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The Gift

Amanda gets a surprise birthday present from her husband
Fucker, Amanda thought as she took the corner just a bit too fast. She had been getting steadily more annoyed and frustrated all day. It's not as if Mike had actually forgotten about her birthday, but more and more it seemed like an afterthought. He had talked a good game ahead of time, even sending the kids away to his parents for the weekend, so that they could have some privacy.

This morning he had woken her up to give her a bouquet of lame supermarket roses, and a hastily bought tacky piece of crap jewelry from Zales. When she had dropped some hints about maybe getting frisky, he told her ("reminded her" according to him) that he had a 9am tee time with Steve and a couple of other friends, and that he'd be back as soon as their round was over.

After he left she was still annoyed and a bit horny, so she decided to go with old reliable, her medium-sized black silicone toy that vibrated in just the right way.

On his birthday he gets a good morning blow job, she thought resentfully as she lay back and slid her panties down and off. What do I get? crap flowers and white trash jewelry. Strangely, her anger seemed to get her going a bit, and she found that she was wetter than she expected. Her nipples were hard, and she slid her hand up to caress her breasts and pinch the nipples just a bit.

"Fucking Steve," she thought, annoyed, as she started to slide the head of her toy along her lips, letting them open before she exerted a little more pressure. Mike and Steve had a full-fledged "bro-mance" going, spending as much time as they could together, playing golf, basketball, and drinking beer and watching football at each other's houses.

She couldn't complain too much. Steve was good looking and certainly kept himself in good shape. Maybe even a bit better than Mike, who still got admiring looks when he took off his shirt at the pool, even from some of the oh-so-cool little teenagers that he pretended not to look at. So the bromance gave her some eye candy.

As she slid the head of "junior," as she liked to call him, into her pussy, she found herself wondering again about what it would be like to have Steve in bed with her. Amanda's main regret was that she hadn't sown her wild oats before marrying Mike. She had never admitted it to any of her friends, but Mike was the only man she had ever been with.

Would he have a nice cock? Would he know what he was doing? Would he... taste different? Would he make her... "What the fuck?!" Amanda had twisted the knob at the base of her toy that turned on the vibration, but nothing happened. Dead batteries? Now, seriously?!

The mood killed, she got up and got dressed. Well, if he can't appreciate what he's got, maybe I'll give some other people a bit of a show. She took a good long time in the shower, getting herself perfectly smooth and bare just the way she liked it. Lotioned, perfumed, she inspected herself in the mirror. Time (and diligent exercise) had been kind to her, despite it being her 39th birthday. Long toned legs, narrow waist and a flat stomach. Medium-sized, perky breasts with only a little bit of sag, and small nipples that had a tendency to turn hard at any provocation.

She selected a small dark lace thong and a matching bra. Sheer and thin. It didn't hide much but kept her from bouncing around too much and being excessively "nipply" in air conditioning. Smirking, she chose a light colored sundress that she knew would allow her panties and bra to be visible in strong sunlight. Mike thought the effect was hot, but Amanda usually thought it was trashy. She had only worn it like that once, when she changed from a darker dress to that one and forgotten to change her underwear. He hadn't been able to keep his eyes off her ass and chest, even as she complained about it (while feeling a little tingly at the attention.)

Amanda chose a pair of high heeled sandals to complete her look. She gave herself an appreciative glance in the mirror and then headed downtown, to go for a walk. She window shopped for a while. As time went on, she allowed herself to become more aware of her surroundings, paying more attention to the people around her than to the things on display in the windows.

She smiled as she realized her outfit was drawing a fair amount of attention. In the reflections of the windows she could see men's reactions as they passed by, and almost the only ones who didn't turn their heads blatantly were the ones walking with women, and even so, more than one of those got a sharp elbow in the ribs from their annoyed wife or girlfriend.

"Nice to know I've still got it," Amanda thought to herself. The most flattering attention by far was from the group of teenaged boys, who tried to oh-so-casually manage to follow her around while pretending that they were just hanging out and walking up and down the street just behind her. She heard more than one muffled, "dude, shut up!" or "I'd hit that." Just as she was trying to figure out how to tease them in a way that would make their day memorable --should she bend over to adjust a strap on her sandal?-- a stray gust of wind caught her dress and blew it up over her waist. She tried to catch it with her hands before it flew up, but she reacted ust a bit too slowly and for a split second her ass, with just the tiniest scrap of material between the cheeks, was completely visible for her teenaged admirers.

