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Strangers and Sex!

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Nightclub hookup turns into a fine couple of sex sessions
I don't know why it is but I have always been attracted to strangers. My sister in law and I sometimes go out clubbing together. This particular night my sister in law disappears for a long time. As she comes back in to the club we get up to dance and I accidentally bump into this really handsome well built man. He grabs my arm and steadies me so I don’t fall. Glancing back at him thanking him I notice he's so handsome. My eyes keep going to him while my sister in law and I are dancing. He seems to be looking back at me and smiling. As the song ends and a slow song plays we head back to our table. He comes over and asks me to dance. My brothers wife Joanne smiles and waves me off. So he grabs my hand leading me onto the floor. I'm practically creaming in my panties cause he's soooooooo hot!.

He pulls me closer and tighter to him. His nose is in my hair. Quietly he whispers I smell nice. Smiling into his face I thank him. I find out his name is Jim and he's an entrepreneur. That song ends and he tells me to stay put he'll be right back then he goes to the band and requests Stairway to heaven song. He comes back and gathers me in his arms twirling me around the floor. We talk a little more but I can feel his hardon against my thigh. Seems I'm not the only one horny . Jim asks if he can take me to breakfast.

Sure I tell him so off the dance floor we go. I tell Joanne that we are going to breakfast and she says my brother is meeting her there and they were going to Atlantic city for the entire day tomorrow. So it works out great Jim assures her that he'll take me home. As I’m seated next to him in the car he grabs my hand and holds it. He pulls off onto a dirt road leading to a Victorian styled house. He leans over and kisses me. Nipping my lower lip I gasp as I do he slips his tongue in and his tongue duels with mine. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

He's one hell of a kisser!. His hand goes to my breast kneading it . He suggests we go inside his house. I'm in awe its so beautifully decorated. He pulls me to him kissing me as he closes the door. I can feel his raging hardon against my thigh again and my hand reaches down cupping him and rubbing him there. He turns me where my back is supported by the door and his hands are on each side of my head while he's kissing me. I'm eager to feel his nakedness in my hands and I start undressing him. Kissing and nibbling gently as my hands caress him so do my lips. He jerks from my administrations. he quickly gets my dress off me and my panties my stockings and heels and bra still on . Reaching up he unclasps my bra and grinds against me. I'm so feverish with want. Jims knee is between my legs and is rubbing my pussy. I can see the moisture on his thigh as he unzips his pants and lets them fall. He steps out of them his hard on sticking way up in the air.

Wow! I'm impressed his cock is very nice long and thick. He lifts me in his arms and I put my legs around his waist as he lowers me onto his cock. Thrusting up into me I let out a moan and bounce on him. God he feels terrific inside of me. Jim starts pumping me hard and I'm ohhhhhhhh ing and ahhhhhhing . I tell him "YES BABY FUCK ME UH HUH YES". He fucks me wildly. I'm cumming on his cock and my juices are running down my leg. He groans "Fuck honey you feel so good I knew you would. "He tells me he's cumming and I say give me all your cum hon and shoot it deep into me. His hot cum fills me up and as I feel it shooting into me I cum even harder. He lowers me to the floor where I can stand again. Taking me by the hand he leads me upstairs to his bed. I guess he's not married no ring on his finger and no feminine things lying around. He lays me on the bed following me down. We are French kissing and he's starting to get hard again.

He asks me to get into doggy position as he wants to be deeper into me. I feel him enter me and push back to meet his thrusts. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes he does feel sooooooooo good. He tells me that I have a very tight pussy and he's loving the way I feel wrapped around his cock.

