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The ass adventure of Kendra

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Her first time
Note: This story never truly happened. Any names or resemblance is purely coincidental. Second story^^ woo hoo

Kendra Douglas was 22 with wavy dark brown hair that reached her ass. Her eyes matched her hair they almost looked chocolaty. She 5'4 and weighing about 150 pounds. Her breasts were a 36c cup and her ass was perfectly rounded.

She and her friend Katie stood in line for a club. Kendra was wearing her hair loosely braided as it hung down her back. She had on a wrap dress as black as the night sky with matching heels.She wore natural colord make-up as well. They moved up the line till they were next to enter the club.

Paul Andrews, a man of few words and a big reputation walked up to the bouncers. He looked over at Kendra and Katie and was shocked at the beautiful woman with dark hair. He was 33, a tall man of 6'0 and a muscular 200 pounds. He had short dirt blond hair that fell into his eyes if he shook it just right. His dull gray eyes stared into her deep brown ones. He nodded to the girls and told the bouncer they were with him.

The bouncer looked at Sendra and Katie. "Go on through, Ladies." They both smiled and walked in with Paul behind them. He couldnt take his eyes off Kendra's ass. He felt his 9 1/2 inch cock growing hard gaisnt his pants. He cursed under his breath. Kendra looked back and smiled shyly. He was hot. She felt herself getting really wet. She shuddered as he touched her shoulder, pointing to the V.I.P. section. "Follow me," he spoke softly in her ear.

She nodded and followed him there. He undid the rope that cut the V.I.P. section off from the rest of the club and allowed ther to walk behind before redoing it. In all the commotionKate had wondered off. Kendra was left all alone with this guy. He sat down and patted the seat next to him. "Its alright, I dont bite," he joked with her. She smiled and sat down next to him. For the nest few hours they flirted and danced a bit.

They were both getting very horny. They had been rubbing their bodies together as they danced. He smiled and whispered in her ear, "Wanna go somewhere less crowded?" Kendra nodded and took his hand. He lead her outside and to his car. She got in and buckled up. He did the same starting the car sliding his hand under her dress and grinned at the fact she wasn't wearing panties. He touched the outside of her pussy lips. "Your shaved. Very nice." He slipped a finger into her and felt how wet she was. "I want you to suck my beg of you."

She blushed hearing his words. She reached down to his pants and pulled out his 9 1/2 inches and gasped. She'd never seen one so big. She bemt down and lightly licked the head of it making him shudder in response. She opened her mouth and slid his cock about half way in her mouth and started sucking it. She felt a hand on the back of her head, resting on it, not applying any pressure. She moved a hand down to play with his heavy sac, causing him to moan softly. He stopped the car. "I need" She nodded and got out of the car, looking around. "Bend over the car Kendra," he told her looking into her eyes.

She nodded and bent over the car, pulling the hem of her dress up over her ass. He walked over and touched her quivering pussy and smiled. He got on his knees and licked it gently, causing her to shudder and moan. He shoved his tongue inside and licked her. He stopped and looked at her virgin asshole and grinned. He ran his tongue up to her asshole and licked it gently trying to slip his tongue in. She gasped and asked him to stop.

He stopped and looked up confused. She blushed. "Im a virgin there...." He grinned. "Even better."

He pushed his cock into her pussy slowly, getting it well lubricated. She was writhing and moaning under him bucking her hips against him. He grinned and pulled out, hearing her beg for him to put it back inside of her.

He positioned himself to where he would be able to slip his cock into her ass. He grabbed her hips and slowly pushed his cock against her asshole. She screamed out in pain, feeling him force his way into her ass. He swore he would cum as soon as he was inside of her tight hole but didn't want to. He wanted to make it last. He leaned down and whispered into her ear. "'ll enjoy it as much as I will, my sweet. Please just allow me to do this."

She relaxed as he had said, her muscles relaxing so much he was finally able to slide into the tight hole. He groaned with the feeling of tightness around his cock from her ass. He didn't move, so she'd be able to get adjusted. He felt the hole relax even more and started to move in and out slowly, groaning. "Oh god..." He pumped into her harder. She relaxed even farther and started to enjoy it. She pushed her hips against his and moaned loudly.

She moved her fingers down to her slit and stroked it. He smiled at her. "Told you that you'd enjoy it," he said as he kept pumping into her ass. Only 6 inches had gotten inside of her. He smirked and rammed the last 3 1/2 inches into her. She tossed her head back and cried out. "Fuck!!!!!!" She grabbed the hood of the car as he pounded away inside of her ass.

Hours later they both came hard. Its been 3 years since then and they are still dateing.
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