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Sweet little Annie's moms sweet ass

Annie's mom offers a sweet deal
I had known Annie Wright and her family for as long as I could remember. They lived just a few streets over and Annie’s dad was the pastor at the church mom and dad dragged me to every Sunday. Her family and my family knew each other very well and had always been involved in each other’s lives. Despite being a pastor Mr. Wright was a normal guy, but he ended up having three girls. Since our families were so close he had kind of taken me on as an adoptive son. He went to many of my football and baseball games growing up and had always shown a fatherly interest in what was going on in my life. Little did he know, or anybody else for that matter, what I felt for his daughter.

Annie was a couple years younger than me, but only a grade behind. She had been called little Annie for as long as I could remember for obvious reasons. She was always just tiny. I guess the appropriate word would be petite. She was shorter than almost every girl her age and had no bit of fat on her. She had no boobs to speak of and no curve in her body at all. She did however have a plainly pretty face. Her skin was pale and baby smooth with dirty blonde hair that fell to her shoulders. Her most amazing feature were her smoky, very light blue eyes that she hid behind glasses most of the time. She was the type of girl who on first glance looked rather plain, but the more you looked at her the more you realized how stunningly beautiful she was.

It didn’t help that little Annie was always quiet and did exceptionally well in school. Because of her plain looks and studious attitude she went fairly unnoticed all throughout Elementary and Jr. High School. When she got to high school nothing changed, except for one thing, we were in the same school. I was by no means the most popular guy in the school, but I excelled in football and baseball so I was fairly known. I always hung around the other guys on the teams and we always had a group of girls that were after us. I had dated various ones, and had been with three girls up to that point. 

Just as I had always done I went out of my way to include Annie in our group as much as possible. As soon as she started high school I talked to her daily at lunch and whenever I saw her. She never really hung out with us outside of school, but soon everyone knew little Annie and saw her almost as a kid sister to me.

That however was not how I felt. I knew Annie’s parents had a strict rule that there would be no dating before sixteen. As she was the oldest they were extremely protective of her and involved in her life. I didn't mind though. I respected their beliefs and rules and my devotion to Annie was enough to hold my interest. I maintained a close friendship with her and always made sure that it was nothing more than that. By the time she turned sixteen I was eighteen and just about to start my senior year.

When she turned sixteen I wanted to celebrate with her. I put together a party with all of my friends at her house. Since she never really hung out with us outside of school she was a little be uncomfortable, but I just used that to my advantage and stayed close by her all night. After the party was over I stayed, helping clean up. It was just me, Annie and her parents when I finally got the courage.

“Annie, congratulations on finally being sixteen.”

“Aw, thanks Jake,” she said, blushing as she always did when she was complimented.

“Well, now that you’re sixteen, it seems fitting that I should be the one to introduce you to the dating world,” I joked in front of them all.

“Ha ha Jake, real funny,” said Annie, “what about Claire?”

Claire was the girl I had been dating most recently. She was a beautiful girl from the cheerleading squad. She had an amazing pair of eighteen year old tits that I played with on a daily basis. She would suck my cock almost on command and begged me to finger her to orgasm. One of her favorite things was to sixty-nine me as I fingered her little asshole. She would squirm and cum all over my face as she took my cock down her throat. As slutty as that sounds she wouldn’t let me fuck her because she was ‘saving herself’. I didn’t mind though, I was getting off and having fun doing it.

But as Annie’s birthday approached I knew I needed to end it.

“Oh, we’re not really seeing each other anymore,” I said.

“Really, what happened?” asked Annie.

Knowing full well that her parents were listening intently I just said, “well, let’s just say we didn’t share the same set of morals.”

They took it just as I meant them too and her dad’s face beamed from ear to ear.

“Annie, I really would feel more comfortable if you went on your first date with someone like Jake,” he said from across the room, “don’t you agree honey?”

Mrs. Wright also smiled, but not with the same enthusiasm as Mr. Wright. Mrs. Wright had always been nice to me, but she didn’t take to me as keenly as her husband had. She never really talked to me, or anyone for that matter. To me she always seemed to be overly involved in Annie’s life, especially when I was around. Everyone just assumed that she was the pastor’s timid wife and nobody besides my mom ever really tried to befriend her. Even my mom would joke that she was probably Mrs. Wright’s best friend, despite the fact that their only social interaction was through their husbands.

