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Sonni's Mystery Lover

An unspecific request leads to an unexpectedly good evening.

'Oh shit!', Charlie thought, 'Red alert! I already know I'm not going to like this.'

'Damn!, Sonni thought. It was clear that her husband of eight years had just gone on the defensive. 'He probably even used one of his damn Star Trekisms. I hope it wasn't a red alert.' She had been feeling kind of unloved lately because he had been traveling on business too much. But now she felt she had to continue.

"I've been thinking, We need to spice up our love life a bit."

'Oh, fuck me,' Charlie thought dejectedly. 'I'd rather be having a root canal without novacaine than having this conversation right now. I'm sure she's feeling something is all my fault and now I have to fix it. Why can't I figure out how to avoid these situations? Oh well, the only way out is to swim the river of lava.'

"What have you got in mind, Sweetie?"

'Damn!', Sonni thought, 'He's not going to make this easy.'

"I don't really have anything in mind, Hon. I just think we owe it to ourselves to have a little more excitement in our lives."

'Of course. And I get to provide it whether I can tell what the fuck she means by that or not. I am so screwed. I hate these fucking blame sessions. It's not like I'm the only one in this relationship who has a role in making her life happier. Why can't she just be happy in her own skin? She'll be mad if I leave it up to her, but I already know this is a futile exercise in searching for Unobtainium. She can be such a needy person sometimes. This has to be one of those "Women are from Venus" things.'

"Well I'm all for excitement. What do you think we should do?"

'Of course he's not going to suggest something. He's leaving it all up to me. He can be such a dick sometimes.'

"Charlie, just suggest something."

"You know I've always wanted to try anal sex with you. That would spice it up."

He knew Sonni wouldn't go for that. She never had. But now he could say he suggested something and that put the ball back in her court. He knew she was afraid to suggest something and risk being disappointed when it didn't meet her expectations and have only herself to blame. They had been through these quests for solving whatever she was mysteriously unhappy about before.

"Just... ...forget it, Charlie. If I'm not worth a little imagination."

'Oh great. The drama queen bullshit. It's all over but the pouting.'

"Well, Sonni, you've given me so little to go on, I can't begin to imagine what would satisfy you."

"Satisfy me? I want this for both of us. A little effort would be all it would take, but you don't even want to try."

"I would be happy to try, if it didn't seem like a guaranteed waste of time."

"Well, you won't know if you don't try. You make me think I'm not worth a little effort."

"And you make me think that nothing I ever do is good enough."

"You never do anything, Charlie."

"I guess I learned my lesson too well, then."


"You forgot to put 'clueless' in front of that epithet. And that's not my fault. I am completely clueless about what you mean."

The tears came then. Sonni knew that he was right, from his point of view. She knew that this was one of those 'Men are from Mars' things. She was a bit surprised when he took her in his arms and held her until she stopped crying. It took him a while to learn that was the only thing that would help when they reached an impasse.

Charlie knew that wasn't the end of this issue. He knew that Sonni wouldn't be happy until he tried something and failed so she could have a chance to throw something in his face. That would be the price he had to pay for not knowing her well enough to suggest something more attractive than a buttfuck. He decided to make an attempt that would be "over the top", either a spectacular failure or a raging success. Something that would be memorable for the rest of their lives, together or apart. He felt ambivalent about which result was achieved. He often wondered whether staying with Sonni was worth the grief it involved. He loved her, but she was 49 % sweetheart and 49% bitch with the other 2% a matter of perspective. Too much time with her would push it to the bitch side and too little time with her, like now with this period of business travel, would also push it to the bitch side. Things beyond his control were preventing him from achieving the balance that would keep her in the sweetheart zone.

He remembered that she had once commented on how exciting one of her romance novels was. That seemed like a good place to get ideas about what appealed to her. He found the book and skimmed through it. Most of it was pretty tame, but he got to a dogeared page and knew he had found a key to what pleased her. He was surprised by what he read there. He spent the next couple of days planning and purchasing for a special event.

