Surprise Graduation Fuck

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Surprise Graduation Fuck

“Slap my ass Jake! NOW! HARDER!” ordered Lucy, as Jake spanked her curved ass cheeks, leaving a red mark where his hand had made contact with her flesh.

The couple had found themselves seated at a 5* restaurant in Manchester quays. They were back for Jake’s University Graduation that morning, both dressed in black tie from the big day. As they waited for the ‘Amuse bouche’, Lucy ran her foot up Jake’s trouser leg, thinking there was nothing funny at all about Jake’s mouth and the things she was already imagining it doing between her thighs.

Lucy was dressed in a tight, backless, black dress that fell just above her knees, but when she purposefully sat crossed legged at the table, she made sure that the slit extended right up her long, smooth thighs, almost showing off her perfectly rounded ass cheek, giving Jake a glimpse of what he had in store.

As she removed her cardigan, she pushed her shoulders back, her small a-cup breasts pushed outwards against the thin material of her dress, her erect nipples completely visible to anyone looking.

As the wine flowed, Lucy couldn’t help but edge her seat closer to Jake’s. She couldn’t resist a man in a suit, let alone her tall, cleanly shaved man. She had one hand dangerously high up Jake’s thigh, and the other seductively feeding him champagne sorbet.

“So Jake, First Class Honours huh? Feel like you can do anything now?” smiled Lucy
“You know, there’s something else at this very table I’d quite like to do... ?” winked Jake. He handed the waiter his credit card and disappeared to the front desk.

When he returned, Jake was twirling a set of keys around his fingers with a number 7 attached. Lucy looked confused... Jake had booked the very last room in the hotel and wanted to finish the night with a bang.

They downed the last glasses of wine and Jake grabbed Lucy’s hand, he pulled her to her feet and led her up the staircase to their room.

They opened the door to find the most beautiful room, four poster bed, en-suite with wet-room. Jake immediately grabbed Lucy, he scooped her up in his arms and threw her down onto the bed, as they landed, their lips met. Jake lay over Lucy, she was still in his arms as he kissed around her neck, unzipped her dress at the side and revealed her small perk breasts.

He kissed them, sucked them, squeezed and bit them until they were red raw before pulling the dress off over her head. It ruffled her hair, and the slightly tipsy look on Lucy’s face was so clear, she was biting her lip to stop her groaning, and her fingers were already heading straight for her clit.

As she pushed her middle finger up into her pussy, she moaned Jake’s name, begging him to return from the wet-room. He came back completely naked, his huge erection loomed over her face. She motioned forwards to take that cock she loved in her mouth, but Jake once again picked her up. He playfully threw her over his shoulder, his hands gripped tightly around both ass cheek as he carried her through the bathroom door.

The wall was completely mirrored, and as Jake entered, he could see her ass parted in the reflection. He took a finger and ran it from her wet pussy, up to her clit and back down towards her tight ass hole. Jake lowered her onto the wet room floor and led her beneath a hot stream of water from the shower. Hot soapy bubbles cascaded of Lucy’s breasts as Jake stroked his cock looking down at Lucy.

He bent down to lie on the floor next to her so that he could kiss her lips again. The water had made them so soft and warm, much like her glistening soapy breasts that he had begun to massage.

“I just wanted to make sure you were REALLY wet” he joked.

He kissed her pussy quickly, parting her lips to let water trickle in between her legs. She threw her head back in pleasure.

Jake carried Lucy back to the bed, he sat her on the edge and wedged a pillow beneath her dripping buttocks.

“Spread your legs baby, let me lick your clit” he said.

She opened up her legs, pulling her knees in towards her as Jake knelt down at the side of the bed. He took a long lick up Lucy’s body starting at the outer edge of her ass hole, he felt the ridges with his tongue, the dip as he crossed over her hole and the small muscle contraction that came with it as she moaned out loud.

He continued the lick over her pussy lips, entering for a split second up into her vagina, tasting her juices and spreading them back onto her clit where his tongue stayed the longest, slowly circling the tiny bump, flicking more spit over it with each rotation, feeling it grow ever so slightly as he sucked on it lightly.

