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The Bath Tub

How about a normal knocking on the door for once?
Emily walked into her room, where all the lights were on.
From seemingly no where a hand grabbed her and covered her mouth.
In the darkness she knew what to do and moved her hand down fast to his groin area. Grabbing him and massaging his penis.
 “Hello Russ. How about a normal knocking on the door for once?”
“Well when I get messages like I got today, I have to take you up on the offer.
“What have you got planned?” she asked as she spun round and stared into the eyes of Russ, the man she loves, and lusts for.
“Just wait and see…” and with this Russ placed handcuff on Emily and pushed her onto the bed, “Just wait and see darling.”
Russ was dressed casually, but Emily was dressed for the occasion, or so she thought. She was wearing a short black skirt, and a black top, with fishnets and no bra.
Russ got on top of her, and held her, the crotch of her tights in his hand, “Do you remember the other night, when I left you, and you sent me a message, …well that night was nothing compared to what I am about to give you.”
“Is that a promise Russ? “
“You can have a guarantee from the president if you want!!”
“Be careful”
“Careful?!” exclaimed Russ as he ripped off her fishnets, and began to rub her moist clitoris. Russ knew exactly what to do with his fingers, applying just the right amount of pressure to bring Emily to the edge.
“Finger me, Finger me” Emily panted, unable to wait for Russ any longer. “I have been waiting all day, please, make me come.”
Russ was not used to this side of Emily, she had never been this direct, but he knew what was planned for the rest of the night, so switched to his tongue, slowly making circular movement around her pussy, until her body became erect, her thighs heating up alongside his head, he pushed his tongue in, stimulating her insides until she came.
“Aww Russ, thank you.”
“How well do you know me?” he asked.
“Very well, why?” she replied, shocked at the question
“Then you’d know that was just the warm up!! GET UP!!”
“What?” exclaimed Emily, slipping back into her more submissive role.
Russ grabbed her arm, “Get up, get up.”
Emily got up, shocked as Russ began to take off her handcuffs. She was truly puzzled about what was happening now, but Russ moved in to kiss her, slow slow kisses. The sort he knew she loved. The sort that had a unique way of keeping her wet and her nipples erect. The sort she couldn’t resist.
As they stripped each other, with Emily just down to her black lacy thong, Russ pulled back.
“You asked if I remembered what the inside of your bath looked like?” Russ reminded Emily, hinting at the night that Russ had first taken her anally.
“What if I said I remembered what you looked like, with you curvy back, beautifully bent over your bath?”
Emily didn’t reply. So Russ took matters into his own hands, leading her towards the bathroom. “Show me! Show me what you look like bent over that bath.”
They moved into the bathroom, and Emily bent over the bath, filled with mixed emotions. Anal hurt her a bit. Russ putting his meaty cock into her tight hole made it sore, but she enjoyed seeing him pleasured that much. And it seemed Russ had forgotten about the spanking he had promised her anyway, so if she did this, he would definitely have forgotten.
“We can do as we did that night if you want?” Emily said, shocked the words had come out of her mouth.
“Are you sure?” Russ was shocked at how easy this was, expecting more resistance.
“Yah! But be gentle!”
Russ dripped oil onto her lower back, and massaged it in, before rubbing it slowly over her smooth, white cheeks, pushing his finger into her tight hole. As he circled his finger inside her ass, opening her up for his cock, Russ could see Emily getting more aroused. Emily could feel herself getting more aroused as well. First time it had hurt, but this time, Russ seemed to have his finger on the perfect spot. He was massaging her insides and she felt that at any moment she would explode.
Sensing this, in one movement, Russ pulled out his finger and pushed in his cock. Emily bit down hard on her lip. The mixture of pain and pleasure sent electricity through her and, while she knew Russ was blessed in the manhood department, she felt he was so deep now she could feel him all up her spine.
The two moved in time. But Emily had no control over this. The request to be gentle had fallen on deaf ears. Russ had hold of her hips and was thrusting into her with all his might. Russ leant forward, grabbed a nipple and twisted it. The twist had been a reminder to Emily that she was enjoying this and, as Russ whispered in her ear, ”I’m gonna come on you.” Emily let out a surprise moan, “Me too.”
Yet Russ ignored her plea, pulling out his cock, he held himself close and came over her ass.
“Wow Russ. Please. I am coming. Finish me off Russ. I am gonna come. Russ.” Emily begged for a bit more, something to push her over the edge. Russ loved to see Emily beg like this, giving him complete control over her without her even realising. As she continued her begging, Russ obliged, sending his thumb into pussy. Whilst his thumb worked the back wall of her pussy, his middle finger slipped back between her legs to examine her hole and could feel where his cum had dripped too. As Emily came, the force of her own orgasm sent spasms through her legs and she collapsed to the floor.

Standing up and turning back around, Emily moved forward to hug him, and was shocked to see the look in his eyes.
“What now?” she asked.
“Now,” Russ smiled, “Your spanking, you have two choices, the ruler, or the belt.”


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