Sonni knew that, sooner or later, Charlie would try to do something new and different. He had that guy's need to fix broken things and she knew that he either would fix it or break it worse, but either way, she would soon feel something other than the same old feeling of stagnation that their sex life had become. She had gone out to buy some new sexy lingerie during her lunch hour on the Friday following their little spat, hoping the weekend would present the opportunity for her to show that she had made a token effort to spice up their bedroom behavior.

At around 4:30, she was thinking about how she would surprise him at the door when he got home from work. Her cell phone beeped and when she looked at it, it said only "Message Sent". 'That's odd,' she thought, 'Must be one of my earlier texts got stuck in some queue.' She went back to daydreaming about their evening until quitting time at 5 PM.

She was so anxious to get home that she wasn't really paying attention as she got behind the wheel of her car and buckled her seat belt. When she leaned back after starting the car, she heard a rustle in the back seat and suddenly there was a scarf wrapped around her throat. She started to scream and felt the scarf tighten on her throat, not enough to hurt her seriously, but enough to show her how helpless she was.

"Quiet!" said a strange mechanical voice right next to her ear. "Drive!"

She nodded her head to indicate she would obey and the scarf loosened.

"Where to?" she whimpered.

"You have a cabin in the mountains. Drive there." The voice was clearly being fed through some sort of electronic distorter, but she desperately searched for a clue about the speaker.

"I don't have enough gas to get there. We'll have to stop."

"Nice try sweetheart. You have plenty of gas. Don't make any wrong turns. I know the way."

"I don't know the way from here. I've only been there staright from home."

"Don't play dumb, Sonni. We both know you've driven straight there from work before."

She was convinced her abductor was her husband. He was the only other person who had been to the cabin since they had bought it. It was their favorite place for a weekend getaway. She had met Charlie there before, but she was sure that she had never told anyone about that.

She drove, occasionally glancing into the mirror and trying to see her abductor. Only once did she see enough to confirm that it might be Charlie. He had a man-sized neck and shoulders and was wearing a black motorcycle helmet with a dark faceplate. His clothing was also black, including the black gaiter that covered his neck. She sniffed to see if he smelled like Charlie, but other than a faint whiff of Charlie's cologne, his unique scent was not present. She decided that with all new clothes and a recent shower, Charlie could fool her nose. The cologne was telling, but not conclusive. It was common enough.

When she parked at the secluded cabin, he ordered her to give him the car keys and then cuffed her hands to a chain around her neck. When he let her out of the car, she noted that his height was close to Charlie's and the difference could be explained by the helmet and the boots he wore. Her panic had slowly eased during the drive as she considered that this might be Charlie's attempt to spice up their lovemaking. She had mentioned role playing to him only once, years earlier, but his unenthusiastic response to anything other than the traditional male fantasies convinced her not to bother trying again. This was like a favorite scene out of one her favorite romance novels.

She was even more convinced it was him when he directed her straight to the bedroom when they entered. The room was decorated for romance, but there were some new additions on the bed. Silk ropes were visible on both sides of the headboard. She was disappointed when he put a leather mask on her. It completely covered her eyes and was fastened tight below her chin. And it was dosed with Charlie's cologne. The scent was now so strong that her attempts to smell anything else were useless.

"This will only be unpleasant if you give me trouble. If you don't, I'm hoping we'll both enjoy it." He began to remove her clothes and soon she was naked on her back on the bed with her arms bound to the corners of the head board and her legs spread with a stiff bar. She offered no resistance, completely convinced by his demeanor that this mystery man was Charlie.

"Hmmm. Convenient." Sonni heard something hit the ceiling and then fall on the bed. The leg spreading bar was jerked around and suddenly she felt her legs being raised up. She realized that some kind of rope or cord was wrapped around one of the trusses that held the roof up. She felt a rubber-gloved finger with something cold and wet on it pushing into the crack of her ass.

"Wait. I don't want this. I'm not interested in anything anal."

She heard a strange mechanical stuttering sound and realized he was chuckling at her.