Lucy was so close to cumming already, she held his head between her hands and made him stop, sitting up to kiss his wet lips.

Jake sat on a chair in the hotel room, the windows were wide open, a cool summer breeze came into the room. The lights were on and it was now pitch black outside, anyone wandering the grounds would have a full view of the show.

Lucy saw Jake staring out of the window, and realised she could be seen by someone from this height, she ducked to the floor to hide on her hands and knees in front of Jake. He stroked her back and massaged her shoulders gently from the chair he was sitting in. She was on all fours on the floor and Jake began to massage Lucy’s temples.

She once again tilted her head back and the harder he massaged her head, the more arched her back became, her bum lifting into the air. The sight was mesmerising for Jake, he didn’t need to touch his cock, it was already rock hard. He shut his eyes as he worked her fingers over her crown, behind her ears, each time her moaning getting louder.

He had got into a rocking motion, gently pushing forward every time he went to carress his girlfriends head, until soon, his cock and her soaking pussy were making contact every time. Lucy was so horney by now, she arched her bum directly up into the air, and moved in rhythm with Jake. He managed to push hard enough to get the whole of the head of his cock inside her tight pussy.

“Fuck me, baby!” She managed to cry, the pleasure and intensity of the massage of her temples and g-spot all a little too much for her.

He lowered his hands onto her hips and used them to swing her backwards and forwards onto his waiting cock. Each time she lunged forward, the wet pussy juices so visible on his cock. He raised a hand in the air and threw it back down onto her ass cheek, the sound of the spanking so hard, the mark it left so red on her soft round bottom.

She yelped, half in excitement and half in pain. He now moved her backwards onto his cock deeper than before, the whole time his body still as he lay back in the chair, her body moving quicker now as his cock stiffened into her tight pussy.

He lent forward and bit her ass, leaving teeth marks in her supple skin where he had sunk into her flesh. His cock felt so good now, his balls slapped against her clit with every thrust, he knew she loved it so deeper and deeper he went, the head of his cock on each thrust entering and leaving her pussy like it was the very first time, the friction along his hard long shaft so intense, the feeling deep inside his prostate beginning to increase, the pleasure creeping up through his body, past his balls and ready to shoot out of his cock.

He quickly pulled out of her dripping pussy and got her to turn around, she opened her mouth, ready for his soaking wet cock, ready to be filled with his cum. She licked his balls and began masturbating him, her hands covered in lube as she pulled as his cock , she could tell he was in the mood to play rough. As that feeling reappeared, he made her open her mouth and sit ready to take his load in her mouth, to swallow it and taste it, every last drop.

The thought of this turned him on so much, he took his cock out of Lucy’s hand, and just as she reached around his buttocks, spread them and inserted a finger into his bum, searching for his prostate, she found it immediately and the effects were instantaneous. The immense pleasure crept out of his ass to his cock, he felt it rushing out of the end of his cock and right into her mouth. She waited for more, and streams of white cum leaked from her mouth, dribbled down her chin and onto her chest. He lowered and continued to finish his orgasm, more and more jets of cum dripping down off her nipples.

The sight of his girlfriend rubbing her nipples with her finger, covering them in his cum and happily licking it off them was incredible. Jake was worn out, but he knew he had a huge favour to return.

He once again scooped Lucy up in his arm, she was tipsy, giggly and so loving. He knew she would do anything right now.

He propped her up comfortably on the bed, and once again got stuck into the sucking of her clit, but she’d experienced something else... she needed her G-Spot to be played with.

“Fuck me with your fingers Jake, I love it when you do that!”

She sat up and kissed him so wildly, her tongue seemed to be searching for something in his mouth. She bit his bottom lip for a few seconds too long, the pain in his mouth so oddly erotic, so powerful, it made him want to finger her so hard, to give her the same pleasure from something so rough.

He inserted two fingers into her pussy sharply, he began working them in and out of her at an every quickening pace. He licked her clit every so often to keep her moans loud, to make sure the hotel rooms next door could hear her screams. Her G-Spot grew in size, soon every thrust was like an orgasm, every time his fingers curled back upwards she moaned in pleasure, she was so close to her first every G-Spot orgasm.

