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Stars In Her Eyes

Stars In Her Eyes

Out in the galaxy of stars, a Young Ensign gets a rough fucking from her superiors.
Stars In Her Eyes

Lindsay looked across the table at her superiors and tried to keep her poker face on. She tried to focus on the game at hand. It wasn’t easy, she couldn’t stop fantasizing about Officer Suulin and Lt. Commander Traynor. They were both sexy as hell even if they were a different species. She was very curious what Suulin had learned over 167 years of living, she imagined it was quite a lot. As for Traynor, well he might be Trill, but he was sexy and intriguing. She had always had a fetish for aliens, and one day she hoped to explore it. 

Lindsay wasn’t a great poker player, but she liked sitting around with the guys on the ship and flirting. Besides, when you were out in space for months at a time, shit got boring. She had joined the crew of the U.S.S Titan 8 months ago, and they had only made one base stop to pick up Traynor and Suulin. She was glad they had, but her patience was wearing thin. She needed to have some fun, especially if it included sex…and lots of it.

Tonight’s game was Texas hold ‘em, and she was not doing well at all. Cpt. Riker was kicking everyone’s ass, hand after hand. Ensign Rulif was getting a win every now and then, and Lt. Rujil had only won one game, the poor Vulcan bastard. Lindsay wasn’t over fond of Rujil, she found him very unappealing more in manner than in looks. He was security and just had a rather unpleasant condescending attitude, even though she had been flirty and pleasant towards him. She had nailed Rulif within her first week on the ship, but he sucked in bed and she didn’t bother doing him again. She let him down easy, but he was sort of cow-eyed around her since their encounter, so she just avoided him as much as she could.

Riker always held his own in any card game and he was nice enough, but she didn’t want to sleep with him. He was a good looking guy but she was looking to get promoted on her own merits, not because she was blowing the Captain. She had risen to her position of ensign through hard work, not hard cocks, and she intended to keep it that way. 

Riker decided to leave the game and return to his quarters a richer man. Rulif got summoned up for some duties and Rujil was needed in security, that left just Lindsay, Traynor, and Suulin to play. She was excited by the prospect of having the two men alone with her and her mind raced with one fantasy after another. I’ve been out here too long, she thought ruefully. 

The cards were dealt, it didn’t look too promising. Lindsay ended up losing all her winnings. She decided to make an offer to the officers, “ If I win the next hand, give me my well deserved promotion. If I lose, I will do whatever the two of you want me to do.” She knew it was a risky gamble but she was out of chips, and she wanted her promotion.

Traynor and Suulin looked Lindsay over, taking in her lovely long black hair, pert breasts, and sparkling green eyes. They gave each other a glance that seemed to communicate agreement between the two. Traynor spoke up, “Whatever we want? No matter what?” He smiled slyly at her. “Yes, as long as it stays between us.” Lindsay assured him and felt her thighs quiver. She was pretty sure she was going to lose the hand anyway, and her promotion would have to come at a later time. She could wait, considering what she was going to get to possibly do with Traynor and Suulin, her mind raced and she felt her pussy get wet in anticipation.

“Well then,” Suulin said smiling. “Let’s play shall we?” He gave Lindsay a smoldering look that suggested he wasn’t talking about the card game at all.

The cards were dealt again, Lindsay got a decent hand, and she was almost disappointed at the thought of winning. She would like the promotion but thought she would rather be ravaged by the two men instead. She had always heard Vulcans were hung like horses and she was gagging to find out how large Suulin’s cock was. Then again it was an intriguing thought of what Damian Traynor’s Trill body looked like under his tight fitted uniform. 

She played her hand, looked at theirs and realized she lost…again. She sighed deeply, pretending to be disappointed, and rose from the table. “I am prepared to back up my bet gentleman, shall we go somewhere more appropriate?” She felt small beads of perspiration break out on her upper lip. “Perhaps the officer’s lounge?” She knew the door could be locked and there were no security cameras in the room.

The men rose together and agreed, then followed Lindsay to the lounge. She stepped in ahead of them and locked the door after they came in. “You will keep this strictly in confidence? I am not in the habit of engaging my superiors in this way, and I don’t want it getting around the ship they I achieved any kind of preferential treatment in exchange for sexual favors.” She blushed furiously and tried to decide if she could actually go through with this.

“Of course, the strictest confidence. We are risking far more than you in this situation ensign Taylor, you can rest assured that this stays in this room between the three of us.” Traynor said seriously as he licked his sexy full lips.

