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She Was 22

A young woman has sex with an older man.
She was 22 and petite. Blonde, boyishly short haircut, and a body to die for.
He was much older, but she liked the way he talked.

They met at the wedding of mutual friends, were bored with the reception and had been drinking just enough to loosen their inhibitions. Sitting together they talked a little, flirted a lot. He kept stealing looks at her creamy breasts, intentionally on display in her strikingly low-cut dress (she got off on being stared at). She glanced at his crotch at least five times every minute. They reached the point of no return when she leaned forward while laughing at something he said and casually placed her hand on his thigh. Her eyes were fixed intently on his, unblinking, and from that instant it was just a matter of how fast they could get out of there.

They began kissing as they walked to the car. Mouths opening widely and wildly, saliva flowing, tongues sliding plunging licking--they stumbled once and were laughing when he put his hand on the thin cotton fabric of her dress, cupped her breast and gently rolled it around. Found her nipple and pressed it, making a circle with his thumb. She bit down gently on his tongue, and oh baby she could feel how wet she was. God this is going to be good, she thought, and a surge of heat filled her chest. She would have fucked him right then, right there on the ground.

They started walking again and she began to suck his tongue. He put one arm around her delicate waist and lifted her off the ground. She made him feel strong.

A vivid imagination, this girl. When he held her suspended and her toes were dangling, pointed at the ground, she realized his strength, and her mind began to race through images of all the different ways he would flip her around in bed.

She knew he would easily lift her repeatedly as she cowgirled his erection.
Her cunt throbbed and swelled in her panties when she pictured him roughly pushing her head face-down into the bed, then suddenly jerking her up by the hips, grabbing her hair and twisting it, yanking her head back as he fucked her hard from behind. Shit! oh shit! oh shit!

She ground her tongue deeper into his mouth, tried to imagine what the head of his cock would look like.

They reached his car and fell together against the door.

Mouths separated, she was breathing fast. Her small hand grabbed his erection, which she could see clearly outlined through his pants. They kissed long and deeply, she pulled on it and squeezed it harder, felt how thick it was and desperately wanted it in her mouth.

"Let's go," he whispered.

Before he even had the car in Drive she was pulling at his pants, tossing his belt into the back seat, the Chardonnay buzz making her giggle. She unbuttoned the front of her dress, yanked his shirttail up, and grabbed the waistband of his $185.00 slacks and pushed and pulled and dragged them down to his knees, freeing his straightened cock.

Already almost fully erect, there was a fat, crystal-clear drop of fluid sitting in the slit at the top of his penis, and oh god yes he had a great looking cock. Her pussy oozed wetness and warmth.

She exhaled slowly to help herself relax, and began caressing the back of his neck with her fingertips. Kissed him gently on the cheek, then put her mouth fully on his and began slowly, easily, so erotically tongue-fucking him.

And he moaned, oh did he moan.

His cock was pointing at the ceiling when she pulled her mouth away from his. While dragging one fingernail down his chest, down the crisp white shirt, making sure she dug her nail hard into his nipple, she lowered her face to his cock. (He had always loved the expression "going down.") Before touching him she carefully opened her mouth wide and expelled her warm breath over his prick. Hard as a board.

Now driving in freeway traffic, he could only glance down once in a while to see the back of her head, that cute blonde haircut. If he could have seen her face, he would have seen her narrowed smoking eyes, her teeth biting her lower lip in a private smile (what she was about to do, she was doing mostly for herself). She wiggled her tongue, working it into his slit, then slowly licked the big drop of fluid, removing it from the tip. At the same time she pressed her thighs together, trying not to squirm. Her light pink panties were already dark in the crotch as they absorbed her unusually large volume of wetness.

Tongue extended, she savored his fluid, an angel hair strand of his wetness tying her tongue to his cock. When she closed her lips, her tongue slid in circles around the roof of her mouth as she enjoyed the slippery film of his pre-cum. The silver angel hair was on her chin.

One small hand encircled the base of his straining cock--just her thumb and forefinger--and she slowly pulled the skin of the shaft up and over the rim of the bulging head squeezing tightly, tightly all the way and oh yes, there it was oozing out---more of that glistening pre-cum, now running down the head and spreading out under the rim. She groaned softly when her mouth finally closed around his thick cock. It was hard for her to breathe at first.

She knew well the size of her small tight pussy, and this guy's sweet tasting hard-on would more than fill her, pounding in and slamming against her cervix. Just thinking about it, already her thin dress was showing a wet spot under her ass where her engorged pussy was pressing against the car seat.

