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It was a lazy afternoon when Madame Joan rang me with a special request from one of her dominatrix, Madame Alison. She asked: “Could you please bring Madame Suzanne to my establishment to impose some discipline and humiliation on a wayward slave?” “Of course” I replied.

I immediately rang you to see if you were free, and, yes, you were, so I arranged to pick you up. “Come as you are, it’s urgent”, although I knew that you would have a shower first. “And don’t wear any underwear!”

You were waiting when I arrived to pick you up, your face already flushed at the thought of the pleasures to come. I had taken the precaution of laying the car seat back, so that you could relax on the drive into town. Once in the car, you lifted up your skirt, exposing your beautiful thighs to my view. You then parted them, exposing your untrimmed bush.

“Do you like it? I haven’t trimmed for a long time; I just wanted to know what you thought,” said Madame Suzanne.

“It’s wonderful” I said, admiring the now damp pubic hair. You started to finger your slit, now wet with anticipation, turned on by me watching you as I tried to drive. You started to spread your lips, releasing your aroma, the car filling with the heady scent of your hot vagina. You took your wet finger from your slit, touching my lips, wanting me to lick the wetness from your finger. Greedily I inhaled your aroma, and then I licked the spicy juice from your finger.

It was so arousing I had to immediately pull the car over and bury my head in your bush, rubbing my face through it, inhaling your arousal, feeling the heat beginning to radiate from your vagina.

I started to slide my tongue into you, my head sideways on your right thigh, my hot tongue sliding along your hot wet slit, teasing you, gently parting the slit, touching only your lips, engorged with blood, hot, wet, seeking more of my tongue, you thrusting your pelvis, wanting my tongue on your clit, already seeking release.

But we had to go as Madame Alison was waiting for us.

When we arrived at Madame Joan’s establishment we were ushered quickly into a private room, where we were dressed for the occasion. All that we were wearing were masks, disguising our identities, a bustier for you, along with suspender belt and black stockings, and black high heeled shoes. I only wore a cock and ball ring, sustaining my erection and not allowing my balls to retract. You gave them a not so gentle squeeze, slipping easily into the Madame Suzanne role, hissing in a voice full of menace “Whatever happens you only come for me, and only when I allow it.”

Madame Alison came in to meet you. She was young, naked, shaved pudendum, labia puffed and exposed, a cane in her hand and a thin sheen of perspiration covering her body.

Madam Alison looked at me, stroking my erection with her cane. “Is this your slave Madame Suzanne? Can I discipline him?”

You nodded your assent, whereupon she grabbed my exposed balls, squeezing them and pulling them forward, tears welling in my eyes from the pain.

“Good, you have taught him well,” said Madame Alison

“My slave is in the other room, and I wish to totally dominate and humiliate him. Follow my lead, inflict pain as you wish. Use him as your own.”

We entered the room, to see a man bound at wrists and ankles to a whipping frame, clothed only in a cock and ball ring, with a large erect penis and engorged balls, almost purple with the constriction.

Madame Alison asked, “Slave, we are now assembled for your humiliation and punishment. Do you agree that we can whip you, and perform any other humiliations upon you?”

“Yes, please begin my punishment! I need to feel the pain!” stated the slave.

The sound of the cane hitting the slave’s naked buttocks filled the room, leaving a red stripe against the white flesh. Again and again Madame Alison lashed out, until the slaves buttocks were criss-crossed with stripes.

“Your turn” panted Madame Alison as she passed the cane to you. The pain as you hit my erection was savage and unexpected, the stinging pain coursing through my body. I cowered, waiting for the next blow, but none came. “A warning slave, be focussed,” said my mistress Madame Suzanne.

You started to whip Madame Alison’s slave, adding more stripes, moving down his legs, lashing his thighs.

Madame Alison then stood before him, legs apart, taunting him. “This is what you want you worm, you want to stuff my virgin hole with your cock, but it will never happen.” She rubbed her wet slit up and down, pulling apart her lips to show the still intact hymen, the thin flap of skin drawn tight, waiting to be torn, and the tiny hole needing to be entered.

