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The Invasion Of A Stranger's Ass

David indulges himself in a stranger's ass.
"Damn, look at that girl with the short blue dress." I pointed out to my best friend, Josh.

"Wow she's hot." He replied, both staring at her dancing with her friend.

"You take her friend. She's mine." I said. With that, we got up and made our way to the pair of girls.

She turned her back to me just as we walked up. I walked up and put my hands on her waist. I felt her tense up as she looked over her shoulder to see who it was. She gave me a smile and began to grind her hips onto my dick.

"What's your name?" I yelled over the music.

"Emily! What's yours?"

"Nice to meet you Emily, I'm David."

I pulled her closer to me as the tempo of the song increased. Emily was really into the song. It showed by the way she was moving her petite body. I felt the bulge in my pants increase in size. This prompted Emily to grind on it even harder. I was about to lose it. Finally the song ended and we made our way to the bar.

"Can I buy you a drink?" I asked Emily.

"Sure. I'll have a 7 and 7."

I ordered our drinks then we made our way to the table that Josh and I were sitting at. Josh was already sitting there with Emily's friend, deep in conversation. We sat down and began some small talk of our own. I don't think Emily's friend noticed we were there. She was really into Josh.

"Oh David, this is Carly." Josh said as he hit my arm to get my attention.

"Nice to meet you Carly." I said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too."

I turned my attention back to Emily. We started talking about who we were and what our current situations were like. Turns out that Emily is 23 and is attending the local University, majoring in Economics. She has a passion for the outdoors, loves shooting guns, pretty open minded regrading bedroom activities and most importantly, she's single. This is my kind of girl!

The four of us sat and talked for a little while longer. Our conversations had turned more and more sexual with each drink. Judging by Emily's body language, she seemed pretty turned on by our discussions. I felt the bulge in my pants rise as Emily placed her hand on my thigh. All fours of were pretty relax and comfortable with each other by now.

"You about ready to go?" I asked Josh.

"Just about. Let's see if the girls wanna go back to the apartment." Josh replied.

"I think Josh and I are gonna get out of here. Wanna go back to our place with us?" I asked Emily while Josh asked Carly.

"Sure." both girls answered simultaneously. With that we left the bar.

Josh and I came to the bar together as well as Emily and Carly. Josh opted to ride with Carly so Emily could be with me. I led the way back to our apartment for some other activities. The whole way there, Emily couldn't keep her hands off me. I felt her hand on the bulge that just formed in my pants. She gave it a squeeze. It was hard to concentrate on the road with her fucking with me.

We finally got back to my apartment. Emily was wrapped around my neck while we walked up to the door. I fumbled with the keys, trying to get the door unlocked. We got inside and I sat her on the couch.

"Anyone want another drink?" I asked while walking into the kitchen.

"I want a beer." Josh said.

"Me too." I heard Emily and Carly say.

Easy enough I thought to myself. I walked back into the living room with four beers in my hand. Josh, Carly and Emily were sitting on the couch. I joined them passing out the beers. The four of us continued some small talk for awhile. I couldn't tell if Emily was getting tired or if she was acting like it. Hopefully they didn't have plans of returning home this evening.

"I'm getting tired." Josh yawned.

"So am I." Carly agreed.

With that, Josh and Carly got up and headed for his bedroom. Looks like they won't be leaving. When they reached Josh's room, Emily looked at me then leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips. Her lips were really soft. Our tongues intertwined. I stroked her shoulder length blonde hair. I laid her down on the couch and climbed on top. Her tits were smashed between us.

I might as well take the time to describe Emily. She was 5'4", about 120 pounds, shoulder length, bright blonde hair, 34C breasts, plump ass and curves in all the right places. She had bright blues that sparkled when the light hit them just right, cute little dimples when she smiled and a loving smile.

I started kissing Emily passionately. Dropping a hand to her breasts, I began kneading them. They were firm and stood at attention. I felt her hard nipple through the fabric of her dress. I rolled and pinched them. She began moaning softly.

"Let's go to your room." Emily suggested.

We got up and went to my room. In the privacy of my room, I began to strip Emily. Her dress revealed one of the nicest sets of tits I've seen in awhile. Her areolas were quarter sized, nipples stood out at the perfect length. Her boobs stood nice and firm, inviting my mouth to suck on them. I walked over to Emily and took one of her nipples into my mouth while kneading the other breast with my free hand. I moved to the center of her breasts and worked my way down her stomach, slowly, but softly, with slow and wet kisses. I reached the hem of her panties and worked my tongue around it. Emily let out a series of soft moans. I stood back up, taking Emily into my arms, laying her on my bed. I then knelt by the edge and removed her lace covered underwear.

