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Sunshine and Fine Wine.

This better not be Becky’s idea of a wind up. I’m sitting at the bar in Macy’s, keeping the bar staff company. Faye is now 26 minutes late and the signs are ominous, she’s not turning up.

I had been single for a few weeks now and my work mate Becky was full of sympathy, often
saying my balls must be ready to explode, or teasing me with tales of her own rampant sex life.

One day she must have felt sorry for me. She said her mate, Faye was on the market having split up from her long term partner. She had found it hard to find time for a love life as she also had a four year old son. Acting as cupid she set us op on a blind date.

We were supposed to meet at Macy’s eight o’clock on Thursday night.

I decided to have one more beer. If she wasn’t here by the time I’d downed it, then that was it. Around 8.45 pm The door opened and a pretty brunette wearing a tight blue dress walked in. She looked about thirty and not in bad shape at all.

As the bar was fairly empty, and I seemed to be the only person on my jack, she didn’t need to be a genius to work out who I was.

“Hey, you must be Adam, so sorry I’m late, bloody babysitter is never on time. I’m Faye, lovely to meet you.”

She held out her hand and I shook it, noticing her pretty hand and long nails, painted a sultry deep red.

After ordering Faye a drink, I ushered her to a dark corner table. She giggled “Trying to hide me away in case any of your friends come in?”

“Damn right I am.” She looked at me, not sure if I was serious, and we both laughed. It broke the ice nicely.

We spent the next couple of hours just talking about our lives. She had been in a long term relationship, they had a child, Luke, and sadly the spark had gone. Her partner had gone off with someone else and she had been left to bring the kid up. She said it was hard to find anyone interested in her once they found out about Luke.

We had a great time and in no time we were in a taxi. As we neared her home we shared a long kiss, tongues deep in each other’s mouths. I took this as my cue and ran one of my hands up her long leg, it was deliciously smooth and sexy. Sadly she pushed my hand away.

“Not on the first date, Adam.”


I continued to see Faye over the next few weeks, I enjoyed her sarcastic humour and loved her beautiful brown eyes which seemed to melt me every time I looked into them. Despite all my best efforts though, kissing and touching was as far as we got.

One glorious sunny Wednesday I had a day off work and we decided to go for a picnic in the local park, Luke was being looked after by Faye’s Mom.. We found a secluded spot and set down the picnic. It was a spectacular day and we enjoyed the food and a lovely bottle of Chilean red as the Sun melted us.

The wine and the heat were making me feel extremely horny, and gladly they had the same effect on Faye. We were soon kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. She seemed more relaxed than she had been up to now and her hands were all over my cock and her tongue dancing in my mouth. My hand was soon up her skirt and fingering her pussy through her underwear, a large damp patch now forming, she was becoming increasingly wet, and her whimpers of pleasure told me she was getting turned on, but as it seemed like we were getting somewhere at last, she pulled my hand away.

“Don’t you like it?”

“No, I love it, feels like my pussy is on fire. It’s so good to feel someone else’s hand touching my pussy again. Just worried about being caught.”

I assured her we were quite safe, nobody usually came over this part of the park.

“Oh yeah, often come here to finger a young lady do you ?” she fixed me a stare which make my cock throb, before she broke down in a fit of laughter.

“Ok, you’re on. Come back and finish what you started.”

My hand was soon massaging her sex again, the damp patch had grown significantly, I decided it was time her underwear came off and pulled the saturated panties down over knees. She lifted her legs and I pulled them clean off. I held them up to my nose and inhaled her tangy scent, this caused my dick to twitch and a wave of desire soared through me.

My mouth was soon covering her sex and loving the muskiness of her hairy pussy. She gasps of lust were extremely loud, I must be doing something right. She pushes my head away and kisses me roughly whilst undoing my jeans and freeing my now pulsing cock.

“Mmm nice big cock, how would you like me to suck it for you?”

We rearranged ourselves. Straddling my face her pussy was now centimetres from my tongue and her pretty mouth had devoured my length. Her blow job was fantastic, sucking licking and biting my meat, occasionally removing my cock from her mouth to spit on it and jack me off furiously.

