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So Glad I Caught Her

I never thought a long day of golf could end so well
It was a long day. We got held up in the rain playing our round of golf, stopped to eat, and made the longer than normal ride home. I was hoping my wife was still awake as we pulled into my driveway. I didn’t have my keys or the garage door opener with me. As Barry parked the car, I noticed that it looked like the TV room lights were out. I unloaded my clubs and said good night to the guys.

I walked around the back of the house to see if the TV was on. As I walked up the first flight of the deck steps, I noticed a slight glimmer of light coming from the French doors. It appeared the TV was on. As I walked across the first level of the deck, I noticed the bedroom lights were on. I retrieved my cell from my pocket as I walked up the four steps to the upper portion of the deck. I looked into the bedroom window and was thrown for a loop – a pleasant loop. For there spread across our bed was my wife completely naked. I decided to wait on calling her as I tip toed across the deck towards our bedroom window. I quickly realized my wife would be oblivious to me being there, because she was deeply engrossed in gratifying herself with a dildo.

I was amazed. Here was my wife with a dildo I didn’t even know she owned. She had her legs spread wide and was fucking herself and rubbing her tits with her free hand as she turned her head towards and away from me. I looked down at the dildo and noticed it was one of those that had two heads, one of those made to work the ass and pussy at the same time. I was in awe to see that my skinny little woman had the larger of the two ends in her ass hole and the smaller one working her pussy.

In no time I had a raging hard on dying to be released. Watching my wife gratify herself made me long to do the same. I released my cock from the restraints of my shorts and boxer briefs and started to stroke it as I watched my petite wife pound her ass hole and pussy with her toy. I could tell she was nearing her orgasm (how many this would make – I had no idea) as I could see her close her eyes tighter and saw her tight stomach muscles get even tighter as she raised her ass off the mattress. My own cum was boiling. Realizing my wife not only liked to do herself, but also had a toy, turned me on to no end. I swear I heard her moan aloud as she fucked herself harder and shook. And as she orgasmed, my spunk shot from the end of my rigid dick all over our siding and decking.

My wife settled down after what seemed to be a very long and intense orgasm. She laid there momentarily and softly ground her ass and cunt into her friend. Shortly after stopping all motion, she removed the dildo from her cunt and ass. Then, as she massaged her breast, she moved the dildo from her crotch to her mouth. She worked the smaller end, which had worked her cunt into frenzy, with her mouth. I didn’t know whether to scream or jump through the window.

Using the light from the bedroom, I managed to dial my number. It took a while for her to answer, and I totally understood why, but when she did, I whispered softly into the phone, “If you come let me in, I’ll help clean you up.” She immediately turned and looked to the bedroom door. Seeing I wasn’t there she sat up on the edge of the bed with her extremely wet, wide-open pussy turned towards me. I asked, “Do you see me now?” She acknowledged she did and dropped her chin in what I sensed as embarrassment. I told her to look at me, and she complied. . I was so excited my cock remained rock hard. So, I tried to show it to her before returning it to my pants. I said to her, “Come let me in, baby.” She reached for her house coat, but I quickly told her to leave it there. She obeyed and leaving her toy on the bed, came to the deck door to let me in.

As soon as I got in the door, I pulled her to me and started kissing her hard. I pressed my cock to her pussy and she broke away and asked, “How long were you there? Your cock is so hard!” I told her, “Long enough!” Her nakedness felt so hot to me and my body temperature was right with her. I sat her on the back of the love seat, and dropped to my knees in front of her. I dove into her waiting wet pussy, and started licking her juicy cunt lips and flicking her clit with my tongue. I slid her forward to get access to her ass hole. It was still stretched enough that I could slide my tongue right in. I could taste the lube, but nothing could bother or stop me at this point. I rose to my feet and lifted her to hers. I kissed her again and then whispered, “You been hiding things from me, you naughty girl.” I smiled at her and then lifted her into my arms. I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the edge of the bed.

I again dropped to my knees in front of her and continued to give her wet box a work over with my hungry mouth. I stopped for a second to tell her to hand me her toy. She asked, ”For what?” and my only response was, “To make you happier!” She handed it to me and I started to rub the smaller tip against her clit as I alternated tonguing her ass and pussy. She was responding by pushing her holes onto my tongue. I peeked up and saw she was massaging her breast. I stood and quickly disrobed.

She looked at my hardness, and reached up and pulled it into her mouth. I let her suck it for a while as I moved into a sixty-nine position. I rolled putting her on the top so I could take long licks from her clit to her ass hole. She ground into my face as she engulfed my rock hard cock. I lifted her leg so I could crawl out from under her. I told her to stay in that position as I was going to fuck her where I never have before. She insured me she was ready for me. I moved behind her and stuck my dick in her waiting cunt as I worked the dildo into her anus. She was moaning like hell before she asked me, “Please fuck my ass, now!” I didn’t need her to ask twice. I immediately replaced the dildo with my cock all the way to my balls. She gasped, but then moaned “Yes, honey – fuck my ass!” She ground back into me and I started to pound her ass. She placed her head down on the pillow and asked for the dildo. I gave it to her and she shoved the big end into her pussy as I work her ass hole with my cock. I could feel her toy as I pounded her. She started squirming and moaning loudly as she told me she was cumming. I let out a grunt and dumped a load larger than the one I left on the deck into her wanting ass. It seemed endless as she collapsed beneath me. I lay on her and kiss the back of her neck and she reached her mouth around so we could share a kiss. My dick began to soften and my cum forced it from her ass. She told me that was great and I assure her it was for me too. I rolled off her and cupped her ass covering my hand with my goo. She reached back, grabbed my hand and pulled it to her mouth. She licked my cum from my hands and smiled at me. I looked her in the eyes and told her, “You’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” She replied, “And I can make up a few more.” I kissed her hard on the mouth before telling her, “I can’t wait!”

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