She ate him with increasing energy as they drove to his house, head bobbing up and down, her silky lips twisting around and around his thick seven-inch erection. She fucked him up and down with her mouth, again and again, tongue sliding around the top, then the sides and underside of his cock, ever so gently biting the swollen head. Finally, she opened her mouth wide and took him all the way in, his spongy cock-head sliding into her throat. I love sucking cock! her mind screamed, and for a brief moment her sweetest fantasy of having two huge cocks at the same time flitted through her imagination. Someday. Some-fucking-day for sure.

"Jesus! God baby....ohhhh!....suck it, suck it!....Fuck! you're gonna make me cum in your mouth!"

He squirmed in his seat, gripping the steering wheel with all his might in an effort to control himself.

Suddenly she gagged and slid off him coughing, sucking her dripping saliva back into her mouth. As she raised herself back up she carefully wiped her lips with one precious finger.

The car slowed on the dark street where his home was, and she pulled the top of her simple pale blue cotton dress off her shoulders and pushed it to her waist. Trying to concentrate on driving and not gawk like a kid, his heart began to pound in his chest once again. She reached behind her, undid her bra, and slipped it off. There next to him in the dim light were the most beautifully formed breasts he had ever seen. In perfect proportion to her body, their fullness curved softly on the underside and had precise circles of reddish brown aureole leading to her erect nipples.

Driving or not, he couldn't stop himself, he leaned toward her and sucked her smooth-as-silk tit, sliding his tongue around the hard nipple. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back. A quiet groan of satisfaction escaped her throat. Jesus Christ fuck me now, she thought.

He turned into his driveway, pressed the automatic garage door opener, and eased the car forward, assuming they were finished for now, until they got inside the house. But she put one hand on his neck and her mouth on his ear, and breathing heavily, pressed her tongue noisily along every curve, licking him, fucking his ear with her warm tongue. At the same time her other hand began to stroke his cock in long squeezing pulls. Almost immediately she increased the speed of her strokes until she was literally jerking him off.

Finally the car was in the garage. He brought his foot down heavily on the brake, screeching the tires, and switched off the engine. Her tongue in his ear and her furious stroking were bringing him close to cumming. His balls were swollen and sore and he felt his cock harden even more as the burning began to rise.

No...not yet.... he worried.

"It's okay, baby, it's okay, do it for me, I want it," she whisper-smiled into his soaking wet ear, driving her tongue in to make him crazy with desire.

He groaned loudly through his open mouth and involuntarily jerked his hips up off the seat as a white streak shot straight up from his cock. She thrilled when she saw it and stroked him faster, pulling the full length of his big dick. The car was filled with wet slapping sounds as his muscles contracted six or eight more times and he groaned from his gut each time.

She was breathing heavily and the muscles in her petite little arm burned from working so hard.
Thick white streaks covered her hand and forearm.

"Wow," she giggled quietly, looking at the mess on her.
"Wow. God I love it."

His chest was heaving.

She pulled the silk handkerchief from his jacket pocket and was wiping her arm when she stopped abruptly, made a show of dropping the handkerchief to the floor and stared into his eyes. She raised her hand to her face, never breaking eye contact with him, and with pouty lips she began to mouth his cum off her perfect skin. He saw her eyes narrow as she slowly licked his remaining sticky stuff, making sure that some of it hung in a string from her lip. She knew men loved to watch that kind of thing, and knowing what she was doing to him in that moment tipped her over the edge also. In her mind, I'm cumming, shit shit shit I’m cumming!!....Ohhhh! FUCK.

Her first orgasm of the night.

What he saw was her calmly licking up his cum. It took all of her self-control to remain cool and deliberate while her thighs and pussy were flooding with frenzy. Her ass was pulsing and squeezing.

It had taken her forever to develop this kind of self-control once she dreamed up the thrill of cumming hard without her partner knowing. It gave her a secret sense of power over him. He didn't know she was cumming, that her creamy fluids were pushing out of her pussy lips and sat in a thick pool in the crotch of her panties.

God what a night, and they weren’t even inside yet.

After a moment she turned and bounced across the seat to open the car door. When the light was on he saw that she had slipped out of her flat woven leather shoes and now stood barefoot on the cool concrete floor of the garage. He sat very still looking at her, taking in as much of her beauty as his mind could grasp.

