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The Country Club - Chapter 3

The Country Club - Chapter 3

Unknown to her, Sue will have her first anal experience.
Friday Morning

Waking up I find that Irene's side of the bed is empty. As I turn, Jodie wishes me a good morning. She said that Irene was downstairs making breakfast. Taking her in my arms, I pull her close, softly kissing her forehead. I wish her a good morning as my kisses find their way down her nose to her lips. As we kiss, our tongues meet, entwined in that familiar dance that arouses two lovers.

My leg moves between hers parting them as I slide up against her pussy. She begins moving her hips so she can rub her pussy against my thigh. Our kissing has become more passionate as she moves against me. She breaks our kiss, throwing her head back as she moves against me faster. I take a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it until I feel become stiff. I move to the other and suck it to stiffness as I pinch the other.

"OH GOD! Sean, do it harder." She pulls me tighter to her breast.

I pull Jodie on top of me as she continues thrusting against me. Grabbing a handful of hair, she pulls me from her breast. Moaning loudly, she pulls me into her other breast then wraps her hand around my stiff cock. She strokes my shaft as she moves faster against my thigh. Her hand is stroking me faster as her orgasm approaches. It does not take long as my cock is throbbing. We are both close to cumming.

Screaming out, "Sean, cum with me now!”

I feel her nectar flow onto my thigh as my cream erupts, onto my stomach. Jodie aims my cock letting the next load spew forth onto her stomach. She continues going back and forth until the last of my cream covers her hand. Lying there, we notice Irene standing at the door, her thighs glistening with her wetness.

"Irene, how long have you been standing there?"

"In time to see the both of you cum. I am sorry I should have knocked. Seeing the door was open."

She told us breakfast was in the oven warming while walking over to us. Standing at the foot of the bed, she traced her fingers over her inner thighs. With fingers coated in her nectar, she teasingly ran a finger over her lips. Pushing the finger past her lips, she licked it clean while making sucking sounds.

Irene climbed onto the bed as she continued licking and sucking her fingers one at a time. She was on her knees with legs spread wide, her nectar running down her thighs. Straddling Jodie's legs, she crawled up to her stomach. I had reached over and scooped up some of my cum. Holding my two fingers out, Irene licked them clean.

"Mmmm. Sean, you taste so good." She licked Jodie's stomach clean and told me to get ready.

When she was finished, she leaned over to kiss me. Her tongue pushed past my lips covering my tongue with the cum. Moving back to Jodie, she kissed her way up to the firm 32C cup breasts. Her tongue moved over and around the stiff nipple as she sucked the cream into her mouth. Looking at us, she made a gulping sound as she swallowed.

Irene took the other nipple in her mouth licking it clean. Moving up, she pressed her breasts into hers. They kissed, sharing the cream while Irene reached over to stroke my cock. A few moments later, she moved from Jodie over to me. Straddling my hips, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy just above my cock. She moved her slit along the shaft up to the head taking it between her swollen lips.

Jodie had gotten up and was now straddling my face. I felt the warmth of her pussy as she slowly and teasingly moved closer to my mouth. I caught her scent as she moved closer, and I kissed the swollen lips before me. My tongue pushed slowly past them, going ever deeper. Finding her G - spot, my tongue swirled over it.

At the same time, Irene was riding my cock as she was kissing Jodie. I felt her hand on my stomach, scooping up the cream. She held her hand to Jodie's mouth as she licked it clean. Irene's pussy took every inch of my cock until she had me deep within her.

Jodie pressed herself against my mouth as my tongue went from licking her G - spot to licking her clit. I kept moving my tongue from one to the other until her sweet nectar flowed onto my lips then into my mouth as she reached her climax.

Irene's pussy tightened around my cock, as load after load filled her as she climaxed. She kept squeezing my cock as she recovered, while I pressed my tongue against Jodie's throbbing clit as she recovered.

Once recovered, we talked about what to do for the day before heading to Sue's at four o' clock. We decided to go to the beach. After showering, we dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast. Afterwards, we packed the cooler with sandwiches. Irene put in the potato salad and ice tea. We then cleaned the dishes and packed our bags for our weekend with Sue.

With the car all packed, we drove off. An hour later, we were at the beach.

Friday Afternoon

We found a spot and the girls quickly laid out the two blankets as I set the cooler down. They took off their sundresses; Jodie wore a light blue bikini with side ties on the bottoms. Irene wore a pink bikini also with side ties. I wore a Hawaiian print swim trunk that went to just above the knee.

When everything was set, the three of us ran into the water. Once out far enough we all dove in together. Coming up, the girls were nowhere in sight.

"Sean, back here!"

As they splash me, I made way toward them. I grabbed them, pulling them to me. I fell back, taking them under with me. We came up; the girls started swimming for shore with me close behind. It was a race back for lunch.

