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The Interview

Julie attends her interview and gets more than she she expected.
“Hi, that’s your 6 pm appointment; Julie Gold,” the receptionist chirped. “Will I tell her you’ll be down in a minute?”

“Yes, please Carol,” he replied looking at his watch. “I’ll be straight down so you can get away for the night.”

Iain quickly grabbed the CV from the folder on his desk and flicked through it, before rising from his desk and heading for the lift. As the lift descended, he thought to himself how Julie was an interesting candidate. She didn't have any recent experience as a PA, although she had done secretarial work in the past. He had to confess that it was the pretty picture she had included on her CV that had got her an interview, that and the fact that she was in her mid-forties, not one of the dozens of twenty year old bimbos who’s CVs he’d waded through.

As the lift doors opened he caught sight of Julie. She was even prettier in the flesh. Talking of flesh; he couldn't help staring at her wondrous milky white cleavage which was straining inside her tight blouse.

“Hi, you must be Julie!” he exclaimed holding out his hand. “I'm Iain, thanks for coming along tonight, especially so late in the day.”

“That’s no problem,” replied Julie as she rose from the seat and shook his hand. “I was able to come here after work. It saved me having to take time off.”

“I’ll see you in the morning Iain, have a good night,” the receptionist exclaimed as she left.

“Oh, err yeah, thanks for staying back Carol,” Iain replied, realising that he had been so preoccupied with his interview candidate that he’d completely ignored the receptionist. “See you tomorrow.”

“Did you find the office okay?” Iain questioned as he guided Julie to the lift. He struggled to keep his gaze away from her generous cleavage and shapely bottom, which was encased in a tight knee length grey skirt.

“Yes, it was no problem, your directions were fine,” Julie replied as they entered the lift.

In the confined space of the lift, Iain couldn't help inhaling the spicy musk of Julie 's perfume and he felt a stirring in his trousers. He tried to control himself, thinking of balance sheets, contract documents and anything else, but the sexy woman standing next to him.

The lift doors opened and they walked along the corridor to Iain's office making small talk.

“Please take a seat,” Iain said, pulling forward a modern chrome and transparent plastic chair.

Julie took a seat, looking around the large room, taking in the view from the large windows, the plush carpet, the stark white walls and the stylish modern furniture. She noticed a chair in the corner of the office, similar to the one she was sitting on, but with a different seat base, it looked familiar somehow.

Iain explained how he had recently taken on the role of Managing Director, replacing his predecessor and his PA who had both retired. He noticed Julie staring at the chair in the corner of the office and smiled.

“Do you like my special chair?” he questioned with a wry smile on his face.

“Er yes, I'm sure I've seen a chair like that before,” Julie replied. Suddenly a look of realisation spread across her face, followed by a bright red blush.

“There’s only one way I can think of that you could have seen a chair like that!” Iain exclaimed. “Am I right?”

“Em.. yes, I think so,” Julie replied, her blush deepening in colour.

“And where exactly did you see a chair like that?” Iain questioned.

“Em, I think it was in a movie.”

“What kind of movie.”

“Well it was err, an erotic one.”

“A porn movie Ms Gold? Are you telling me that you make a habit of watching porn movies? Do you think that’s the kind of person we would want to hire?”

“Oh, well, if you put it like that, well, I'm not sure.”

"Well you got that wrong Ms Gold. You’re exactly the type of horny sexy woman I need!” Iain replied with a smile. "Now perhaps you'd like to show me how you'd sit on that chair, but first I need your panties!"

“What?” replied a shocked Julie.

“Panties off now Ms Gold!" he hissed. "And don't make me ask again."

Obediently Julie hitched up her skirt and deftly whipped down her black lace panties.

"Thank you," he whispered, extending his hand to take her panties, placing the damp gusset to his nose. "Mmmm, fucking delightful as I expected, I'm sure the taste of your wet cunt is every bit as delicious as the aroma."

He slid open the top drawer of his desk and placed the flimsy garment inside. "Now, the chair Ms Gold please!" he exclaimed gesturing towards it.

Julie turned and sat astride the chair facing rearwards, hitching up her skirt even further, and exposing her pale, voluptuous arse cheeks.

"Oh good girl!" he exclaimed. "You obviously know how my special chair should be used, but just in case you change your mind, I think we need these." Iain produced a pack of heavy duty cable ties. "Handcuffs would be okay, but I can't leave them lying around in the office." Quickly he encircled her wrists and ankles with the black ties and strapped them to the chair.

