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A day dream about meeting Stephanie
I would love to meet you, just you and I together for the first time. I can already see it now - you see me walk up and immediately you begin blushing and a beautiful smile comes across your face. I'm almost breathless while watching you move towards me for our very first hug. I'm absolutely captivated by your beauty. You reach out and I pull you in close to me. Your body pressed up against mine feels perfect. I can feel the energy being passed between us and I don't want to let go.

"You're definitely gorgeous," I say, as I let you go and take in your beauty up close. Your features are stunning - from the way your dark hair flows down your back and shoulders, to the way your face is framed eloquently by your hair. Your dark complexion is absolutely beautiful and I can't help myself to keep my eyes from venturing down your slender frame, to your firm breasts - the ones I'm actually getting to see instead of on cam or in pictures - to your toned stomach that's evident through your tight blouse. I've been dying to get to see you, to feel your body for the first time. And now that it's happening, I'm almost awestruck.

"Thanks and so are you," you beam at me. I can't help but notice your eyes venturing up and down my body, as if you're not afraid to show me that you like what you see. The sexy smile on your face, mixed with the unintentional biting of your lip is almost too much. I want you right here and now, but that will have to wait. Instead, I have something planned and it'll be much worth the wait.

I'll have done some snooping around to make sure I know where everything is at that will make this evening special. I'll have made reservations for the best restaurant around and reservations for the best room available in the best hotel. I want this to be perfect.

After dinner, we'll take a walk around downtown, holding hands and enjoying the scenery. I want to see what your town has to offer, to take it all in and see what it's like. We'll stop in each store we pass, only to take a look around. I'm sure I'll enjoy seeing all the vendors and some smiling faces as we pass by, on our way to the hotel. I know I'll want to see more, but my lust and passion for you is rapidly building and I can't take it anymore. The sexual tension that started to build from the time we met, through dinner with those sexy looks and up until now, had almost reached it's peak. You knew what you were doing in that restaurant. You know exactly what to do to get me going. And you definitely hit my buttons often. That was apparent by the painful bulge you kept rubbing with your foot under the table.

The distance to the hotel isn't too far, but it'll seem like an eternity before we make it there. I'm sure my anxiousness will be somewhat evident and by the way you have been looking at me all night will guarantee you feel the same way. I can see that the hotel is getting closer. My heart will start to pound as we enter the doors to the hotel. I can see the elevators. Good thing we checked in ahead of time.

We make it to the elevator and just as it closes, you're hands and lips are all over me. The sexual tension that had built through the night finally over flowed in the elevator. I'm hard as a rock and we haven't made it to our floor yet! The elevator stops at our floor and we both frantically rush to the door. We push our way in before closing the door. I pick you up and we head to the bed. I gently lay you down before slowly removing your clothes. Once your naked, you take the liberty to undress me. First my shirt, then my pants. My cock is free and now is your first glimpse of the actual thing. I see your eyes get big as you take in the sight of my extremely hard member. I gently push you to your back before climbing on top of you.

I'll start by kissing your lips before moving across your cheek, down to your neck. I'll gently suck and lightly nibble on your neck as I leave soft, wet kisses trailing down to your collar bone. When I reach your collar bone, I'll lightly blow on the trail of wet kisses before proceeding down your collar bone to your breasts. Paying special attention to your breasts, I'll suck on one nipple while rolling, pinching and pulling on your other nipple. I'll kiss in between your breasts as I make my way to your other nipple and do the exact same thing. After sucking on your nipple, I'll lightly blow on them, watching them become hard as a rock from the cool air that's hitting them.

I'll move down your stomach, placing gentle, wet kisses as I go down before reaching your pelvic area. I can see how wet you are - the glistening juices that have formed around your pussy lips is all the evidence I need. I'll lift both of your legs and place them on my shoulders as I began to kiss around the outer lips of your pussy. I can feel you tense up in anticipation of my mouth devouring your pussy. But not yet, there's other parts of your body I haven't got to. I spread your pussy open with both hands, searching for your love button. After I've located your clit, I'll gently blow on it and watch it become hard and throbbing, just waiting to be played with. I remove my hands from your pussy before kissing down your left thigh on route to your knee. Each kiss is gentle and wet, just like the other kisses I left behind.

