were longing for sex: THIS BITCH WAS SPILLING CUM,  and churned from so much satisfaction, not to mention she had already arched her back as I got to her clit,  because I figure out it had been hard for her to  stand so much  stimulation.

I grabbed her ass with my hands and pushed her more against my mouth.  I squeezed the clit trapped in my lips while sucking, and  began to brush the little asshole with my fingers. She tried to battle   and made movements to resist at the beginning. I said:

"Don't fucking move!!"

Seconds later she gave in and  lubbed  the dirt track with her own hot cum to push my middle  finger  totally  inside her.  This bitch didn't know which ways to express her excitement, she tried everything, from twitching to moaning,   got  into a spam and  squeezed my head with her hands against the pussy.  I kept on poking my finger in and out, slowly at the beginning, then faster. She couldn't take it any more, couldn't bear the devious and tricky finger inside her cunt and  finally  cummed with a long great orgasm,  accompanied by strange noises,  ranging from loud  screams to soft moans, writhing on the bed. She was  over with it and remained in the same position for a while,  stroking my hair, my head still stuck into her cunt. I would never get disconnected  off  the darn pussy!

I wiped my mouth with a sheet and stood up. She immediately grabbed me by the hips, took off my pants and began to kiss my rod above the boxer… she didn't wait too much and  took  my boxer off with a frantic, desperate action, almost ripping it off. I was now in front of her with a pre cum in my dick;  little cum streams coming out.   She didn't hesitate, gripped it with both hands and took it to her mouth; at first, she kissed the head, then  put the whole head   into her mouth to   gripp it strongly with her lips, one time and again.  I felt her hot mouth while she kept on sucking relentlessly, then began to brush it against her face and nose, even to her ears until she again got back to the head; I felt my blood  like boiling in my veins, with an  engorged dick, getting harder within her mouth coz  she continued to draw it  deeper and deeper into the throat.  Probably  she was practicing a deep throat now? I wondered.

This wonderful chick   run her tongue alongside my penis, starting from the balls, then progressing to the head. I wouldn't stand for much time  and took   my shaft out of her mouth, made her lay down on the bed, and spread  wide her legs. I tried to break through her without compassion,  neither  hesitate nor had an akward moment at all, as I suddenly  listened to her next words:

"Please, don't do this to me, don't go any farther. Don't you see I can absolutely be your mother?"

I was in the middle of this storm and didn't know what to do. She was beginning to resist, so I decided to seize her, forced her to grab hold of her hands, put them  together  behind her head.. . I ordered:

"Don't fucking move!!"

I held her like this, with one hand, while the other grabbed my penis to poke it into her vagina… to drill her.  She continued to resist, clutching her legs together, but I’d spread    them wide again, pushing them apart, away from each other until  a few minutes later, she gave in and said:

"I like how you  take hold of me, so pocke into me, please! I want to feel it inside me,   just plunge it into me, please! No mercy.

As I heard her saying this I proceeded almost immediately and  one thought crossed through my mind:

"You’re gonna take this,  gotta  compensate me, this little game is gonna cost you a lot, it's gonna hurt.  Are you prepared for this?

But she seemed to have a too narrow vagina, that's why I was having so much difficulty in taking her. She instructed me it'd work it better if I began to slide it slowly into her, no to harm her,  so she lent a hand by guiding it herself  towards the opening, but only with one inch of my dick had  progress into her though. Her new course of action didn't pay: only this made her scream, moan with mean mixed signals, I don't know if  pleasure.


I continued pressing in while she screamed louder, clutching me, sinking her nails into my back, so this turned me on more. Suddenly, I finally made a way into her wholly, and I  rested her legs on my shoulders for more comfort and began a rhythmic movement, so did she, shaking her ass fast.

I laid her legs on one of the corners of this bed and squeezed her firmly, keeping her still,  in such a way she could't move at all,  or resist. I began a stronger push inside her, stroking her faster, while she screamed desperately. I felt her vagina squirm and clutching my penis under such maximum penetration within her. This made her   shake so madly that I had to slap her in her face, to get her off Cloud 9,  but this idea made things worse coz she would shake even more, and I couldn't pick up the pace.

So much madness turned me on even more, and I felt I was about to cum, let go her legs and quickly hugged her strongly with my hands to ejaculate  inside her, fearless.     I felt her inner vagina muscles shrink clutching my rod. This lasted  endlessly, like  traveling through a tune tunel. 

We hugged ourselves for a  long time while she claimed  nobody had ever done this to her. I asked a question:  why the vagina would be so narrow? and she responded:    “ I don't know why, it often  hurts a lot when having sex".

We laid down there between 15 and 20 minutes,  naked,  I couldn't help staring at her pussy. What a big pussy it was! I began to play with the cunt, and to stroke her with my hands. Excitement got back to me and I had a hard on again.
I asked her if she had ever been plunged   from behind, and her answer was no.   They had tried  yet without success, for she had always been reluctant to.  I promised her we'd try this again, take it easy,  it wouldn't hurt at all.  She said "No", with a flat denial.

While I continued to stroke her cunt and making her to get excited, she began to breath heavily again and to moan. I took  advantage of this, began to touch her tiny asshole, and  poked a finger slowly within her. She could guess my objective and tried to get my hand away from this area, her black spot. I had no more remedy than to take the finger out of her asshole and to concentrate in her cunt instead. But soon I’d  get back to the tiny asshole, quite dissimulately,  and I my whole finger found perfect   entrance  within her. I was in a tight spot!