“Madame Suzanne, this worthless slave is my husband, and he is yet to enter me. I have a very special surprise for him today!”

She whispered in your ear, something that I couldn’t hear, but which bought a smile to your face. You stood before her slave, spreading your legs apart, exposing your hot vagina, and reaching down rubbed your fingers in the wet hole, covering them with your juices. You then anointed the slaves cock with the slick liquid, before commanding me to lick it off. I rebelled, even though I was desperate to taste you. You grabbed me by the balls, squeezing, grinding them together until my rebellion was crushe. I knelt before the slave and began to lick the slick wetness from his engorged cock. Tasting you, I began to lick from the base to the head, slowly, savouring your spicy taste, rimming the head, taking the engorged cock into my mouth, wanting to waste more of you.

Laughter rang out as you were both enjoying the sight of me hungrily devouring the slave’s cock, with him trying to squirm away, hating the thought of a man sucking him off. Unable to shrink because of his restraints, it was torment for him.

“Enough”, commanded Madame Alison, “the real humiliation is about to start.”

Madame Alison gave you a paddle, and breathlessly asked you to paddle her voluptuous bottom. She bent over in front of her slave, exposing her wet lips and tight little anus to his view, while you hit her with the paddle. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Her skin was beginning to turn red, and her slave was straining at his bonds, trying to get loose.

I stood behind Madame Suzanne, and reaching between your legs began to slide my fingers up and down your lips, feeling the hot wetness, pinching the lips, pulling them out, making them larger and more engorged, feeling the heat increase as I worked, searching for the shaft of your clit, sliding my wet fingers around the hood, pushing back the fold of skin, finding the erect shaft, caressing you between finger and thumb, slowly building your arousal, heat radiating from your body. You begin to pant as you pushed against my fingers, wanting to come, but not yet able.

My tongue was seeking you, I buried my face in your bottom, tongue moving, seeking your anus, forcing your cheeks apart, sliding in until the tip of my hot tongue was touching the puckered skin, flicking the tight hole, teasing, from bottom to top, then down again, increasing the pressure, seeking entry but finding resistance, your cheeks squeezing as you pushed against my tongue.

I could feel the sharp increase in your breathing, heat radiating from you as your body took on a pink glow, and liquid began to flow down your legs.

Madame Alison could also sense that you were nearing your peak, as she rolled out of the way of the paddle.

“Now for the ultimate humiliation, the climax of this play” said Madame Alison

Madame Alison picked up a double ended dildo that had been hidden in the darkness, one end smooth, the other shaped like a large penis, veined, large head and balls, vibrating ring attached.

She approached you, and gently inserted the smooth end into your hot throbbing vagina. I took the straps and tightened them around you, pulling the dildo in until the base was tight against your clit and puffy lips.

The dildo seemed to be alive, flicking in rhythm to the throbbing of your internal muscles.

“Lube it slave,” you ordered. I reached over and used Madame Alison’s wetness to lubricate the shaft. You paraded in front of the slave, showing the shaft, toying with him, you both thinking that he was the recipient.

Madame Alison stood in front of the slave, fingering herself, spreading apart her lips. “Do you want this slave, do you want this?” she asked. The slave was straining at the ropes as you moved behind him. I parted his cheeks, thinking that you were to penetrate him.

“No,” said Madame Alison, lying on the couch, “it’s for me. Come here Madame Suzanne, and take my virginity while the worthless worms watch.”

Madam Alison lay down so that her husband had a full view of what was happening. She lifted her legs up near her shoulders, exposing her virgin hole and the stretched membrane to view.

You moved in front of her, uncertain, but I turned on the vibe, the ring hard against your clit, throbbing, the vibrations thrilling the head of the clit, but you still needed more.

You place the dildo’s head at the entrance to Madame Alison’s hymen, feeling the increased pressure against your clit, holding still, feeling your internal muscles throbbing and bearing down on the shaft of the dildo.