I'll reach your knee and look into your lust filled eyes that are begging for me to pleasure you instead of teasing you. But this is all part of my plan. You'll know the wait will be worth it.

I make it to your knee before I start massaging your calf with my free hand. I then began to kiss your calf before making my way back up your smooth leg. The gap between the kisses is getting bigger the closer I get to your pussy. I'm back at your pussy and your smell is wonderful. I start licking around your pussy, savoring the juices that have leaked out. I began kissing above your mound, feeling you become frustrated with the ache that's building inside you. You need a release and right now I'm the only one that can give you the release you so badly crave.

I start making my way down your right leg, but this time the tease isn't as great as the other leg. I want to taste you and bring you the pleasure that I know I'm capable of.

I began to run my tongue up your slit before ending at your clit. A small moan escapes your mouth. Your clit is so enticing. I clamp my mouth around it and began sucking on it. You arch your back in response and this tells me you like what I'm doing. I suck a little harder and faster as your moans increase. I move down and stick my stiff tongue inside your pussy and fuck you with it before closing my entire mouth around your lips and suck for all I'm worth.

Next, I go back to your clit and began flicking it with my tongue. I insert two fingers in your pussy and feel how tight you are. I began finger fucking your pussy while flicking and sucking on your clit. Your moans and breathing are becoming labored as you tense up. I know what's coming and I only pick up my pace. I want you to cum and I want you to cum on my face and hand. I'm thrusting my fingers in and out a feverish pace with my mouth closed around your clit. I feel you tense up, then release all over me, the walls of your pussy clenching my fingers very tight. You finally relax as I move up your body to lay on you before giving you a deep kiss.

After the kiss, I began teasing you once more. This time I place my cock at the opening of your drenched pussy and just hold it there, only allowing the head to enter. I pull out and begin rubbing it up and down your slit to lube up my dick. I once again only place the head inside your pussy. I look into your eyes and can clearly see you're frustration.

Thinking I've teased you enough, I plunge balls deep in your wet pussy as you gasp and moan out with the unexpected thrust. I kiss you again as I slowly work my dick in and out of you. I feel you lock your legs around me and lift your hips, allowing me deeper access to your inner love hole. I go as deep as I can while picking up my pace. You're moans of pleasure are all the motivation I need to pound your pussy until you erupt underneath me. With each thrust, I can feel you tense up more. I know you're about to cum, so I thrust in and out at a dangerous pace. You grab a hold of me as the massive waves of your orgasm over take your body, your inner walls squeezing the life out of my cock. I don't know how much longer I can last. I keep up my pace as I feel another tremor run through you.

"Are you ready for my cum?" I ask as I keep up the pace.

"Yes! Give it to me," you scream out.

I tense up and plunge as deep as I can as my own release takes over. My load comes pouring out deep inside your pussy, your inner walls milking my dick of it's cum. I collapse on top of you as my dick remains deep inside you.

We're both breathing heavily while coming down from our orgasms. All we can do is just look each other in the eyes. No words need to be spoken, we both know what we want to say. I look you in the eyes and kiss you again. This time it's a slow, gentle kiss. You kiss me back, but with each kiss, the desire and passion builds again. I feel my dick gaining mass inside you as you began moaning and writhing under me. It's not long before we are fucking - more like making love at this point - each other again, your hips rising up to meet mine with each thrust. This is when an idea strikes me. I remember you told me you love anal. A naughty smile crosses my face as I slow down my thrusting.

"What?" You ask me with a slightly confused look on your face.

"Turn over," is my simple command as I pull my cum soaked cock out of your dripping pussy.

You give me one more quizzical look before obliging to my demand. Seeing your freshly fucked pussy makes my cock that much harder. I quickly scoop up some of the cum that's beginning to drip from your pussy so it can be used as a natural lube. Once I have a healthy coating over my finger, I begin to lightly apply pressure to your puckered star. I begin massaging it and pressing it a lot harder with each stroke. Your moans are my cue to work passed your clenched muscle and into the depths that you love to have entered.

