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The Catalina Variation

Passion, patience and old school seduction

The Catalina Variation

  (This event takes place over a period of 7  years or more, almost 30 years ago during my free living days. I have  condensed the storyline taking my cue from events that were essential  or as best as I can remember.)

Jorge and I have been friends for  quite a while, a friendship which lasted over long periods of absence.  We met over 20 years ago, at a local chess club, it was a small and we  don’t remember much of what was said except that we played a few  skittles games. A few weeks later we saw each other at a tourney and  made eye contact, he was analyzing a game he lost; adamant he was  winning in all variations he found his loss hard to accept. Heading out  to a grab a BK, I suggested that he come along; we could do some  analysis there.

The tourney ended with him taking 2nd place, I was not  so fortunate and ended losing my next 2 games and finishing out of the  money. We sort of hung around till he suggested that I give him a ride  to his place; with not much to do and very few friends in Miami, I  agreed. We arrived at his mom’s home where he introduces me to his mom,  Estrella, my Spanish at the time was terrible but I knew it meant Star,  so I said nice to meet you “Star”.

She cocked her head in a curious way, looked me up and down quizzically and as if having mulled it over,  decided she liked the sound. She then flashed me a smile and so began our flirtatious relationship.

Wearing a pair of Sergio Valente jeans which  hugged her curvaceous ass, the mode of Latinas during the '80's and a basic halter top to complement her figure, I kept staring at her ass  as she prepared the evening meal. Jorge played the guitar and was quite  talented, he broke into a Santana lick, it needed work but still it sounded damned good, he also broke out his stash, said he needed to  unwind a bit.

That summer we hung out quite a bit. Jorge and I had  little in common, I was pretty straight laced while he was constantly  escaping into the world of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It didn't  seem to matter much to either of us as long as we were playing chess. 

His mom seemed to like me, she often said it or it was inferred, she  hoped I would be a good influence compared to some of Jorge's other  friends. I flirted with her incessantly though I was careful  curtail it when Jorge was around. A few times I even put my arms around  her which made her giggle.

I found her quite interesting, she married  very young; Jorge Sr. was an engineer, while she had a promising career  performing at the famous Copacabana in Cuba before the Castro regime.  Jorge’s dad was among some of the early political prisoners, they  targeted the educated in an effort to subjugate any possible rebellion  and though he was not detained for long he knew he could never remain  in Cuba. One night he packed his young wife, 3 year old son and fled in  a fishing vessel to Miami.

Senior located a relative of his mother in  New Jersey and as soon as they could arrange it they bought a bus  ticket and headed north. Life was unkind to Jorge Sr. he never quite  adapted, the cold weather and stress did him in and 10 years later he  was gone. There were few options left for Estrella, determined  to succeed and provide a life for her son so she returned to Miami where she took  a job as a cashier and worked nights as a waitress in a night club.

On  weekends she taught Jorge to play chess, she wasn’t a good player, but  her dad had been on the Cuban team along with Capablanca. He was a  witness to a famous game between the world champ and she memorized the  moves having seen and heard the anecdotes countless times. As he improved she would take him to the chess club where he spent countless hours.

Seizing on  my passion for everything chess I plied her with questions about her  life and her chess playing dad. With a drink in one hand and a  cigarette in the other she recounted many details of The good old  days in Cuba.

Star was very insecure, she feared being alone, not having a place to live and growing old, maybe it was a factor of having once lost everything in her escape from Cuba. We chatted and bonded well, and my relationship with her grew in many ways over years. There were many opportunities but neither of acted on impulse and the status quo remained at a constantly heightened charge.

She  loved to party and was a lush, drowning her troubles each evening with  a bottle of Scotch. Many Saturday nights she would leave Jorge and and  myself alone playing chess, and not return till late Sunday. I used to  tease her that she had to pass my inspection before she left the house.

While  very attractive she didn’t have “movie star” features, with her blend  of Spanish, Black and Indian blood, she looked quite normal but she exuded a sexual aura, which amplified her presence.

Jorge was used  to her going out, for he was quite nonchalant, but I got hot and horny  thinking about what she might be doing.

