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Steamy Sex

This story has a bit of a long beginning but I hope you do enjoy it.
Kate woke feeling run down and unsexy. She'd been having a few rough weeks at work where it just seemed like nothing seemed to want to go her way or work out for her. Lately she was suddenly starting to feel the pressure of deadlines regardless of how many hours she put in, and no amount of masturbating had managed to take away the stress. Combine the stress with the harsh cold she had just gotten over and she was starting to feel like anything other than gorgeous and sexy.

"A hot pampering bath for me," she says to herself before getting out of bed and padding her way to her small bathroom in the apartment she lived in with her boyfriend, Chase.

As she made her way to the bathroom, leaving her sleeping boyfriend in bed, naked but for the duvet that rested around his hips, she ran her fingers through her waist-length blonde hair that had gotten knotted while she slept. She turned at the door to the bathroom and admired the sharp broad shoulders and strong back that never failed to get her hot and bothered whenever she saw him topless.

Kate turned the hot tap on the bath and put in some bubble mixture and looked in the mirror, large bright green eyes stared back at her and she smiled. That was the one thing she loved about herself other than her large 34D breasts, she loved how large and bright her eyes always looked, even when she was tired and worn out. Kate quickly added a small amount of cold water to her now steaming bath,so that she wouldn't scald herself and quickly ran a brush through her long hair.

Kate turned off all the water that was cascading into the bath and gently slid her long legs, then herself into the hot steaming bath. "Ahhhh...." she sighed as she visibly relaxed into the bath.

Kate slowly started washing her hair and body, laying back in the bath and relaxing, letting the hot water, loving smells from the shampoo and shower gel slowly take over her senses.

The more Kate relaxed the more she thought about her most recent sexual escapade with her boyfriend. They had tried something new, she allowed this memory to take over her instincts and bodily actions while she remembered...

Chase had come home early and had walked straight up the stairs to their bedroom to get changed out of the suit he so detested wearing... Never could do a simple mundane job, too boring for him... She had been curled up on the bed in a pair of his favorite tiny demin shorts that hugged her round arse-cheeks in a seductive manner. A simple light purple strappy-top had been thrown over the top half of her delectable body, her nipples hard from the breeze Chase had let in as he came through the door, showing the fact that she was once again without underwear.

She bit her lower lip on the left side as he turned his back to her and threw off his tie and removed his button up shirt. He stood there in only his suit trousers, his broad shoulders and strong back stood firmly on show to her perving eyes as she not only admired his toned body but he firm, tight arse.

As he turned to look at her, she quickly adverted her gaze back to her book and blushed heavily, knowing very well that she had been caught staring.... again. He walked towards her and kissed her behind her ear lobe and slowly kissed his way down to where the base of her neck meets her shoulder. He quickly flickered his tongue against that hot spot on her neck, relishing in the sweet yet sharp gasps it brought to her lips that seemed to fill his ears like a song.

He sat on the bed in front of her, slowly pulling her top over her head, using her momentary blindness as the top covered her eyes to kiss and bite at her aching nipples. She raked her nails down his back, smiling as he groaned and almost pounced on her, pinning her to the bed underneath him and grinding his achingly hard, covered cock against her demin covered, dripping wet pussy. They both groaned and gasped at the feeling and at the pressure and frustration this placed on both of them.

She lay beneath him and quickly undid his suit trousers, and pulled his hot cock out from his trousers and boxers, smirking at the gasp and moan this brought from the release of pressure. She slowly started running her hand up and down his rigid length, watching his face as he closed his eyes and his breathing shallow.
Her hand movements slowly increased in pace till her hand was going almost at the same speed his would be if he had been wanking himself. As she felt his body tighten, she quickly moved his hand off his cock, leaving him thrusting into the air slightly, he growled and ripped the demin shorts from her and pushed her legs into the air. He smiled at her vulnerable position and ran his tongue across her slit, parting her lips as he tasted her sweet juices.

Kate smiled at the memory as her fingers slipped down to her aching pussy, running her fingers against her slit that mimicked what he had done with his tongue. She gasped softly as she slid gently past her clit, the slight friction sending a delicious tingle through her spine.

She jumped as she heard Chase stir in the confines of their bed, holding her breath till he settled back into his slumber. She didn't know why she had stopped, any other time she would have continued, even have made it as loud as possible to wake her handsome boyfriend, hoping he'd come join her. But he always asked what it was she was thinking about while masturbating, and the idea that she may have to admit it him that she was thinking about what happened last time, and how dirty it seemed to her, she just couldn't admit to him she had liked it as much as she did.

She closed her eyes and let her mind drift back to the memory...

He had opened her legs, but kept them in the air above her and looked down at her slit as he watched the pearly moisture seep from her perfectly shaved hole. He layed on the bed, his head hovering above her pussy, and she watched as his tongue extended and teasingly licked her dripping pussy, her head fell back and her eyes closed as she moaned, her feet resting either side of his head, on his manly shoulders. He had taken this chance at having her opened so vulnerably to him to slide his tongue down to her tightly closed rosebud.
She jumped and then moaned, never having expected this to feel so good!

He quickly flipped her onto her stomach, encouraged by the animalisticmoan she had let out when his hot tongue had flicked at her tight brown hole. He lewdly spread her arse cheeks and attacked at her arsehole with his tongue, flicking and prodding at it till he turned his tongue rigid and stiff and started quickly fucking her arse, her hips pushing her arse back into his face as she pulled and grabbed at the sheets, her moans rising louder and louder.

He slid his index finger on his right handinto her dripping pussy, meeting no resistance, shocked at how wet she was thanks to the ministrations he did on her arse. He roughly fingered her dripping pussy before he slid his finger on his left hand into her tight arse, fucking her with both alternatively. Kate whimpered and the feeling and pushed back against his fingers.

Chase removed all his finger from her pussy and reached into the nightstand, grabbing a bottle of cool lube. Hecovered his achingly hard cock with the slippery liquid. He then removed his finger from her arse, gathering some lube into his hand and gently spreading it over her rosebud and inside of her, watching to see any resistance. When he met none, he gently slid his slippery in the cleft of her arse and slowly slid down till he met her arsehole, pressing against it with just enough pressure that his cock would start to slowly slid in.

He moved slowly, expecting her to tell him to stop at any moment. Kate surprised him by pushing back against him, moaning and whimpering, biting at their pillows until his whole length was eventually deeply inside her. He gently pulled out and slid back in, gently fucking her. Her moans and gasps only spurring him on to go faster and faster, pounding against her and feeling his balls slap harshly against her wet pussy, filling the room with the sound of sex, till she shouted.....

Kate gasped and groaned as her fingers sped up on her clit, the bath water now cooling around her as it slightly splashed around her in time with her movements. Suddenly, she jumped and screamed as she felt a hot tongue run up her neck.

"Don't do that to me!" Kate shouted at a laughing Chase..

To be continued?...

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