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The journey was worth it

A terrible journey with a very good ending
It was a hellish journey: 200 Kilometers of Dutch motorway covered in a thick layer of snow, a diesel hire car that could barely pull the skin off a rice pudding and a Sat Nav that kept telling me that I was late. 

Incredibly I made good time, as the evening got later, the roads became deserted: everybody in their right mind was tucked up at home by now, but not me: I was on a mission!

As the traffic cleared I wound the speed up and tucked myself behind a local in a big Audi: he was flying: closing up on slower traffic at an incredible pace, bullying them out of the way and leaving the path clear for me to tag on behind him.

As the distance to Amsterdam got closer, I realised maybe I would make it! The airport roads were deserted, I slithered round the icy approach roads, dropped the hire car off and sprinted to the departures area. I quickly checked in, I was going to make it!

2 hours later we were finally in the air, just about the only flight to the UK that to make it that night. We landed safely, got through passport control and customs, then out into the cold winter air. I was pleased to see a row of taxis waiting patiently and no queue. I bypassed the rattling black cab which was first: much to the drivers disgust! and jumped in the silver Mercedes. Soon I was outside your door, I tipped the driver generously: he’d got the message and drove flat out.

I opened your house door quietly with the key you gave me last week, slipped through and closed and locked it gently, took my shoes off and laid them by the mat. Gingerly I crept along the hallway, all the lights were off apart from the bedroom, the door slightly ajar. I peeked through the gap in the door and was delighted, but not surprised by what I saw!

Lying on your back, legs spread wide you frantically rubbed your erect clit with the middle finger of your right hand while reaming your pussy with two fingers of your left hand which glistened with the sticky juices of your steaming cunt. Instantly I had an erection, I undid my belt and trousers and let them drop to the floor, my unfettered rock hard cock sprang to attention through the fly of my boxer shorts. I struggled a little to ease the waistband of my shorts over my penis, fuck it was hard! I slowly stroked my straining member and felt a bead of pre cum emerge from my urethra. I used my thumb to spread the precum around my cockhead and couldn’t resist licking the residue from the pad of my thumb, just like you, I love the taste of my cock!

Your back arched as the tension rose in your body: you were getting close! Your gentle moaning became more insistent and explicit by the second: “Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Nnnnngggghhh, aaahhh, Fuck, Fuck, Ooooh, Ooooh, Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” The trembling started in your toes and rippled through your body: it was going to be a biggy!

Swiftly I pushed the door open and with two massive strides I was on the bed, my hard cock poking out from under my white shirt as I crawled between your legs on my knees. I watched entranced as your orgasm reached its crescendo, thundering though your body. Your face was a picture to behold: a mix of surprise, delight and ecstasy. I waited a few seconds for your climax to subside, before plunging my red hot cock into you soaking cunt. I powered deeply in and out of your pussy as you continued to frig your clit and within seconds I was rewarded with the contractions in your love tube informing me of the onset of your second orgasm. Relentlessly I fucked your fluttering pussy as your come ebbed and flowed through your very soul. Slowly your orgasm subsided and I pulled my slippery cock from pulsing vagina.

You turned over onto your knees, presenting your voluptuous bottom to me. I lovingly kissed the cheeks of your bottom gradually inching towards your delightfull rosebud which I dabbed with my hot tongue. Gently I teased open your forbidden orifice with my tongue until an inch or so of my curled tongue had penetrated you. I eased my right thumb into your still soaking pussy, grimding the edge of my index finger against your aroused clitoris until soon another huge orgasm spasmed through your body. 

I was so aroused my cock was rock hard again and with perfect timing you softly moaned: "Fuck me: There"
I questioned you teasingly "Where?"
To which you replied "I want your hot cock deep in my arse"
How could I refuse! I Paused to scoop a handfull of lubricant (you'd coveniently laid it on the bed) which I spread on your anus and on the head of my cock.

I teased my cock down the crack of your bottom, sliding it over your puckered haven and down to your pussy lips which I teased for a few moments. I slid my cock back up to your anus, gently prodding your beautiful rosebud, which slowly flowered open to allow me to penetrate you in that most intimate place. You gasped as my cock slipped easily into well lubricated bottom, until it's entire length was inside you. I eased it slowly out again and built up pace steadily, until soon I was powering into and out of you in overdrive, the muscles in my arse tensing with exertion as I lovingly screwed you with all the energy my powerful body could muster.

I felt you rub your clit once more, maintaining pace with mine, it wasn't long before I knew you would come again, the ripples started slowly at first, building and building into another mind blowing orgasm. The spasms in your body triggered my orgasm: aand I was powerless to resist the torrent of semen from my bursting balls. I jetted what felt like a gallon of my searing hot silky cum into your cunt. Your knees collapsed and caught unaware my cock sprung from your tight envelope, the remains of my spunk splattered over your gorgeous behind. What a sight to behold!

I couldn’t resist lovingly kissing your peach like buttocks and puckered anus, mopping up my errant love load with my tongue, moving down to catch the remnants dripping from your honeyed haven. My mouth was full, you turned onto your back and we tenderly shared a silken snog of hot love cream.

As we laid beside each other, we kissed passionately, I moved my fingers back to your still soaking pussy, slowly caressing your labia and clitoris as you fondled my spent cock and deflated balls. Exhausted we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The journey had certainly been worth it!

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