"Now, let me have a proper look at you!" He exclaimed, circling her. He traced his index finger down her cheek, across her lips and down to her impressive cleavage. "Mmm, I need to see these lovely puppies properly." Deftly he unfastened the buttons of her blouse and cupped his hands down the outside of each of her breast scooping them up and out of her bra. Dark brown aureoles encircled her large pert nipples.

Iain sucked through his teeth. "Oh my they are beauties aren't they? Whoever it was who said that more than a handful is a waste didn't have a clue."

He encircled her breasts with his large powerful paws, stroking her nipples with his thumbs.

Julie shivered and gently moaned as he flicked then tweaked her stiffening nubs.

"I can see you like that Ms Gold, but now it’s time for my pleasure, and nothing would give me greater pleasure than to taste your most intimate places: as you obviously know that's exactly what this chair is built for."

He moved round behind Julie and dropped to his knees, tracing a finger slowly down between the cheeks of her ass. Julie flinched as she felt his digit linger over the exposed little rosebud of her anus. His finger continued its journey down to her pussy, tracing along one of her lips and back along the other, before plunging deep inside her soaking wet sex.

"My, my Ms Gold, you are a naughty girl, you are so very wet."

Slowly he extracted his finger from her soaking cunt, tracing his wet finger back up between her ass cheeks, causing another shiver to run down her spine.

He held his damp finger at his nose and inhaled her delicate pussy perfume before placing it in his mouth, savouring the spicy tang of her.

"Fuck I need to taste that pussy properly!" he exclaimed and quickly lay on his back under the chair, his head resting on the cushion positioning his mouth perfectly under her cunt.

He repeated the earlier path of his finger, tracing his tongue tip from her anus, along one of her labia and back down the other, deliberately avoiding her engorged erect clit. Three times he licked the length of her pussy, until Julie could take no more.

"Please lick my clit, it needs your tongue!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, you are a feisty one," he replied, "but your insolence will just make you wait all the longer."

Three more times he licked along her lips and back, carefully avoiding her erect button. Julie moaned gently as she wriggled on the seat, attempting to impale her clit on his tongue each time it drew near.

"You are a naughty one," he observed. "Just as well I've got you firmly secured to the chair."

He traced his fingers back along her pussy lips until they reached the little tuft of red hair above her clit. He seized the hairs between his fingers, pulling firmly on them while simultaneously spearing deep inside her pussy with his tongue.

Julie howled with a mix of pain and ecstasy as he continued to tug her hairs and fuck her cunt with his tongue. The sensation was too much for her and without warning a huge orgasm shuddered through her. Julie’s cunt exploded with a gush of her heavenly pussy nectar which ran into his mouth as he continued to devour her. He tongued her pussy hard as the aftershocks of her climax continued to course through her body.

Julie continued to moan softly as the ripples of her arousal ebbed slowly away.

He extricated his head from under the chair and rose to his feet, pausing to survey her voluptuous ass, giving it a playful slap.

"Did you enjoy that Ms Gold?" he teased.

"Fuck Yes!" she replied. "But now I need to return the favour. I need your cock in my mouth!"

"Hmm yes,” he mused. "That would be nice, and if you do it well, then perhaps we can release you from the chair and I can properly sample all of your delightful orifices."

Iain slid down the zip on his trousers and extricated his semi erect member from his boxer shorts. He gently stroked it. It rapidly rose to full hardness, his foreskin peeling back, exposing the angry red mushroom of his cock head.

He guided his rampant dick to Julie’s expectantly waiting mouth. A bead of pre cum appeared at his urethra. She extended her tongue and licked the bead clean. Iain moved forward, feeding his hard member between Julie’s lips, smearing her bright red lipstick along his length.

Julie could barely move her head in the position she was in, he slowly eased his dick in and out of her lips. With each outward stroke she circled her tongue around his dick. He inched deeper into her mouth with each stroke until his cock head pushed back past her tonsils and into her throat. She pushed her tongue out, teasing the hilt of his cock and the top of his balls as she deep throated him.

"Oh fuck Ms Gold you are a very skilled cock sucker!” he exclaimed. “I would dearly love to flood your throat with my seed, but not yet my dear."

Iain withdrew his cock which dripped with her saliva and moved over towards his desk. He picked up industrial pliers and snipped the cable ties from her arms and ankled. Julie rubbed her wrists where the ties had dug into her flesh and rose to her feet, slipping her skirt down to the floor.

"Now Ms Gold, since you've done so well in the first part of the interview, I think its time for you to take the lead and show me what YOU want to do.”