I didn’t pay much attention to Mrs. Wright and was thrilled that Mr. Wright was so encouraging of our date. With her dad’s approval Annie agreed immediately and we decided on that Friday night. All of my friends were shocked when they found out I was taking little Annie out. Considering my previous girlfriends had all been well endowed girls from my own grade they assumed I was just doing it as her friend. They were all more shocked when our dating continued and within a few weeks we were a couple.

I on the other hand was happier than I ever had been. My plan had worked out perfectly. I always knew that I would need to take things very slow with Annie. She was her father’s daughter and I had heard him preach to the youth many times that sex was a sacred act between husband and wife. I knew that she had always been ingrained with this belief. I also knew that I wanted to be the one to take Annie’s flower, and in my head I was prepared to wait until we got married if need be.

However, my eighteen year old cock quickly began to outmatch my valiant efforts. After three weeks of seeing each other almost daily we finally had our first kiss, but even that was nothing more than a quick peck on the lips. It took almost the entire school year before we got to the point of actually making out. Once that started my cock was out of control. I would get hard just by being with her. Every so often I would press it against her as we made out. In the beginning she always made an effort to move away, but as time went on she became more and more open. I knew it was only a matter of time before she was finally mine.

A few months later, during summer I was over at her house. We were all alone, which was unusual. We were sitting around watching TV and before long started making out. By this time I already had a raging hard on. As I moved onto her I pressed it into her thigh and she moaned into my mouth. I sat there dry humping her leg and soon she was sitting on me. She was pressing her crotch into me with deep thrusts and just as I made my move to finally touch her little titties we heard the back door open.

She jumped off me and cuddled into my arm and we both pretended to just be watching TV as her mom came into the room. I placed my hand on Annie’s upper thigh and was surprised when she did the same to me.

“Oh Jake, I didn’t realize you were here,” she said, glaring at us both. “I hope you two were behaving yourselves.”

“Mom, stop, you’re embarrassing me,” Annie shot back.

“What is the rule about blankets,” her mom asked sternly.

“I’m sorry,” said Annie contritely, “I was just cold.”

“Take it off, now”, her mom ordered.

I quickly moved my hand from Annie’s thigh and she from mine as she swooped the blanket off. Luckily Mrs. Wright was behind us so she couldn’t see my rock hard boner before I could adjust.

“That’s better. Annie, you need to practice piano.”

“Mom, can’t I do that later, when Jake isn’t here?” Annie protested.

“No, you’ll practice now. Jake can come downstairs and help me with the laundry.”

As Annie began to open her mouth again it only took one look from Mrs. Wright to quiet her.

“Ok, fine.”

Mrs. Wright opened the basement door and started to walk downstairs. “Jake, come,” was all she said.

As I stood Annie’s eyes widened, a look of wonder and terror on her face. I looked down and saw that the shorts I was wearing did nothing to conceal my rock hard boner and Annie was just staring at it. She quickly stood and pressed herself into me with a kiss. To my surprise she reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts.

“You need to hide this, or she’ll never let us see each other again,” she said in a panic.

I agreed, and taking my cock from Annie’s hand tucked it into my belt. As I headed to the basement she hurried to the piano and was already playing by the time I reached the stairs. I slowly walked down the steps, hoping my boner would subside. It did, but only to the point that it feel from my tucked belt so that when I was finally in the wash room it was sticking out in front of me for anyone to notice.

Luckily as I walked in Mrs. Wright had her back to me. I quickly walked over to the dryer and turned from her so she couldn’t see. I started pulling out clothes and folding them, trying to make my boner go away. That worked until I got to a little pair of light purple cotton panties. I knew instantly that they were Annie’s and my cock sprang right back up as I held them.

Before I realized it they were being ripped from my hand.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to do this load.”

Without thinking I turned and much to my horror the first thing Mrs. Wright noticed was my bulging shorts. For what seemed like eternity she stared at my hard cock as I held a pair of her oldest daughter’s panties in my hand.

Finally she just sighed, “Hand those to me Jake.”

I reached out my hand, which was visibly shaking and she snatched them from me. Turning she added them to a pile of underwear and bras and my boner stayed standing at attention.

