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The Charity Gala, Part Two

I only regret that I have but one cock to give to my hot wife.
“I can feel your cum dripping out of me,” Anne whispered as the auctioneer stepped to the podium.

We had just taken our seats among the rows of chairs lined up at the back of the museum. The charity auction sponsored by the company at which Anne worked was about to start. Less than 10 minutes earlier, in a staircase that was ostensibly off limits to guests, I bent Anne over and fucked her from behind harder than I had in years. She hadn’t worn any panties that night and it made her feel incredibly horny. After she filled me in on her secret during the cocktail reception, I felt exactly the same way. We eagerly snuck away from the party and relieved our sexual tension.

However, our hardcore session on the stairs only temporarily satisfied our lust. We agreed that we'd leave the party early and go home for an X-rated Round Two. The only thing standing between us and another great fuck was the auction. We had to buy something to make a good impression on Anne’s boss and her co-workers in the crowd. I resolved to be the first buyer no matter what was for sale.

The auctioneer unveiled the first item and my stomach lurched. Lot Number 1 was an elegantly framed Star Wars movie poster autographed by George Lucas, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. I never understood the appeal of the Star Wars franchise and I certainly didn't want the poster hanging in my house. Not only that, there was bound to be a fanatic in the audience that would refuse to be outbid. Our plan was quickly going off the rails. Nonetheless, I was determined to get Anne home.

The auctioneer announced the opening bid and I immediately doubled it. I thought that my aggressiveness would scare everyone else into thinking that I desperately wanted the collectible at any price. Sadly, the lurking Star Wars fanatic quickly made himself known by doubling my initial bid, much to the delight of the crowd.

“This is not going to end well,” I said to Anne.

“Keep going,” she suggested. “I know that guy from the I.T. Department. He’ll fold if you double it again.”

Five minutes and hundreds of dollars later, I was the regretful owner of an autographed piece of memorabilia from a movie I’d never seen.

“Cheer up,” Anne encouraged as we made our way to the cashier amid appreciative applause from the audience. “By the time I get you home you’ll think that’s the best money you’ve ever spent."

My cock twitched in anticipation as we approached the cashier’s desk. I quickly signed the credit card slip and provided our address for delivery. At least I wouldn’t have to schlep the thing home.

We turned towards the exit and saw Anne’s boss approaching, her face positively beaming. She shook my hand warmly and thanked me for my generosity. “It’s people like you who make good things happen to those in need,” she said. She turned to Anne and added, “I’m so proud you’re part of my team.”

I started to feel incredibly guilty as Anne and her boss chatted. Sure, I’d just spent a lot of money for charity, but my motivation was to get home as soon as possible to see my hot wife naked. It didn’t feel right.

After a few minutes Anne made up an excuse to justify our early departure. We said our goodbyes and then Anne hugged me tightly. “You have no idea how many brownie points you earned me tonight,” she said. “Take me home and do whatever you want to me.”

Suddenly I felt much better.


Outside the museum a line of taxis waited patiently for gala guests to leave. I opened the rear passenger door of the first one and slid across the back seat behind the driver. Anne followed and snuggled next to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

Anne began tugging at my zipper as soon as the cab pulled away from the curb. She slid her fingers inside my open fly and felt for my cock trapped inside my boxer briefs. She then rested her hand on my shaft and began covering the side of my neck with kisses.

Anne enjoyed feeling my dick growing against her palm. When it reached nearly full length, she started stroking me through the fabric with just her thumb and index finger on either side. I heard her breath become quick and irregular as she felt my cock respond to her familiar touch.

Anne tried to reach into my boxers to feel the warm flesh of my erection, but my open fly didn’t give her enough room to manoeuvre. She pushed the cummerbund of my tuxedo higher up on my stomach and undid my pants. She then went to work on the final barrier between her and her goal. Anne pulled my boxers’ elasticized waistband away from my body and the tip of my dick sprung into view. I strained to lift my hips off the seat and together Anne and I pulled my underwear down to the top of my thighs. My hard cock was now fully exposed. Anne dove into my lap and gobbled it into her mouth.

The sudden movement in the backseat caught the driver’s attention. He looked quizzically at me in the rear-view mirror.

“She's tired and had too much to drink,” I bluffed.

The driver shrugged and returned his attention to the road and surrounding traffic.

Anne’s mouth felt marvelous on my cock. She silently sucked the bulbous head between her lips and drooled on my manhood. She repeatedly allowed her saliva to drip down the sides of my shaft and then sucked it all back into her hungry mouth. It was a wet, sloppy blow job, the kind Anne gives when she’s feeling especially slutty.

Anne slid my cock out from between her lips and kissed the tip several times like an innocent teenaged girl necking with her boyfriend. She then stroked the slippery shaft and proceeded to give my balls a thorough tongue bath. She licked all around one tender nut, then the other, until my scrotum was as wet and shiny as my dick. Then she took turns sucking each testicle completely into her mouth.

