Summer Lovin'

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Don't get mad, Get Even!
Ever had that summer job you hated beyond anything? That one, horrible job, that paid for something you needed while making you want to jump off a bridge at the same time? Well, that is my summer job, only there is no bridge high enough around here.

My name is Jenny, I’m 18, and I usually live in Minneapolis, but this summer was different. I heard through a few friends about this job in the farm country. Better pay, more hours than I could get at the crappy dinner I usually worked at during the year and I wouldn’t come home smelling like fries every night. So I took it, no questions asked. I wish I asked a few more.

The job was for this farm community in the middle of nowhere. I thought this would be great to strike my independence a little. I was going to be living in a large farm house with a group of girls. The farmers we’d be working for all bought the house together. We lived rent free and we would get paid 14 an hour to clean and do minor chores. Sure the work was hard at times, smelly, and hot as hell, but the pay was too good to pass up. And it quickly turned out, I needed the money. See, just outside this pokey little farm town, a sheep ran out of a bush and crossed the road in front of my car. I swerved for the sheep, and landed right in the ditch. Now I need the money to get my car fixed and for college in the fall. I’d say, Fuck me, but that might be taken the wrong way.

So, since I have no car, I get a ride every day to and from work with Ariel, the flower child of the house. Smoke a joint, no meat, save the earth, tell you every day how one thing or another is going to kill you or isn’t good for you, that kind of thing. If killing her was an option, I’d do it. But I would have no ride into work. So I put up with the headache and mumble along as she rants. I only see her occasionally in the day, and mumble some more on the ride home. That is my interaction with her, plain and simple. Thankfully, I have 7 other roommates. We all work hard and have to cook for ourselves, so we usually just share the kitchen and then have big dinners on the weekends. Besides Ariel, I get along with everyone else.

Once we got home from the ‘enlightening’ car ride about how horrible red meat is, we walked in to find Ariel’s boyfriend, Tom, sitting on the couch with his guitar. Tom is ok, I guess. Skinny, light blonde hair, stoned as the day is long, but a good carpenter with good muscles. Ariel and Tom went to eat some vegan stir fry something or other, and promptly went out back to smoke a joint. One house rule, no smoking inside. Thank God.

I avoided them all night reading in my room and went to bed around 9. It was around midnight that I woke up realizing, I had to go to the bathroom, really badly. Ariel and I shared the top floor so I went down the hall to use the bathroom. I was half way there when I stopped short. I could hear Ariel and Tom getting it on, and loudly. I wondered how I slept through that. The problem was, Ariel’s room was right next to the bathroom. Now I certainly didn’t want her to hear me, and I certainly didn’t want to listen her, but I really needed to go. So, I thought fast. I ran into the bathroom to get a roll of toilet paper, and ran back to my room for hand sanitizer, a plastic bag, a jacket, and my shoes. This was going to be humiliating.

I snuck downstairs not to wake anyone because everyone in this house will kill you if you wake them up. I went outside and ran to the dense brush behind the house. We were not particularly close to any houses, about a mile each way, so I decided it was safe.

I squatted down, pulled on my pj shorts, exposed my shaven pussy to the cold, and felt the sweet relief as I piddled in the bushes. I cleaned up and put my waste paper in the plastic bag to chuck in the garbage. I also used half the sanitizer bottle to scour my hands.

“That wasn’t so bad,” I said to myself in the darkness.

“Why no, no it wasn’t.”

My head snapped up and around in the dark. I felt a warm hand stroke along my bare ass.

My flight instinct kicked in, but my shorts were still around my ankles, so I stumbled into a tree as I ran. I heard someone coming up behind me and I panicked, so I whipped my hand around and slapped them. I felt the smack before I heard it. They stumbled back and I pulled my shorts up.

“Alice, what the Hell?!”

He looked up at me and froze, suddenly turning pale.

“You’re not Alice.”

This made sense now. Alice was one of my roommates. We looked decently similar from behind and this guy wasn’t the first to mix us up. Blonde, about 5’5, 36 B cup, and a little on the tiny side. But our faces were different; my eyes were hazel as hers were blue and the bone structure.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. You just look like her…. And your ass was so pretty… wait, that’s gross, I mean…. I would never…. It was an accident and…”

“It’s ok,” I interrupted. “I get it, not a big deal. Just an accident.” Maybe if I let him off the hook, he’ll shut up. “I’m Jenny.”

“ok…. Ok,” he calmed down and took deep breaths. “I’m James, well, Jim really. I was supposed to meet Alice tonight, but she cancelled on me. So I came here to talk, but she kinda slammed the door in my face.”

I started laughing.


“You’re a slow learner.” I said through his glare. “I’ve only been here a few weeks, and I can tell when PMS is at its worst in a house full of girls.”

I could almost hear the click as he got it.

“She said she wanted to break up with me,” he said with a heartbroken look. “But this is going to pass, right?”

How the hell should I know? I’ve never broken up with a guy because my monthly business made me bitchy.

“I don’t know. But you ever hear the phrase, ‘Don’t get mad, get even’?” I ask. “And you can’t fight mother nature, every girl tries and fails.” Jim was cute, he could land any girl he wanted. Dude was built like a rock, a great ass, and I bet he had a smile that sparkled.

A funny look crossed his face.

“Want to help me get even?”

My eyebrows shot up.

“You want me to help you get even with Alice? How?”

“Oh, you know, do a little dance,” He said with a smirk.

I didn’t have to think about it long.

“You’re on.”