“I think we have a problem here Jake,” she said, turning back around and motioning with her head towards my boner.

“No…no ma’am, I’m…I’m sorry, I just…uh, I, um”, I stuttered.

“I know exactly what you want to do Jacob!” I was taken back when she used my full name.

“It’s the same thing all eighteen year old boys want to do. You may have fooled Annie and Mr. Wright, but you don’t fool me.”

“No ma’am, it’s not like that,” I said sheepishly.

“I’m not stupid Jacob. I know exactly what you want to do with that,” she motioned toward my cock again. “All eighteen year old guys want the same thing, but I always hoped Annie would fall outside of their sights with my sheltering.”

“I promise Mrs. Wright, I had no intention of…” she cut me off with another stare at my cock.

“I don’t care about you’re intentions or desires Jacob. I can keep you away from Annie and my family with a simple call to your mother and a word to Mr. Wright. No, I’m much more concerned about Annie.”

“There’s nothing to be concerned about ma’am,” I said.

“Oh there is. Do you know what I caught Annie doing last week?”

“No ma’am, I don’t.”

“She was in her room,” her voice dropped to a whisper and it looked like she was struggling with the word, “masturbating.”

“Oh,” was all I said, but I’m pretty sure my cock twitched.

“She denied that she was doing it, but I know what masturbating sounds like. I can only assume what she was thinking about while defiling herself,” she said frankly.

“I have no idea ma’am.”

She glared at me. “Have you had sex with my daughter Jacob,” she asked flatly.

“No ma’am, only if we get married.”

“Good. I expect you to keep it that way.”

“Yes ma’am, of course,” I said, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“Uh huh,” she said suspiciously, “and what are you going to do about that?”

“About what?” I said quietly.

“What do you think Jacob? The whole time we’ve been down here that’s stayed hard. Are you going to relieve yourself every day?”

“No ma’am, I don’t do that,” I lied.

“Here’s the other thing Jake, I don’t want to see Annie hurt. If you can’t control yourself are you going to go and run to one of your slutty girl friends for relief?”

“No, I won’t, I promise.”

She looked at me for a long time, obviously not believing the lies that were spilling from my mouth. Upstairs we could hear Annie playing the piano. She messed up and Mrs. Wright yelled up, “play it again” while not taking her eyes from me and my tented shorts.

Finally she looked up at my face. “Jake, you can stay over for dinner, but before we go upstairs you need to take care of that. I don’t want you tempting Annie any further.”

“Um, OK, I’ll try,” I said confused.

We sat there awkwardly for a moment and I was still rock hard. “Jake, you and I both know that there is only one way for that to happen. I’ll leave these here,” she sat the panties down, “and give you some privacy.”

As she walked out I couldn’t believe what she just said. Did she want me to jerk off into Annie’s panties to take my boner away? I heard her walk upstairs and sit down at the piano with Annie. It stopped playing and I heard, “where’s Jake?”

“He’s down stairs taking care of some things, play it again.”

Still in disbelief I reached down and started to stroke myself through my shorts. By now there was an obvious wet spot. I walked over to the pile of underwear and started to feel them. They were all conservative cotton panties, like I knew Annie wore. I picked up the purple ones and slipped my cock out. I wrapped them around myself and started to slowly stroke.

As I got going faster I started looking through the pile again. I rummaged to the bottom and something caught my eye. Reaching in, I pulled out a lacy red thong. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The thought of Annie’s small little ass in this sexy thong was too much. I started stroking faster and brought it up to my nose.

I don’t know what I expected as it was in the clean pile and just smelt of laundry detergent, but it was wonderful. My eyes closed and I held it to my face and continued wanking. In the background I could hear the girl of my dreams playing a beautiful piece as I jerked off with her panties.

The piano never stopped and just as I felt like I was starting to get into it I heard and “Oh my” at the door.

I stopped stroking and pulled my hand from my face to see Mrs. Wright there in the door.

“I’m sorry Jake, I thought you would be done by now,” her eyes staring at my cock which was almost covered by the purple fabric. Then she looked at what I had in my hand. She walked over to me and held out hers, “give me those.”

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t know Annie wore anything like that.”

Mrs. Wright laughed. “I’m flattered that you thought these were Annie’s, but there is no way I would let her wear something so slutty.”

