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Soulmates connected

Tags: anal
two lovers experiment
The tight puckered arsehole twitches convulsively beneath the tip of my tongue as my saliva leaves a sticky trail over and around her rim of pleasure. Sexual tension races through my body mixed with the adrenaline surging in waves as I reach this most sacred of holes. Her whimpered moans of desire and pleasure only serving to drive my probing tongue as it trails across the flesh of her arse and cunt while she kneels before me. I am almost suffocated by the soft warmth of her thighs as they press against my face and I struggle to breathe through my mouth as my nose is pressed against the enveloping flesh. Her smooth rounded cheeks are parted by unseen hands, forcing her hips upwards and forwards into my face. This allows me to rest my chin between the silken folds of her cunt lips, pouting and moistened by the juice of her sex, so that tiny silver threads of sticky bitterness cling to my face and lips as I continue to devour relentlessly up and down her cleft.

The passion that preceded this anal assault is forgotten in the throes of our sexual adventure and has surpassed the gentle vanilla ritual of our usual secual routine. We have taken on the craven desire to fuck and debase ourselves in deviant sexual pleasures that drive our inner most sprit. This is the time for us to deliver each other of our true selves. Those images we have sought to portray before to each other are left behind as a wave of sex and animal insticts over take us.

My tongue plunges in past the tight muscle as she lifts and moves herself further onto it. It feels like my tongue os being surrounded by inner walls of velvety flesh closing over my tongue as gasps of air escape into my mouth by her contractions. Cunt juice is lapped and dragged upwards to lubricate and cover our flesh. Deeper and deeper I force my tongue as my ears are enclosed and the only sound that I hear is my heart beat and rushes of air dragged into straining lungs. My cock is raging and pulsing as I lever her thighs apart delivering a final tongue lashing as I push my-self back and thrust my own loins towards her, legs intertwining and my own arsehole pouting and opening.

Reaching out my hand lands on the object that we have both been staring at and waiting for. A massive double ended rubber cock causes our hearts to race and eyes to water even before it's introduction into our sweat soaked bodies. Together we join ourselves, thrust end to end on the wide girth of a thick length of rubberised cock. Together we lift our hips. As pain tears through my innards, warmth spreads deep inside me. The pulsing begins to create surges along my own stiff cock. Her cries are spurring me ever onwards towards our goal as I hear the noise of her wet sex lips opening and closing from the force of our thrusting, the scent of her cunt filling the air of the room. Lifting myself up on straining arms I look down over her body, taut nipples burning like beacons from the mounds of her breasts, eyes closed tight and glistening tears of pleasure and pain leaking form beneath closed lids. Together our gasps lead us towards our goal and it is together that we shiver and thrust in ecstasy as my own orgasm expels spurts of hot spunk and splatters my chest and face. Convulsions ripple across her stomach and intimate muscle spasms send her moving over the floor, wanting escape but needing our joining.

Basking in the warmth of our sharing, connected still, we once again confirm our love, unspoken in words and unnecessary, shared instead by our joy of each other in experience.

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