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The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught 2

He makes me push my limits.
The hours seemed to crawl by. I could only assume that “dress nicely” meant that he was taking me somewhere that required evening wear. My black dress would be perfect. Layers of sheer material overlapped a simple black underskirt. Together, they complimented each other, but without the underskirt, my treasures were visible. I couldn’t wear a bra with the halter top, so my heavy breasts hung freely. The soft material lightly tickled my nipples, making them stiff and sensitive. I decided to wear stockings and garters, instead of pantyhose, and then a skimpy, black thong over top of that. A pair of patent, leather black stilettos completed the look.

At precisely 8pm, he knocked on my door. If I thought he was hot in his uniform, I was literally melting, when I saw him in dress clothes. Stepping aside, I motioned for him to come inside. With an air of authority, he circled me, as if to inspect me.

“Very nice. I like you better naked, though,” he said, idly.

I frowned. His tone irritated me.

“Turn around,” he ordered, guiding me to face the wall.

Standing behind me, he lifted my skirt and bid me to hold them up and out of the way. With a sharp tug, he ripped the thin underskirt free from the gauzy material covering it and pulled it off my body. His hands felt rough, as he caressed my soft ass cheeks. He traced my thong down to where it lay snug against my anus. His fingers lingered there, tickling my wrinkled hole. After a moment, he straightened my skirts and led me to the door and out to his car.

My face was flushed. Even in the dim light of my hallway, I could clearly see through my skirt now. It was obvious what I was wearing under my dress. I should have been mortified, but I wasn’t. My nipples were harder than before, if possible, and my pussy was already gushing. What was it about showing my goodies in public that made so horny? The combination of that and being with this sexy, bossy man seemed to turn me into the biggest slut. Now, I found myself sitting in the front seat of his plush car, knowing that when I get out, everyone is gonna see what I have.

We drove in silence to the restaurant. He was the perfect gentleman; opening the car door for me and leading me to our table. His strong, warm hand never left the small of my back, but not once did he walk behind me. He stayed to the side, allowing anyone interested to get their fill, and there were many interested. By the time we reached the table, I had pussy juices running down my inner thighs. We were seated in the middle of the dining room, so there would be no hiding anything. He pulled the chair out for me, and before I sat down, he lifted my skirt up to my waist, and then allowed me to sit down. I heard several gasps, as I sat my nearly bare ass down on the velvet covered seat.

I glared at him, as he said, “I know you’re loving every minute of this. Your nipples wouldn’t be that hard, if you weren’t.”

The waiter arrived before I could say anything, and his attention was diverted. He ordered for us, and then dismissed the man. When he turned back to me, he had the biggest smirk on his face, and I knew then that I had bitten off more than I could chew.

“I guess we should get acquainted,” he simply said; still grinning.

“I believe we are more than acquainted, don’t ya think?” I retorted.

“Maybe so. Maybe so. My name’s Ben,” he laughed.

“Melody,” I answered.

“Well Melody, take off that thong and hand it to me,” he said, out of the blue.

I choked on my wine, and then said, “What?!?”

“You heard me. Take off your panties,” he said.

I could only stare open mouthed at him.

“I’m waiting,” he prompted, “I want to smell how wet your wet, little pussy is getting.”

It was like someone other than me was moving my hands, because I found myself wiggling out of my panties and crumpling them up in my hand. The velvet cushion felt foreign under my bare ass, and I just knew that there would be a wet spot on it when I got up.

“Hand them to the waiter, when he comes back,” he said.

“What!” I gasped.

I knew that I was beginning to sound like a broken record. He waited patiently for me to do what he asked. The ball was always in my court. He simply made his request, and then waited to see if I would follow his directions. Never once did he force me to do anything, and that was what I found most erotic. He was making me leave my comfort zone. When the young waiter returned, I handed him my wet thong, and he looked at me, bemused.

“Please, take them,” I whispered.