With that I looked at them, then it hit me and I looked at Mrs. Wright.

She just gave me the ever so slightest smile. As she grabbed them from me I just looked at her in a whole new light. “I’m a married woman, and Mr. Wright likes these.”

I had stopped stroking completely. She was only a few feet from me and said, “Are you going to finish up Jake?”

She took a step back and watched as I slowly began to stroke again. This time I was taking her in. She always wore very frumpy dresses that showed nothing of her body. I always assumed she was slim like Annie, but as I looked now I could see that her dress stretched out at her hips. While it was far from form fitting, the outline of her boobs were visible through the floral print material.

I looked at her face. Mrs. Wright was pretty too. She had never worn makeup, but Annie got most of her facial features from her mom. He face was much fuller, with chubby cheeks and the hint of a double chin, but her skin was also soft and smooth and her hair was the same general color. Her eyes were a deeper blue, but still very beautiful.

As I stood there it hit me. I was in the basement of my pastor’s house. His prudish wife was watching me beat off into their innocent daughter’s panties. A surge of courage swept over me and I asked, “do you always wear that type of underwear?”

“From time to time yes, as I told you, Mr. Wright likes them.”

“Are you wearing something like them now?” I asked.

“I am,” she responded.

She knew what was coming next, but still made me gather up the courage to say it. After what seemed like forever I mumbled, “can I see them?”

“What was that Jacob?”

“Can I see your underwear?”

“Will that help you?” she asked.

I just nodded. As I stood there with Annie’s panties around my cock Mrs. Wright lifted up her dress to her hips. Sure enough, she was wearing a small little pair of panties, but they were black instead of red. I started stroking faster, staring at her. While Annie may have gotten her facial features from her mom, she must have gotten her body type from her dad. Mrs. Wright was by no means fat, but she had thick, white thighs.

I started to stroke faster as she stood there holding up her dress. Just as I was about to get the nerve to ask her, she read my mind and turned around. There was a very noticeable difference between her ass and Annie’s. While I had never seen it bare, I had been swimming with Annie many times. She had virtually no ass to speak of. However, Mrs. Wrights was large and full, almost chubby. Between the two round mounds the black material of her thong disappeared.

After a minute she dropped her dress and turned around. I slowed my stroking.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I ruin it for you?” she asked.

I didn’t answer, but she saw the disappointment in my eyes. Without saying anything she reached under her dress. As I realized she was about to lower her panties I started stroking again. She slid them to the ground, and then stepped out of them. After bending down to pick them up she walked over to me.

She was inches from me and held them up to my face. “I’ve been wearing these for two days,” she whispered to me.

As I breathed in my nostrils took in her intoxicating aroma. As I smelled them I felt her hand lower and wrap around mine. It was moving back and forth over mine as I beat off. After a minute she stepped away again, leaving the panties in my hand for me to smell.

“I’m sorry Jake, I shouldn’t have touched you like that?” she said, obviously nervous.

“It’s OK, I liked it,” I said, as reassuringly as an eighteen year old could say to the forty something year old mother of his girlfriend. She just smiled back at me. Her cheeks and neck were completely flushed red. I just kept on stroking.

“I never noticed how beautiful you were Mrs. Wright.”

“Thanks, I guess,” she said, smiling.

“I didn’t mean it like that. You’ve always been beautiful, I was just too stupid to realize,” I smiled.

She smiled back, “you’re quite the smooth talker Jake, no wonder everyone loves you.”

“Mom, am I done yet?” Annie interrupted from above.

Mrs. Wright looked at me and I shook my head.

She got a naughty smile and yelled up, “no, not till we’re done down here.”

“Till we’re done,” I asked, chuckling.

“Unless you want me to leave,” she cocked her eyebrow at me.

I just shook my head again and held out my cock.

“How else may I help you?” Mrs. Wright asked, walking towards me.

I just looked at her, dumbfounded. “Tell me what you want me to do,” she whispered.

My mouth was dry. She reached down, “can I help you stroke your big cock Jacob?”

As her hand wrapped around my cock I took mine off it. She stood there stroking my cock with Annie’s panties. My hands were shaking, but I found the courage to bring them up and place them gently on her boobs, through her dress.

“It’s OK Jake, you can feel them.”