Madame Alison wraps her legs around you, and then thrusts against you, tearing the hymen and burying the dildo deep within her vagina, forcing the vibrating ring tight against each other’s clits, your muscles tensing as you force yourselves against each other, grinding each other’s clits, the vibrations through the shafts deep inside adding to the feelings. Madame Alison turns and looks at her slave, smiling, “It is done my husband. I will never be yours.”

Your muscles begin to tense, you are almost rigid as I insert my finger into your lubricated anus, adding to the pleasure as you begin to come, stopping, then muscles bearing down, legs, arms, neck rippling as the orgasm takes hold, internal muscles gripping and relaxing the internal probe, your anus squeezing my finger. I stand behind you, offering support as you cry out, and then whimper as the ripples continue until you subside, withdrawing from Madame Alison, the bloodied dildo jubilantly waved at her slave, the ultimate humiliation.

“Thank you” whispers Madame Alison, “Thank you.”

There is more for me to do, as I want to feast upon your body, drink your inner fluids to sate my own needs.

I guide you over to the bed in the room.

Laying you down, I tie your wrists to the bed head, restricting your movement.

You squirm in protest, and half –heartedly order me to stop, but for now, I am in control.

I tear off the bustier, suspender belt, shoes and stockings, leaving you totally naked and exposed, your bush matted and sopping wet, your cum and Madame Alison’s blood and cum covering your thighs.

I remove the dildo, licking it clean of your cum.

I part your legs and splay them out, your vagina now totally exposed and available for my pleasure. I began to lick your inner thighs, working upward, cleaning the pungent spicy cum and salty blood from your body, enjoying the taste and aroma, prolonging the cleaning to add to my enjoyment, wanting to taste and swallow every drop of your precious fluid. As I came to the matted hair, I stroke my tongue through it, licking away the moisture, preening the hair to a soft shiny covering of the beautiful pubic mound. I then moved to the inner lips, glistening with pearls of moisture, slowly, slowly, slowly licking with small deliberate movements of my tongue, tasting the pearls, savouring every fold and crevice, teasing out the lips with my fingers, gently pinching and stretching them, the colour almost purple. I pull back the clitoral hood, cleaning the delicate head, running my tongue around the head in a circular motion, feeling the clit grow beneath my tongue as you became aroused once more, pushing against me; searching for a firmer pressure.

The time had come to unveil my new toy. I withdrew my tongue, and bring your legs together, binding them at ankle and knee with the discarded stockings. Your clit was just peeping out from the folds of your lips, so I gave it some swipes with my tongue, side to side, quickly, roughly, you squirming, trying to move away, but wanting and needing more.

I part your lips, and stretch your hood back, before surrounding your clit with some lubricant jelly. I then pushed a small plastic cylinder over your clit, the lube making an airtight seal. You squirmed, wanting to see what was happening, so I propped your head up on some pillows. I gently squeezed the rubber bulb attached to the cylinder, and then released slowly. The air pressure inside the tube reduced, drawing out and enlarging your clit. Your eyes opened in wonder as once again I squeezed and released the rubber ball, drawing out your clit even more. It was bright red as it became enlarged and engorged with blood, the enlargement adding a new depth of feeling. I then turned on the vibrator, the vibrations directly on the enlarged head. The intensity had you screaming as you quickly came, the new sensation almost too much for you.

Probing down with my finger and thumb, I trapped the swollen head and shaft, and then released the tube, leaving the engorged clit standing swollen and proud, poking out from the mantle of sleek pubic hair, trapped, unable to retract, and waiting for my hot wet tongue to satisfy your needs again.

I started by gently licking from side to side, wanting the pleasure to build slowly, but the engorgement seemed to heighten your pleasure, you were panting and pressing your body against me immediately, demanding that I move quicker, urgently wanting another release. I pulled back slightly, letting your pleasure ebb a little, and then increased the pressure, rolling my tongue around the head, allowing no escape, curling my tongue almost into a circle, moving my tongue in and out, stimulating the clit on both sides and the bottom. I could feel your muscles contracting, so I pulled back again, teasing you. You were panting quickly, and I could feel the tension in your body, even your toes were arching, as you were in pre orgasm mode, your muscles contracting and releasing as you moved towards your peak, your tummy tightening and relaxing, your vagina muscles bearing down.

