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The animal in you

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he fucked her so hard that she......
I longed to see you dance for me in the dark, the moonlight shining through the window illuminates your every mussel and bulge of your ripped body as you sway to the music. Seductive, enticing, exciting me as I am drawn to follow your every movement around the room with my thirsty eyes, hungrily feeding on your bran of seduction.

You light a few candles around the room illuminating you even more, yet subtly. You extend a hand out to me, which I accept, and you pull me up close to you.

I love your scent so manly, earthy as you pull me tight into you and we begin to move as if we were one. 

Dancing slowly, sensually, the silky fabric of my gown causing a delicious friction between us, the flimsy fabric is the only thing separating our flesh, your firm chest from my breasts. You lift my chin and hold it gently as you kiss me so soft, brushing your lips across mine.

My senses reeling, your scent, the flicker of the candlelight, your lips, the fabric between us, my hair falling softly around my shoulder, the music that you chosen, all these things so seductive as we sway to the music. 

You kiss me harder, more urgent, I can feel you growing hard against my stomach, feeling the moisture gathering between my legs. 

As our tongues wrestle, you lift me and set me on the bed, never breaking contact. You make me feel so fragile, so feminine as you kiss down my neck, whispering in my ear sweet little dirty things. Lifting me, you remove the fabric from between us swiftly, deftly.

I have no clue when you removed the rest of your clothing, but you are now nude and hard. Your erection pressing against my tiny hard clit, your hands and face busy with my breasts. 

Moaning loudly you slam into me, throwing your hips forward hard and fast such a contrast to the slow and sensual prelude.

I scream in pleasure and orgasm immediately, limbs quivering as you hammer into me. 

Pounding me hard I see the look in your eyes, pleasure and mischief all rolled in to one, and I know I am going to be sore before you are done. 

The thought excites me more and more as you bite my little bullet size nipples driving me into a frenzy of lust and running your fingers through my hair. 

Overload...I cum again screaming your name...'Rick oh Rick yes that's it baby yes make me cum again, oh my God...' You flip me over as though I weigh nothing, I am yours to use as you see fit.

All I can do is moan and writhe beneath you, as you continue to pound into my soaking pussy causing me to have yet another screaming orgasm

'oh yes fuck me baby'

'thats it...harder harder...eeeeeeeeeeee shit I'm cuminggggg oh fuck me baby.'

Your weight, your delightful assault, thrusting into me with an almost furious lust, animalistic and greedy. Pulling my hair making and me growl and whimper in ecstasy. 

Moving your hips to slide down the walls inside, widening me spreading me as pussy juices coat your throbbing cock as slides in and out with ease, my squirting juices totally soaking you as I cum again. 

In such exquisite pleasure already getting achy, you shove two fingers in my ass, opening that as well, my body shakes as you enter the tiny orifice that is my asshole. 

You bite my neck, my shoulders, riding me hard, adding a third finger to the pair already in my butt. I am now drunk with head spinning and my body wanting more of you as you continue lustful assault on my tiny body.

Lost in the feeling of only you and me as another orgasms over takes me. They are coming so close it is hard to tell where one ends and the next begins. like riding the swell of waves. You abruptly pull completely out of my soaking puss, leaving me feeling so empty as you remove your fingers too. 

You slam yourself into my tight ass making me scream again.

'Holy fuck baby', as you hammer you eight inches of cock into me again and again, I don't know how much more I can take, as another wave takes me I feel you swell and begin to twitch inside me.

I can feel you start to cum as I meat your every pull out shooting stream after stream of hot cum onto my back.

I quickly turn and open my mouth to catch some across my lips and tongue and before you can get off another stream. I grab your cock and lock my lips around it just in time to feel a hot stream of cum it the back of my throat, as I pump every last drop into my mouth and down my cum coated throat. You pull your still hard cock from my mouth and collapse on the bed next to me laying on your back panting with your drained cock on your belly. 

Kissing me gently, sweetly again the contrast... a shock and I relax and drift off to sleep with you mindlessly caressing my tits and holding me close.

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