With that I squeezed at them. I expected nothing more than a handful, but they were large and soft. I cupped them both as Mrs. Wright stroked steadily on my cock. “Poor little Annie wasn’t blessed in the bosom department like I was,” she said.

“No, she wasn’t” I agreed.

“Have you seen hers?” she asked.

“Just in her swimsuit, I promise,” I said, smiling.

“Good,” she laughed, “let’s keep it that way for a while.

“Yes ma’am,” I said squeezing a little harder. When I did a soft moan escaped from her lips.

For a few minutes we sat there like that, her stroking my cock and me squeezing her tits as we listened to Annie play. Every time I would pinch her nipples she would moan ever so softly.

Finally she asked, “What else can I do?”

“Um, anything,” I responded.

“Have you ever had a girl suck on you?” she asked.

“No,” I lied, but couldn’t keep a straight face.

She gave me a knowing smile, ‘Tell you what Jake, as long as you keep this out of Annie’s mouth, and anyone else’s mouth for that matter, I’ll help you out.”

I couldn’t believe my ears and just managed to nod. With that Mrs. Wright got down on her knees. She gently held my cock, which was sticking straight out. My head was swollen and purple and a steady stream of clear fluid was pouring out of it. She slid her hand to the base and leaned in. Puckering her lips she placed them lightly on the sensitive stretched skin and passionately kissed the head of my cock. As she pulled away a string of my pre-cum remained attached to her lips.

Looking up at me she smiled and licked her lips, snapping the cum string. “You have a very nice penis Jake,” she said, almost too politely.

I just smiled as she lifted it up to my stomach. Leaning back in she stuck out her tongue and began flicking the underside of my sensitive head. The feeling was amazing and I just let out a little moan. Her tongue slowly slid down the underside of my dick, until she was at the point where it reached my balls. Not hesitating she began to lick at my balls. Her tongue swirled all around, making my whole sac wet with her saliva. Slurping one into her mouth she started stroking my cock harder.

She sucked on it, then with a pop let it pull from her mouth. Immediately she took the other one in. She rotated, sucking one ball into her mouth, then the other until she had taken them both about ten times. All the while her hand moved up and down my shaft. My cock was pouring out pre-cum, and eventually a drop fell and landed on her cheek.

With the drop she stopped and looked up at me. With a big grin on her face she said, “I think you’re leaking.”

I just moaned again and she held my cock out. Leaning in again she took me into her mouth this time. I felt my head slide past her lips, across her tongue and soon felt the pressure as it the back of her throat. She pulled back, until she just had my head in her mouth, sucked hard, and then took me back in. Back and forth her mouth went, from sucking my head to the base of my shaft. Each time my cock went further and further into her mouth, until soon her nose was nuzzled against my pubes and my balls were on her chin.

While my previous girlfriend loved to suck cock, Mrs. Wright was making it obvious that she had no idea what she was doing. In fact none of the girls I had been with could hold a candle to Mrs. Wright’s abilities. Considering I had heard her husband give dozens of lessons and sermons on the evils of sex I was surprised she was so adept at it.

She had no problem taking my entire shaft into her throat. She would hold it there for a moment, then pull off, gasping for air. Her speed increased and before I knew it I had my hands down on her head. As soon as they rested on her soft blond hair her speed increased. I kept my hands there and guided her head up and down. Soon my hips were moving in motion with her and there I was, literally face fucking Mrs. Wright as Annie continued on the piano.

The melody got in my head and I was soon matching it with my thrusts. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I closed my eyes and started to concentrate. I wondered if Mrs. Wright would let me cum down her throat. Just as my eyes closed and my mind started lose control while my hips moved to the tune there was a sound of keys banging.

My eyes opened wide and Mrs. Wright immediately pulled away.

“It’s OK Annie, just try it again,” she turned her head and yelled, before taking my cock back into her mouth.

“I can’t, it’s too hard,” Annie called back down, with poutiness in her voice.

Mrs. Wright sucked me in all the way, and held me for a second before pulling back off and standing up. She didn’t say anything, but just walked out the door.

I sat there with my wet cock exposed, not knowing what to do. I could hear her upstairs consoling Annie and helping her start back up. Soon the tune was playing again and Annie was slowly making her way through the difficult part.