She kept saying "Please, don't do this to me",  but I  kept the finger into her instead, making sure it didn't get out by accident.  She even began an ass rhythm and, at intervals, she pushed back  to feel the finger. I proceeded to turn her around,  still with the finger inside, and  began to poke my tongue into her cunt, and into her ass crack too.   She moaned from pleasure, so it was the time for my to taking the finger out, and move  it into her vagina, while my other hand slowly parted her asscheeks and began to brush the head against her little ass hole.

She constricted her anus at the begining and wouldn't to put a stop to this, but again insisted over.  My fingers were lubed with a mix of cum and her juices.  I opened, unlocked  the asshole again, until  a moment she was not alert to react so immediately, and I could poke the tip of my penis. She got paralyzed at the moment, and stood still to assimilate, take in and digest the little pain she felt.  I tried to assist by stroking her tits to get her relax. "You'll like this."  I told her. I began to poke more into her,  while she assisted me   splitting apart her ass cheeks for me, slowly, and part them. Now it was the time: I worked at the problem five minutes and  I  finally could strike oil: slid my rod slowly, she screamed and moaned; her screams were louder now, until my 18 centimeters were within her leaving only my balls outside. She couldn't move, frozen, and I began my work into her, sliding it in and out, smoothly.

She soon got accustomed to this new rhythm and we combined forces,  accelerating more and more while she kept on moaning and said: “Please harder, harder, yesss, like this.”

I took her by her hips and drew her against me. She felt a nonstop pressure. I stroked her cunt with the other hand,  fingering her, until I finally found the clit and began to  rub, polishing  it.

This bitch couldn't  stand  so much pleasure, but I could tell she  felt pain   because she gripped the sheet, complained and bit a pillow. I swear I could see a tear running down her cheeks, and  continued to stroke into her more deeply  and stronger.  This whore was cumming!  because I could see   her anus contracting,  gripping my rod.

I was even more turned on, like crazy and  speeded up my pace,  spurted my hot cum load into that anus. My cum drained inside her asshole, but the portion left in my balls was sucked by the fabulous  blow job she gave me afterwards, as  she rapidly disconnected and  turned around, to give head.  She kept milking me with her mouth to the last drop.  We fell on the bed, totally spent.

I stood up and went to the bath room to wash my cock and returned again to the bed to lie down and relax.  She told me  was completely exhausted, while saying   teasingly I was a depraved. My response was: "Oh, well, still have hard work ahead."

She said: "How come!! It would be just  impossible. I can't take any more. I'm no loger so enthusiastic. My strength and vigor are gone."

I was already snoozing and  suddenly was awaken this strange sensation in my penis. I opened my eyes and saw it was she, milking me like a calf sucking, sliding it   in and out of  her mouth as deep as she could go. She sucked the head with such strong force that it hurt sometimes, making me  writhe. I soon felt my dick growing more inside her mouth and grabbed her by the hair, and began a rhythmic movement fucking her mouth. Soon I   was  fucking her cunt too, along with her asshole. 

With my penis still locked in her mouth, I rolled on my back and set her in a comfortable position, so my mouth would be in total control  off  her genitals, for a  69.  Her vagina lips spurted liquids    and I began to kiss them softly,   savoring her cum, while my mouth looked forward for the best vagina position.  I still kept her asscheeks split with my hands staring at the tiny hole in her ass, too reluctant to open up in response.

My tongue was now trying to locate  the little asshole, and found the little anus,  poked the tip of my tongue  inside and sucked.   Each time  she felt this fabulous sensation, she would pause sucking my penis and began to moan from pleasure.   I again got back to fuck tongue her  poking as far as possible, as well as  fingering her deeply into the lubed asshole. Her cum washed my face, and mi lips too. It was time to speed up my sucking of the lips, so I kissed one, then the other, tasting them.   Finally I got to her clit and began to suck a ruthlessly,    squeezing them gently with my lips at intervals.

She couldn't take it any longer and quit sucking, to cum with a great, gorgeous  orgasm.   I hadn't  yet  finished:  I got back to poke my penis into her mouth, gripping her by the  hair and forced her to suck stronger, quicker, while this prompted me to ejaculate. She didn't waste the first spurt, by opening her mouth wide, looking me in the eye. I said:

"Look at me, look at me!!  Ok bitch,  how como you were so reluntant at the begning and now so longing? Gotta finish what you  have started yourself.
I shot the reminder of my semen inside her mouth;  she had to swallow it, no way.  Satisfied by so much labor, we   fell asleep. I got dressed and promised  to fuck her again soon.

We continued to meet frequently to  fuck her if I had the chance, and began to experiment  in the kitchen,  fucking in the mornings as she was preparing breakfast, dressed only in her robe. Also   my methods changed:    I'd approach from behind, got down, and lifted her robe. She never wore panties, so she'd  just bend over  over  so I tongue fucked her pussy  and ass crack.  I still  fuck the dirt road as well. This bitch would jolt and bumped  from emotion,    turned around and push me to the floor where she  took off my clothes to start a new 69.

Ok,  this was the story with this female, who ended up  falling in love with my rod.     Her love for my rod always made her to put it  into her asshole first thing in the morning,   a place she had the best of pleasures.  She kept on saying this is  fabulous, so  I had to   satisfy her, plunged more within her until a loud scream was heard around the room.




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