Smoothing her dress down, she turned to face the smirking boys. She coolly looked the leader in the eye. "Like what you see, boys?" putting a bit of extra emphasis on the last word to put them in their place. For all their attempts at nonchalance, they all looked down embarrassed.

Feeling bad, she smiled at them. "It's ok, guys, you actually made my day."

In a bit of a better mood, she went to meet her friends for the birthday drinks they had promised her. A few margaritas later, she was definitely buzzed, but her mood had gone downhill. Her friends, while well-meaning, had managed to remind her again and again about how upset she was with Mike for messing up her birthday. "Has he even called you today? I mean, golf must be over by now..." "You've got to tell him what's what." And on and on. And the more they talked, the more she agreed, and the more annoyed she got.

Going from the lounge to the restaurant where she was meeting Mike, her mood was dark and stormy. She arrived at the welcomingly dark and intimately lit restaurant, and she started to feel her annoyance dissipate. This was her their place, and it had tons of good memories. The maitre approached her and told her that Signore had not arrived yet, but she should feel free to enjoy a glass of wine on the house.

As 7:30 came and went, and one glass turned into to two., Amanda's anger started to rise up again. She texted Mike but got no answer. She called him, but it went to voicemail. "Asshole."

At 7:50 she drove home, angrily. "Fucker!"

When she arrived home, she found their cluttered house transformed. All of the kids' stuff had disappeared. No toys or plastic anything was anywhere to be seen. Instead, the house was in perfect "guest" mode. Even more than that, it was in "mother-in-law" mode. All clutter was gone. It looked the way houses look when realtors take pictures of them for listing them. All the lights were dimmed, and candles and flowers were everywhere.

"Mike?" she called....

No answer. "Mike!!"

Still no answer, but her phone buzzed with a text. "I'm sorry about the restaurant and the shitty morning. It was part of a plan. Go upstairs and go to our bedroom. There's a box on the bed. Put on what's inside and wait for me."

As annoyed as she had been all day, her curiousity was piqued. It didn't hurt that she'd had a few drinks on a mostly empty stomach, and she was pleasantly buzzed. She headed up the stairs and went into their bedroom. The room had been similarly transformed. All clutter had been removed. She was too buzzed to wonder what he had done with it. No clothes on the floor, no towels draped over the bed post. The bed was even made, and all the light came from candles blazing on every surface.

The bed was even made, and on it was the promised box, wrapped with a heavy maroon ribbon. She untied the bow and opened the box. The cardboard was heavy and obviously from a high quality store. Inside was a garter belt, stockings, a tiny thong that tied with ribbons on the side, a demi-cup push-up bra that would leave most of her breasts, including her nipples, exposed, and finally glossy patent-leather high heels.

She sniffed, "teenage boy wet dream stuff." But as she picked up the lingerie, she realized that the quality was exquisite. All the sizes were perfect, and it was by far the most high quality underwear, or even clothes for that matter, that she had ever owned.

She decided to go along with Mike, and she quickly stepped out of her dress and sandals. Her bra and panties soon followed, and she shivered, even though the night was warm. Her nipples crinkled and stiffened, and goosebumps formed on her arms and legs. She felt inexplicably nervous, standing nude in her own bedroom. She took a few minutes to go through the new stuff and found that there was a silk blindfold as well. "Oh, really?" she thought, amused but also intrigued.

She slid the silk stockings over her legs and fastened them to the garter belt, remembering that panties should always go on *over* the garters (at least if quick access is desired). The thong followed, and she put on the bra and stepped into the heels. Examining herself in the mirror, she was surprised to see that she looked better than she could have imagined. The lingerie was clearly made to flatter, and she looked like, well, a really high class hooker, was the first thought that flashed through Amanda's mind.

"A blindfold, huh? Well, I guess if I'm in, I'm in. She adjusted the silk blindfold over her eyes and tied it behind her head.

She sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

And waited. Her head got a bit more light as the alcohol kicked in "Good thing I'm not driving now," she thought as she lay back against a pillow. As funny as she found the situation and Mike's earnest plan, she also had to admit that she was intrigued, and well, let's face it, aroused. She slipped her hand down into her panties and confirmed that her pussy was already more than a little wet. "Good thing I shaved my pussy this morning," she admitted to herself as she allowed her finger to explore just abit. Just then she heard steps going up the stairs and the door to the bedroom opening.

When she heard the door to the bedroom, Amanda laughed, stood up. "Ok, mister, is this my birthday or yours?"