I heard Mrs. Wright say, “we’re almost done down there, then you can be finished.”

With that the steps were coming down the stairs. She walked in and saw me standing there in virtually the same position as before.

“Dear lord Jake, I don’t know what we are going to do with you.”

“What do you mean ma’am?”

“Well, I thought having me suck you like that would have been enough, Mr. Wright can never last that long, but you’re still just as hard as ever.”

I just smiled sheepishly. “What do you suggest?”

“Well, you’ve seen my penis, can I see you naked?”

“You think that will help?” she asked, almost mockingly.

“I think so,” I responded.

With that she stepped back and with one quick pull had her dress up over her head. My eyes just widened and before I could take anything in her bra was off and falling to the floor. Since she had already taken off her panties she stood there buck naked. I didn’t know what to look at first, and immediately started to beat off again.

My eyes first noticed the spot between her legs. All the girls I had been with completely shaved their pussies. The most pubic hair I had seen in real life was a small strip that Melissa left just above her clit. Anything else had been in the old pornos I found of my dad’s. However, Mrs. Wright stood there naturally as could be. Her pubic hair was a dark blond mix of short little curly hairs. Sticking out beyond the hair were her dark pink pussy lips. The effect that I immediately noticed because she had hair down there was that around her lips it was obviously matted and wet.

Below her thighs were thick and soft looking. Above she had a bit of a belly, but nothing I would have ever noticed with her clothes on. She had stretch marks around her hips and stomach from her pregnancy. Above her belly two full, heavy breasts fell. Their nipples were a light pink and covered the whole tip of each breast.

Just as I had never seen a natural pussy I had certainly never seen a set of breasts like this. All the girls in high school were tight and perky. Hers however, hers were real breasts. While they sagged they had a very natural hang to them. They were shaped perfectly and I couldn’t help myself. I immediately moved to her and took one in my hand.

“I don’t have the tight little body that Annie has, or any of the other girls your age have,” Mrs. Wright said with a hint of self consciousness.

I paid her no attention and took her boobs in my hand. I cupped them both, feel the weight and heft of each in my hand. Her nipples immediately hardened and I found them with my finger tips. I flicked at them gently, then took them both between my thumb and forefinger, pinching gently.

Mrs. Wright coo’d softly as I pinched and lightly tugged. I held one up and leaned in, taking her large nipple into my mouth. I sucked it in, lifting her large breast away from her body. My mouth stayed locked on as my hand pinched at the other one. I pinched harder and harder, while sucking like a madman.

I was worried I was going to hurt her, until I heard an almost inaudible, “fuck yes.”

I couldn’t believe that I just heard that word from Mrs. Wright and viewed it as an opportunity to take things further. I lowered my hand down to her pussy, but as I felt her soft hair, I also felt her hand. She had beaten me to the punch and was fervishly frigging her own cunt with her hand.

I stepped away from her and watched as she leaned against the door way and paid more attention to her pussy. I was about to say something about the fact that she was masturbating, but my better senses got control and I just began doing the same thing. For what seemed like forever, but in reality was probably on like two minutes we just intently watched each other masturbate while Annie continued playing upstairs.

The piano stopped, but this time Mrs. Wright just kept going. I took it on myself this time, and left her to herself as I walked past to the bottom of the steps.

“That sounded awesome babe. I’m just about done down here, play that through once more from the beginning and I should be done.”

“Ok,” Annie replied enthusiastically.

I hurried back, my cock bouncing with each step. As I approached the laundry room Mrs. Wright was there, still gyrating on her hand. I sat and watched her big ass move around in small circles for a minute. Then I walked up behind her. I reached around and grabbed her tits and pressed my cock into her fleshy backside.

She again moaned as I sat there squeezing and pinching at her nipples, my cock pressing into her. I leaned into her neck and whispered into her ear. “Mrs. Wright, Annie is about done, and I need to fuck someone. Are you going to fuck me here, or should I take Annie up to her bedroom as you stay here and finger yourself.”

“No Jake, you have to fuck me.”

With that I held her across the room and pushed her down over the counter. As she bent forward her chubby ass cheeks parted slightly and I could see that her pubes continued up into her crack. I grabbed my cock and slid it between her thighs. Just as I was lifting it to her cunt she stopped me.