"This isn't a democracy, Sonni. We won't be voting on everything that happens to you. I'll stop at any time, leave and send someone to rescue you. All you have to do is say, 'I want to go back to my boring life, Sir.' Until I hear that, I'll do whatever I want. There might be a little pain. Hopefully any of that will be followed by a lot of pleasure for you. I have no desire to hurt you, just to take you outside your comfort zone for a while. I'll give you a minute to think about it."

She heard him step away and then she heard clicking sounds. She realized he was taking photos of her. She thought about what he said. This had to be Charlie 'spicing it up'. She decided to trust him.

"What will it be, Sonni? Shall I continue."

"Yes, continue please."

"Good girl."

The finger returned between her ass cheeks and started to press against her tight ring.

"Relax and push out a little."

His finger pushed into her and it did cause some pain, because Sonni had never even pushed her own finger in, but it was well lubricated and as he moved it around, she stopped fighting it, relaxed, and to her surprise, the pain went away. When another finger slipped in, it didn't really matter. She had gotten the hang of it and to her surprise, the fear began to melt away. When his fingers slipped out, she expected to feel a cock enter her, but instead a butt plug went in and she felt a sudden smack on her ass cheek which caused her to tighten down on it.

"There. I trust that wasn't so bad."

"No, it wasn't. I'm surprised."

Sonni suddenly felt something brush against her nipple and it stiffened up. "Oooh." She heard a buzzing sound start and felt a vibrating hard object touch her other nipple. "Ahhhh." Now both nipples were stiff and she was feeling a tingle in her pussy. She felt clamps being applied to both her nipples. They weren't squeezing very tight, just enough to let her know they were there.

The mystery man lowered her legs back to the bed and crawled up onto her then, straddling her hips. He started to run his hands all over her breasts. His smooth gloves felt both strange and exciting. He squeezed her breasts and checked her wrists to make sure her bindings weren't too tight. She felt surprisingly comfortable.

"You are so beautiful, Sonni. I think your husband is a lucky man."

"I think I'm a lucky woman, Charlie."

She heard only the strange mechanical chuckle. He removed a nipple clamp. Then she felt it, a warm wet alive thing against her nipple as the blood flowed back into it. The mystery man sucked and gently chewed on her. She could feel teeth, but not pain. Thinking she might trick him into speaking without the device, she said, "Charlie never uses teeth."

"Maybe he doesn't know you like it."

'Damn!', Sonni thought. 'He either didn't fall for it or he doesn't have another voice.'

Suddenly, she felt a new sensation. It took her a few seconds to recognize it. It was a burning sensation on her nipple. Burning cold. Ice.

"Ohhh. That's cold."

The mystery man removed the ice and then warmed her again with his mouth.

"Ahhh. That's warm."

He placed the clamp back on and Sonni suddenly felt a strong twinge in her pussy.

"Ohmigod! Charlie, that's really got me hot!"

By the time the mystery man finished repeating all he had done on the other nipple, Sonni was writhing, trying to get her knees together to get enough stimulation to come. The spreader bar just wasn't letting her get any relief. She could feel her juices draining down her ass.

"This is torture, Charlie. You've got me so horny."

"Your husband won't be here for a while yet, but I'll be happy to do something about that."

"Oh come on, Charlie. I know it's you. It has to be."

Again, she heard only the eerie mechanical chuckle. It was maddening that he wouldn't admit it, but also exciting. The thought that she might be under the control of someone else added to the thrill.

The man climbed off her then and she felt his breath on her mound. 'Finally,' she thought. She felt the delicious sensation of his tongue as it slid into her. It found her clit and circled it, bringing her to the brink several times and pulling away each time. Then she heard a buzz and felt a vibration as some sort of toy eased into her slit. When it got to her clit, it felt like a ring that completely circled her engorged nubbin. Whatever it was, it worked quickly, bringing her to a powerful orgasm. Her hips bucked repeatedly, but the mystery man's weight was on the spreader and he kept the toy in place until she had another.