Jorge followed his mom’s  footsteps, partying and drinking heavily, and we lost contact, last I  heard he had a gig up North and got married. Occasionally I would pop in to say hi to Star and see if there was any news from Jorge; truth was I had the hots for her and sought any opportunity to be close to  her. On one of those visits I found her with her leg in a cast, she had  slipped at the club where she worked, a patron had spilled his drink, and in the dark she came upon the puddle unaware. I offered her company  and tried to make her as comfortable during her immobile period,  picking up groceries etc. and continued to visit even after the cast  was removed.

Hearing her complaints about the stiffness in her leg I offered her a  massage and also to remove the remaining vestiges of adhesive from the  bandages. Laying on the sofa, she leaned back accepting the drink I  offered. Sitting beside her I gently eased her leg into my lap, with a  generous amount of baby oil on my hands I began to coat the adhesive  softening it as I massaged the skin. She said nothing but closed her  eyes and began to relax. I continued to massage her foot and got the  feeling that we were now entering a new level. I finished the leg that  hurt but suggested that I give her other leg a massage as well “just so  there would be no jealousy”.

Star had a boyfriend, or at least he was  someone who she dated. Older than her, he did alright in his business,  a fleet of trucks and a contract with the county for removal of waste  and all sort of debris. I suspect he was married because he wore a  thick wedding band, but the topic was never broached, I was never  intimidated by his presence for I doubt that even with a week’s supply of Viagra he  would ever be able to handle her. As luck would have it he chose this  evening to pop around, realizing that she hadn’t cooked he offered to  order Chinese food, this was my cue to leave and I bid them both  goodnight.

Life moved on and it was about six months before I saw her  again. I was hanging out late at the chess club when Jorge stopped by;  it had been more than 3 years since we saw each other.

Cabrón” I  shouted “where have you been?”

“… In Jacksonville” but I am thinking of  moving back.

“What’s the matter?” I asked. We had been friends long  enough for me to sense something wrong.

“Don’t want to talk ‘bout it  now”, “Let’s play some blitz – 3 minutes okay?”

“Sure!” I said setting  up the board, for the next hour the only sound heard was the clank of  the pieces or the buttons on the clock after each move.

“Where are you  staying?” “I’ve got some stuff at my mom’s; will be there till I work  some things out.”

Okay then I will stop by on the weekend , but as we  split I noticed he headed off walking.

“Hop in” I said as I pulled  over. Not wanting to pry I offered him a ride to his mom’s place. We  rode mostly in silence and he muttered something about life being  tough, he opened up a bit to say that he was getting divorced and his  wife had kept the car.

Since it was late I opted not to go in but he  insisted, “mom would love to see you”. I entered the apartment and  there was Star dressed in a negligee that made my eyes pop, I kissed  her cheek and told her how glad I was to see her. She thanked me for  taking care of Jorge and giving him a lift. I looked at her lustfully  as she reclined on the sofa, a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the  other; the negligee she wore was covered by the night robe which she  had hastily thrown on.

Cooing lustfully, she told me that while her  foot had healed well, she suffered stiffness at times; and that massage  I gave her had really helped. Her eye closed for a couple of heartbeats  in a most imperceptible wink, and I felt a twitch in my loins and my  cock hardened at the thought.

Jorge turned in early, the long bus ride  from Jacksonville had sapped his energy, and I was left talking with  his mom. I resumed my place like the last time and once again lifted  her foot into my lap; she giggled and with an imperceptive move brushed  her toes against my hardening cock.

I was a little uncomfortable  knowing that Jorge was asleep in the room next to us but her sexual  aura captivated me and I decided to go for it and see. We continued  chatting while she adjusted herself on the pretext of getting more  comfortable; but it only placed her foot directly over my now hard  cock. She was a tease! Slowly she moved her foot up and down the length  while watching me with half opened eyes.

Untying the sash she let her robe fall open and saw her beautiful boobies, the dark nipples casting  a shadow beneath the translucent material. Her deep purple lace  camisole was cut off at her midriff exposing her navel, and a wide  style booty boy shorts showed the imprint of her luscious pussy.

In the  dimmed light I massaged her leg moving up till my hand rested on her  pussy, touching her there sparked a flush in her face and she threw her  legs apart giving me instant and total access. I slipped my finger  between the leg bands inserting it into her already gushing pussy; I  fingered her to a very quick climax. I watched her as she lay there  looking so slutty, I decided to pursue the thing I liked most; her ass. 

