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The Gal at Hooters

Flirting in a restaurant evolves into something special
One of the things I like most about traveling for research information is meeting such a variety of people, especially women. I was spending some time at the mall just browsing the stores after dinner when I spotted the Hooters restaurant adjacent to a large carousel where shoppers gathered. After I watched people riding the carousel, some with their children, I decided to get something to eat before I left the mall. 

As soon as I entered the door there was a sea of orange pants and white tee shirts flowing back and forth and through the restaurant. I took a seat in a small booth near the door and waited for about ten minutes for a waitress to find me. She was dark skinned like a Latino with a big wide grin. As a matter of fact, everything about her was a little wide, her hips and certainly her breasts. She stiff armed the edge of the table, with her upper arms pressing her breasts into a cleavage that appropriately advertised the name of the restaurant on her tee shirt.

Her name tag said Marie. “Hi, Pops; what would you like?” she asked.

“Pops?” I answered. “Whaddya mean, “Pops”? I’m only 43!” I said defensively.

“Don’t go getting all riled, honey,” she said. “The younger guys look at our boobs but the Dads always watch our backsides and you haven’t looked up at a face since you came in. What would you like to eat?”

“I’ll just have a salad and some unsweet tea,” I said, disgruntled.

“Yep; I saw that coming. Be right with you, Pops,” she said as she floated away.

When she returned to bring me my drink later I tried to get her to apologize. “You know, we middle aged guys are better tippers if you stroke our ego a little.”

She sat down in the booth across from me and leaned toward me, smiling. “Honey, the paycheck covers my bills but tips won’t get you stroked. I’ve had perks you can’t leave on the table.” She leaned back, proud of her statement, so I encouraged her to continue.

“Really?” I asked, with all the sincerity I could muster.

“Yep.” She beamed. “I’ve had lots of nude photo shoots, done a couple adult films and even been to the Playboy Mansion.”

Without trying to burst the balloon of her story I carefully asked, “Then why are you working here?”

She sighed and the joy left her face. “I’m 28 and there are lots of younger girls with tighter boobs who will do anything for big bucks.”

“What about the adult films?” I pressed.

“I got nervous early on and finally refused to do them because the guys wouldn’t wear condoms.”

“Okay, then same question; why are you working here?” I asked.

“Like I said, the paycheck pays my bills and I do get lucky with a sugar Daddy once in a while. I’ll go check on your salad, Honey.” She gave me a wink when she walked away and I watched her wide ass swaying until she got out of sight.

In a few minutes Marie came by and dropped off my salad. “Listen, Honey, I’m sorry about calling you “Pops” a while ago; we all call the older guys that. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“That’s okay, Marie, I’ve been sitting here wondering how a middle aged ass man gets to be a sugar Daddy,” I said boldly. I had nothing to lose.

“So you like my ass, Pops?” she asked, laughingly heartily. I laughed right along with her. She had a beautiful smile and dark eyes that said “I can be nice and naughty”.

She sat down opposite me in the booth again. “What’s your name?” and I answered.

“Okay, Ben, if you want to wait around or come back at 2 a.m. when I get off, maybe I could take your application for sugar Daddy.”

I was more than pleased with myself for charming her enough to meet me after work. I told her I would go back to my hotel and come back later.

“Park in back next to the brown Corvette,” she said.

“You must do well to drive a Corvette,” I commented.

“It belongs to my roommate but she’s out of town for a week,” she said.

An hour after the lights went out at the restaurant I was parked behind the complex next to the Corvette. It was almost another hour when she came out and got in my car. “Will you bring me back to my car later or shall I follow you?” she asked.

“Save the gas; I’ll bring you back,” I said.

On the way to my hotel I listened to an abbreviated version of her life story, some of it good, some of it sad, but she was happy. As soon as we were in my hotel room she plastered herself against me kissing me wildly. I started to undress her and she suddenly got excited. “Let’s take a shower together!” she squealed.

In minutes we were under the hot spray in the shower, kissing and groping each other like kids on a prom date. Finally we calmed down enough to enjoy washing each other’s bodies with our hands. By the time our soapy hands were washing genitals things got out of hand. I pushed her back against the shower wall and our bodies automatically meshed. My chest flattened her huge breasts and I drove my hips between her legs.

Her hand guided my slippery shaft inside her and she consumed me. I kissed her and she moaned into my mouth with every thrust of my hips. The heat of the moment drove me into a primal state as I pounded into her with a purpose. I slid my mouth down her cheek and sucked at the sweet skin of the hollow of her neck.

Her hands grabbed my ass and seemed to want more than I was giving, but evidently I was doing something right because she came and let me know it. Her fingernails dug into my skin and she screamed, “That’s it! Don’t… stop! Don’t…oh..oh…yeahhh! I could feel contractions squeezing my cock and I knew that in just a few wonderful strokes I would join her.

She caught her breath and kissed me once. “Wait…wait, Ben, save it. Let’s get on the bed; I want you to do something.”

Save it? Holy crap on a cracker; I’m grinding my pelvis against hers, seven inches into her and ready to shoot so hard up into her that she could taste it and she wants me to wait? She must have something really special in mind to expect me to calm my cock down.

And so she did, leading me by the hand back to the bed. She got on her knees on the edge of the bed, put her head down and that big beautiful ass in the air. “Not many men get my ass, Ben, but I want you to,” she said.

My cock was still throbbing and I was not about to discuss the subject. I stepped against her and pushed the tip against her dark rim. I eased it in and let it rest while she slipped her hand underneath. She never complained about the lack of lube as I worked half my shaft in and out and soon she opened up and I was balls deep into that wondrous dark cavern. I had not done anal sex with many women, but it always been with plenty of lubrication. This was different.

“Are you okay?” I asked apprehensively.

“Yes... yes, Ben, I like it like this, go on, finish,” she said.

I knew she was rubbing the hell out of her clitoris as I held her hips and let her ass take it from me. The pressure on my cock was amazing, like a warm hand squeezing it. Even though I was thrusting slowly, I let the feelings take over and I lost it. I showered her insides with my cum and her body shook against me. She moaned over and over after I came and I knew her orgasm was right after mine.

It had been so intense that my cock deflated and slipped free pretty quickly. I didn’t want to think of the mess I’d left inside her. She went to the bathroom and when she came out she brought a soapy wash cloth and a towel. As I sat on the edge of the bed, she cleaned me with such care and tenderness that I believed she could be a nurse.

After we dressed and talked some more I drove her back to her (roommate’s) car behind the mall. The sun was due to rise soon and I was exhausted. She kissed me and I thanked her and watched her until she started her car and drove away.

And then I realized something; I had never even left a tip on the table for her at the restaurant. But that gave me a reason to return.

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