His grin grew in the darkness. He took my hand and led me into the woods. I didn’t have to walk long before I saw his red truck, parked on the other side of the tiny woods. Must have taken the back road to get here. He let go of my hand and jumped into the flat bed of the truck. He rustled around and opened up the back. He had laid down an old soft quilt on the flat bed. It was a warm night and it was about to get a lot hotter. Jim held a hand out for me to get into the flat bed.

Once I was standing next to him, he took my face and leaned down to kiss me. He must have been around 6’2 because he had to bend a little. I pulled back and got a better look at him. His hair was like a chestnut colour and his eyes seemed to be a mix of blue and green. So dark, yet beautiful. He was also built like the strong farm boy he was. He quickly started to kiss me again, but more passionately this time. Deeper, with his tongue winding about inside me.

Alice was talking about a guy for a few days now. He was the son of her employers and was hot as hell, but she wasn’t sure if it would work out.

He was hot as hell, and the best kisser I’ve ever seen. My body seemed to ignite with his kiss. His hands moved from my face to my waist, pulling me closer to him. I could feel his manhood starting to get hard against my stomach. My own hands were tracing the defined lines in his back. God he was built.

He pulled me down slowly, towards the quilt and started to pull me on top of himself, never breaking the kiss. I started to rub his cock, through his jeans. He groaned against my mouth.

I broke away from his mouth and trailed kisses down his jaw and towards his collarbone. I could feel the moan building inside his chest as I kissed him. His fingers fumbled with the zipper on my hoodie and I slipped the buttons on his shirt. His bare chest was so defined.

“Oh Jenny,”

My name felt so good from his lips.

Once my hoodie was off, he slipped my tank top over my head. My breasts rubbed against his bare chest. More moaning rumbled in his chest and his head tipped back. He slipped his hands down to my ass and gave it a good squeeze that pushed my crotch against his trapped cock. That seemed to be more than he could handle. He hooked down my shorts, again exposing my shaven pussy to the wind. A gasp escaped my lips.

Jim took a moment to survey my naked body on top of him. “Wow, I’m fucking lucky.”

“No, you’re going to get fucking lucky,” I quickly replied. I maneuvered my hands to get in between us and unbutton his jeans. I squirmed lower, pulled them down and sent them to the other end of the truck bed. His cock struck me in the forehead. I looked up and saw a large, thick, 7 inch cock staring me in the face. Just looking at it made my pussy dripping wet. I suddenly needed that rock inside me. Thing was, it wasn’t a rock yet. I wrapped my lips around it without being asked. I started with the head, gently sucking on it and swirling it around in my mouth.

His groans were getting louder.

I slipped my lips down and back up again and used one hand to cover what my mouth couldn’t and my free hand to massage his balls.

Suddenly, Jim pulled my head up.

“Sorry Jenny, but I can’t wait anymore.”

He pulled me up so I was straddling his stomach. He angled himself and thrust hard into me. I screamed. It was a little painful. He was so big and went so deep and I was so tight. He only thrust about half of himself inside me.

“Aw Jenny…. Fuck, your pussy is amazing. I can feel every part of you.”

I squeezed my insides around his giant dick and he yelled, “OH FUCK!”

He glided his enormous penis deeper into me in even strokes. My breath was getting faster as he did. I could barely take all of him when he finally got himself fully inside me, hitting deep inside me. I clawed a little at his chest, leaving scratches behind as I groaned in the night. He bounced me on top of him with ease as I dripped my essence over his gorgeous member. He fondled my breasts and kept the steady moan up in my ear. My wet pussy was so loud, but he slid in and out with ease and power. Suddenly, he pulled out of me.

“What are you doing?! Don’t stop!” I yelled. He could not leave me hanging like that. I wanted him back inside me. He shifted himself so I was on all fours. Ahhhh, he wanted this doggy style. I waited for his head to meet my lips, but he was swinging his sword around behind me, hitting my ass and pussy. What was taking so long? Suddenly, I felt his head near my opening. But not the one I expected.

“This might hurt, but your gonna love it!”

With that, he pressured himself into my ass.

“What do you think your doing?!” I yelled.

He didn’t say anything. Just kept his hands on my hips and eased himself in through the back.

“Just relax, Jenny. Enjoy the ride.”

So, I tried to relax. He eased himself steadily deeper in slow, even strokes until he was once again at the hilt. I, however, was howling with every stroke. He stayed still once he was up there and let my ass adjust to his member. The feeling of having someone in my ass for the first time was weird enough, but he was so big, it really did hurt.

He then took long slow strokes in and out of me. He was right. It was starting to feel really good. I arched my back and backside harder against him. The howls became groans of pleasure and he was the one moaning my name, over and over again.

He stuck 2 fingers up my drenched pussy and wiggled around to find my G Spot.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Jiiiiiiiimmmmmmm.” I moaned. He had both my holes gloriously occupied.

His strokes suddenly got started getting faster and his fingers stayed in synch with his cock.

“Jenny, I’m going to Cum.” He stroked faster and harder in my tight ass. The pain was horrible and exhilarating at the same time. My breasts were swinging wildly, my pussy dripping wet against the cold air, his fingers fucking me for all I’m worth.

“Cum on Jim, give it to me. FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!!” I screamed. I was so close to orgasm.He suddenly stopped and I felt a flow of his white hot seed fill my ass. He diddled my clit around and sent me over the edge just in time for another spurt to release inside me. 2 large spurts later, he pulled out of me and laid down on the quilt, fighting to catch his breath. I simply laid on my stomach doing the same.

“So…..”he said between breaths. “would you call that…. Even?”

I just smiled, still shaking from my orgasm. “Oh yes, I would.”