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Teen in the Castle -3- Teaching Alyssa

Martin tries to teach the teen a thing or two about pleasing boys.
She’s late. Martin had prepared everything. He had carefully considered what to say, arranged with Damien to not disturb them and made a comfortable cuddling spot in the hay. Now he just needed Alyssa to show up. He even had his special aid. As he thought about it, he felt into his pocket. It was starting to melt. She’d better come soon. He decided to store it in the hay.

The feint whisper came from downstairs.

“I’m over here.” He called back. It was getting dark and Alyssa couldn’t see him very well. Martin was in the hay-attic above the stables.

He had to help Alyssa with the ladder again. In the dark it was even scarier for her. When he held the girl in his arms, Martin could feel how nervous she was. Things were going just like he had planned.
“Alyssa, relax.” He rubbed her back as they hugged and kissed her forehead.

“I’m not sure if this is a good idea, Martin…”

She is always so doubtful. Martin knew he could bend her doubts anyway he wanted.
“We’re just practicing remember? I promise I won’t take your virginity.” He reassured her. Knowing that’s what the girl was worrying about.
“Come over here.” Martin pulled her closer.

They laid themselves into the hay and Martin started to kiss her. She didn’t resist. Alyssa was getting better at it again, she now occasionally sucked his tongue when he entered her mouth. As they were making out, he managed to take off his shirt. Only breaking off the kissing for an instant.

“Mmh. Alyssa you’re getting better at this.” Complimented Martin. Saying stuff like that, would surely make her follow more of his lessons. He let his hand stroke up her leg again. This time she didn’t stop him. Alyssa even pulled up her dress. Maybe this is going to be easier than I thought.

Not having the patience to tease her, Martin puts his hand into her panties. She’s definitely wetter then this afternoon, I guess she’s comfortable. As he started to stroke her moist lips with his fingers, the boy made sure to not accidently enter her sopping pussy. Alyssa would never allow that. Instead he went up to her clit, gently rubbing it with his wet fingertips.
Alyssa stopped kissing. “Oh… Martin.” Moaned the girl.

That should have gotten her warmed up enough. He removed his hand from her underwear and started to pull up her dress entirely.
“Do I need to take it off?” Mumbled Alyssa, as she saw what he was doing.

“Yes, remember what I promised?”
Martin saw Alyssa’s eyes sparkle when she thought of it.
“I can’t do that with your dress on.”

Not entirely sure why her dress would get in the way, if Martin wanted to kiss her pussy, Alyssa still took it off. Martin had his shirt off too, so it seemed only fair. It’s not like he could see much of her body in this light anyway.

When the dress landed into the hay, Martin crawled onto Alyssa. It wasn’t his intent to just look at her naked upper body. He wanted to touch, taste and kiss every part of it. As his hands groped over her body, he could sense Alyssa hadn’t expected what he was doing. But he could also feel she was enjoying it. When his right hand grabbed her breast to play with it, he could feel the hardened nipple pin into his palm. He sent his lips to search for the other one. Licking his way over Alyssa’s chest, his mouth found her left nipple. Right where it was supposed to be waiting for him. Still squeezing her right breast, Martin started to fondle the tip of her left one with his tongue. Sucking on it as well, every once in a while.

He heard the girl moan again. Martin knew he could go on.

“You like it?” He asked. Lowering his hands to her underwear, preparing to remove Alyssa’s final piece of clothing.

The girl nodded.

Martin pulled down the panties, leaving the girl entirely naked. He threw them next to the dress, which was lying a bit further. Martin looked down in between her legs. Wow, she’s so hairy. He had never seen Clover have this much bush. He hoped Clover would be teaching the girl how to shave soon.

Not wanting to show his dismay, he bent down between her legs. Martin used both hands to part her lips. Ah, this is much better. The wet pinkness of Alyssa looked even more delicious in contrast with her black pubes. As he brought his face right before the hairy beast, he could see the juices glitter on the insides of her folds. Without hesitation he ran his tongue through her slit. Mmmm, delicious. The smell of her young pussy was even better than the taste of her juices. He greedily licked up as much as he could, swallowing every drip his tongue could catch. The black pubic hair of the girl gently brushed his cheeks as Martin continued to shove his face up and down between her legs.