She was standing inside the open car door, facing him, and he watched as she freely and without hesitation hooked her thumbs in her dress at the waist and quickly worked it below her hips. She stepped out of it lifting each graceful leg, naturally and without thought pointing her feminine toes. Then she breezily wiggled out of her wet panties and discreetly wiped her cum from her swollen crotch.

She stood naked facing him, gently and almost imperceptibly rocking side to side, the toes of one foot curling under. A demur sweet smile spread across her face, and one hand was absently playing with the glistening wet folds of her smooth pussy lips. Her small, barely pooching belly was perfect---but then every part of her was.

"Come on, let's go in," inviting him into his own home.

As she turned toward the door that led into the house, he saw for the first time the fine curve of her lower back gently rounding into her smooth firm young woman’s ass, and he knew he would never be the same again.

She padded around his living room looking at things, barefoot, naked.

He felt off balance. He was used to being the leader, but she had pretty much taken control in the car. Naked. Jesus Christ she was gorgeous.

They came together and she finished undressing him, un-knotting his silk tie, carefully unbuttoning his shirt, pulling his t-shirt over his head.

"Mmmm, I like this," running her pink fingers through the black and silver hair that surrounded his nipples and filled the center of his chest.

She stood on tip-toes as they kissed, mouths immediately opening and tongues working up the same heat they had shared in the car. He slid his hand into that warm, moist universe between her legs and heard a brief whimpering moan. She took hold of his cock and twisted it.

Wrapping one arm around her back, he slid his hand further between her legs until his palm was open against her ass. He lifted her (she was a feather!), quickly pulling his hand all the way out from between her legs and immediately catching her under her knees. Walked toward his bedroom.

She slowly, playfully kicked her feet in the air, back and forth.

"This is so like a honeymoon or something!"

He had a fleeting thought that she was cute. That thought was quickly overwhelmed by a fierce desire to have her, to take her just to make her whimper and cry and squirm her tight little ass. He felt like he was about to fuck someone’s daughter.

He fell forward with her in his arms landing them in the thick comforter on his bed.
She sat up and said, "I need to pee."

While she was in his bathroom he removed the comforter from his bed, leaving only the sheets. When he heard her peeing he had a strong desire to go see her sitting naked on his toilet, but he lay on the bed instead. He heard the flush, then the tap water running. She returned, climbed on top of him and spread her legs.

Kissing biting pinching licking caressing, she finally grabbed his fully loaded cock and pulled the fat head up into her slippery pussy. They both groaned as she raised her hips and then pushed down against his rigid cock. When he was far enough in her, she began fucking him smoothly and steadily. Fast. Faster. Riding him.

Oh god, she was one of those who.…she was fucking him, but moving her body only from the waist down. Her upper torso was still as she leaned forward, hands on his chest. How the hell does she do that, driving her ass up and down bending at the waist? With his eyes closed it just felt like good wet screwing, but watching her was hot as fucking hell. He kept his eyes open.

You just never knew. With a woman this young it could be a whole other world.

He grabbed her nipples and twisted and squeezed them. Raised his hips up off the bed and joined her rhythm. Now her ass was slapping loudly against him, his balls flew up and hit her with each thrust.

She gasped loudly, she was working so hard, growling, "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me with your big cock!" through gritted teeth. She sounded angry.

They rolled over—now he was on top--and he was immediately stabbing through her swollen wet lips, straining to lean forward so that his cock would grind against her clit. She drew her head back hard into the bed, chin pointing at the ceiling, eyes jammed shut and mouth open. He could hear her breathing and grunting from deep in her throat.

He didn’t slow or stop when she wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his ass. He lowered his head to her tits and began licking her nipples, then sucking them hard. She grunted steadily now as he fucked her faster, harder. He didn't know how much longer he could keep up this pace.

She suddenly moaned out in a long high-pitched whine, and he felt her waist and hips shuddering and bucking beneath him. She was cumming. She was cumming, goddam! He balled her faster still, driving his big cock into her tight little cunt, punishing her, nailing her. He gasped for breath, and his stare was locked onto her suffering face.

Slowing from fatigue, he fell onto the cool sheets and pulled her to him so that they were facing each other lying on their sides. Still between her legs, his hard-on still in her pussy, he grabbed her leg that was on top and lifted it high in the air.

He raised up on his elbow so he could lift his hips off the bed, then began long steady strokes into her creamy wet pussy.

She pushed her hand between their bodies and drove it down between their rubbing bellies. Using the tip of her middle finger, she just barely touched herself, making light slow circles on her clit. He stared at her gorgeous breasts while he fucked her, and his erection got completely hard again.