"Shh..." was the response as Amanda felt herself wrapped in Mike's embrace and his mouth pressed against hers eagerly. His tongue found hers and they kissed hungrily.

She started to reach around Mike, but as her hands slid down his back towards his muscular butt, he took her wrists in his hands and brought them behind her back. Before she really realized what had happened, she found that he had tied her hands behind her back. Loose enough to be comfortable, but tightly enough that she couldn't escape.

"What do you think you're do--"

"Shh..." came the response again. Mike stepped back, and she heard the whisper of his clothes coming off and sliding to the floor. Not being able to see his body made her want to see it all the more. She pictured his toned chest and flat stomach, his strong hands, his muscular legs, and yes of course, his hard eager cock. Was he hard yet? She imagined he was, but not knowing was driving her crazy.

His tongue flicked across her nipple, taking her by surprise. It traced circles around the erect tip before he took the whole nipple in his mouth and sucked gently at first, and then with a sudden, slightly sharp nip that made her gasp, his mouth was gone.

Without being able to see anything, the absence of touch was more frustrating than ever. "Please don't stop, Mike. that felt good, suck them more--"

"Shh..." was the answer yet again. This time his voice was behind her, and the next touch was his hands pulling her hair away from her neck and over her shoulder so that he could kiss the back of her neck. He kissed her lightly down her neck, sending shivers down her back. When his lips reached the catch to her bra, he unhooked it and slid down and off as much as he could, but it was trapped because of her tied hands. "Didn't think of that did you?" she asked mockingly.

Amanda expected another "shh..." but this time the response was his hands cupping her breasts and pinching the nipples playfully. He pressed his body against her, which allowed her to realize that his cock was in fact completely hard as he let it press against her hand.

She grasped it eagerly, and did her best to stroke it, but the angle and her trapped hands made it hard to operate. "Jesus, Mike, you're so hard.. it even feels bigger..." As she spoke, he pulled away and left her standing by herself again. Where was he? In front, behind? What was he going to do next? She wondered for what seemed like minutes before she felt a hand on her stomach, sliding down into her panties. She knew the front was soaked, and sure enough, his probing finger sank into her pussy so easily. She squeezed down, making him take in air sharply, a reminder of how good it would feel when she did that when his cock was inside her.

Too soon, he stopped his attention with his finger and pulled down her panties. Roughly he pushed her forward, and Amanda thought she would fall, but she fell forward onto the bed, still standing, but bent at the waist and with her upper half resting on the bed.

His hands spread her cheeks, exposing her pussy to him. Without any delay, he started licking her from behind, holding her cheeks apart while his tongue probed into her wet pussy. The feeling was electric, and her frustration eased out of her as his tongue licked up and down, sending delicious shivers through her body. He would lick all the way "down" to her clit, and then back up, almost to her rear entrance. And then back again, but stopping to slide his tongue as deep inside as he could.

For some reason it was different from the usual way he went down on her, with her lying on her back, and certainly not feeling so exposed or wanton. Sooner than she expected, she felt the first contractions of orgasm rip through her and she moaned in surprised pleasure. As soon as the last ripple finished, Mike removed his tongue. "Don't stop!" she called, almost desperately.

She felt his hands on her hips, and she readied herself for his cock. The head rubbed against her swollen wet lips, sliding up and down and getting wet in preparation for going inside her. His head felt larger and more engorged than ever, and with no more warning, he slid into her with one smooth stroke, and she felt herself completely filled, his balls pressed against her. No sooner than he was completely in, he started fucking her. Smoothly, in long strong strokes. Almost too slowly, in fact. "Fuck me harder, Mike, faster!" Again, no response, and no acceleration of his action. Just those slow, long, maddening strokes, filling her all the way before sliding out almost completely, making her feel almost empty.

Slowly but surely, he did speed up, and he put more power into his strokes, Amanda's head was pushed against the sheets and she lost herself in the delicious feeling of being fucked so well. His hands moved from her hips to her ass, and Amanda felt him spread her cheeks, and she tensed as she felt him gently rub a moistened finger against her asshole. He had asked her about anal sex very early in their marriage, and she had told him no abruptly. At the time the idea had repelled her, and he had not asked again. AS the years went by, Amanda had wondered about it, but she had never been able to bring herself to ask him to try, to offer herself that way. The feeling wasn't bad as he rubbed her backdoor gently with his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy,

Amanda felt herself empty again as Mike removed his cock completely. He untied her hands and pushed her up onto the bed until she was on her hands and knees. He pushed her forward so that he had space to kneel behind her and he entered her again, almost roughly, but it was exactly what she needed. He worked her hard and fast, and his hand found her clit as he fucked her. His chest pressed against her back as he brought her to the edge of her second orgasm. amanda almost went crazy as the feelings welled up in her, and he nipped the back of her neck. "I'm cumming I'm cumming Ohmygod I'm cumming!" she wailed as the her second, stronger orgasm made her shudder.

