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Sweet Anal

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I lay there naked beside him, my leg thrown over his, and my head gently resting on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat slowly pounding away at my ear. His breathing was soft and steady making my head rise every time he would breath in. I felt amazing lying there next to him, a sense of happiness I've never experienced before.

I gazed up at him and smiled as he was sleeping. His face was beautiful and peaceful. His lips so soft, so kissable. The thought of his lips on mine made my mouth water, as I craved his touch. I brought my hand that was resting on his stomach and softly traced the out line of his lips with the tip of my finger. Although he looked so peaceful sleeping I wanted him to wake up. I wanted to spend every minute with him that I could.

His eyes started to sleepily open and he smiled at me.
"Good morning beautiful," he muttered.

My heart fluttered with the sound of his voice. I propped myself on my elbow and leaned in for a kiss.

"Good morning baby," I replied. "Did you sleep well?" 

"Better than I have in a long time," he chuckled.

He grabbed my waist and rolled me completely on top of him. As my hands grabbed the pillow he was laying on, I opened up my legs to straddle him. His cock was warm and I could feel it growing beneath my warm wet pussy. My pussy was still sore from the past few days of having non-stop sex.

"I'm sore," I whispered smiling as I leaned down and kissed him again. He smiled back at me and playfully rolled me over onto my back so that he was now on top of me.

"Not everywhere," he smirked.

His mischievous eyes gazed over my body and he motioned for me to roll over. I obeyed and rolled to lay flat on my tummy. His hard cock was resting between my legs; eager to explore what it hasn't before. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek as he kissed me, working his way to the back of my neck; sending chills down my spin right to my pussy. My pussy was dripping with the anticipation of what he was about to do next.

He gently moved my hair to the side and continued to kiss my back sending waves of ecstasy throughout my body. He positioned himself upward and placed his hands on my hips pulling me up on to my knees. Closing my eyes I gripped the sheets bracing myself for the pain that I was about experience. He spit in my ass and rubbed it in with his dick to lube me up; making for a nice smooth entrance. I then felt the pressure of his hard shaft pressing against my tight hole as he pushed the head of his dick inside me. I cringed at the pain; tightening my muscles around his hard cock.

"It's okay...relax," he groaned with pleasure.

The sound of his voice push me over the edge. I now wanted all of him in me. The pain turned to pleasure as I suddenly jerked my ass back, allowing his whole cock to enter into me. His shaft became harder inside me almost instantly. His hands tightened around my waist slamming me hard into his pelvis, over and over again. His breath quickened making my body tingle with pleasure and my pussy dripping with lust.

"Let me get on top," I moaned. My pussy was aching for a release.

He pumped himself inside me a couple more times before responding. He pulled out and lay down; willing and ready to please me. As quickly as possible I climbed on top, grabbing his shaft, and rammed it back in my ass. I moaned as my clit touched his warm skin. Needing a release quickly, I rubbed my clit against him as his dick slid in and out of my ass. It didn't take long for me to reach my first orgasm.

He knew I was about to cum...

Gently grabbing my face he lowered me to his lips; sending me over the top. Wave after wave of pleasure filled my pussy making me moan into his mouth. His hands found their way to my ass; pushing me faster and harder against him. Every inch of his dick disappearing into my ass. I clenched him as I screamed out his name and another orgasm ripped through me. Halfway through my orgasm I felt hot ropes of his juices filling my ass. The feeling of his semen hitting the inside of me made my orgasm stronger. I moaned louder as I continued to hump him, rocking my ass back and forth sucking every last drop he had left out of him.

As my orgasm vanished, I slowed down the pace and eventually collapsed on top of his chest. His heart was beating wildly and his breathing was quick and rigid. We lay there for a bit with him still inside me. I could feel his semen leaking out of as his cock started to soften.

"That was amazing," I said as I rubbed his chest.

Brushing back my hair with his fingers he replied, "It sure was," and then he kissed the top of my head.

Thanks for reading my story, hope you liked it .... Please tell me where I need improvement!!!! I know it's short and I need to work on making it more detailed!!!! <3 you!!!!

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