She had the perfect Cuban ass, round and tight, not too big, yet big enough to envelope my face. Without removing her panties I slipped it aside and buried my face in her musky scent, while I reached underneath  to insert my finger in her ass.

Ay! Que rico!” she exclaimed, and  loosened up her sphincter pushing back so I could have even greater access.

I continued to plunge my finger deep in her ass adding another  and then a third stretching her open in anticipation of fucking her  sweet ass. Shuddering she began to urge me on, getting increasingly  more vocal and shouting in Spanish. I was a bit unnerved thinking what  would happen should Jorge hear us.

Maybe I better go I decided and  stood  to leave but with my cock now at eye level she reached into my pants and pulled out my hard prick.

Squeezing it harder she made the  head pop; then she opened her mouth and began to lick it up and down.  Star was uninhibited and quite nasty; she practically imbibed the whole  length forcing the head down her throat, my legs weakened as I felt my  cockhead slip pass into her pharynx.

So much for leaving I thought, as  I continued to thrust deeply into her mouth, with varying pressure and  speed, along with the dept at which she sucked me, she soon brought me  to a climax.

Exhausted I sank to my knees while she slid off the couch  following me to the ground so she could suck every last drop from my  spent cock. We lay there for a moment; it was late, around 4 a.m. so  she brought me a blanket and pillow and suggested I crash on the coach  like I used to do.

I lay pondering the event and could not sleep. I  tossed about on the sofa till I finally decided to get a drink of water  from the kitchen, passing Star’s room I heard a low hum, and an intermittent buzz. I recognized the sound of a vibrator being plunged  into a hot pussy, I smiled yet I remained unfulfilled as I thought  about her tight ass and how much I wanted to plunge me dick and feel  the heat as I fucked her. Jorge left town a few days later; then the  perfect opportunity presented itself. In the Atlantic a hurricane was  brewing. We were released early from work to allow us to make  preparations.

With wickedness in my mind I drove by Star’s apartment on  the pretext that since Jorge was out of town, I might help her with  putting up shutters. She looked quite pleased to see me, but told me  that her boyfriend was sending over a crew after they had secured his  place. I protested that for 5 panels there was no need for a crew and  since I was already there I could have it done in no time.

She seemed  to like the idea so after I was halfway done she called to cancel the  crew. Her boyfriend confirming she would be okay, would spend the night  with his wife and kids.

At last we were alone, we looked at each other  and both broke out laughing, the house had an eerie look once the  shutters were up, no light entered from outside while the lights inside  had a contained effect casting shadows off every wall.

Come with me I  suggested let’s get something to eat and a bottle of Scotch, something  for tomorrow in case we lose power, there is a Nica restaurant where  the food is good and plenty. Stocked up with provisions we ate and drank, relaxing as we waited for news on the direction of the  hurricane.

This was becoming quite boring so I searched through her  collection of salsa records and asked if she would perform a dance;  like she performed in Cuba.

Her eyes glazed for a minute then, she  excused herself and went to her room, moments later she emerged wearing  a costume from the past, it still fit her perfectly, a tribute to her  figure; she pirouetted around asking me to close the clasp. I admired  her perfect ass and reminisced on our previous encounter.

Swaying to  the music I watched her feet and hips undulate sensuously, the tempo  increased and she kept pace, it was beautiful to watch her. Using every  part of her body, her hands, eyes, hips and legs she enticed and  enthralled me. She danced a Flamenco, bare foot, her whirling skirt and raw gypsy like movement were filled with sexual energy, for a moment we were transported back to Havana ’57.

When the song ended I took her in my arms and we danced a salsa tune, she was hot as I held her, beads of sweat glistened off her skin. Grinding her pussy tightly against my crotch, pressing her body against mine; her hands enveloped me and brought my head down to her lips.

With open mouths we kissed, her  tongue had the bitter acrid taste of cigarettes and Scotch combined.  Her ministrations and my hard cock made me overlook my distaste for  smoking.

Each time our tongues entwined she evoked more and more passion, turning each other on her hands roamed freely over my body, while I felt her voluptuous breast. Placing my hands around her I  gently squeezed and jiggled her buttocks, they were firm and tight and I longed to bury my face deep in her nether crack.