Before she was done, Amanda felt his cock press against her mouth, "Wha--?!" she tried to say as the cock pushed farther. What was happening? Mike's cock pressed into her mouth, and she started to suck it almost automatically as she tried to process how his cock could be in two places at once. THe blindfold came off and she looked up at her husband's smiling handsome face.

Her mouth full, she looked over her shoulder to see Steve wink at her. "Do you like your present?" Mike asked as he took her head in his hands and guided his cock in and out of her mouth. Her head spinning, she felt a sense of unreality. She had another man's cock in her pussy and her husband had his cock in her mouth. She had fantasized about STeve for years. How had Mike known? Too many questions for now. All she wanted was more. She murmured "uh huh" around her husband's hardness and turned her attention to giving him the best blowjob she knew how to give in exchange for the best present she had ever gotten...

As Steve continued to fuck her, it was a bit like an out of body experience for Amanda. She had pictured it for such a long time. Not just Steve himself, but any other man. Since she had only ever slept with Mike, starting when she was 18, it was an entire lifetime of being with only one man. There was a sense of disconnect as she felt Steve's cock plunging in and out of her.

"I'm fucking another man, and my husband is ok with it. Hell, his cock is in my mouth," thought Amanda as another wave of pleasure made her head swim.

Still, there was a part of her that was annoyed. She wasn't sure exactly about what. It's not as if Mike had been *wrong* about any of this. That is, he had been right that Amanda wanted Steve, and that she hadn't freaked out when he tricked her into having sex with him. Did he think she was a slut? Was she? Having him be "right" about all of this was a bit annoying.

Well, if he wanted a slut, he had one. As Steve fucked her, she started controlling the action a bit more by working her hips forward and backwards. Mike's cock filled her mouth as he wrapped his fingers in her hair and guided her head up and down his cock. He groaned in pleasure as he worked his penis in an out of her mouth, "suck it harder, you little whore," he murmured gently. He'd called her his little whore before, and usually she took it in the pervy way she knew he meant it, but this time it stung a bit. She leaned her hips forward, making Steve pop out of her pussy.

She lowered her hips and ass a bit as he thrust forward again, and his cock slid up her crack, past her asshole and up, as he "missed" with his thrust, as she had intended. He tried holding onto her hips and sliding into her pussy again, but she lowered her hips again so that his head pressed against her anus instead.

She could see Mike look a bit confused about what was going on, and she knew that Steve was hesitant to do what he was starting to suspect she wanted. She leaned forward as best she could with her husband's cock in her mouth, and she opened the bedside drawer and got out the little bottle of lube. She simply reached back and set it on her back, as if she were a table. Pulling her mouth of her husband's cock, she turned to Steve and said, "I want you to fuck my ass. Mike wants a little whore to fuck, you better damn well believe you should get to prove it!"

With that, she lowered her head onto Mike's cock again and sucked with gusto. Her husband's erection, which had subsided for a bit at her announcement, was fully hard again, and if anything he was even harder than he had been before. Behind her, she heard the bottle as Mike squeezed a generous amount onto his hands and cock. He spread her cheeks and squirted some directly onto her asshole.

It was cold, but it soon warmed up as he rubbed his fingers on her asshole, warming up the slippery liquid, and soon even working the tip of his finger into her ass. "Relax, baby," Steve whispered as she tensed up involuntarily at the unfamiliar sensation.

Amanda realized that her tension was more automatic than any result of the sensation of Steve's fingers probing her, sort of like how you flinch before the doctor gives you a shot, but the actual shot is nothing. I think this is going to be all right, Amanda smiled to herself as she bobbed her head up and down on Mike's cock, enjoying the feeling of her mouth being completely full, almost too full as his head went almost to the back of her throat. Mike groaned in pleasure as she swirled her tongue around his head and even probed with the tip of her tongue into his sensitive opening.