Jake took his other hand and rubbed it on her pubic mound, he pushed down hard, tightening her G-Spot onto his finger tips, it sent her wild. She could barely speak, barely scream his name and he whipped his fingers inside her, the sound getting louder and showing just how wet she was. Cum was still all over her breasts, she grabbed them crying out for more as she massaged it into her nipples, they glistened in the moonlight.

Jake told Lucy to relax, to relax all her muscles as she came, he could tell that she was close. She did as she was told and he felt her tight pussy muscles slightly loosen around his fingers inside her. He used the same whipping action, massaging her cunt and finally, he entered a third finger easily into her bum.

There had been so many of her pussy juices flowing out of her that it was already so lubed up. When he had told her to relax, he saw the tight bunched up ass hole soften, and he knew this was his chance.

She received the finger so well... She started gyrating on the bed, moving and rocking forward trying to get him to put it in her further, he was only giving her the very tip but her ass needed more.

Luckily for Lucy, the whole scene was the most arousing thing Jake had ever seen, and with all the emotions of the spontaneous fuck room, his graduation, his naked girlfriend wanting something in her ass, he had become rock hard again.

He took no time in standing up, pulling her hips to the very edge of the bed as he moved close towards her. He pulled out the finger that had just pleased her ass, and replaced it with the head of his cock. At first, he just nudged at her ass hole, the sensation it gave Lucy was incredible, it felt so intense and made her clit and G-Spot really come alive.

She was so on the edge, but needed an extra something to push her to orgasm, and she thought she finally had it. She moved towards him further, knowing full well that it was his cock there now. She felt the smooth head of it brush up and down her ass. She relaxed and pushed onto him, feeling the strain as the head of his cock began to part her ass hole.

He watched in amazement as his cock became slowly engulfed by her tight ass. At first, it seemed to be opening it up and nothing else, then when it reached the shaft, her ass closed tightly around the head of his cock. He saw how it stretched back into its tight shape, almost pulsating with the large cock it had to take.

He moved towards her, in when his shaft, inch by inch until before he knew it, he was balls deep in her ass hole. He couldn’t have been any further in now, she continued to gyrate, rotate and move as he fucked her bum. His two fingers from his right hand still squeezed now tightly into her dripping wet pussy, her clit so noticeably bigger now.

Jake told her to relax once agian, he could feel her ass clamped so tightly around his cock and he didn’t want to cum from it again, not that quickly.

“Slap my ass Jake! NOW! HARDER!” ordered Lucy, as Jake spanked her curved ass cheeks, leaving a red mark where his hand had made contact with her flesh.

This sent Lucy wild once again, the feeling of Jake’s huge cock right up her ass, his hand spanking her so hard, repeatedly and his fingers buried deeply in her pussy. She knew that she was now seconds away from cumming, but she had never cum without him touching her clit before...

He fucked her pussy with his fingers, concentrating so hard on her G-Spot and her cries, he rocked in and out of her bum in rhythm, watching as his cock came out of the tiny hole and back in again. She began to breathe quicker and quicker, her moaning louder, Jake made one final effort to vibrate his fingers over her G-Spot and as he did, he felt her entire pussy contracting in a wave of huge orgasms.

He pulled his fingers out immediately, and continued fucking her in the ass. As he did, huge jets of clear liquid shot out from her pussy and covered him. She was squirting and screaming so loud now. With each contraction, she let out more and more liquid until Jake’s cock was simultaneously being covered in her sweet cum juices and squeezed so hard by her tight ass hole.

It was the most erotic moment of his life.

He took in the image, almost trying to slow down time and to enjoy this moment for longer, but he couldn’t help but look at the view in front of him, feel the tight, wet warm body clamped onto his dick as he experienced his second orgasm that night. he erupted yet more cum right into her ass. He watched it as the next few thrusts became even more wet, his cum acting as the perfect lube, now dripping out of her ass hole.

He pulled out of her to watch his cum dripping out of her ass and told her to push his cum out.

Once again, Jake and Lucy had topped their best orgasms, to date...