“I agree with Traynor, ensign Taylor. Our activities will remain a secret.” Suulin reached up and smoothed his already perfect short black hair. “Now if you wouldn’t mind, remove your uniform.” 

Suddenly Lindsay got cold feet. She couldn’t do this. She was risking all the hard work she had put in to get to her position. Not to mention the fact that she had a very tight pussy and judging by the considerable size of the bulge in both men’s uniform pants, she feared she may be stretched beyond her limits if she allowed either of the men inside her. 

She stammered, “Look er, sirs, I um, I don’t think I can…” She trailed off not knowing exactly how to get out of this mess.

“Ensign Taylor, you will remove your uniform immediately, that is an order.” Traynor commanded. “You are not allowed to back out now, you will do as we command you as your superior officers.” He nearly growled at her making her jump back a little fro the two of them. At the same time, being commanded in such a way made Lindsay even wetter.

She looked at the men, a little daunted, but she took a deep breath and reached for the zipper at the side of her uniform, sliding it down slowly. Traynor and Suulin walked to the couch and sat down watching Lindsay hungrily. Neither had seen a human in the nude before, generally keeping to their own races. Both were excited by the prospect of getting to know her more intimately, and a bit roughly.

Lindsay slowly lowered her zipper, gaining confidence from the men’s hungry stares. She was normally confident about her looks, but she was a bit intimidated over the prospect of stripping in front of her superiors. She shimmied out of her top leaving her expensive LuLuLemon bra on for the moment. She reached up and undid her ponytail, letting her long shining black hair fall down her back. Then she reached down and undid the buttons of her uniform slacks and let them slide down her shapely thighs to the floor, revealing her sexy lace thong. 

The men stared in appreciation at Lindsay’s fit physique, her long firm thighs, rounded well muscled rump, flat toned belly, and pert generous breasts. Suulin imagined entering her roughly, making her cry out, and smiled mischievously. 

“Ensign Taylor, come here and put my cock in your mouth,” Traynor demanded boldly. Lindsay’s eyes widened in lust and surprise, he’s not wasting any time, she thought and walked seductively toward him.

She knelt in front of him and unfastened his uniform pants. His engorged cock sprang free, surprising her with it’s incredible 3 inch girth as well as its interesting raised bumps along the top of the shaft. She felt herself get even wetter thinking about how those bumps were going to hit her inside her tight pussy. She took him in her hand and trailed her tongue along the tip sliding the tip of her tongue into the small slit at the top. Traynor moaned deep in his throat and reached for Lindsay’s hair.

He let the soft strands fall through his fingers as her mouth made fireworks go off in his head. The sensation was incredible, he had never had a female put her mouth on his sex organ before because Trill females just didn’t do that. He had always fantasized about it but nothing could’ve prepared him for the incredible feeling he was experiencing. 

Lindsay could feel Traynor’s cock start to throb and twitch and slid her mouth down to his balls, stroking and licking them with expert skill. Traynor growled and moaned, his head back, his hands running through Lindsay’s silken tresses. He was close to exploding, but wasn’t concerned because Trill men could achieve multiple orgasms without ever losing their erections. This was probably why Trill females didn’t do blow jobs. He felt Lindsay start to suck him harder and faster and knew she was going to let him unload in her mouth. He pulled her head down on his swollen shaft as he bucked and writhed in orgasm, filling her mouth with his load. 

Lindsay gagged a little at the copious amount of jizz that Traynor let loose in her mouth filling it and shooting it down her throat. She coughed and swallowed as quickly as she could. She licked him clean and wiped her empty mouth with the back of her hand. She looked on in surprise when his dick remained just as hard as it had been before she sucked him off. She smiled up at Traynor and smiled, “I guess there are some advantages to being Trill.” 

“Yes, there are a few,” He replied smiling at her. “That was incredible Ensign Taylor, I wonder if you could oblige Officer Suulin in the same manner?”

He asked because he knew that for all Suulin’s qualities, confidence around females was not one of them.

Lindsay looked at the intimidating large bulge in Suulin’s pants and gulped. “I will do my best sir,” she wondered how much of Suulin’s enormous cock she could even fit in her mouth. She slid over between Suulin’s legs and unclasped his trousers. The biggest blackest cock sprung from his pants a full 9 inches of man meat. Lindsay gasped involuntarily, making the men chuckle. “Oh my,” she said breathlessly. Her mind whirled as she took him in her hand stroking his girth and length appreciatively. She lowered her mouth to him as she gazed up into his dark green eyes through her lashes. 