Leading her to the  coach where we had initiated our first tryst, we resumed and promised  to finish what we had started so long ago. I told her how much I  enjoyed that night and even confessed to hearing the buzz of her  vibrator as she got off that night. She blushed, but was game, when I  suggested that I wanted to watch her play with herself because it had  made me so horny.

“Later” she promised!

I peeled her clothes off while  she did the same to me, though in a more aggressive manner. Laying her  back I inserted my fingers into her soft pink pussy, her thick lips  opened like velvet petals, I circled her engorged button, massaging it  between my fingers, while at the same time stroking upwards with my  thumb to coax her clit from its hooded hiding place.

My fingers traced  over the light down of pubic hair which trailed upwards to her navel. I  kissed and caressed her body with ardor having lusted after her now for  almost seven years.

Star was a slut, she loved to be fucked and sucked; with a few drinks she quickly lost her inhibitions!

I exercised  my dominance over her, pushing her to her knees while I slapped her  tongue and face with my cock. Then I turned her around and had her lean  forward so that I could have access to ass and pussy. Not so gently I  felt her up, inserting my finger in her asshole, it was so tight;  getting on my knees I knelt behind her and began to tongue her  delectable ass, I savored her taste and the rich decadence of the act.  She in utter depravity reached back to hold my face in place; she  pushed back so I could insert my tongue for even deeper penetration. 

Her ass would be mine, I would fuck her pussy later I told her, telling  her how hot I was, craving her ass, her beautiful ass since the first  time I met her, only made her groan more.I was well aware of affinity for anal as we had many late night erotic conversations.

“Si …si” she said “me gusta”

Which meant “yes …yes …I love it”, her dirty talk in Spanish was highly erotic, her voice deepened, becoming more animalistic and passionate as she reverted to her native language. There is some truth to Latin  lovers.

I needed no additional cream or lube as by this time she was wide open accepting three finger as I reamed her ass, I pushed her head  down into the cushions, standing behind her I splayed her legs apart.

As I stood behind her a rush of emotion entered my body. After almost seven years of teasing, double entendres, seductive looks and stolen moment I was about to finally fuck her, she was game and became even more vocal, telling me how badly she wanted my “pinga” and desired to have her ass “rocked”.

Urging me on to take her like a bitch, made my cock stand out like a black dagger, I slowly removed my fingers watching her tight ring close, resuming its original form.

“Hold  that ass open” I demanded, placing both her hands on her ass cheeks.  Positioning myself for maximum penetration, my cockhead at her wrinkled  brown hole with a swift push I entered her.

Si ...Si eso! Fuck me...  fuck my tight ass

She was nice and tight, the heat from her ass  enveloped my cock, no stranger to anal, she willing accepted my pounding. I fucked her deep enjoying the rhythm she played, her ass beat a conga tune as my balls slapped hard against her pussy. Grinding and fucking me back with more passion than I had ever had, she brought me to the brink of climax; then with excruciatingly slow movements she slowed the tempo, tightening her muscle at the same time, aborted my climax, she repeated this at least three more times,

Laughing out loud  she commented “I plan to enjoy your cock for a long time”.

I reached  around to finger her pussy I surprised to see how wet she was, she had cum at least 3 or 4 times, finally I asked her to let me cum.

Beg for  it” she said.

“please! …please! Star make me cum” I shouted.

“Where do  you want to cum?”

“In my ass” she purred or “maybe you want to finish  in my mouth” she teased.

My knees were weak and I didn’t care much where, I grunted and began to pump even harder, tension increased and so did her movements urging me on “cum for mami!”

Sliding off my cock  she turned around to face me, sucking the juices from her used ass, she  popped my cock into her mouth swallowing it deep till I began to heave, the first jet of my spunk went rushing down her throat, then she slowly released me swallowing a little more, she allowed the remaining shot to land on her tits, till finally I left a comet trail of cum across her  face.

Exhausted we lay on the floor, popped open the Scotch and had another round. The TV with the volume low, showed what might possibly  be the largest hurricane heading our way; we smiled in sync, grabbed our drinks and headed for the bedroom.


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