I trembled in the seat as Anne’s mouth guided me down the narrow path between pleasure and pain. It drives me wild when she sucks my balls like that. The complete vulnerability of her controlling the most delicate part of my anatomy is powerfully erotic. One false movement could be devastating, yet Anne instinctively knows how to only give me pleasure.

I closed my eyes and leaned back against the headrest. I was blissfully unaware of everything except Anne’s warm, wet mouth and the sounds of her slurping and sucking enthusiastically on my cock and balls. She was definitely getting louder as she spit-shined my pole. If the driver didn’t know earlier what she was doing to me, I was certain he realized it by then. I was equally sure that Anne didn’t care.

I felt the cab braking to a halt outside our house. I patted Anne’s shoulder to signal her to stop and she sat up slowly. In the dim light her lips, cheeks and chin shimmered with the thin layer of saliva she’d transferred from her mouth to my cock and back to her face. I thought she’d never looked more beautiful.

Before the car came to a complete stop, Anne had the passenger door open and was stepping onto the curb. I looked down into my lap and immediately realized there was no chance of getting my pants done up over my inflamed cock. I held them up as best as I could with one hand. With the other I reached into the inside pocket of my jacket, pulled out a wad of bills and threw them onto the front seat.

“Keep the change,” I called over my shoulder as I slammed the car door.

Anne had the front door open and was waiting just inside by the time I shuffled up the front stairs. She pushed it closed behind me with a thud and then squatted down as my pants dropped to my knees.

“I can’t get enough of your dick,” Anne moaned. She wrestled my cock down until it was pointing straight out towards her face. Her beautiful green eyes never left mine as her dark red lips parted and my rod disappeared once again into her greedy mouth.

Anne’s expert cock sucking soon had me approaching the point of no return. It took all my willpower to fight the urge to cum right there in the front hall. Instead, I pulled her back up and stood her in front of the floor-to-ceiling hallway mirror. I turned her around so she was facing it and I was behind her, looking over her shoulder. I lifted her long brown hair from the back of her neck and unzipped her dress. I then helped her slide it off her arms and it fell to the floor around her feet.

We both looked at the reflection of Anne’s stunning body in the mirror. I saw for the first time the new bra that she bought for the occasion. She told me earlier that night that her boobs looked amazing in it, and I saw for myself that she’d been far too humble. The black lace cradled Anne’s big, round tits and created a tantalizing valley between them that would have been perfect for my cock. Her dark nipples were clearly visible through the delicate fabric. I reached under her arms and cupped her magnificent breasts while leaving a trail of kisses from her neck to her ear. “You look amazing,” I whispered.

As I fondled Anne’s tits, my eyes roamed to her shapely legs. They were perfectly accentuated by the smooth black stockings attached to her matching garter belt. Between Anne’s legs her exposed, pouting pussy beckoned to me. I had an overpowering desire to lick it.

“I want to taste your pussy,” I breathed into Anne’s ear.

She leaned back against me as if her legs had buckled at the thought. “Oh, please do it,” she panted.

I led Anne up the stairs to our bedroom. She gracefully crawled onto the bed, flipped over onto her back and bent her legs so her knees were close to her chest. She was lying cross-wise on the bed with her hips at the edge of the mattress. She knew she'd assumed the perfect position for me to kneel on the floor and bury my face in her snatch.

I tore off the rest of my clothes and was on my knees in a flash. My tongue went straight into Anne’s sopping pussy and lapped at its pink walls. I tasted the remnants of the massive load of cum I’d blasted into Anne’s horny fuck hole less than 90 minutes earlier. I’d never eaten a creampie before, and to my relief it wasn’t at all unpleasant. Granted, most of my jizz had already leaked out and just about anything would taste incredible served up from Anne’s delicious pussy, but still I was a bit surprised and proud that it didn't bother me.

I moved my mouth up to Anne’s swollen clit to make room for my finger in her smoldering cunt. I prodded and stirred her hungry box while my tongue attacked her sex button. When my finger was coated with her fuck juice, I slid it from her pussy and smeared her cream all over her ass.

Anne writhed on the bed as I teased her anus. I used her pussy’s lubrication to slide a slippery finger inside her taut ass until the second knuckle disappeared. Her butt clenched around my finger and I marvelled at how such a tight opening could accept a cock.

After thoroughly fingering Anne’s ass, I pushed her legs farther up and back. Her asshole was fully displayed to me. I kissed the dark, puckered opening and tasted the sweet nectar from her pussy that I’d deposited there minutes earlier. Then I placed my tongue against her ass and wiggled it inside.

“Oh yeah, lick it,” Anne hissed. “Get it ready for your hard cock.”

My tongue snaked in and out of Anne’s willing ass. I licked circles around it and then forced it back inside. Anne groaned in delight and rubbed her dripping pussy as I orally assaulted her butt.