She decided to tease him a bit first by licking up and down his shaft and nibbling around the rim. She caressed his balls in her other hand making them slick with her saliva sliding her hand all around his balls and the base of his shaft. She finally opened her mouth as wide as she could, and sheathing her teeth, slid her mouth onto Suulin’s cock and took him all the way to the back of her throat. Suulin gasped when he felt her hot wet tongue and lips wrap expertly around him and it surprised him how deeply she took him. 

Lindsay continued to suck, lick and nibble away at Suulin’s monster cock, while stroking his balls. She gagged every so often when she tried to get him into her throat deeper. She felt herself get wetter as he moaned and groaned as she worked her magic. Then she felt hands on her hips as Traynor lifted her ass into the air and pull her thong to the side. She moaned around Suulin when she felt the thick head of Traynor’s dick slide between her lips and around her dripping wet hole. 

Traynor watched as Lindsay took Suulin’s ginourmous erection deep throat style and decided to fill her up on the other end. He moved behind her and lifted her hips. He slid her skimpy soaking wet thong to the side and stroked her wet hole and lips with the thick tip of his dick. “Oh you are so ready aren’t you ensign?” He commented as he slid just the tip into her tight wet hole then out again, teasing her. 

“MMMHMMM,” Lindsay moaned as her pussy was stretched by Traynor’s wide and very hard member. She felt him slide into her further, making her pussy ache in such an erotic and sensual way she quivered. Traynor pushed into her all the way to his nuts suddenly and violently making her cry out with her mouth full. Her pussy felt like it was going to explode. She quivered and moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She pulled away from Suulin to breathe and try to adjust to Traynor’s substantial girth. Suulin reached out and grabbed her hair roughly.

“No, don’t stop. You can handle it, and if you can’t, to fucking bad.” Suulin said roughly and pulled her hair forcing her mouth down onto his dick again. He shoved his dick into her mouth making her gag and cough. Tears streamed from her eyes as she tried to breathe around Suulin’s rough skull fucking.

Traynor was even more turned on when he saw what Suulin was doing to Lindsay and responded in kind by thrusting himself into her tight pussy violently. He pumped into her hard and fast as he watched Suulin thrust into her mouth. He could feel her tighten around his dick as his balls slapped against her clit. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips gripping her hard as he rammed into her.

Lindsay moaned and writhed as the men ravaged her violently. She was both turned on and scared as she was filled beyond anything she had experienced before. She could feel her orgasm building as Traynor’s balls slapped against her clit while his cock stretched her pussy and pummeled her relentlessly. She could barely catch her breath as Suulin continued to ram himself into her mouth and throat. She gripped his thighs in a vain attempt to pull back but he was too strong and she just resigned herself to the onslaught. She felt herself swirl up into orgasm. Her mind and body whirling into the strongest most amazing orgasm of her life. Just as she shuddered in the final throes of her release, Suulin finally relented and pulled her head back by her hair, letting her breathe. 

Traynor felt Lindsay shudder and writhe around him as she came, and slammed into her a few more times faster and harder than before as he released his load deeply into her. He gasped and moaned as his cock jittered and twitched inside her. He could feel the walls of her hot wet hole clench and squeeze him as if he was being milked. He pulled out after his last shudder and smacked her hard on her ass.

Lindsay cried out in surprise as the sting of Traynor’s spanking tingled on her ass cheek. Oh I do like a good spanking, she thought as her insides tried to recover from her mind blowing orgasm. 

Suulin stroked his massive cock, “Get up here,” he commanded her. “Take off the rest of your clothes.” He stood and took off his uniform. 

Lindsay stood on wobbly legs and removed her bra and sodden thong. She was a little intimidated by the sheer size of Suulin, he towered over her at 6’3” and his muscled torso was massive. She watched as he undressed, taking in his dark black skin and pointed ears. He sat back down on the couch and motioned for her to come to him. She obeyed hesitantly, moving toward him with some apprehension. She straddled his lap and positioned herself over his large dick she reached down and put him at her still dripping opening, then slowly slid her swollen sore pussy down onto him. 