We helped ourselves to the sandwiches, potato salad, and ice tea from the cooler. Afterwards, we walked over to the volleyball courts. There were some members of our men and women's college volleyball teams playing. They asked if we would like to join them, and we accepted their invitation.

After playing three sets, all of us went for a swim to cool off. As we made our way back to shore, we thanked them for the game. The three of us went back to our spot and had some more ice tea. As we sat with legs stretched out soaking up the sun, Jodie noticed the time. Getting up she said it was time to leave.

Irene and I got up; the girls shook out the blankets while I drained the water in the cooler. The girls slipped on their sundresses over their bikinis as I put on my polo shirt. When the car was packed, I opened the door and helped them take their seats.

Driving to Sue's, we talked about what the rest of the weekend may hold. Irene told us that Sue was an anal virgin. She asked me if I would be interested in doing the honors. I said yes and she leaned over to kiss me. Jodie moved forward and kissed my neck just below my ear.

After a one-hour drive, we arrived at her house. Exiting the car, I went around opening the doors for the girls. While we grabbed our bags, Sue came out to greet us. She was dressed in a yellow shirt tied just below her breasts with matching cut-offs and athletic shoes.

She led us in, showing us our rooms. The girls were in one and I was in another. When we settled in, Sue took us to the kitchen where she was preparing dinner. There were three trays: one of burgers, another with sausage, and one with jumbo shrimp. While I took the trays out to the grill, the girls brought out the tableware. As they set the table, the lights on the deck came on. Then the lights down by the pool came on.

Friday Evening

Sue brought out the crab meat salad with a mixed vegetable dish. I told them it would be at least thirty minutes until we could eat. The girls removed their sundresses and ran down to the pool. They dove in, racing to the far end. Sue came up behind me, pressing into my back. Her hands reached around, caressing my chest. She whispered in my ear that she missed me, and then moved her hands down to my ass. Giving me a squeeze, she kissed my ear.

"Hey Sue, save some for us!" Giggling, they walked back to the deck holding hands.

Sue stepped back so I could concentrate on grilling. She walked over to the girls. Jodie kissed her full on the lips, pushing her tongue into her waiting mouth. Irene stood behind her moving her hands over the firm ass before her. Sue let out a moan as Jodie's hands moved over her breasts, pinching her nipples.

She untied the shirt, pushing it off her shoulders. Jodie let out a soft gasp as Sue's firm 36D breasts came into view. Her string bikini top barley covered them. Irene's hands were busy undoing the snap and zipper of the shorts. She then pulled them down, exposing a very tiny bikini bottom that barely covered her shaved pussy.

Jodie sucked on the cloth-covered nipples as Irene reached around to stroke the covered slit. The girls were having the desired affect on Sue as she moaned out. Grabbing the back of Jodie's head, she pulled her tighter to her breast.

The girls stepped back from Sue, taking her by the hand as they walked over to the table. Irene told her there would be more. I brought the food over from the grill and they began serving themselves. I went to the cooler and pulled out a bottle of wine.

As I went around the table to pour them a glass, they each would stroke my cock through my swim trunks. I saw their inner thighs glistened with their sweet nectar from earlier. Their nipples strained against the fabric of their bikini tops.

While we ate, the girls told Sue all about last night and this morning. She told them how she had masturbated thinking of what we were doing. As we continued with dinner, we finished the bottle of wine. When we had finished eating, we all chipped in with the clean up. When that was finished, we went into the hot tub on the deck.

I sat between Irene and Sue. Jodie sat across from us.

"Jodie, why not show how much you appreciate being invited to Sue's?"

"Yes, Mistress." She then move to her as Irene and I moved away to have a better view.

Jodie parted her legs, moving into her. Their breasts pressing into each other, Jodie kissed her passionately. Her tongue snaked into her mouth seeking out her tongue. Sue moaned out as she reached around to untie Jodie's top.

Jodie sucked on Sue’s tongue as though it were a cock while her hands untied her top. With one hand, Jodie pinched Sue’s stiff nipples as the other disappeared beneath the water. Sue let out a loud moan as Jodie fingered her pussy. Sue then took Jodie’s nipple between her teeth and bit down on it. Jodie moaned out as Sue slid a finger in her pussy.

Irene went to one side of Sue while I went to the other. We both took a nipple between our teeth and bit down hard. Sue moaned out in Jodie’s mouth as they kissed, their tongues entwined in lust.
As we teased her nipples with our tongues, Irene slid a hand below the water.

Jodie moaned out as her finger flicked over her clit. We both kissed Sue as Jodie tenderly took her nipples between her lips, sucking them. I reached down, untied her bikini bottoms as Irene slid her finger into Sue’s pussy.