"Well I loved having your cock in my mouth, but I really need it in my hungry cunt!" she exclaimed. "And if you play your cards right, I might take you in my ass!"

Iain moaned in agreement. "Proceed please." 

Julie plucked the large flat cushion from the lounge chair and placed it on the floor.

“Lie down on the cushion; on your back please," she requested.

Iain did as he was asked, lying flat on the floor slowly stroking his still achingly hard cock.

Julie turned her back to him, placing a foot at either side of his waist. Adroitly she squatted down on him and impaled her still soaking cunt on his cock.

She paused for a moment and uttered, "Ooooh fuck that feels good." Slowly she rose up on her haunches, moving her body expertly so that his hard cock grazed her G spot. She rose till his cock was nearly out of her pussy, rotating her hips so that her labia teased his cock head. Slowly she lowered her body again, his iron hard cock plundering her pussy lips again. She maintained a steady pace with long deep stokes, her ass cheeks slapping on his belly as she took him deep inside her, before raising herself up again..

Iain admired the sight of her delicious derrière as it rose and descended , them he licked his thumb before easing it into her tight little ass hole.

"Oooh baby, that feels so fucking good," she moaned, as his thumb penetrated her forbidden hole, deeper and deeper with each downward stroke. She couldn't resist the need to strum her clit as Iain filled her in both holes.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she screamed as her second climax powered through.

Overwhelmed by her orgasm her legs gave way and she collapsed on top of him, taking his cock even deeper in her cunt. Iain felt the spasms in her pussy grip his cock and it was all he could do not to cum deep inside her.

They paused for a couple of minutes, his cock still deep inside her. As she regained the strength in her legs, Julie rose and his still hard member extricated itself from her soaking cunt with an embarrassing slurp. Iain’s cock crotch and balls were soaked with her creamy cum.

Well there's only one place your cock hasn't plundered yet, although your thumb got it nice and ready," Julie said teasingly, "That's if you’re up for it of course?"

"Just you try and stop me!" Iain replied with a grin.

Julie rolled over onto her knees, wiggling her ass provocatively. Iain moved behind her and fed his cock between her pussy lips, smearing even more of her cream on his cock. He moved back, coating the cleft of her bottom with her honey from his cock and used two fingers to work the cream into her ass, opening it up in preparation.

Once she was ready he pushed the blunt head against the puckered muscle of her ass hole, which stretched open to envelope his invading cock. Slowly and gently he pushed his length into her anus, savouring the exquisite tightness of her sphincter as it gripped his shaft. Sensing some resistance, he eased out a little, before pushing gently back in. Julie's engorged ass slowly swallowed the full length of his cock.

"Oh fuck, you dirty bastard. That feels so fucking good, shag my arse you bum fuck!" she moaned.

Iain slowly eased his cock out, the tightness of her ass was so intense he had to concentrate hard not to cum there and then. Gradually he built the pace of his ass fuck, until his glistening rod was pistoning her anus like a well-oiled machine.

Julie cursed and swore. She fingered her cunt and rubbed her clit as he fucked her bum harder, quicker, and deeper with every stroke.

"Go on you cunt, fill my filthy slut arse with your boiling hot cum!" she screamed. Her outburst coupled with the vice like grip of her anus sent Iain over the edge and he came violently emptying a huge torrent of cum from his balls into her ass.

The sensation of his hot seed spraying inside her forbidden hole sent Julie over the edge too and she came hard, the contractions of her anus milking the cum from his erupting cock.

Iain left his cock embedded in her, the tightness of her ring keeping his cock still hard. Slowly the blood ebbed from his cock until it shrank and popped out of her ass releasing a trickle of his seed which ran down toward her pussy.

Iain used his finger to collect his seed as it dripped from her still gaping ass and presented his spunky finger to her mouth.

Julie greedily licked his spunk from her fingers. "Mmm, fuck your spunk tastes so good!"

"I know," he replied. “But I've never tasted it from a freshly fucked ass: so here goes!" He lowered his head and licked up his cum as it continued to ooze out of her well fucked anus.

Julie obligingly tensed her ass muscles and squeezed more of seed out which Iain caught on his tongue. Julie turned and they shared his silken cream in a passionate kiss.

Finally their kissing paused and Julie chirpily questioned "So do I get the job then?"

"So you really need to ask?" he replied. "You start Monday morning half past eight and you can expect to be doing overtime most nights!"


Thank you to my Lush friends: Joocy69 who inspired this story and sweet_as_candy who edited it: it's much appreciated: more than you know! xx

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