Suulin moaned as he felt her tight wetness encompass his rigid cock. She moved slowly, letting each inch of him slide slowly into her. He reached up and put his large hands over her breasts giving them a slight squeeze. Lindsay arched her back in response pushing her breasts into his rough hands. She sucked in her breath as the sensation of his length penetrated her and he tweaked her nipples a little roughly.

Traynor watched as Lindsay slid down onto Suulin’s massive erection and stroked his own hardness. He looked at Lindsay’s perfect asshole and wondered if there was anyway she could take him. He decided to find out. 

Lindsay rode Suulin a little faster taking him deeply and working her inner muscles to grip him tighter as she rose and fell over him. She leaned forward and took Suulin’s face in her hands she trailed her tongue over his full lips and over to his ear. She licked his ear from the lobe to the tip of the point and back again, pulling his lobe into her mouth, sucking it gently.

Suulin nearly came as he felt her tongue touch his ear. Vulcan ears were nearly more sensitive than their sex organs, and Lindsay was an expert. He grabbed her hips and ground his cock into her as she nibbled and licked him nearer to orgasm. She bit a little harder and stuck her tongue deep into his ear canal and he exploded inside her. She rode him faster as she felt him go rigid with orgasm. Suulin came and came some more with her tongue in his ear and her tight pussy clasping around his cock.

Traynor took this opportunity to get behind Lindsay and stroke her asshole. He spat a big glob of saliva into his hand and rubbed it all around her ass as Suulin filled her with his jizz. She moved faster on Suulin and Traynor slid a finger into her very tight asshole. This is going to take some work, he thought as he quickly slid another finger into her. He felt her first contract then relax as she neared another orgasm. He watched as she rocked herself faster and harder onto Suulin, finally shuddering and screaming, “YES! YES! Fuck me!” as he worked his fingers in and out of her ass. 

Traynor got behind her and spat on his cock as he rubbed it over her ass while he finger fucked her asshole. Suulin was still hard and taking up space inside her, Traynor didn’t know if she could take them both but he was gonna give it a try. If she complained too much he would stop and fuck her pussy again. 

Lindsay felt Traynor as he rubbed his thick dick around her tight ass. He was fingering her ass and that felt great, but she didn’t know if there was anyway he would fit in her ass with his girth. She felt him ass he stretched her ass with a third finger and she moaned and writhed. She was really relaxed after having just had yet another massive orgasm and she thought she could take it.

Suulin moved slowly inside Lindsay, still erect. Vulcans were known throughout space for their eight hour erections, no matter how many times their ears made them come. Suulin had only once in his 176 years come from organ stimulation alone. It was with an incredible female of the Mardasian race, and they could do incredible things with their 8 inch tongues, not to mention their bifurcated inner clitorises. That had been a night to remember indeed. 

Traynor eased the tip of his cock into Lindsay’s tight ass and waited for her to make the next move. She responded by moaning and pushing back against him, taking him deeper into her snug bum hole. He obliged her response by pushing into her deeper, he could feel Suulin’s cock rubbing inside her on the other side of the thin wall separating them. He could feel her pulse and clench around him and he started to move more in and out of her. She was so tight he could barely move but he pushed and withdrew as much as he could.

Lindsay gasped at the sensation of having these two incredibly large cocks filling her at the same time. Her body had a mind of its own as she rode Suulin’s length and stretched around the girth of Traynor in her ass. She cried out, “Oh fuck, oh yes, oh god!!” as she moved and moaned and writhed. She took Suulin’s ear in her mouth again and tongue fucked his ear canal, working him toward another orgasm. 

Suulin squeezed her breasts harder and sucked in his breath as she worked over first one ear then the other. He felt himself building toward another orgasm and moved in her harder, feeling the movement of Traynor as they entered her in opposite movements. Suulin let loose again inside her, his come shooting out of him as she twirled her tongue in his ear hole. He lifted her off of his cock as he finished a last shiver of orgasm.

Traynor held her hips as Suulin lifted her, staying buried deep in her ass. Suulin bent her over his knees and Traynor spread her legs as he pumped into her ass more deeply and harder now he had Suulin’s cock out of the way. He reached down under her and stroked her clit while stroking her g-spot with his thumb. 

Lindsay howled in ecstasy as Traynor expertly stroked her and ass fucked her. She bent her head and took Suulin in her mouth again, licking her own juices off him and his cum too. She squirmed and sucked with all her might as she neared yet another super nova orgasm. She bucked and shuddered against Traynor’s cock as she came, a splash of clear fluid escaping from deep within her. The fluid hit Traynor’s thighs and trickled down forming a small puddle on the floor of the officer’s lounge.