“No, we can’t.”

“Fine, then I’m going to go fuck dear sweet little Annie.”

“No, just not there. Mr. Wright still wants kids and I’m not protected. My vagina is his.”

“Then what do you propose?”

She didn’t say anything, but her hands reached back. Taking both white globes in her cheeks she spread her ass.

If at all possible my cock got even harder. She was indeed all natural. Her curly blond pubes run up both sides of her crack and circled around the pink little puckered hole of her ass. They were all matted to her skin with a mixture of sweat and cum. I couldn’t believe what she was offering me. I had never fucked a girl in the ass, but as with all guys I had always wanted too.

I held my cock against her ass. “Tell me what you want me to do Mrs. Wright,” I said, feeling bolder.

“You’re going to have to put it there.”


“You know…in my bum.”

“Tell me what you want me to do Mrs. Wright!”

“I want you to put it in my bum,” she moaned.

“No, tell me what you want.”

She paused for a moment. Then finally, as if realizing what I wanted blurted out. “I want you to fuck me in my ass. I want you to shove you’re big cock up my asshole and make me cum.”

With that I smiled and started to push against her hole. The very tip of my cock made a small entrance, but was soon forced out. I kept pushing, but her hold wouldn’t give.

“I’m sorry Jake, I’ve never had anything that big in there, I think it need some lube.”

I quickly looked around, but didn’t see anything. I knew Annie would be done in a couple of minutes, so I did the only thing I could think. I lowered down, spread her cheeks apart and drove my tongue into her. As my tongue made contact with her sphincter she moaned out loudly. I lapped at her hole, pressing each time a little harder with my tongue. The hairs that lined her ass were tickling my nose, but I didn’t care. I had never licked a girl’s asshole and was completely overtaken by everything.

I tried to force my tongue in, but it wasn’t working. Without really thinking I lifted my hand up her inner thigh. As it brushed against her lips her asshole relaxed a little. I started to slide my finger back and forth, just slightly parting her labia. He ass was opening more and more. Finally I slid my finger into her wet cunt. As soon as I had it in there her ass completely relaxed and my tongue slid in. I tongued her ass while fingering her pussy for a few seconds, then stood up.

Pulling away and looking at her hole it seemed nice and wet, however, to make sure I held my finger that was wet with her juices to her hole then slid it into her ass. She gasped as I penetrated her, violating her darkest insides. Her ass clenched onto my finger like nothing I had ever felt.

“Oh fuck Jake, that feels good. Take it out and put your cock in me.”

That’s all I needed. I slid my finger from her asshole, which clenched tight, as if trying to hold it in. As I was moving towards her ass she moved her hand down between her legs. Her hand was soaking wet with her own cum and she rubbed it all over my cock, before returning it to her cunt .

I started to push against her hole again softly, but it wasn’t giving. “Just shove your cock in my ass and fuck me,” she ordered.

I lunged forward. The resistance was more than I thought I could overcome and her cheeks collapsed around my shaft. Then all of a sudden she yelped out and I felt her opening give. The piano stopped and we both froze, my cock buried deep in her ass.

“Mom, is everything OK?” Annie yelled down.

“Yes dear, everything’s fine, Jake is helping me.”

With that I slowly started to pump. Mrs. Wright gasped out between strokes, “Just…finish…up…Jake…will…come…in…a…second.”

“OK, you’re sure you’re OK?”

“She’s fine sweetie, I’m taking care of her, but I’m just about done.”

We both remained quiet as I fucked her ass slowly. As soon as the music started back up I sped up. My cock was soon pistoning in and out of her asshole. Each time I thrust her whole ass would shake all around. Her hand was busy on her cunt and I could feel her fingers brush against my balls each time I thrust in.

I grabbed both of her cheeks and spread her ass so I could watch my cock. The wrinkled skin of her little asshole was stretched taught around my invading cock. The short hairs that framed her hole were matted down to her white skin. I was thrusting completely inside her, her ass taking every inch of my cock.

After a few more thrusts I pulled my cock completely from her ass. Her hole remained gaping open for a second, then winked shut. I pushed back in with a grunt and my grunt was met with one from Mrs. Wright. A few more thrusts, then out again so I could see her anus react to my penetration.

