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Teaming up with Sonia

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Daring a colleague to fuck the boss.

The day I started at my new job I was introduced to a colleague starting at the same time and in the same department. Sonia was a year younger but qualified at the same time. During our time at college, we did not really connect as I was there on a swimming scholarship and between studying and swim meets barely had enough time to spend with my girlfriend of the time. She on the other hand went to college with the sole intention of being number one in her class and getting the perfect job. A career girl if ever I saw one.


The company that we worked for asked a lot from their new employees, work 18 hours a day, do not take weekends and do not ever say no to the boss. Although we found the change in pace from being a student to working full time hard to get used to we both enjoyed the generous nature of the company and the way that they took care of their staff.


We spent many late nights working and made use of the free meals and other refreshments on a regular basis. After a particularly intensive project, we were given the keys to the corporate apartment in a village on the nearby coast to go and relax for a weekend. Although Sonia and I were not a couple many of the staff believed, we were and treated us as such.


It was during this weekend that I saw what Sonia really looked like under the corporate uniform. On the Saturday morning, I slept late and when I stumbled towards the kitchen, I heard Sonia in the shower. The door must have blown open as I had a full view and what I saw made my dick jump to attention. Her 5’6 body was toned to perfection with small but firm tits and legs that vouched for years of dancing. Her pussy was toped with a neat little pubic hair triangle and she had a tight butt that caused my hands to grab my erection. Initially I thought she was busy washing herself but realised with a shock that she was playing with her pussy. She had two fingers up her box and the other hand was rubbing her clit. Her eyes were shut and I could not move seeing her nipples pucker up as she came again and again.


I did not say a word but quickly moved to the kitchen for my morning OJ and then back to my room. I could not get the image of prissy Miss Sonia out of my mind and avoided her for the rest of the day. That evening I could not keep my hands away and jerked off with the image of her in the shower in my mind.


A company tradition that we heard of soon after we started was the big introduction dinner held for all new employees. This was held at the CEO’s estate just outside town and all new employees have to stay over for the weekend. Again, Sonia and I were invited as a couple and by this stage, we had become good friends. The one image I could never lose was the one of her in the shower that weekend at the coastal apartment.


Although we were invited as a couple we didn’t get to share a room as the CEO didn’t believe that non married couples should stay together but we spent the first afternoon lying next to the pool chatting and it was then that Sonia really surprised me.


“I bet you a month salary that you couldn’t bang Jack’s wife” she stated wile sipping a cool drink


Jack, the CEO, had the reputation as a very serious, and devote family man. He had been married for 20 years and his wife, Nancy was at his side from the day he started the company. Nancy was a very attractive woman and a runner up Miss America in her youth. The thought of fucking her was not one that had entered my mind before, but not one that sat uncomfortably once it was there.


This was a very interesting dare and not one that I could leave unchallenged. The fact that it came from Sonia made it even better and I responded.


“I bet I can, but I don’t think you could fuck Jack”


Sonia smiled and replied.


“You are on my friend and it has to be done this weekend. The challenge will be to do it were we can see each other”


Soon after we left to prepare for the famous dinner and it was wile I was undressing to shower that I heard the knock on the door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked across the room. As I opened the door, Sonia slipped in and with out saying a word she stripped and wrapped her arms around my neck.


“If you manage to fuck her I at least want to know what it feels like first,” she said after a long kiss.


I was too stunned to say a word but also realised that I had managed to drop the towel in the process. Sonia’s hands reached down and grabbed my erect cock. She drooped on her knees and sucked my dick into her mouth. I was just starting to enjoy the feeling when she stood up and taking my hand walked over to the bed. She fell back pulling me on top of her and quickly slipped me into her. I had recovered my composure by this stage and started pump into her warm, juicy pussy with pent up energy. Sonia had grabbed her ankles stretching herself open and I could feel myself sliding deeper into her than I have ever been in any pussy. Her firm tits were bouncing up and down with every thrust of my dick we came at the same time and I could feel her juices mixing with mine and running down into her but crack.


Sonia quickly dressed and slipped out of my room. I jumped into the shower and tried to get my erect dick to relax. There was no way I could get dressed in a tuxedo with my penis still stiff.


We were placed next to Jack and Nancy and we struck up a conversation quickly enough. As the evening wore on and speeches were made I noticed that Nancy was drinking a lot more than I would have thought. Sonia noticed as well and it was during a break in conversation that she leant closer and said.


“Remember the bet stud, I see she making it a bit easier for you”


Jack in the mean time was his normally composed self and I felt a bit sorry for Sonia in her quest to get into his pants. That sympathy soon disappeared when I saw him asking her to dance. She was pressing herself in to him and his eyes widened in surprise. The fact that his hand crept down her back and came to a stop on her butt made me realise that I had work to do.


Turning to Nancy I noticed that she was looking at me and she said.


