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The Strength of Desire

She wants to be used, not loved.
The Strength of Desire

Chapter 1

I met Amy about three months ago in the gym where we both work out. I was half way through a leg routine, when I saw her enter the room. I immediately thought that she was stunning, she had long blonde hair, green eyes and although not the prettiest face, there was something about her manner that I found intriguing. She seemed to be doing a leg routine too, and about ten minutes later she seated herself on the leg press machine, next to the one I was on. As she started her set, I noticed that she was letting the plates on the machine slam together on each repetition. I have been made fun of in the past for my habit of correcting people, but I still do it. If I was using a machine incorrectly, I would rather someone told me.

"Hi there," I said to her.

"Hi." She smiled as she replied, and I was encouraged.

"Are you trying to get strong, or trying to tone up?" I tried to make myself sound like I was trying to help rather than to criticise. She ended the set and turned in the seat to face me before she replied.

"Oh, just trying to keep in shape really, I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, but I'm here to stop putting anything on, rather than lose anything." She brushed her hair out of her face as she spoke, and I found myself quite attracted to her.

"I only ask because if you allow the plates to touch like you just were, that's strength training. It makes each rep a dead weight. Whereas, if you keep them apart, the pressure is on the muscle all of the time, which is how you tone up."

"Really? Thanks! I'm Amy by the way" She held out her hand to me.

"Ben." I replied "I hope you don't mind me telling you, It's just that you look lovely and I wouldn't want you to wake up one day with mans legs!"

She laughed, and the ice was broken. I will not bore you with all of our conversation, but suffice to say that we talked for quite a while. I found out that she worked in a local bank, and that she had recently split up with her boyfriend. I told her a little bit about myself, how I work not far from her in an office and, when she commented on my size, about my success in weightlifting. I asked if she would like to meet for lunch one day in the week, and she agreed. Two weeks later, we were a couple.

Chapter 2

I was enjoying being with Amy, she was fun, clever and sexy, but there was something troubling me. I do not consider myself to be a Casanova, nor would I brag about the size of my manhood, but I do pride myself on always being able to satisfy a girl in bed. I am 27 years old and I have been with 8 women in my life, and I have never failed to bring any of them to orgasm. When I read in magazines how some women can not achieve orgasm through penetration, I can not help but think that they simply have not been with the right man.
Then Amy came along. The first time we had sex, I was able to bring her to orgasm when I went down on her (which was a wonderful experience, I had never been with a natural blonde before, and her blonde pubic hair was highly erotic) but when we had intercourse I was not able to. Even though she seemed to enjoy it, I could not make her cum. I was very troubled.
The next time, I put double the effort into the foreplay, making sure that she was fiercely turned on before I entered her. But again I was unable to make her climax. This continued, each time we had sex for the first 5 weeks of our relationship, she did not cum when we had sex. I was getting quite upset.
I should explain at this point that I am a big man. As I said earlier, I enjoy some success as a weightlifter, and as a result, I weigh 238 pounds. I am in quite good shape, I carry a little extra around the belly, but other than that I am happy with my shape. However, I do find certain sexual positions difficult, and I worry that I will crush a girl if I am on top. Because of this, I am generally a gentle lover. I tend to prefer a powerful but slow rhythm to fast pounding. I was thought that this might have been the problem with Amy.

Chapter 3

One weekend, Amy had to go to Birmingham on Saturday morning. She had joined a modeling agency, and had got a job for a sports magazine. It was to be a photo shoot of a workout. They had liked her toned stomach and she was delighted to have the job. She was staying with me in my flat at the time, and she got up in the morning to get ready to go. I have an en-suite shower off my bedroom, and she took a shower with the door open. I watched as she showered and found myself getting quite aroused by the sight. Then she got out of the shower and toweled herself dry. She really was in good shape, and her ass looked awesome as she dried her legs. She looked over her shoulder and saw me looking.

"Like what you see Mr Ben?" She giggled, and wiggled her bum, giving me a glimpse of her lovely blonde pussy between her thighs.

