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The good girl

She was a student at college, also my partner, until I revealed her my secret
My ass had such a strong penetration that I couldn't avoid resulting pain and aching off my already enlarged small hole.

This had been my first year of career at college, and I was late on my first day.  As I got there, I stepped secretly into the classroom, a little ashamed, but ignored, and stayed put while trying to catch up with the class.  This professor would be talking about subject contents, perhaps, but seconds later, I was followed by another student -who was late on his way to class too.  He found accommodation in my same line, three desks toward the left.

The new student was elder,  about 24 or 25 yo.  He was handsome, brown skin, like a real macho man, showing an evil stare.  The professor was proposing the class to do group work as well as taking about his work scheme, and it was determined that only pair work or teams of three would be organized.  Students began to make up groups spontaneously.  Since I wasn't well-known in the school, I was confused about who to turn, least what to do.  I was longing to join this new student and have our group made with him,  but was too shy, ashamed to come up to him.  Finally, he made his move first, looking like resolved and introduced himself. He said:

"Hi, I'm Mark. How about to work together?" 
I said: "Hah, yes, of course, why not?"
Well, as we were done for the day, we discovered we had got along quite well. We also discovered we fit perfectly into our  group work.  As we finished on our first day, I waited for him at college entrance to  say good by.  He replied he was heading  home and could give me a ride. This way I realized we lived in the same   neighborhood.  We had a small talk during the trip until we finally got to our apartment building and kindly said good by to each other.  We'd meet the next day at college library again.

We were like this for a week and continued to study in the campus library together… until finally… I was learning my part and saw him on his way in.  He quickly walked to my desk and sat next to me. His voice sounded faltering, hesitating, while saying softly:
"I'm determined not to work with you anymore.  This stuff has become   an obsession, you're driving me mad while I  keep on  having images of you  naked  on my bed, sometimes on your four,  showing your beautiful tight asshole, or   bending over like that wearing a tiny thong,  waiting to get sodomized like a  slut.   I like you I don't want to spoil this friendship though.   I've  been thinking what   the odds  are  to fuck you, and get a complete    anal penetration within you.   I see   you've never been taken the asshole. I can tell by your angel face.  As a matter of fact, being close to you like this is putting me to a tremendous edge of mania."

I was stunned by Mark's confession, and looked him in the eye,  like a sodomized girl. My breathing turned agitated and the only thing I could do was to  utter a moan,   shaking my head in negative response.  I said:

"What's the matter with you? I still wish to be in your group work, and if you're so longing to do this to me, I'm ready for that."

Mark's face suddenly illuminated by this sudden revelation.  Pleased by satisfaction, he closed  the book I was reading   and put it in my back pack.  He led me by one arm and out there.

"Come with me"  -he said.  We walked quickly, anxious, racing to some unknown destination, and didn't utter a word.  He sometimes would turn to look at me, with a warm wicked smile aimed at me. He was plotting against me, no doubt;   nonetheless, I gave up and was heading   for his place now, to get fucked.  We climbed into the elevator while he still looked me in the eye, quietly. As we got to my place, he showed me in, then to his bed room, saying:
"Gotta go to the bath room now."
After washing his hands, this guy got back to the bedroom to find me there, shy  and scared,  but longing to satisfy his   desires. I had wished this since time back. Mark got close to me and took off my white shirt, then turned me around, with my back facing him. The job was performed quite easily as the bra got loose. My pants  dropped, surprisingly.  Mark was too rude at this. He told me to cooperate by taking off every piece of cloth myself,  but the white panty. He said:

"You know, nice and easy. Be the good girl here, obedient."

He also warned:

"Don't you dare to disapprove or I'll be a demanding person  by  lashing  that little asshole until it got reddish"

His words turned me on. Oh, my God, I had been longing  this fantasy ever! And I was about to become his favorite bitch, standing there,  wearing only my thong, awaiting orders. He said:
"Come on, you climb on the bed, get on your knees and poke out that beautiful ass as much as you can."
I obeyed immediately and noticed as he got close to me, pulled the strip off my thong  and began to cherish my keyhole using his finger tip.  Mark then put it to my mouth and said:  "suck it!"
This particular finger was well lube with saliva, ready to play around my hole with a revolving movement. He said:

"That's right, you little bitch! I like what obedient girls do."   
He kept lashing my asshole with his finger tips and suddenly stopped. As I was kneeling in front of him, suddenly saw a big floppy cock, dangling close to my face. Well, all of a sudden, I was up there sucking hind it, but  felt all right the way this was progressing, specially as hard as it was now.
He said:
"Ok, little bitch, that's good. Sure we have quite an obedient girl here. Open your mouth.
He began to fuck my mouth effusively and relentlessly. I looked like the perfect easy make, so I sucked it meekly. He said:
"You throw out your tongue, little bitch! That's right… very good; such an obedient little bitch deserves everything here."
I finished licking the cock head, then asked me to spit on it.  I was aware this was only a previous stage before an anal, so I made sure this shaft was drenched enough. At least I wouldn't stand too much pain in the ass for lack of lubrication, and, to add up,    Mark surely would part my cunt lips to   poke the big cock to the pussy's deep end. I began a thrusting motion of my hips, in anticipation,    as he prepared for the fucking, so  deliciously good.  That was great! … I inferred this was only the beginning of our play!
He made a temporary halt to put saliva in my keyhole; rubbing it nervously with his dumb finger. This drove me mad but I'd only be allowed  a soft moan, remember?
Mark stopped here and asked me to move to an available bench in the corner of the  room.  The bench height could be adjusted   in alignment with my little asshole and sodomize me.  Mark asked me to bend over and thrust out my ass. So I did  by  looking for support in a wall and hold steady. Everything was fit for a good penetration now!
I was now completely naked, he searched for grease in the drawer, put plenty of Vaseline around and checked to satisfaction  until his middle finger  travelled freely into me. This was aimed at widening and expanding my asshole and also a warranty it'd open up the moment this man nailed me with the cock tip. 
"Ohh, ahh, that hurts!"   -I protested.
"Shhh, take it easy, you little slut. No way back, so stay put."
A penetration of his rod was progressively getting deeper to the end.   I enjoyed the show here, but exhaustion was a problem. Oppressed as I was, mixture of pleasure, pain and desire, I felt his swelled rod veins pressing my tight ass walls within me. This man didn't care at all, laboriously stroking me, oh, fucking my brains out!
He took out the cock and opened wide my asshole to check for dilatation at instances. He even spit on it and continued  fucking until  I began to notice Mark's   build up,   no doubt this guy would explode any moment. He screamed:
"Oh, God, this is great, oh you little bitch! I'm gonna cum now."
He cum within a minute and took his cock away  to poke a finger, just to see how the cum flooded out. 
"Oh, you have performed pretty well, lady. So you deserve a good reward.  Easy here."
He cleaned my anus with a wet towel and asked me to  stay put  on the bench, totally naked. As he got out of the bedroom, I saw two buddies who lived in the same flat. These men asked me to cooperate or I'd pay for consequences if acted insolently. Oh, that was great! ... and  my little asshole didn't yet have a chance for  a  break!
                                                                THE END

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