He rolled her over easy to move her and position her. Now she was lying on his chest, chin to chin with him. She smiled. Such beautiful eyes!

Her face right on top of his, those sweet fingers making tiny strokes on his forehead. The smell of her saliva pleased him as she spoke slowly in the softest whisper.

"I want your warm (kiss) salty (kiss) cum. I already mmmm swallowed it, and now I want it deep, (kiss) deep in my ass." Then kissing him hard, hungrily, she rolled her tongue around the inside of his mouth.

He felt his heart beating in his chest as the blood surged, engorging his cock. He was fierce with sexual energy, and it seemed like he was as thick as a baseball bat.

They sat up, kissing. He caressed her breasts and pulled at them, leaned in to lick and suck them. She glided into a sexy pose, her arms floating up to rest lightly on top of her head, on that short blonde haircut---fascinating, how much it turned him on whenever his attention was drawn to her hair. And in that instant he had a wicked flash in his imagination and saw himself masturbating, cumming in her face and spurting his load all up in her hair. The expression on her face—seeing her loving it, that was the best part.

She watched him sucking her nipples and pulling at them with his teeth, first the left then the right, then back again. Shit! his mouth looked so fucking hot on her. He began licking in circles around her aureola, holding her by the waist as she let the weight of her upper body cause her to lean back.

Finally, one hand went down to find her swollen clit. After a few seconds he pushed farther down between her legs and went three fingers deep into her creamy pussy. Feeling the wet hole where she fucked, being in her like that urged him on and he began eating her gorgeous breasts faster, rougher, with a wide open mouth, covering her with his saliva while he fucked her as fast as he could with his fingers.

She felt herself starting to cum.
Whimpering, then moaning loudly, she bounced her ass on the bed and pushed against his fingers. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could while floods of warmth rushed through her abdomen and thighs. His hand was covered with her gushing cum.

"Uhhnn Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Oh God!"
Her whole body twitched, her left leg jerked once, her ass was covered with goose bumps.

But he didn't stop or even slow, and in only a few seconds she began cumming again, raging spasms clenching and releasing repeatedly between her thighs. And then once again! As her orgasm began to subside he fucked her even harder, deeper, faster, till his entire hand was plunging deeply and almost disappearing into her. Goddam! He was driving her wild! No one had ever fucked her and stretched her like that!

You just never knew. With a guy this old it could be a whole other world.

Still bouncing her ass up and down on the bed, she scrunched up her face in an expression of intense painful pleasure.

She was so wild and so loud it made him feel animal. He groaned and growled from deep in his throat. His hand felt all squishy still twisting in her clenching pussy as he tried hard to cram all of it inside her.

When the awesome gut-aching spasms were subsiding she began to settle, gasping, till finally her ass hit the bed and stayed, and she was left panting.

He was on his knees in front of her as he pulled his hand from between her flushed thighs. Held it out in front of him, and they both stared at the creamy pussy mucous covering his hand, hanging in thick strings between his fingers.

He had never seen anything like it. He'd been with women who squirted and flooded, but this was different. No wonder it felt so creamy!

He said, "It looks like my cum, like I shot a big thick load on my own fingers...but this is you!"
Resting back on her elbows, still breathing hard, she smiled quietly.

"Yeah, that's me. That's usually me."

She sat up and crossed her slender legs saying, "You know what it's good for?"

It happened so quickly:
She leaned forward and licked one long stroke from the heel of his hand to his fingertips. Scooted toward him and approached his mouth, pressed her cum-covered tongue onto his and spread the tangy cream all around in his mouth.

They licked and sucked his hand over and over, sharing her cum again and again. Their tongues twirled her thick white stuff all around. The wildness of it all caused them both to go faster and faster, gasping and panting.

She pulled away from his mouth, wiping her own with the back of her hand and said, "Show me."

He looked at her, unsure for half a second, then opened his wet mouth wide so that she could stare at the white strings and globs of her own cum spread around his mouth.

Jesus. "Swallow it."
She was beyond horny.

His cock was stiff as a pole, his balls were aching, and he obeyed her.

The air in the entire room seemed electrified. His mind was racing to places he did not recognize. She pinched her nipples hard.

"Oh God I'm cumming…." Her slender thighs quivered in short twitches while she moaned loudly.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh FUCK!" as she rubbed her wet slit rapidly, savagely, side to side.

He slipped his hands under her ass and lifted her, turning her body over.