Together, the girls slid their fingers deep into her then teased her by pulling almost out. They thrust back into her, making her moan and scream. Moving my hand to Irene’s pussy, I moved my finger along her slit. Pushing past her lips, my finger moved slowly deeper and deeper. She moaned out as I moved faster. While Jodie sucked and licked Sue’s nipple, Irene sucked and licked hers. I sucked and licked Irene’s nipple.

Not long after, all three girls were screaming and moaning as they came. We pulled our fingers from the warm pussies and licked the sweet nectar from them. We kissed one another, sharing the sweetness as the girls recovered.

The girls helped Sue out of the hot tub. They walked hand in hand into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. With me right behind carrying their bikinis, we entered the bedroom.

There was a custom-made bed, which could sleep four comfortably. The master bath had two sinks with mirrors, a large walk-in shower, and a sunken tub that was big enough for four.

Irene walked Sue over to the bed and had her sit. She kissed Sue and told her to watch. Irene came over to us. Getting on her knees, she kissed Jodie’s wet pussy as her fingers grasped the waistband of my trunks.

She slowly pulled them down, kissing the exposed skin. Jodie was sucking my nipples as I fondled her breasts. Irene stopped when my cock head appeared. She swirled her tongue over the circumcised head as she slid it into her mouth. Jodie bit my nipples as Irene tongued my slit. I pinched Jodie's nipples as Irene pulled my trunks further down, taking more of my cock into her mouth.

Jodie kissed her way down as Irene pulled the trunks to my feet. She had my cock completely in her mouth. Her tongue swirled along the shaft as Jodie sucked my balls, and then licked them. The girls had me moaning as I placed my hands on their heads, pulling them closer. As Irene slid her mouth up my cock, Jodie licked my cock.

Irene let my cock head pop out of her mouth. She looked at Jodie, telling her to keep me hard. She went back to Sue and took her hand, helping her to her feet. She kissed her as her finger moved over the length of her slit. Irene then brought her finger to Sue's mouth. She licked it clean, and then Irene lowered herself to the floor bringing Sue with her.

Irene put Sue on her forearms and knees, leaving her firm tight virgin ass high in the air. Jodie led me by my cock behind her as Irene lay on her back in front of Sue. She had Sue move up until her pussy was in front of her.

Jodie guided my cock to the warm, wet pussy before me. With one thrust, I was all the way in. Sue gasped as she felt her pussy fill with my hard cock. Jodie was fingering her pussy as she moved her tongue along the edge of Sue's ass crack. Sue licked the slit before her as Irene pinched her own nipples.

Jodie used her wet finger, spreading her wetness over Sue's anus. As I pulled back, Jodie wrapped her hand around my shaft. She pulled me out, winked at me putting her finger to her lips to be quiet. She got on her back and moved under us.

Sue was tonguing Irene's wet pussy while rubbing her clit. Irene was sucking her own nipples. Jodie touched the slit before her with a finger, making Sue gasp as it slipped past the swollen lips.

Jodie touched my thigh, letting me know it was time. I placed my cock head at Sue's anus, gently pushing forward. There was some resistance, I tried again as Jodie sucked her pussy. This time my cock head pushed into her ass. I stopped with just the head in her, letting her get use to me.

"Oh my God, that feels amazing!" I pushed in a little further, then stopped.

"I need you all the way in, now!" as she pushed back, taking all of my cock.

I held still for a moment, and then slowly fucked her ass. Her sphincter muscle tightened around my cock as she met my thrusts. With my hands on her hips, I pushed her forward, and then pulled her back. Irene screamed out that she was cumming. With that, she thrust her pussy into Sue's mouth. Sue took all of the sweet nectar flowing out.

Jodie was thrusting her tongue into Sue's pussy as she fingered hers. The three of us were going to cum together. Jodie took all of Sue's sweet nectar as I released my load deep in her ass. Jodie screamed out she needed more; Irene went over and positioned herself so they were in a sixty-nine. It was not long before they came again.

Sue and I were lying on our sides with me holding her from behind. We watched as they brought each other to another orgasm. Sue came once again as we fingered her pussy while watching.

We all laid there until we recovered. I got up and helped the girls to their feet. Jodie and Irene held each other. I took Sue's hand and helped her to her feet. She pressed herself into me, wrapping her arms around me.

Then kissing my cheek, she stepped away.

"Thank you all for fulfilling my desire to have an anal experience."

We walked arm in arm into the shower. The girls washed me from head to toe. Then I washed each of them. We toweled each other off then went to the bed. We cuddled, letting our hands explore each other. We kissed each other goodnight and soon after drifted off to sleep.

The weekend was already amazing. The summer would be the best ever for us all.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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