After the third time I pulled out, but instead of standing there watching her hole pucker back up I dropped to my knees. Burying my face into her fat ass I found her hole with my tongue and before it clenched tight again I invaded Mrs. Wright’s asshole with my tongue. Since it was still gaped my entire tongue snaked up into her.

“Oh my fucking god, Jake, oooooh,” she moaned out.

I wiggled my tongue inside of her and began to tongue fuck her ass. Her hands were working madly at her cunt and the more I tongued her hole the wetter the noises were becoming. I could have stayed like that all day, with my face buried in between her beautiful round bottom and my tongue up her ass, but we both noticed that the music had stopped.

“Come on Jake, I’m done,” we heard her call.

I didn’t want to, but I pulled out of Mrs. Wright. Standing up I pushed my cock back into her ass and called out, “OK babe, I’m coming, just a sec.”

I thrust as fast and hard as I could, not worrying about the effect it might have on Mrs. Wright’s tender hole.

Mrs. Wright yelled out, “I’m coming too.” I’m sure Annie assumed it was meant as a response to her, but I knew what she really meant. I thrust hard two or three more times then buried my cock to the hilt inside her. When I bottomed out in her bottom Mrs. Wrights legs started to shake and she started to make incoherent noises.

I held it for just a second, than erupted inside her with a groaning “fuuuuuuck.” My cock just kept pulsing as shot after shot of cum blasted inside her ass.

Mrs. Wright wasn’t able to respond and with each pulse she would let out a soft little whimper, almost as if I was hurting her. I probably shot fifteen times into her ass before I was done. At the very end Mrs. Wrights legs gave out on her and her whole body slumped onto the counter.

When my cock was finally drained I pulled out of her. Immediately cum started to ooze from her hole and down her leg. She clenched it tight, holding it in, then it opened again and more came out. As I pulled up my pants and tucked my cock away I watched her ass open and close, spilling out more cum each time it opened.

Mrs. Wright lay there motionless on the counter, her body moving up and down with each breath. I wanted to stay there with her, but I buttoned my pants and headed upstairs.

“What took so long down there?” Annie asked as I emerged into the living room.

“Oh, there was just lots to do.”

“Is my mom OK, it sounded like she hurt herself?”

“Oh, yeah, she’s fine. Something just poked into her butt.”

Annie gave me kind of weird look, then shrugged and threw herself at me. As she wrapped her arms around me and kissed my check my still fairly stiff cock poked into her.

She moaned into my mouth and pulling away said, “After spending time with her you’re still hard.”

I moved my hands to her back, and with more boldness than I had ever acted with Annie grabbed her ass and pulled her into my cock. Her eyes beamed wide and I said, “just thinking about you babe.”

We stood there in the living room shamelessly making out. Sweet, innocent little Annie was gyrating her crotch on my cock and sucking my tongue into her mouth, having no idea that both had just been inside her moms ass.

We were interrupted with a throat clearing and both turned to see Mrs. Wright standing in the doorway.

“Oh, sorry mom,” Annie said, turning a bright shade of red.

“Sorry Mrs. Wright, I’ll behave,” I said, giving her a wicked little smile.

“Annie, come help me with dinner, Jake, will you be staying?” she asked curtly, I nodded.

As Annie obediently walked into the kitchen I started to follow. Mrs. Wright nonchalantly stepped in front of me.

“You left quite a mess Jacob. I didn’t know what to clean it up with, so I used these.” She held out Annie’s pair of purple panties that had started everything. About half of them were clearly wet as she had obviously used them to wipe all my cum from her ass. I just looked, open mouth and reached out to grab them. I could feel that they were even wetter than they looked.

She didn’t allow me to take them, but instead dropped her hand and shoved them into my pants. Wrapping her hand and the panties around my cock she said, “you better keep these somewhere safe.”

She gave my cock a few strokes, the pulled her hand out and walked into the kitchen. I sat there mesmerized by everything that had just happened. Snapping out of it I walked into the kitchen to help with dinner. As I entered Annie and her mom were standing side by side at the kitchen sink.

I looked at both of them. For so long I had lusted after little Annie, and she looked so cute standing there. That was the problem. Despite how “cute” she looked, I couldn’t keep my eyes and mind off the sexiest woman I had ever seen standing next to her.

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