“What…what do you want me to do with them,” he stuttered.

I looked at Ben. What did I want him to do with my thong? An awkward silence filled the air.

“What time do you get off work?” Ben asked.

“In about an hour,” he replied.

“Well…Scott, you up for a little adventure?” Ben asked, cryptically.

I stared at Ben.

“What kind of adventure?” Scott asked, hesitantly.

“Melody, here, likes people to watch her finger fuck her pussy. She gets off on being watched. You game?” he asked.

Scott’s eyes bulged, as his cock grew, and he nodded furiously. After making certain that I was okay with the plans, Ben told Scott to meet us in the parking lot when he got off work. I could barely eat dinner; my stomach was in knots. It felt like my legs were made of jelly, when he led me to the parking lot. Now, I understood why he parked in the far corner of the lot. There was enough darkness to give us privacy, but a nearby street light illuminated the car enough, so that if you looked hard enough, you would be able to see what was going on.

Ben led me to the car, turned me around, and unclasped my halter top, which fluttered to my waist. He eased my skirt off, and pretty soon, I was standing there, wearing only a pair of black stockings, garter, and my fuck me shoes. A gentle breeze caressed my nipples, tightening them to an almost painful state. He gently lifted me up and onto the trunk, pulling me to the edge, so that I could hook my heels on the bumper for stability. Standing in front of me, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine in the lightest of kisses. His lips were soft and tasted like the wine he had drank with dinner. He trailed the blunt tip of his thick fingers down my left breast, stopping to tweak my nipple, before traveling down my belly to my weeping pussy. With his middle finger, he parted my fat labia and pushed it in all the way to the knuckle. My head dropped back, as he wiggled his finger. He pushed another finger in, and once he found the rough patch of skin where my G spot was, he rubbed and tapped it, until I was squirting tiny jets of cream into his palm and moaning loudly. But, before I could cum, he yanked me off the trunk and laid me down on a blanket.

Scott, who had suddenly appeared, was standing to the side watching Ben finger my cunt. He had apparently seen enough to make him pull his cock free from his pants and begin stroking. Ben had jump started the greedy slut in me, and when he laid me down on the blanket, I immediately shoved two of my fingers inside my pussy, trying to regain the intense chills that had been coursing through me. I was in a lust filled haze, and two fingers weren’t doing it for me. I twisted up onto my side and lifted my leg high into the air. From behind, I was able to push four fingers inside my hungry snatch, as I watched the young waiter jack off.

I felt Ben lay down behind me; still fully clothed. I leaned back against him, so that I could use my other hand to frig my throbbing pearl. Scott dropped to his knees in front of me. Either his legs gave out or he was getting close. Ben wrapped his arm around my leg, pulling it up higher and giving more room. I could feel his erection twitching against my ass. My fingers fluttered back and forth over my clit, as I fingered my pussy. Scott roared loudly, and then sprayed my tits. Rope after rope of stringy, white cum coated my nipples.

“Oh God! I’m gonna cum,” I panted, seconds before I exploded.

I laid there, trying to catch my breath, while Ben sent Scott away. He came back to me and helped me up. Not bothering to get dressed, I sat, limply, in the passenger seat, while he gathered my clothing and the blanket. We drove back home in silence. As he pulled into his driveway, he turned to me.

“You’re such a whore, and I absolutely love it!” he told me.

I just glared at him. It was still relatively early, and there were many people milling around. He came around to my side of the car and opened the door. Gesturing for me to get out, he waited patiently, while I gathered my courage. Taking a deep breath, I darted from the door to his door. He took his time unlocking the door. I rushed inside.

“How are you always so composed?” I blurted.