She was on her elbows and knees, he already had both his hands on her tight little ass, squeezing her together, then pulling her wide open. He reached out with his right arm and roughly pushed her head down to the bed. He grabbed her wrists, pulled her arms straight back, and pinned them to either side of her ass. He had to fuck her sopping swollen cunt again, and he drove his thick cock deep fast and hard while he pulled her by the wrists, stretching her arms till she cried out.

It drove him to madness hearing her crying out in pleasure from his hard fucking, and he heard himself grunting like an animal. 

When he finally pulled his big prick out of her, he slapped her hands palms down on her beautiful round ass. 

"Spread it wide open for me, show me your ass-hole."

So she pulled her butt cheeks as far apart as she could while he stared. Then with one hand she crept over to her tight, pink-brown hole and pressed one finger in, then two.

She knew how to get herself ready for him, and fuck! she wanted that big cock up her ass so bad.

He felt his prick stretching as he watched her working herself in circles, pushing in and pulling out, stretching herself.

God she was tiny. He didn't want to hurt her, but she wanted it and he wanted it bad, so what the fuck are you gonna' do?

He pulled her hand out and brought it to his mouth, sucked those two fingers as he exhaled through his nostrils.

Then took her fingers from his mouth and leaned into her ass, spread her cheeks--stretched them wide open--and got his hungry tongue on her hole. She groaned and whispered curses, filthy things, as he gave her the rim job of her life.

When he pulled back, he put her wet fingers in the saliva he had left on her so she could stick them in her ass-hole again.

As her fingers disappeared up her ass he felt his cock swell and grow, raise itself to a skin-straining erection pointing in an angle at the ceiling.

This time she worked her hole faster, harder, ready to feel his cock going in. Softly growling from deep in her throat, she looked over her shoulder, reached back till she grabbed the side of his butt and pulled him toward her. "Come on, baby. I want you to fill me full up. Come on? Do it now? Come on, baby, fuck my ass."

After lubing up the swollen head of his cock he placed it at her delicious little hole and leaned into her. She was so tight. He hesitated, afraid to push too hard.

She wanted to feel cock up her ass, and his hesitation only frustrated her.

"Fuck my ass, you prick! Jesus! Fuck me!" The little blonde aggressively wiggled her butt against his rock-hard cock.

Watching that young round ass gyrating wildly up and down, side to side, and catching a glimpse of the incredibly intense look on her face roused some instinct deep in his psyche.

He felt animal as he pushed himself through her tight rim. He was not a sadist, but with gritted teeth and his own ass clenched, by God he wanted to hurt her.

"Ah!" Her loud voice rose sharply.

He pushed with his hips driving his seven brick hard inches in through her hole. Her petite pussy had taken only five inches of his big cock, but now his bull's prong slid all the way in and he slammed his abdomen against her ass. She felt his sac slap her swollen wet pussy lips.

"Oh God shit yes!" she quietly whimpered.
"Oh shit it hurts! Fuck!"

He glanced briefly at her red face and saw her eyes were filled with tears.

He grabbed her waist roughly, lifting her so that her knees were up off the sheets for a second. Then, finally, he began plunging into her, penetrating deeply again and again.

She was on fire. She could hardly be still, making uncertain movements with her legs, trying to raise herself up from the waist. She was desperate to twist her erect nipples.

All hesitation now gone, he fucked her ass the way she was wanting it. The sound of his belly slapping her butt was loud and fast. She looked like she was in pain with her eyes scrunched shut and her mouth open. A silent whining came from somewhere deep within her.

He got up on his feet and crouched over her little round butt, shoved his cock all the way up her ass repeatedly in a steady rhythm. He groaned and grunted while she wailed and cursed. Seemed like it lasted for hours.

Then he came. He had never been so worked up, never, and he shot the load of his life. Could feel the jets of cum blasting through the large vein on the underside of his cock. He felt like a stallion with a monster prick.

He was not even aware of her in those moments, consumed and overwhelmed by the sensations of emptying his swollen balls deep in her ass. He yelled loudly, grunted, cursed, and fucked her tight little ass-hole, fucked it hard.

After reaching the peak they began the slow delicious ride down together. Breathing hard, covered with perspiration, cum dripping from his cock and beginning to leak out her butt.

He pulled out, satisfied.

She fell over onto her side, used.

As he lowered himself to lie next to her, she turned toward him and curled into a ball. Eyes closed, scalp tingling, resting halfway on his chest.

He stroked her back. One of her small hands found its way to his stomach and traced gentle lines and circles on his flesh.

Neither spoke. Both still breathing hard, they clung to one another as they lay together in silence.

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