Alyssa’s had pulled up both her legs to look down between them to see what Martin was doing there. It felt like nothing she had ever felt before. His tongue was a sensation as it caressed every inch of her wet pussy. She wanted him to never stop. Alyssa could only image what it would feel like if he only licked a little bit higher. The teen could feel him working his way up to her swollen clit.

Martin looked up to make eye contact. Oh, she’s surely enjoying this. His nose rubbed onto her clitoris as he stroked his tongue through her vagina one last time. When he reached the point where her inner lips met, Martin replaced his tongue to her sensitive clit.

Alyssa breath fastened as he fondled her little button. Martin felt his chin getting wet, rubbing against the teenagers lips. Sensitively licking and nibbling at the clit, he knew Alyssa was close to an orgasm. Carefully he moved his hands under her buttocks to support her.

The girl didn’t shake as much as Clover did. But Martin was sure she had reached a climax as he felt Alyssa’s lower body shudder in excitement. He looked up to see Alyssa bite her lip to smother the moans that were erupting from her throat. The teen even accidently kicked him in the shoulder, having lost all control of her legs.

Knowing how vulnerable the teen was right now, Martin crawled up. Covering her with his body he asked in a whisper. “Did you like it?”

“Yes… it was really nice.”

He gave her a kiss. Alyssa was still somewhat infatuated from the orgasm she had just gotten. This is the perfect time to go further. Martin took off his trousers and set himself next to the naked teen. She remembered the arrangement they had made before. Alyssa stroked his chest with her right hand, before going down to take hold of his cock. Softly the girl started stroking his hard member. When she bent over to use her mouth, Martin let her do. We still have plenty of time, I just have to make sure not to cum yet.

The blowjob was similar to the one at noon. A lot of licking and not enough sucking. Martin tried to push himself up into her mouth again, but didn’t succeed. It seemed like Alyssa had expected it. Instead he started stroking her hair. Her soft black hair.

Since she was only using her mouth on the top of his cock, it took quite a while for Martin to build up an orgasm. The girl wasn’t even jerking him off. Alyssa just used her hand to hold him in place.

He pulled back her head. By the look on her face, Martin could see that she was expecting him to finish himself off again. And that their playtime would be over. But he had made different plans.

“Do you want to practice some more?” He asked.

“Uh… Then why did you pull me off?”

“Something else.” He explained.

This brought uncertainty onto Alyssa’s face.
“Like what?”

Martin knew he was on thin ice. If he said anything wrong, he might scare her off. Luckily he had considered what words to say long before they had started their little escapade.
“Practice something new. Something your husband might like.” He began carefully. Alyssa looked at him without a notion of what he had in mind.
“Turn around. On your hands and knees.” Martin got up as he said it. Alyssa did what he told her.

Positioning himself behind the girl, Martin let his fingers brush through her pubes again. That would comfort her a bit. He cupped the hairy pussy with his left hand and used his right to rub her lower back. Silently Alyssa awaited what he would do next, as Martin massaged the outside of her pussy.

After a while Martin let go of her lips and grabbed his cock, which was dangling right bellow her pussy. Still softly stroking her pelvis, he gently tapped her lips with his cockhead. Knowing this would cause Alyssa to react, he reassured her before she even had the chance to open her mouth.
“Shh, I’m not going to enter you.” He shushed.

That seemed to calm her, Alyssa had already rotated her head to look what he was doing. As she turned her face away from him again, Martin started searching through the hay. It must be here somewhere.

“What are you doing?” She hissed. The waiting was starting to work on her nerves, Alyssa still didn’t know what he was going to do.

Ah, here it is. He unraveled a piece of cloth. Martin took out the butter he had stored in there. The boy had done this a couple of times with Clover, if she was on her period. But the idea of trying it with Alyssa was just maddening. He couldn’t wait.