Lindsay collapsed onto Suulin’s lap gasping for breath, her chest heaving. Traynor slammed into her one last time buried his cock deep in her ass and shot his load inside her. He bucked and moaned while his orgasm stretched on and on. He could feel Lindsay clasp and relax after she came, and he slowly withdrew from her. He bent his head down and spread her cheeks wide as he licked and stroked her anus with his tongue sliding it into her ass slightly. She sighed and moaned with pleasure, arching her back and pushing her ass toward him for more. He stopped licking for a second reeled back and spanked her upturned ass hard enough to make his hand sting.

Lindsay was covered in sweat and oozing cum as she enjoyed Traynor’s ass tonguing. Then WHACK the hardest spank she had ever gotten. Tears sprang from her eyes and she winced with the pain and pleasure. 

Suulin chuckled as he watched her face. Humans were so transparent in their emotional exposure. He watched as Traynor once again lowered his mouth to her backside, licking and tongue fucking it. He watched amused as her face changed from utter pain to absolute pleasure and marveled at the subtleties.

Traynor finished his tongue bath and stood, giving her one last hardy smack on her ass for good measure. She cried out again, surprised. He gathered his clothes from the arm of the couch and began to dress. 

Suulin gently lifted the limp Lindsay and laid her on the couch. He spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs then sucked and nibbled her inner and outer lips. 

Lindsay was beyond pleasure, her body was so euphoric and empty she didn’t think she was capable of coming again. Suulin was expertly licking and biting all her tender sore areas though and she was over the moon with sensations once again. He slid his fingers into her swollen sore sheath and massaged her gently, engaging her g-spot slightly but then backing off. She writhed under his tongue and skilled fingers. She could not believe she was capable of coming so much in a single evening. 

Suulin touched and tasted every part of her sex, enjoying the pleasure she was deriving from his machinations. He used the tips of his fingers to once more stroke that swollen nub within her lifting his head to watch her face, “Fascinating,” He commented dryly. He continued to alternately watch her expressions and lick her, all the while stroking that seemingly magic switch within her.

Lindsay could stand it no longer, she moaned out, “Please don’t stop, please, yes, yes” she bit her own knuckles as the feeling of orgasm built to a fine point. 

Suulin did as he was asked and kept his tongue on the little nub just at the cleft of her and a constant rotating pressure on the bump within her. She was making the most obscene noises and he was enjoying such a profuse outpouring of emotion and pleasure.

Lindsay bucked and squirmed as the hot liquid within her was once again set free, at the same time her clit exploded with orgasm. Her scream was like that of an animal, primal, as she shuddered and felt herself go limp. 

Suulin quickly lifted his head to watch her face as she climaxed and was once more amazed. He waited until she stopped shuddering then gently licked the whole of her sex clean, enjoying the salty taste and the musky scent. He stood then and gathered his uniform. He dressed quietly as Traynor went behind the bar for a drink.

Traynor had watched as Suulin had eaten Lindsay into heaving convulsions and smiled. He went behind the bar and pour a glass of grog for himself and one for Lindsay. He left Suulin to his own devices because he couldn’t remember whether Vulcan’s indulged or not. He brought the drink to Lindsay who lay limp and perspiring on the couch.

“Thank you,” she said weakly, attempting to sit up. Traynor reached down and took her hand, helping her into a sitting position. She took a long swallow and gasped at the strong liquor. 

Suulin finished dressing and prepared to leave. “Thank you for a most excellent evening Ensign Taylor. I will be sure to mention you in the next officer’s meeting. Despite what happened tonight I think you are a brilliant ensign and you deserve the promotion.” With that he unlocked the door gave a slight nod to Traynor and left.

Traynor downed his drink and finished buttoning his uniform jacket. “I agree with Suulin about your promotion. You have earned it by your own merits, and although tonight’s activities were most pleasurable, they have no bearing on my decision. I had you marked for promotion since last week.” He gave her a quick wink, and left the room.

Lindsay sat on the couch naked, used up, and absolutely gob-smacked. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Not only had she just had the most amazing fantasy fulfilled, and the best sex ever, but she had also managed to swing her much longed for promotion. She slowly gathered her uniform, and got dressed. She would have to sit in on many, many more card games in the future. She stuffed her ruined thong in her uniform pocket, smiling, then headed to her quarters, looking forward to what the future held.

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