Slowly I work my finger into your tight ass, pausing ever so often to let you get used to the invasion. I can feel the muscles in your ass tighten and relax as my finger passes through them. The wait is almost unbearable, but this is a process that must not be rushed. Of course, without my cum, my finger wouldn't be entering your private orifice as easily if it were dry. After a couple minutes of slowly sinking my digit into your depths, I'm all the way in your ass. This is only moments before I begin to slowly work it in and out. The increasing of your moans are an indication that you're really enjoying this. I pick up my pace a little more until I've built a steady rhythm before inserting a second finger into your private orifice.

"Fuck my ass, baby!" You moan out as I notice you're rubbing your clit.

I pull my fingers out of your ass before moving in behind you. First, I stick my cock back in your pussy to collect our juices. I begin fucking you for a few minutes until I feel like I'm lubed up enough to penetrate your needy ass. The time to fuck the ass I've so badly wanted to fuck for awhile now is finally here. I line the head of my cock up with your puckered hole before I start to push in.

"Yeah, fuck my ass with that big cock of yours, baby. I need it really bad," you moan out while looking over your shoulder and giving me the sultry look that always drove me wild while on cam.

I say nothing as the bulbous head of my dick makes it's way passed your clenching muscle. I slowly ease it in your ass inch by inch. Your hole is incredibly tight and feels amazing against my dick. I can feel your ass squeezing my cock as it glides into the depths of what some people would consider your forbidden hole. But neither one of us cares about that at the moment. We are both loving the sensations that are occurring right now. And with the help of the lube, I finally make it all the way into your most private orifice.

I begin thrusting in and out slowly. I don't want to hurt you, but your moans are increasing my thrusts. My primal urge would be to start fucking you as hard as I can, but that has to wait. I'm reveling in the sensation of actually being inside your ass instead of just imagining it.

I look down and notice that your hand never left your clit. It's almost a blur seeing this. It's such a sexy sight seeing you pleasure yourself, I've been unaware that I'm significantly increasing my pace and am now fucking your ass at a moderate tempo.

"Pound my ass, baby! I'm ready for it!" You scream out as I begin fucking your ass a little harder and faster. Your ass feels so good, baby, but I can't say it out loud. I'm too consumed with what's going on at the moment to even think about speaking.

After a few minutes, I really begin laying into your ass. My hips making contact with your ass is causing a slapping echo to fill the room, mixing with your cries of pleasure. I can't stop and I won't stop fucking your ass until you've had all the satisfaction I can possibly muster. And trust me, baby, I'm going to give you everything I have.

"Oh, baby! I'm about to cum! Don't stop fucking me!" Your moans are still echoing off the wall. I have no intentions of stopping.

I can feel your ass spasm around my intruding dick with the anal induced orgasm I've caused you. Your ass is like a vice grip on my cock, seemingly trying to milk my balls of their cum. And by now I'm feeling really good about myself and am really fucking your ass like a champion. With some quick thinking, I reach up and grab your hair and pull back on it, using your hair like reigns.

"Mmmm, yes I love having my hair pulled!" You moan out again. "Slap my ass, baby! I really love that too." You sound so sexy right now.

"How bad do you want me to slap your ass?" I ask as I thrust as deep as I can while pulling harder on your hair.

"Oh, God! Very bad, baby, very bad," I hear you moan out.

SLAP! Followed by a yelp that just echoed pretty loud off walls of the room. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!

"Yes, baby! That's it!" You scream while I continue slapping and fucking your ass. The end is near and you can sense it. "Cum in my ass. I want to feel your cum deep in my ass. Can you do that for me?" You ask me, seemingly knowing what it takes to push me over the edge.

"I'm gonna fill this tight little ass full of cum! Oh, I'm almost there!" I can feel my second orgasm of the night quickly approaching. "Oh shit.. here it comes baby! Here's my cummmm," I moan out as rope after rope of my hot cum begins to fill your inner depths.

"Yes, fill me up. Oh, wow, your cock is amazing. oooohhhhh," I hear you moan as I drop the last of my load into your ass.

We both fall forward onto the bed, both of us completely exhausted. I don't pull out of your ass while rolling to my side. I want to stay just like this for awhile. I want to savor the moment of our first sexual encounter. I can feel you snuggled close to me with my dick still embedded in your ass. The longer we lay there, the deeper your breathing becomes, and next thing I know, you're asleep in my arms. I lay there with a satisfying smile on my face before drifting off to sleep myself, my cock still in your ass...

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