I stood up and reached into my bedside table for the bottle of massage oil I kept there. I flipped the cap open and poured the oil onto Anne’s mound. She jumped as the cool oil met her overheated pussy and ran down to her ass. She then reached between her legs and rubbed it all over her holes. They were both ready for cock.

I aimed my steely prick at Anne’s open pussy. It slid effortlessly inside until I felt my balls slap against her ass. I fucked her sweet cunt hard and deep for the second time that evening. As I reamed her, I watched Anne’s big tits bounce around on her chest. Her sexy new bra was powerless against the force of my pounding cock.

As good as it felt, we both knew Anne’s pussy was just the appetizer this time around. I pulled my slippery cock out of her twat and pressed it into her oily ass. Anne’s sphincter resisted for a moment, then surrendered to my invading cockhead. I fucked her tight ass slowly at first with gentle, shallow strokes. Each time I pushed fractionally deeper until finally her eager ass welcomed all of my throbbing shaft.

“You look so fucking hot with my cock in your ass,” I said. I began to fuck her with my full length, pulling out to the tip and then ramming my meat back into her nasty butt.

“You love fucking my ass, don’t you?” Anne groaned. “It’s so tight stretched around your hard cock. God, it feels so good in there.”

My pace increased with Anne’s filthy encouragement. My hard, shiny pole pummeled her ass and sent shockwaves through her sexy body. “So fucking good,” I moaned.

“I’m all yours John,” Anne panted deliriously. “Use my ass and cunt however you want. Just don’t stop fucking me.”

“You horny slut,” I growled. “You’re going to make me cum talking like that.”

“Yeah, I want your hot cum,” she replied. “Cum all over your dirty little slut.”

I thrust deep into Anne’s ass and collapsed on top of her. I kissed her hard and my tongue explored her filthy mouth. My aching cock twitched in her butt, but miraculously I didn’t cum.

“Are you ready to try something new?” I asked.


“Good girl. I’m going to fill you with cock like you’ve never felt before.”

I stood up at the side of the bed with my dick still firmly rooted in Anne’s ravaged ass. I could tell from the look on her face that she didn’t understand what I meant, but I didn’t intend to keep her in suspense. I reached back into the bedside table and pulled out Anne’s thick, lifelike 10 inch dildo. Her eyes widened as she instantly realized what I intended to do. We’d both pleasured Anne’s pussy with that dildo countless times over the years, but never while my cock filled her ass.

I grabbed the massage oil from the bed and poured it over the monster dong until the oil dripped down to the base and covered my hand and fingers as well. I hesitated for a moment to make sure Anne was on board with my idea. She was in such an excited state, I shouldn’t have had any doubts.

“What are you waiting for?” she hissed. “Stick it in my cunt.”

Anne pulled her legs farther apart in anticipation of the dildo’s impressive girth. I slid the slick, rubbery head up and down her slit and then pressed it into her waiting tunnel.

“Oh fucking hell!” Anne screeched as the head popped inside her juicy box.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes,” she panted. “It’s so big. Keep going. Slow, but keep going.”

I eased the massive dildo deeper into Anne’s pussy. I felt it crowding my shaft through the thin wall of tissue that separated her rectum and vagina. Three times I had to stop and pull it back out because the pressure against my cock nearly made me cum. On my fourth attempt, I was able to get it halfway inside.

I loved fucking Anne with that dildo. It was several inches longer and noticeably thicker than my average cock. Seeing the pleasure on her face as it stretched and split her pussy on the way in, and watching her labia lewdly clutch at it when I pulled it back out, was wildly erotic. That night, with my dick balls deep in Anne’s perfect ass, it took us both to a whole new level of ecstasy.

I started alternately fucking Anne’s needy holes. When I slid my cock out of her ass I forced the huge dildo further into her quivering cunt. When I pulled the toy out, my cock resumed its rightful place deep in her gorgeous butt.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” Anne groaned. “So much dick. So fucking good.” She reached between her legs and diddled her engorged clit.

The sight of Anne touching herself as I reamed her pussy and ass pushed me over the edge. I whipped out my pulsating cock just as the first blast of jizz rocketed over her stomach and landed below her bra. My fist was a blur across my shaft as I stroked more globs of sticky sperm onto Anne’s heavenly body. A pool collected in her belly button and some splashed onto her garter belt. The last drops landed on her fingers which were furiously rubbing her clit.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” Anne squealed. She rubbed my cum into her clit as I worked the long, fat dildo deep into her quaking pussy. Anne shuddered and shrieked as the orgasmic tremors rocked her body. Her face was a picture of blissful agony until finally the waves subsided and her body relaxed.


On Monday I came home from work to find that Anne had hung the Star Wars poster in the den. My cock immediately started to stiffen at the innocent, yet highly effective reminder of Thursday’s intense fucking. “I think I’m starting to like this picture,” I said to myself. Then I left the den in a single-minded search for my sexy wife.

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