Your pubic area starts to throb, radiating heat, your sexually charged aroma assails my senses, and we are in a world of our own; our beings focused on your engorged clit, my tongue caressing the tip, shallow strokes from side to side, over and over, then I change the rhythm and direction, coming from underneath, long hard stroked over the head, the throbbing of your pelvis increasing, hard movements against me, forcing yourself into my mouth.

I placed my free hand under your bum, worming up into your bum crack, squeezing hard, feeling you respond, feeling your muscles flex.

As I continued to lick your clit head, the throbbing of your body increased, until suddenly the rhythm was broken, stopping, then suddenly your orgasm took hold, your body arching, lifting me off the bed, head thrown back, then the contractions starting, your whole body rippling as you lose control.

A swipe of my tongue sideways against your clit sends sparks up and down your spine, you cry out in your passion. Again a quick sharp jab, again you arch and cry out, every 3 contractions I jab your clit with my tongue, keeping the orgasm alive, jolts of electricity flowing through your body in endless waves, cum flowing from you, seeping like lava from your volcanic vagina, flowing around my hand onto the sheet, your body suffused with a red glow, sweat beading your limbs.

Your orgasm seems endless; I take my tongue away from your clit, straddling your legs, replacing my tongue with my hot hard cock. I then move between your lips, touching the head of your clit with every stroke, gliding over and back, the big and the little cock together, your electricity flowing into me every time they touch.

Madame Alison joins in, rewarding you, adding her tongue to your clit, rolling her tongue around the head between the strokes of my cock, lighting bolts radiating from your clit.

I can feel my orgasm coming, I can’t hold off, the spasms coming, one after another, hot white cum flooding your clit, I go down on you once again, sharing with Madame Alison, sucking up my cum from around your clit, each touch of our tongues on your clit causes you to cry out, tears now streaming down your face at the intensity of your release, straining against us, wanting the pleasure to end, but we will not release you, continuing to work on your clit, licking around in circles as I force my hand between your thighs, seeking entry to your vagina for my fingers, wanting you to squeeze down on them as I stimulate the upper wall, pushing against you clit from below, intensifying the pleasure, wave after wave of contractions continue, until after one final arch of your body you collapse, your contractions becoming weaker, slipping into the twilight world, senseless.

But still we continue to suck and lick your clit, keeping the intensity alive, you twitching with every lick, teasing the sated body, until your clit retracts.

Still we want more of you, so we untie you, and strap your butterfly vibrator against your slit. We drag you to the edge of the bed; turn you over so that you are straddling the corner of the bed, the butterfly forced against your slit. You try and squirm away, but we are assertive, holding you in position while I turn on the butterfly.

Vibrations course through your body, your clit on fire as we force you against the bed, almost unbearable vibrations send bolts of electricity up and down your spine, reaching out to your fingers and toes, curling up in passion.

You lose control of your body, arms and legs flopping about as you are impaled on the edge of the bed, hot liquid erupting from your body as wave after wave of contractions rack your body until you collapse, totally spent, body worn out.

I turn off the butterfly, and remove it from underneath you. Seeing you exposed rekindles my erection, and I remove the cock and ball belt imposed upon me. I stab forcefully into you, taking you from behind. In and out I thrust, deeper and deeper, until I can feel your cervix at the end of every stroke, my cock totally buried inside you. The heat radiating from your vagina is awesome, burning like a fire. In and out, my balls slapping your labia and clit, so deeply am I in you. Your vagina starts to grasp me with every stroke, squeezing my rigid shaft, your inner muscles working to enhance our pleasure.

Your G spot begins to enlarge, the bump quite noticeable as I plunge in and out. I place my hands upon your back, pushing you down so that every stroke hits the bump. Suddenly you lose control of your body in the paroxysm of your final orgasm, flopping about like an epileptic. I can hold off no longer. As my orgasm comes, I pull out of you, my fluid spurts over your beautiful bottom, and I collapse on the floor, finally spent.

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