"Come here." I ordered. She straightened up and walked over to my bed, swaying her hips sexily as she walked, and when she was within my reach, I grabbed her hips and manhandled her onto me, then pushed her up until she was straddling my face. I buried my face into her pussy, and with one hand, reached up to grab her breasts and her the other I grabbed her ass cheeks. I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked and sucked hard, while needing both her ass and her breasts. As my hand found its way between her ass cheeks, I rubbed her pussy with the tip of one finger and her asshole with another. She reached one hand back and grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off furiously. It was not long until she came, and as she did I felt her asshole squeezing the tip of my finger as it throbbed, it was incredibly erotic.
Her orgasms faded, and she maneuvered herself down until she could kiss me.
"What was that all about?" She asked, her voice still shaky.
"You looked amazing" I replied "I wanted to show you how much I fancy you."
She reached between our bodies and gripped my still hard cock again.
"Should I return the favour?"
I glanced over to the clock, seeing that she had twenty minutes to be out of the house.
"Maybe later, get yourself going, you don't want to be late."

After she had gone, I made myself a cup of coffee, and sat on the balcony as I drank it. The mornings activities had left me very horny. I began to think about what I was going to do to Amy when she returned, and as I did my loins reacted swiftly. I just hoped that this time perhaps I might be more successful in making her climax.

At half past two she returned. She was very happy, and she was wearing tight black shorts and a white sports vest. Her hair had been done, as had her make-up. I took a sharp breath when I saw her, and felt very lucky to be with a girl as lovely as her.
"It went so well, the photographer was really happy with me!" She was very excitable and spoke non-stop "They said I had really good muscle tone, and that my skin was clear, they asked me to come back for another shoot in three weeks!"
I admit, I was far more interested in getting my hands on her than listening to her. I stood up and went to her, I took her in my arms and kissed her. almost as soon as I did, my cock started thickening up again. She felt it against her waist and broke the kiss.
"Eager for your turn are you?"
"You have no idea." I picked her up and carried her through to the bedroom, where I threw her onto the bed. I then grabbed the thin stuff of her shorts and drew them down. I buried my face into her pussy once more and frantically took off my jeans, freeing my fully erect cock. I had only been licking her for about twenty seconds, but I stopped and mounted her, guiding my cock into her pussy with one hand.
I said earlier, I am not the kind to claim that I have the biggest dick in the world, but as I entered her, she let out a wonderfully reassuring gasp, arching her back off the bed. I put one hand behind her neck and held her tight, while my other hand grasped the back of her right thigh, drawing it up. I started to pump hard and fast, much more so than I usually would. This was the first time I had neglected her needs. I had skipped foreplay almost entirely and I was only thinking about what I wanted, which is something that I never do.
However, Amy seemed to be reacting more than usual, and I was encouraged. I gripped her neck harder, and she gasped. I thought I had hurt her and loosed my grip.
"Hold me Ben," She moaned "You're so strong, I'm going to cum!"
I was thrilled, I re-tightened my grip, and pumped as hard and fast as I could. She reacted strongly, her hands were all over my back, her nails raking my skin. I felt my orgasm coming, and I think she saw it because hers came first. She let out a loud cry and mine joined it and we shared a fantastic mutual orgasm.

Chapter 4

Later that evening, I opened a bottle of red wine, something Amy and I both enjoy. After a glass of so each, broached the topic that was troubling me.

"Did you enjoy this afternoon then?"

"Of course I did," She replied "Wasn't it obvious?"

I swilled the wine around in the bottom of my glass. "That's the first time I have made you cum." I tried to make it sound conversational. She put her glass down and took my hand.

"Ben, of course I enjoy sex with you, it is lovely. But I like to know you are enjoying yourself. Today you made it so clear that you wanted me, you didn't even take my top off for God's sake. It made me feel so sexy to be that desired. That's what tipped me over the edge, that and when you held me down."

I was not really sure how to respond.

"So I didn't make you feel wanted before? I have always found you incredibly sexy." I was a little upset by what she had said.

"Oh Ben, you misunderstood. I have never doubted that you fancy me. What I mean is I like to feel like you are taking your pleasure with me. I like the feeling of just being taken. You're so big and strong, I'd like you to show it a bit."

There is a woman at work, Amanda. She is in her mid forties, vulgar and foul. She is one of my favorite people. She can give advice on any subject, and it was her to whom I appealed in my dilemma.

"Seems bloody simple to me." She said, on hearing my tale. "Slap the bitch about a bit. It's what she wants, so fuckin' give it to her."

"Mandy," I said "She weighs 125 pounds. When I bench press, I warm up using 125 pounds! If I slap her too hard I'll break her bloody neck."

"Well I don't mean actually slap her you Berk! But you know," Here she winked and nudged me. "She might enjoy a playful slap on the bum, or she might like you to pull her hair a bit. Just explore her limits, experiment. You'll find out what she likes before long."