"That was wonderful, Charlie."

Again, he responded with a chuckle.

She felt her legs being lifted again. He bent her knees and tied the spreader to the headboard of the bed. She was now splayed out quite completely.

"Now for something completely different, Sonni."


"Remember, you can go back to your boring life with a simple request."

"You haven't disappointed so far."

She heard a buzzing sound start and felt something slip into her pussy. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't small either. It felt smooth and curved and it must have had something jutting out from it, because right when it pressed against the front wall of her tunnel, it also made contact with her clit. Then she felt the man's hands between her ass cheeks and suddenly the butt plug also started to vibrate. The amount of stimulation she was getting was incredible. The curved vibrating dildo was thrusting into her repeatedly when he removed the nipple clamps. The added sensation drove her over the edge and she came with a gusher that sprayed onto the mystery man. She had never squirted before, but it felt as if every muscle in her groin was completely out of her control.

As Sonni recovered from the 'completely different' orgasm, she heard the rustling sounds of her mystery lover packing clothing into a bag.

"Someone will be along shortly to rescue you. You will find your car parked where we started. I hope you will remember this for a long time."

"I will. You can bet on that, Charlie. And... ...thank you."

The mystery man chuckled, "My pleasure, Sonni. Your husband... ...won't hear about this from me." Then he unlocked one wrist and put the key in her hand.

She heard her car drive away as she was freeing her other hand and removing the mask. She removed the spreader bar and looked around for her clothing, but found only her purse and a bag of lingerie with a note inside that said, "Wear these for your husband." It was a man's handwriting, but definitely not Charlie's. A chill went down her spine. Could she have been wrong? Could she have acted like such a slut with someone other than her husband? The idea both terrified and thrilled her. Whoever it was, she had survived the experience and had the most intense orgasms of her life. The idea that it could have been a stalker scared her, but she couldn't help but feel excited.

The vibrating butt plug was still in her ass and still vibrating. She looked around but couldn't find the dildo or whatever other toy he had used on her. She dressed in the lingerie after cleaning up as best she could. It seemed like the kind of lingerie Charlie would buy for her, thigh high stockings, crotchless panties and a sheer babydoll that really hid none of what she would have chosen to hide.

It seemed like at least 30 minutes passed before she heard a vehicle drive up. She looked out through the front window to see Charlie getting out of his truck. She quickly did a mental calculation. There was no way that he had time to drive her car back and return in his. That would have been a two hour round trip. She didn't know what to think, but she was there with no clothing other than lingerie she would never have bought for herself. She decided to play along with the mystery and reward Charlie for keeping her guessing, if that's what he was doing, or protect him from learning of her experience until she had time to think about it all. She quickly went and lit the candles in the bedroom.

She heard the front door being unlocked and opened and the sound of Charlie's voice. "Sonni?"

She rushed out of the bedroom and into his arms. "Oh, Charlie. You're finally here. I'm so happy to see you." She kissed him, expecting to taste her pussy on his face, but not detecting it. He tasted like a breath mint, but he often did when her arrived home from work, so she knew he had them in his vehicle. He also smelled faintly of his cologne, but now she smelled him, as if he was in the same clothes all day. His attention to detail was either extraordinary or the mystery man really wasn't Charlie. She decided to stick with her plan to play dumb.

"Wow, Sonni! This is a surprise. I'm glad I got here on time. Your text said to come prepared for fun, but this is not what I expected. I brought your clothes and everything you asked for. Um, where did you hide your car?"

"Oh. I had a friend drop me off. I told her to leave it at the parking garage."

"Um, no other clothing?"

"She took it with her. I didn't think you would mind."

"No, of course not. It must have been kind of weird explaining that to her."

"She's a good friend and you know we have to keep our secrets."

"Right. Shall I open the wine?"

"Later. I have a special surprise for you in the bedroom."

"Lead on. And may I compliment you on your taste in lingerie?"

"Why, thank you. I knew you would like it, and I wanted to show you that I can spice it up for you."