In the meantime, Steve had worked his index finger completely into her butt. He pressed his cock against her pussy again, and pushed his way into her eager cunt. The feeling was overwhelming and intoxicating. She had every opening filled by male lust. She was servicing her husband orally while his best friend plunged his cock into her pussy, all the time while he was preparing her virgin asshole.

As his cock plowed in and out of her, he gently started to slide his finger back and forth in and out of her ass. Several times he squirted more lube onto his fingers and onto her ass. As she relaxed and as she got more slippery the feeling got better and better.

She moaned, "Oh god, Steve, that feels so good! Don't stop."

Her words seemed to spark extra lust in Mike, who grabbed her head roughly and plunged his cock into her mouth with extra gusto. "Take that, you sexy bitch."

As she struggled to accommodate her husband's thrusts, she felt Mike press the engorged head of his dick against her asshole. Oh my god, it's going to happen, she thought with apprehensive delight. I'm going to get fucked in the ass like a little slut. She felt so daring. Wanton.

"Relax baby, breathe," Steve murmured as he pressed a bit harder, holding her cheeks apart with his hands. "Imagine that you were trying to push out... it'll open up your ass a bit more..." She did as she was told as she gasped onto Mike's rock hard prick. Steve's head pushed its way into her asshole, and once the swollen head of his cock squeezed past the outer ring of her anus, it almost popped in. Steve paused a bit as she got used to the feeling.

Almost too soon, he pushed his way a couple of inches more. Amanda had to take her mouth off of Mike to scream, "Oh my god oh my god oh my god my ass!"

The brief discomfort gave way quickly to pleasure as Steve filled her backdoor. After another too-brief pause he pushed his way in all the way, and his balls pressed against her pussy. "Oh shit!" Amanda screamed, "You're in my ass! I can't believe you're in my ass you're in my ass!"

This time Steve paused longer, allowing her to get used to the sensation completely. In that moment, Mike slapped his cock against her face to get her attention. She opened her eyes and accepted his prick into her mouth once more, almost gratefully, as it allowed her to focus on something while her body relaxed around the intrusion into her tender ass.

As soon as she started sucking, Steve started thrusting. Oddly, in some ways the withdrawal of his cock was almost stranger feeling than the original intrusion. He pulled it almost the entire way out, his head just visible under the stretched ring of her anus before he pushed it back in to the hilt. After that his thrusts got somewhat shallower, and the feeling was electric for both of them. "Oh my god, Amanda, you're so fucking tight! I've wanted to butt fuck you ever since that time you wore that tiny little bikini to the club and you made me so hard I couldn't get out of the pool for 15 minutes."

She smiled around her husband's hard penis to hear that he had wanted her as long as she had wanted him. She remembered the day he was talking about. She knew she looked good in that bikini, and she had made a point of teasing Steve, bending over in front of him to get something out of her beach bag. Nice to know he had noticed.

He started sodomizing her even harder. As he fucked her, he reached around and played with her clit. That was all it took to send her over the edge and into the most massive orgasm of her life. "AAAAGGHHH" she screamed as a massive spasm ripped through her body and she clenched around the cock invading her ass.

Mike grunted in pleasure as his cock twitched and started squirting hot cum into her mouth. She pulled it out and jerked the next jets onto her face, knowing how much Mike liked coating her face with his cum. He seemed to not stop cumming, as she looked up at him, her face a mask of lust, covered with cum from chin to forehead.

Moments later, Steve, holding her hips in a vice-like grip, thrust into her backdoor with everything he had. "Oh God I'm going to cum in your ass baby..." He shuddered as he emptied his balls into his best friend's eager, and until 15 minutes ago, virgin ass.

Amanda took her husband's softening cock back into her mouth and sucked gently, drawing the last few drops out of him, and she giggled as he flinched with post-orgasmic aftershocks. She'd always liked how he tasted salty and sweet at the same time. She wondered how Steve tasted, and she realized she'd probably find out a little later.

Steve leaned over, his cock still buried in her butt, and kissed the back of her neck gently. "Thanks, sweetie," he whispered gently in her ear. "I've been waiting for that a long time," He withdrew his now flaccid cock from her ass, and Amanda felt almost empty as she felt empty without Steve's thick cock in her. His cum started to dribble out of her as he collapsed onto the bed next to her, followed by Mike, and then Amanda, who collapsed between the two men who had used her for everyone's pleasure.

"Well, Mike," she said, "I thought you had fucked up this birthday royally, but this was the best present you've ever given me."

"The night's just getting started, honey."

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