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Sluts should know their place

Charlie gets dominated by her boyfriend in the kitchen.
Sluts should know their place.

Charlie slung her clothes on the floor as she turned the shower on. She put her hand under the water after a few seconds to check to see if the water was hot enough yet. After she was satisfied with the heat she jumped in and let the water crash down onto her soft skin. She picked up the shower jell rubbed it all over her DD cup breasts. Her fingers lingered over her now hard nipples and she felt the pleasure tingle all the way through her body making her have the sudden need for cock.

When Joey got home from work he walked into the front room, his eyes darting around the room for Charlie but she wasn’t there, he poked his head around the stair case and yelled, “Charlie?” No answer. So he walked up the stairs to investigate. He slowly walked through the hall of the two bedroom house looking for her, peering in the bedroom, still no Charlie. Then moved into the spare room but she wasn’t there. He assumed she was out so he went downstairs to make a coffee.

He walked into the kitchen. He froze, there was his girlfriend, her big blue eyes sparkling under her long dark eyelashes, full red lips smiling cheekily. The ringlets of her soft blonde hair lay comfortably on her breast where she was wearing a black lace bra that was obviously too small as her nipples were almost bulging out. Her smooth flat stomach and hour glass figure was just leading his eyes to her matching black lace thong. Then his eyes dropped down to her fishnet stockings which started at her thighs covering her perfect legs down to her black stiletto heals.

Joey just stood there staring. A couple of seconds after his entry Charlie turned round and bent over the counter and went back to reading her magazine. Joey went up from behind her and started to grind his hard cock through his jeans against her ass. Charlie started to object, “No, I’m not in the..”

Joey cut in, “Shut up, bitch! You will do as I say, you're my little slut, remember that. Now get on your knees and suck my cock like a good girl.”

Charlie let out little smile, but immediately got to her knees and looked up to Joey innocently.

“You know what to do.”

She didn’t need to be told twice so without work, she unbuttoned his jeans and slowly unzipped him, licking her lips. She reached into his underwear and grabbed onto his throbbing cock. It sprung out, his 9 inch cock stood proud in her hand and she started licking the tip of his cock. She then licked up and down his shaft with her warm, wet tongue before putting the hole head of his cock in her mouth. Charlie started sucking gently then stopped and went to lick Joey's balls. She put them in his mouth and started massaging them with her tongue. Then Charlie went back to work on his hard cock and took it into her mouth this time forcing most of the whole cock into her mouth.

After she had been bobbing her head for a minute or two, Joey put one hand on the back of her head and thrust into her throat, making her gag on his cock. He pushed himself in until her lips touched his balls. He let go of her head, he pulled her up and kissed her gently, he moved his hands down her body until his hands were on her firm ass. He pinched slightly then picked her up. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he pushed her hard into the wall. He started teasing her already wet clit with his cock, pushing it against it for a few long seconds.

A moan escaped her lips and soon afterwards blurted out, “Please just fuck me baby!”.

“Tell me how much of a little slut you are.”

“Oh I'm your little slut baby, please fuck me hard, I want your cock so much!”

With that he lined his cock up to the entrance to her wet pussy and in one quick stroke he pushed all of his cock into her tight hole. She screamed in pain and pleasure and threw her head back. After a couple of seconds he started working his monstrous cock in and out of her pussy so hard and fast so his balls here slapping against her ass.

After a few minutes of that, Joey put her down and pushed her roughly over to the counter and bent her over. SLAP. His hand struck her ass. Charlie yelped with surprise but it didn’t hurt much. Joey grabbed his fat tool in his hand, gathering pussy juices from her pussy to make his cock wet. He then spat on his finger and circled her tight asshole with it then slowly pushed it in lubricating it as he went. He started jabbing his finger into her ass. He lined his cock up to her ass and slowly started pushing the head of his cock in.

Charlie twitched with the pain but after a few minutes of him slowly pushing his cock in an out she relaxed and it started to feel good. She pushed back, meeting his thrusts and getting harder and faster he fucked her tight little asshole. After not too long he could feel his cock filling up with cum. He started going harder and faster than ever, making Charlie scream louder. He came, filling up her hole with the warm sticky liquid. He pulled out his cock and after a few seconds his cum started slipping out of her ass. She reached round and picked it up with her finger taking it round and sucking it greedily off herself. Enjoying the taste.

Then Joey leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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