I didn't know this girl, so instead of teasing her like I would if she were my lover, I decided it would be best to just dive in. That's exactly what I did. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. I used my right hand to stimulate her clit. She began moving her hips into my face. Her moans were gradually increasing in volume the longer I was licking her pussy. I then inserted two fingers, finding her G spot while my tongue worked on her clit.

"You're gonna make me cum!" Emily moaned.

I picked up the pace of my fingers. I could feel her pussy walls tighten around my fingers. Emily then flooded my hand as she came. I scooped up some of her cum. I wanted to try something else.

"Get on your hands and knees." I ordered.

She flipped over and presented her ass for me. I applied my lubed up finger to her ass hole.

"What are you doi.... OHHH my that feels good!" she was cut off by my finger inserting her ass.

Her anus muscle gripped my finger reflexively. I pushed my finger in up to the knuckle. Her moans increased as my finger went farther and deeper. I inserted another finger into her sexy ass. I fingered her ass for a few minutes to get it ready for my big fat cock.

I leaned over to my bedside table and opened the drawer to locate the bottle of lube. I flipped the cap open and poured some in the crack of her ass.

"Ohhh that's cold." Emily said.

I poured some of the slippery liquid into my hand and coated my dick. I rubbed the lube that was on her ass into her asshole, preparing my invasion. Gripping my cock by the base, I guided it to the pink opening of her asshole. I pressed the head to it and gave a push. At first I didn't think it would go in, but her ass finally gave way. The head of my big fat cock went in with a 'pop'. Her ass was impossibly tight. I inched it in very slowly until I somehow managed to get all the way in. I held still for a minute to let her ass get used to my invaded fuck stick.

I grabbed a hold of her hips and started thrusting in and out slowly. Emily started playing with her clit as I picked up the pace of my invasion. Her ass had a vice-like grip on my dick. Good thing I was drunk or I may not have been able to last very long.

The more I thrust the more Emily's ass loosened up. Oh the feeling was incredible. Better than anything I've felt before. Probably because I just met this chick.

"Fuck my ass harder!" Emily demanded. "Make me your whore for the night."

Wow, I thought. I'll definitely make this bitch my whore. At that, I began pounding her ass mercilessly. Each thrust drove her hips further and further down until she lay flat on her stomach. I could feel the orgasms rip through her body. I grabbed her hair and pulled, lifting her head of the mattress. She was screaming. I'm pretty sure Josh and Carly could hear her.

"Oh god yes! That feels so fucking good." She screamed. "Keep fucking my ass!"

Oh man I'm getting close. I didn't care. I kept up my frantic pace. Emily just writhing in pleasure underneath me.

"Your ass feels so fucking good! I'm about to cum!" I grunted.

"Cum deep in my ass. I wanna feel it inside me."

I fell over the edge and unleashed a torrent of cum deep into her bowels. Her ass clenched as she was hit by another anal induced orgasm. I collapsed on her while still pumping in and out. I didn't want to pull out of her wonderful ass.

As we lay there, I could hear Carly moaning from Josh's room. Apparently they were fucking too. Hearing this caused my dick to regain it's form. Emily could feel my dick getting harder in her ass. I wasn't done with this whore yet. I started pumping in and out again. My dick was already lubed up from my cum. I was gliding in and out with relative ease. She once again began moaning under me. Emily tried to match my thrusts by moving her hips up and I came down. This sensation was different.

"Fuck me David! I wanna feel your cock in my pussy now." Emily demanded.

"You want me to fuck you with my big fat cock?"

"Please! I want it in me really bad." she pleaded.

I withdrew from her ass and forcefully stuck it into her sopping wet pussy. I pounded her until we both came. I pulled out and laid on the bed with her. Emily climbed on top of me and took a hold of my limp cock, trying to revive it again. Fuck, this girl wasn't done yet!

Emily took my flaccid dick into her mouth and sucked both of our juices from it. She worked her tongue over the sensitive areas. My cock began to gain mass as her warm, wet mouth went over it. Finally my big fat cock was big and fat again. She lubed it up real well with her mouth. Then she positioned herself over my dick and sat on it. Emily guided it into her tight asshole. My dick went in much easier than the first time.

She began riding my rock hard dick. I reached down and began playing with her clit. Soon she was shuddering from another anal induced orgasm. I felt her juices run onto my lap considering there wasn't anything in her pussy to stop the juices from flowing. I felt the cum in my balls boiling once again. Soon enough I blasted my load deep into her ass. She collapsed on top of me still fully embedded in her ass. We both drifted off to sleep.

The End.

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