I was finding it hard to concentrate on her whilst she was sucking me off. but I somehow managed to push her skirt up around her hips and get my tongue inside her folds and started licking around her engorged clit, then delving my tongue deep into her hole. I decided I was going to be bold and moved my tongue onto her anus and began rimming her, stabbing my tongue into her tight hole. She didn’t object so I pushed my little finger up her butt whilst moving my tongue back to her clit, lashing at it wildly.

She withdrew my length from her mouth and looked round at me “Don’t fucking stop, I’m nearly there.” I stabbed the finder sharply into her bum and twisted it in a semi circular motion. This allied to my tongue action had her moaning loudly, she came violently and hurled profanities in my general direction. As her orgasm subsided, she returned to sucking me off deep into her mouth. I tried to hold back but it was no good. I shot a huge load into her mouth which she duly swallowed. God that was amazing.

As we came down to earth, I felt as though we were not alone, and sure enough, sitting on a bench about 20 feet from us was a middle aged couple with their dog.

“Don’t mind us,” said the man. “If only me and the missus were twenty years younger….”

I don’t think We’ll be coming back here in a hurry.


We went back to her house and were soon squeezed together in her tiny shower cubicle. Her hands were now busy lathering up my again hard cock. She squirted an extra large blob of shower gel into her hand and lathered up. There was a look of desire on her face, “Let’s see how you like it.” Her soapy middle finger now found it’s way past my entrance and into my anus. Eventually finding my g-spot and massaging it. My already hard penis tow twitched and seemed to grow another centimetre or two.

“Hmm, you like it, you like my finger up your bum hole honey ?”

I was too lost in the dirtiness of the moment. She was jerking me off with her other hand and within a minute I was coming again, three huge spurts of semen shot out of me and onto the glass door of the shower cabinet. Faye removed her finger from me and as calm as you like, licked my come from the glass as it slowly trickled down. What a damn sexy, dirty bitch.

“Is that it honey, are you all cummed out now ? “

“No way, babe.”


After another bottle of wine, we were both a little tipsy and started fooling around . We were soon naked again, kissing and nibbling at each other.

“Do you want me, Adam. I mean I’ve keep you waiting so long, but I feel ready now. I want you to fuck me.”

My cock was now stiff for the third time today. Faye was on all fours waiting for my entrance, her fingers lightly rubbing her clit. I slowly pushed my cock into her sweet pussy and began with slow rhythmic thrusts and steadily up the tempo. Her grunts of delight tell me she is enjoying herself . The sound of our fucking dominates the room .

“Ohh you’re so wet Faye, I love your wet pussy.” I am now hammering away at her sex, my balls slapping against her pussy. My thumb traces her arsehole and I push it in, she seems to enjoy it, wriggling her bum to encourage me on.

My pace slows and I pull out of her. “I really want to fuck your ass, please, please let me.”


“Go on, I promise not to be too rough.”

“Get the lube then, it’s in the bathroom cabinet.”

I return from the bathroom with a bottle of baby oil. I open the lid and coat my fingers. Gently I lubricate her entrance liberally.

“Oooh that’s cold.”

I stroke my cock back to full hardness and cover it in oil as well.

“Are you ready, Faye?”

“Just go easy, ok.”

I gently place my erection at her anal entrance. Pushing forward slowly. There is resistance at first but with more gentle pressure my helmet has been accepted.

“Ooooowww, fucking hell, take it easy.”

I rock my hard on gently too and fro, applying no great pressure. Eventually her arse gets used to the size and shape of my dick and I seem to get a little leeway. It feels amazing, her ass is gripping me so tightly. Almost sucking the cum out of me.

“Go on then, fuck me, fuck my arse, stop messing around and do it.”

Her wish is my command and I push about 3 inches into her and with very slow strokes I start fucking her. I push in another inch and the gutteral moan she emits turns me on even more.

“It hurts, it really hurts, but don’t stop. I want you to Come in my ass.”

Three more thrusts and I feel the come rising, I shoot a creamy load inside her and collapse. Spent.

I regain my composure and cuddle up behind her and kiss her neck. “Thanks babe, that was so amazing.”

“Make the most of it, I’m never doing that again.”

She says that now, but I bet I can change her mind.

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