They entered the candlelit room and Sonni began to remove his clothing. She rubbed his hard cock as he kissed her and removed his shirt and tie. Charlie squeezed her ass cheeks and felt the vibration from the butt plug. He fingers slipped into her crack and touched the plug.

"What's this? Sonni, you are full of surprises tonight."

"I know, Charlie. I even surprised myself. I have a confession to make..."


Sonni was enjoying the pretense, if that's what it was, that Charlie was giving her. She decided to keep it going.

"Well, this is kind of embarrassing. I turned myself on so much while waiting for you that I kinda took care of myself already. So I'm going to give my ass to you."

"Really? I don't want to deprive you of your fun."

"Well we've got all weekend. And who knows, maybe I'll surprise both of us and enjoy it. Now let's get Mr. Happy nice and hard."

She dropped to her knees and took his cockhead into her mouth, stroking the shaft until he was rock hard. She grabbed the tube of lubricant that the stranger had left on the dresser and coated Charlie's cock thoroughly with it. "This will be a first for me, Charlie."

"I can't believe you're even letting me do this, Sonni. You can bet I'll be careful."

Sonni got on the bed. Charlie eased the buttplug in and out a few times until, when he removed it, Sonni's hole was so relaxed it just remained wide open until he eased his cock in. When his hips touched her ass cheeks, she said, "Ooh, Charlie. That feels kind of good. We should have done this years ago. Can you hand me that butt plug?"

She wiped the plug on the bed and then held it against her clit. Now she had an excuse for changing the sheets so he wouldn't notice the wetness from her earlier squirt. "Mmmmmmmm. This is feeling really good. Fuck me charlie. Fuck my ass."

She mentally replayed some of the evening's earlier events, remembering the mystery man's strange touch and the deliciously helpless feeling she had while he toyed with her. She felt herself respond as Charlie pummeled her ass, smacking hard into her until his cock erupted, spraying his cum into her as she came again.

As his breathing returned to normal, Charlie withdrew from her. "Sonni, that was incredible. I promise. I'm going to try hard to find some way to spice it up for you, too."

"Charlie dear, what time did you get that text message?"

"Around 4:30. Why?"

"Just curious about how long it took after I sent it. Can I take a look at it? I want to see if I remembered everything I wanted you to bring."

"Sure, but can't you just check your call log?"

Sonni looked into her purse and there was her phone. For some reason she had assumed the mystery man had taken it with him. She checked her sent message log and read the message. It told Charlie to arrive 'for a good time" precisely at 9 PM and to bring wine, cheese, crackers, eggs, orange juice and bacon.' She checked her received message log and found an odd message from a number she didn't recognize. It had a string of numbers and characters including Charlie's phone number and the text that her phone sent to Charlie's phone. She also noticed a low memory warning and checked the photo buffer. It was full of photos and videos. She would have to find some privacy to view those later.

"Damn, I knew it. I forgot the Summer Sausage. I was hoping for some meat for tonight."

"I brought that, Sweetie. I saw it next to the cheese and thought it might be a good snack. You hungry?"

"Oh, thank you. I'm famished. I guess I didn't plan this as well as I thought."

"I'll open the wine."

Charlie smiled to himself as he pulled the cork. Learning how to hack her phone and make it send that message was a stroke of genius. Getting a store clerk to write the note for the lingerie bag was easy. The only loose end was his neighbor. Mike didn't know what Charlie's plan was, but Charlie needed him to bring his truck to the rest area where he had changed out of his mystery man clothes, and to take Sonni's car back to their garage, and to take the mystery man clothes, helmet, and voice distorter away until Charlie could deal with them. He also needed Mike to park the car in their garage instead of where she worked. It would give Sonni an extra thrill to think the mystery man had access to their home while she and Charlie were at the cabin. If Mike didn't spill the beans, Charlie could see playing dumb and keeping Sonni guessing for a very long time. He smiled at the idea of her finding the sex toys with her clothes in her car. He hoped they would mysteriously show up in their bedroom.

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