He swats my ass and this really turns me on. With every few thrusts he swats my ass . I'm cumming and so is he. Afterwards once we catch our breaths he leads me into the bathroom. There's a huge Jacuzzi tub big enough to fit six people comfortably. He fills the tub turns on the lights and music and takes off my stocking and heels and bra. Jim gets in and tells me to sit on the edge of the tub. He opens my legs and parts my pussy lips bending to me he licks my pussy. Eating me out. I'm writhing all over it feels so good. Then he inserts a finger, then two finger fucking my tight wet pussy. Soon three fingers are bringing me to orgasm and he takes my nub into his mouth and licks my clitoris. I explode into his mouth my juices flowing. He gets up and lowers me into the tub. Ok your turn I say and he sits on the edge as I begin to suckle his cock licking it and stroking him with my hand as I do so. He groans "OH yes baby suck me. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm it feels so good". My other hand is on his balls massaging them. I feel him thicken and he pulls my head closer to get him into my throat.

His cock shoots his cum deep into my throat. I'm swallowing his cum. He then says "Baby that has got to be the best blowjob I ever had!. "We climb into the Jacuzzi water neck deep. Letting the jets sooth our sore muscles. Once we dry off we get dressed and go downstairs to go to make breakfast together. I make pancakes with apples and cinnamon with eggs bacon and coffee. He says come here baby and I do he takes my dress back off and panties and tells me to unzip his pants exposing him to me. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm His hard on is quite hard again and straddle him. Riding if as if the hounds of hell were on my heels. We both grunt and moan our pleasure. He fucks me so fast n hard. My breasts bouncing and swaying. He grabs a breast and suckles it laving my nipple too. I ask him if he likes anal sex. He says most definitely.

Then asks if I do. In answer I pull him out of my pussy and guide his cock to my ass. He slowly pushes his raging cock into my ass. This is my favorite anal position. I get off more anally then vaginally. I'm riding his cock deep into my ass. His breathing is very difficult. As is mine. I tell him I’m about to cum and tighten my ass muscles on his cock. I feel him tighten too. We both reach our climatic peak at the same time yelling out our pleasure. We clean up and dress yet again. However Jim asks me if I’d like to try a pair of his jeans and a tee shirt. They fit perfectly. He says "I don’t think I’ve seen those jeans look that good !"We decide to spend the day together but he tells me he has a game to be at by 3:00 pm. He plays professional soccer.

I'm intrigued and he says he'd like me to see him play. But first he's taking me out to purchase an outfit for our later pleasures. We go to fredericks of hollywood store, and purchase a maids outfit and nurses uniform as well as a body stocking and leather cat suit for me.

I can hardly wait till later on to roll play and wear the outfits for him. We get to the soccer field just in time he quickly changes and I go sit in the bleachers to watch and cheer him on. He comes up and kisses me for all to see "for good luck "he says. His team wins the game we celebrate the win at a restaurant. The other team is paying. They wont let me pay for mine saying "any friend of Jims is friend of ours". I smile and thank them. We get a pitcher of beer and a few huge pizzas. Some of Jims friends are telling me some tales from his past we all laugh and joke around. Everyone seems to be having a good time but Jim says he and I must leave as we have plans for the evening. He looks at me and I can tell he's thinking of me in those outfits cause he has a very heated look in his eyes. That look of passion is so hot I feel like I have molten lava in my veins. We get back to his house and take his purchases inside. He asks me to go try on the maid outfit first. So upstairs to his room I go. The outfit really looks good on me satisfied I turn around and Jim's standing there watching me. He tells me to turn back around and comes up behind me. His arms go around me one at my waist the other at my breast and gyrates into me. His mouth is nibbling my neck. I say please sir the misses might catch us teasing him with an English accent. He tells me that the misses is out for a few hours and to get down on my hands and knees.

Before he can do anything I unzip his pants and take him into my mouth. After stroking him with my mouth and hands for a little bit he pulls out of my mouth and tells me to get on all fours.

"The master has something to give his pretty lil maid. "He discovers I’m a naughty maid as I didn't put my panties on and I’m wiggling my butt at him. He mounts me from behind and puts his huge cock in me. Starting slowly but building up faster and harder. He asks me "how's his little maid liking the gift her master gives her. ""Oh master I like it very much. He fucks me so good that I cum and as I squeeze my pussy muscles on his cock and spasm on it he cums long and hard. He pulls out and puts his cock in my mouth. I lick him clean.
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