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TAKING ON A MONSTER: an old-fashioned stroke story

No one could take all of that monster cock, but she was determined to try.
TAKING ON A MONSTER: an old-fashioned stroke story
by Rumple Foreskin

Cindy and her four lovers sprawled together in satisfied exhaustion, comparing notes on how they’d celebrated her birthday. Someone started tallying up the different encounters. The final count left everyone duly impressed with both the recuperative powers of the four guy’s and with Cindy’s stamina.
"Damn, woman,"  said Bob. There was a note of respect in the tall, ex-college basketball player’s voice. “You must have handled every one of us in just about every way possible this side of, The Kama Sutra."
"Whoa, bro," said Jessie. The lean, hard-bodied black vet gave them his patented, bullshit grin. "As you dudes may have noticed, I really dig Cindy and her out-of-sight ass. Why she married a worthless redneck like Ray here is beyond me.”
Ray flipped him the bird. “Good taste.”  
Jessie ignored the interruption. “I tell you, while she’s all prime perfection, her righteous young ass, well, it just has to be one of the great natural wonders of the world."
He held up a hand to stifle the laughter. "But unless I missed something, I'm almost certain Tony never got to tap her fine tush."
"Well since she's able to sit still for all your bullshit, I'd say you're probably right," said Ray.
When the laughter subsided, Ray leaned over to Cindy. "Do you want to try for a perfect record?"
"Are you nuts?” Cindy was incredulous. Tony’s cock was enormous. Having the whole thing stuffed up inside her over-stretched pussy had been challenge enough. No one could take on that monster.“Face it guys, some things just aren’t meant to be.”
She glanced over at Tony. Both he and his mythic manhood looked limp and exhausted. “Besides, it looks like Tony might be through, at least for the time being.”

Ray nodded. "But if he could get it back up, would you try?"
Cindy noticed the excitement in her husband’s voice. And although she knew the idea was crazy and possibly even dangerous, it began to turn her on.
So after a last look at the well-hung, but obviously fucked-out, Tony, she said, yes. Certain there was no hope, she volunteered to try coaxing some life back into the heavy, flaccid log.
Maybe it was Cindy’s talented tongue or Tony getting turned on at the prospect of diddling her derriere, but the thick shaft began to stir. Moments later, her fingers were wrapped around a  hard thick shaft while her mouth was stuffed with a huge, swollen cockhead.
For just a moment, Cindy wondered what the hell she’d gotten herself into. There was no way she could take Tony in her ass, not without running the very real risk of doing some serious damage back there. But when she tried to back out, the guys insisted she keep her bargain.
So, both nervous and excited, she knelt in front of the couch, grabbed a pillow for support, and assumed the position. Jessie coated her puckered hole with a thick layer of petroleum jelly. Then he shoved a big dollop inside and used his long fingers to push it in deep. All that felt good, but Cindy knew something much bigger was heading her way.
"You ready?" asked Ray.
"I guess so. Just remember, if I say, ‘Stop, damn it,’ then damn it, stop. Everybody understand?"
They all promised to hear and obey.
She watched Tony apply a thick coating of lubricant to his engorged cockhead and broad shaft. There’s just no way, she thought then buried her face in the pillow and tried to relax.
Try as she might, she inhaled sharply and tensed-up the moment Tony's huge cockhead slipped between the cheeks of her ass. Then she told herself to take deep breaths and stay calm.  
Tony pushed his giant cockhead against Cindy's anus. Thanks to the earlier anal activity with the other guys, her sphincter was well stretched. That, and all the lube, meant there was little pain when the tip slipped inside. But as the big head shoved in deeper, she could feel her hole being forced wider and wider apart. Just when Cindy thought she could take no more, she felt Tony's entire cockhead pop into her burning ass hole.
After a moment’s pause, Tony began slowly forcing his giant cock deeper and deeper into Cindy's rear. It was an incredible experience. There was no way she could take it all, of course, but she had a sudden, inexplicable determination to take as much as possible.
Almost half the monster pole had forced its way into her ass before Cindy decided possible had arrived. "Uh, Tony it might be better if you didn’t go any deeper. I mean I really don't think it's safe. Maybe some other time. But for now, just take it easy and please don't go any deeper."
Tony understood, and slowly withdrew his mammoth dick until the entire shaft was out and only his cockhead remained inside her ass. After a short pause, he began a slow, smooth thrust that didn’t stop until his cock was back at the same depth inside her ass. He began repeating the motion, gradually picking up speed with each thrust.
Not even taking Tony in front and Jessie in back at the same time had made her feel so full of cock. The pressure triggered waves of pleasure and pain that combined into a fantastic erotic high. She knew Tony’s dick was about a foot long when erect, and thick as her wrist. But at that moment, it seemed like a baseball bat was plunging in and out of her burning butt. It hurt, but felt so good.
Whenever Tony shoved in a little too deep, Cindy would emit a low moan of pain. But he was careful and it seldom happened. The flood of sexual sensations inside her ass were so intense, the orgasm which soon shook her body only added to the crescendo of emotions she was experiencing.

She was racing toward another climax when Tony grunted and instinctively thrust forward. The big cock rushed deeper into her ass. Her bottom seemed to explode in hot pain and sexual exhilaration. Lights flashed behind her closed eyelids. Her breath escaped in a loud groan. Her entire body throbbed with an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain.

In the middle of this overwhelming orgasm, from somewhere far off, she heard Tony emit a triumphal shout and felt his hot cream erupt deep inside her ravaged rump.

Sometime later, when the massive cock began to soften and slip out, she opened her eyes and winked at her grinning husband. “Thanks for my birthday present, honey. I can’t wait to find out what you’ll get me next year.”

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