“I think we need to dance, young man”


The music was playing a slow tune and I pulled her in holding her close enough to feel her body against mine. She had a body comparable to a girl much younger and I could feel her firm tits pressing against my chest. I was taller than she was and I could see down her cleavage. Her thighs were firm as the rubbed against mine and I thought I could feel her grinding her pussy on my leg as we moved with the music.


When the song ended, Nancy grabbed my hand and asked me to get her a drink. Confirming that she would like some more Champagne she indicated that I should bring it to the balcony overlooking the pool below. At the bar, I bumped into Jack and grabbing our drinks, we moved to the balcony. I was surprised to see him going in the same direction but Sonia leaning on the balustrade chatting to Nancy explained it all.


I was getting worried that neither of us would succeed in our quests but as I handed Nancy ’s drink to her, she said.


“Do you ride young man? Let me go show you my stud.”


“That’s a great Idea Nancy, Jack replied, Sonia and I were on our way to the boat house so that I could show her my new motorboat”


When we got to the stables, Nancy opened the massive doors leading into well-maintained horseboxes and proceeded to lead me to the back corner. In the last box was a pure black stallion but it was his huge dick hanging like a fifth leg that made me blush.


My, My Nancy said at least somebody is happy to see me but I am sure you compare very well to that young man.


Her hand was on my crotch rubbing my dick before I could blink and she had her tongue in my mouth before I could say a word. I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest and my cock growing hard in her hand. She led us up a ladder into a loft stacked with hay for the horses. The far end was an open door and I realised that it overlooked the boathouse just before Nancy pulled my shirt over my head and started sucking and biting my nipples.


I pushed her away and turned her around. Her dress was held together with a single clip in the back and I undid it quickly. The soft dress fell on the hay and she gracefully stepped out of the pool of material. She was completely naked apart for a string of pearls. She had firm breasts and a flat stomach running down into a trimmed bush that glistened wet with anticipation.


Her hands continued on my dick and she expertly undid the zip and reached inside. Struggling out of my pants I reached for her tits and the smooth skin was warm under my fingers. Nancy pushed me back onto the hay and slipped between my legs.


“Close your eyes” she ordered as she took me in her mouth.


Her lips were around the base of my dick and I could feel the tip in the back of her throat. Her long fingers were massaging my balls and she had one at the opening of my bum hole slowly circling the sensitive area.


I was ready to cum and slipping out from under her; I flipped her onto her back.


“No, no she said, I want you to fuck me from behind.


She turned over and pushed her toned ass towards me. I had to taste her first, slipped my tongue in between her crack, and started working my way to her pussy paying some attention to her brown bum hole, which puckered up as my tongue rimmed it. The pussy was sopping wet and surprisingly tight. Her clit was swollen and I teased her by keeping my tongue away from it for as long as she allowed me.


“I want your tongue on my clit right now young man and stop teasing me or you will be sorry”


Being a good employee and the fact that I was fucking my boss's wife made my do as I was told. When I could feel her tightening up and the tremors inside her building to a pitch, I slipped my dick into her a little bit at a time. I was just building up a nice rhythm holding onto Nancy ’s hips when I saw a movement down below on the boathouse deck.


It was Sonia sitting on top of Jack’s pole riding him like a cowgirl. His hands were on her tits massaging them and teasing the nipples. I could see her tight body bucking up and down on his dick and she was using her fingers to rub her clit. Neither Sonia nor Jack was holding back and they came at the same time with a loud whooping shout that must have alerted the security patrols.


Nancy , in the meantime was bucking around on the end of my dick, looked over her shoulder, and said.


“In my ass young man, right now”


Her brown hole was wet and lubricated from my tongue earlier and this with the pussy juices now flowing freely made for easy access to a very tight butt hole. I took it slowly slipping in inch by inch and as I, my balls touched her pussy she came hard. I have never experienced a woman enjoying Cumming like that. She milked every drop of cum from my penis with her bum muscles, she extended every orgasmic shudder that she produced and when she finally collapsed, she pulled me closer and started cleaning my dick and balls.


I was still on my knees and could see that Sonia and Jack had swopped places and he was pumping her from behind. She was hanging on to the deck railing for dear life. When he came, he pulled out and squirted over her back and the drops glistened white in the moonlight pouring over the lake.


Later on when had recovered; Nancy and I strolled back to the party. As we got to the balcony leading into the main room, Jack and Sonia arrived back from the boathouse. Nana turned to me and said.


“Thank you, young man for allowing me to show you my stud. I hope you will allow me to show you the rest some other time.”


Jack turned to Sonia and said:


“Young lady I want to thank you for the company and look forward to seeing you at the office and discussing more of what you showed me tonight”


With that, they both left and moved back into the room through the doors. I looked at Sonia and said:


“Well done my friend, I think we can call that quits?”


She replied:


“Indeed we can but the evening is still young so what’s the hurry? What do you think of Bill from accounting and his wife?


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