That was when he dropped the gentlemen façade. Pushing me against the wall, he grabbed my face and crushed his lips against mine. His tongue shoved its way between my lips and tangled with mine. It was the most intense kiss I had ever had. He would suck out all the breath from my lungs, and then turn around and give it back to me. Soft, mewing sounds escaped from my lips, as he ground against me. The roughness of his pants abraded the tender skin of my bright pink pussy, and the wild cat inside of me took over. Buttons flew everywhere, as I ripped his shirt open. I needed to feel his chest rubbing against my breasts. His lips never left mine, as he tore his pants open.

When he was naked, Ben led me to the porch and sat down on the front step. He pulled me down on his lap, and I could feel his shaft nestled between my ass cheeks. He draped my legs over his, so that my pussy was spread open for anyone who passed by to see. I could hear the party going on across the street and could see people coming in and out. If they happened to glance this way, they would have seen a homemade porno in the making, and I could not have cared less who was watching at that moment.

He pulled my labia open even wider, and then wrapped my thin, inner lips around my turgid clit. I was so turned on that a steady stream of cunt cream was oozing from my slit, coating my wrinkled, brown hole. He slapped my clit sharply several times, making it grow to mammoth proportions. I had never seen it so big before. The hood was fully retracted, and it stood a half an inch out from my body. Every time he touched it, it felt like I was touching a light socket with my pussy. Once he had my clit the size he wanted, he shoved two fingers from one hand, and then two fingers from the other hand inside my cunt and stretched it open. By this time, enough of my juices had leaked out that his cock was thoroughly lubricated and gliding up and down my crack with ease.

“Lift my cock,” he growled, picking me by my pussy.

I reached behind me and pulled his shaft straight, taking a minute to stroke his rock hard pole. I felt his tongue glide up my spine, and a shiver went through me. He used my cunt to guide me back down, until his thick plum knocked at my back door. My heart was racing. I had never had anything that big in my ass, and I had heard that it hurt. I was scared. He kept a steady downward pressure, until his mushroom had breached my tight, little sphincter. It burned, but at the same time, the pressure was absolutely wonderful. As he slowly impaled me on his cock, he would stop from time to time to let me adjust. Finally, I bottomed out…literally.

“How does it feel to have all eight inches of my dick up your ass?” he whispered in my ear.

All I could do was groan. As the burning pain receded, the immense pressure increased. I needed relief. He gripped my hips and started pumping in and out at a snail’s pace. Grunting loudly, I tried to counter the pressure by fingering my pussy, but it wasn’t enough. Spying a garden tool with a rounded, smooth wooden handle, I fucked my pussy hole. Every time he would pull almost all the way out, I would shove the handle all the way in, alternating with him, but the pressure remained.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he ground out; his thrusts getting faster.

“Faster…please…don’t stop. Fuck! Don’t stop,” I said, loudly.

The handle fell out of my slit, as I abandoned it, so that I could focus on making myself cum. My fingers were a blur, as I rapidly tugged my bud. Gasping and moaning, I was about to cum, but needed the final push. Ben assisted me, just as a gentleman should help a lady.

“When I get done, your wrinkled, little hole is gonna be loose enough for my entire fist. You’re such a good slut that I’m gonna let you suck my dick clean. Just think, everyone at that party across the street would be able to see all the way up your whorish ass…maybe one of them might come over and ram his dick up there…add his cum to mine,” he whispered.

That was all it took. My orgasm washed over me. My entire body convulsed in pleasure; clit pulsed, and cunt oozed. I could feel my asshole rippling around his shaft, which had swelled to rock hard proportions. Suddenly, a wet, warmth filled my gut. Ben yelled hoarsely, as his balls emptied their heavy load deep into my very relaxed ass hole. We sat there locked together, until his dick softened enough to slip out on its own. He walked me to my back door and kissed me softly. I let myself inside and went straight to my room. My body was worn out; pussy swollen, clit sore. There was cum leaking out of my ass, but all I could think about was sleep. Not bothering to take my stockings off, I climbed into my soft bed, and immediately fell asleep, only to wake up a few hours later with a familiar cock buried balls deep in my ass…again.

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