So I did. I tried new things. Some worked, some did not. I was able to bring her orgasm every time now, but I sensed there was more to come. I felt I had only opened he door, not yet walked through.
Amy was away one weekend. In Prague, for a hen night. I have a method for making difficult decisions that has worked for me in the past. It involves getting drunk, smoking, listening to my favorite songs and watching my favorite movies. This takes me to what you might call a happy place. Over the course of the evening I will write down whatever comes to me, and in the morning I will read what I had written. I decided to try to see if this could help me take the next step. It did.

Chapter 5

When Amy came over after her trip, I handed her the box.

"What's this?" She smiled.

"Open it and see."

She opened the box, and gasped when she saw the contents. It had cost me £70, and I was a little rueful, knowing what was going to happen to it. She held up the wisps of black lace.

"It's gorgeous." She whispered.

"Try it on." I suggested. She disappeared into the bedroom for a few minutes, and when she came out, it was my turn to gasp. She looked stunning in the underwear. The girl in the shop had been right, it was worth the money.

"How do I look?" Amy asked.

"Turn round." I told her, and when she did, I jumped out of my seat and grabbed her wrists. I took the handcuffs from my pocket and quickly snapped them on. She turned around to face me

"What's this?" She demanded, trying to sound annoyed, but her smile betraying her. I sat back down in my seat and unzipped my jeans, and flopped my cock out. Amy smiled and raised an eyebrow.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked, and looked away, feigning disinterest.

She knelt between my legs, and with her hands cuffed behind her back, took my limp cock in her mouth. It soon hardened, and she began sucking frantically. After a few minutes, I took a handful of her hair, and pulled her off my cock. I had done this enough times now to know how much force I could use.

"You call this a blow job?" I asked, holding her head against my thigh as I did, and slapping my cock against her cheek. "You'll need to work harder than that. Otherwise you might get punished."

She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could I thrust my cock back into her mouth, keeping my handful of hair. With this I controlled the rhythm, and with my other hand I reached down her top and teased out on of her nipples. It hardened between my fingers and I started to pinching it, increasing the pressure while watching for signs of discomfort. She showed none, in fact her moans around my cock seemed encouraging.
Without warning, I pulled her off my cock by her hair again, and stood up. I threw her over the arm of the couch and, with one hand, ripped the black lace thong from her body. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and marveled at her glistening blonde pussy. I took my cock in my hand and slammed it into her pussy. She started to cum straight away, I could see her asshole contracting. I wet my thumb with saliva and inserted it in her ass, up to the first knuckle, then the second. This made her cry out, and I was worried that I'd hurt her, but she anticipated me.

"Harder Ben!" 

I counted three orgasms like this, then pulled my thumb out of her ass. I grabbed a handful of hair again and pulled her to her feet, my cock still in her pussy. I moved round o the front of the couch and sat down, pulling Amy down with my, still with her back to me. I hooked my thumb into the material still covering her breasts, and tore it off. Now Amy was totally naked, whereas I still was fully clothed. I released Amy's hair, and instead took a grip about her throat with one hand, and started to rub her clit with the other. I pumped furiously and soon she was cuming again. I was thrilled with myself, I had certainly crossed the border. What I did not know was Amy was to take it further.
In the position we were in, her cuffed hands were between our bodies. After a minute or two, she lifted herself up, allowing my cock to exit her pussy. She grasped my cock in one of her hands and held it in position as she lowered herself again, this time with my cock in her ass.
I was dumbfounded. I had never fucked a girl in the ass before, I assumed it was something that women only did under duress. However, as Amy had instigated it, I could only imagine she enjoyed it.

"Don't hold back Ben," She said through gritted teeth "Be as rough as you can!"

I tightened my grip around her neck and gave it my all. Her cries of pleasure forestalled any worries I might have had about hurting her, and soon I could feel wetness soaking my thighs and balls. I do not know how long I fucked her, it could have been five minutes or an hour. I have asked Amy since, and she has no idea either. All I remember is feeling my orgasm build, it was the most intense I have ever felt, and I thought my cock might explode.

"Amy, I'm going to cum!" I stuttered as I spoke. Amy squealed, and I felt another spurt of liquid soak my thighs as I filled her full of cum.

We lay in the same position for a while afterwards, swimming in that place you can only reach after sex. I knew that I had found out what it took to take Amy to this place, and I would not mind returning myself.

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