With his left index finger he scooped up some of the yellow butter. Gently pulling apart her buttcheeks with his right hand, gave Martin access to both her pussy and her tiny asshole. Considering the girl had to stay virgin, he knew to stay away from to lower of the two holes. Carefully he pressed his finger to her arse, smearing out the butter.

“What are you doing?”

“I’ve done this with Clover before. Just relax. Stop moving.”
If she didn’t stop wiggling her butt like that, he wouldn’t be able to fully lubricate her. He only had a limited amount of butter and some had already started dripping down to her pussy.

The girl sat still for the next few seconds. When Martin figured she was greasy enough, he took the last piece of butter. He put it in the middle of her tiny asshole and used his index finger to push it in.

Alyssa squealed, as the finger entered her tight rear entrance. Martin could feel the butter melt inside of her. The muscles inside of the girl were trying to push the uninvited guest out. But Martin’s finger prevented that. Every time her sphincter stopped contracting, he took the opportunity to shove it in deeper.

It took about two minutes before the lump of butter had fully melted. Martin wiggled around his finger inside of the teen to make sure. Yep, it’s gone. He pulled out.

The sigh of Alyssa indicated that she expected it to be over now, that he had just wanted to play with her asshole. But Martin hadn’t even started. He grabbed his pounding cock and aimed it at her greasy butthole. Since he had put the last piece of butter inside of Alyssa, Martin now had nothing to lubricate his cock with. To make up for that, he rubbed the head of his cock against Alyssa’s ass. Fluid butter came oozing out, right on top of his cockhead. He smeared it around a bit and prepared himself.

As the tip of his cock was set against Alyssa sphincter. The girl must have understood what was going to happen. She remained silent. Awaiting the inevitable.

Martin tried to use his right hand to spread her ass even more, as his left hand was wrapped around his cock, pushing it into Alyssa. Her tight ring slowly opened as Martin raised the pressure. When the head of his cock had entered halfway up her ass, the teen involuntarily contracted. The strong muscle pushed out every bit of cock that had tried to pass it. The slipperiness of the butter seemed to work both ways.

Not giving up this easily, Martin moved his cock back into position. Ready to try again. This time he pushed even harder. Alyssa grunted as he slipped passed her ring. When he had the helmet past her tight barrier, she contracted again. This time, Martin didn’t slip out. The rim of his cockhead had gotten grip behind the ring shaped muscle. Proud of his achievements so far, Martin didn’t plan to stop here.

The ass of Alyssa squeezed some of the liquid butter out off her body, along Martin’s cock as he kept going. It went surprisingly easier for him at this point. He wasn’t sure if it was easier for the other teen thou. Martin only stopped pushing when he felt Alyssa’s sphincter tighten around him. Enjoying every part of the moment as it did.

It seemed like Alyssa’s guts were in a better position than Clover’s had ever been. Somehow Martin managed to work in his entire cock. He could feel his sack brush against Alyssa’s bush.

As the teen hadn’t said anything, or made any attempt to interrupt him, Martin figured he could start thrusting. Starting out slowly, he retracted his cock until he was halfway out of her. Then in one jab, he pulled her hips over his cock. Alyssa gasped for air as he fully penetrated her ass again. Still she didn’t stop him.

After repeating that process for about three times, Martin couldn’t hold himself any longer. He felt his warm cum flow through his cock as he released his load deep into Alyssa’s rear body. When the girl felt him explode, her anal ring started to contract even more, milking his pulsating cock dry.

When Martin finally let go of her hips. Alyssa fell onto her belly in the hay. Martin’s cock swishing out of her body as she did. He went to lay next to her, wrapping one arm around her and using the other hand to pick some hay. He used it to wipe off the cum and butter which were flowing out off Alyssa’s butt.

“Did you like that?” Mumbled the girl.

“Ye, you were amazing.” Claimed Martin, but then quickly added. “Your future husband is going to real happy with you.”

“Do you think I’ll be able to please him?”
Some uncertainty was still noticeable in her voice.

Martin almost answered by saying he was sure the girl would please anyone with any hole. Instead he settled with something better.
“You’re getting the hang of it, but you still need some practice. I’d be happy to help you out further.”

To be continued…


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