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Surprise ending to the evening..

A night out with the girls ends with a surprise...
A short story from a trip to the states....

It happened this weekend, I had some girlfriends in town from San Diego and we met up with some guys they knew who go to my school who I'd never met before. On Saturday night, we all went clubbing and then to a little afterparty but we all winded up back at my place to crash.

One of the new guys (We'll call him Rob) was flirting with me most of the weekend. I really wasn't that into him at first, he was a little too preppy for me, but we ended up kissing on the dance floor at a club called Dirty/Pretty. When it was time to crash, he ended up crawling in bed with me and we started hooking up. We were both pretty drunk (which really helped what was about to come) and he was going down on me before I even had my clothes all the way off, my undies were still on one of my legs! LOL

He was really good with his mouth and I was just enjoying the wave of endorphins washing over me. I was trying to unbutton my shirt and get my bra off but I was too drunk and gave up.

Suddenly I felt a sensation I hadn't felt before. He was running his tongue along my perineum and getting closer to my no-no spot with every lick. There was a part of me that wanted him to stop, I wiggled a little to let him know I wasn't comfortable....but there was another part of me, the drunk side of my brain, that was telling me to relax and enjoy the ride.

I had to admit, it felt good. He was doing the trick where he was blowing on all the wet spots and it was driving me crazy. He pushed my legs back even farther and dove right in, I've never felt a tongue on that part of body, ever...but it felt incredible!! He would gently push his finger in my ass and, because it was so wet back there, it slid in easily.

When he finally came up for air, the first thing that popped in my head was "he's crazy if he thinks he's going to kiss me!" Instead he rolled me over on to my stomach where I was laying flat on the bed and kept my skirt lifted up. I heard his pants drop to the floor and he gingerly got on top of me. Without saying a word, he pressed his head around the opening of my ass and I remember whispering, "oh my god, oh my god". This was really happening....and I wasn't scared.....I actually wanted it.

He took his legs and spread my legs. I felt him press harder and the head was in. Oh my god, the head was in. He started very slow, he told me afterward he could sense that I was uncomfortable so he was being nice and easy (thank you Rob!) but after a few strokes he went all the way in.

It felt very tight and I thought he was going to rip me at first, but I relaxed a little and tried to enjoy it. Thank god he wasn't that big because any bigger and I would have made him stop.

But we did it....he fucked my ass and came inside me. It felt so good I even put one hand underneath me and got myself off. It was a very intense orgasm especially because I could feel him so deep inside me as my muscles contracted....amazing.

When I woke the next morning I decided to return the favour by waking him up by lowering my pussy onto his face, leaning forward and sucking on his cock.....but thats for another day!
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