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The Unexpected Client - the final chapter

Phil gets to make Serena's whole week (or should that be hole weak?)

The bath was already deep and overflowing with fragrant bubbles by the time Phil managed to drag himself to the bathroom. Serena was stretched out full length in the tub, her glorious body obscured by the foam. She smiled up at him as he walked in.

“Feeling better? Have I worn you out?”

“Oh I will be fine in a little while. Is there room in there for another one?”.

Serena shuffled forward and he slid in behind her. She nestled back against him and he took the soap and started to wash her tits. Her nipples were still hard and his hands glided over them, sending tingles through her that ran all the way to her pussy.

“Mmmmh. That’s nice,” she murmured, her eyes closed and her head lolling back against him.

He continued to massage her full, heavy breasts, gently cupping and squeezing while rolling her pert nipples between his thumbs and fingers, the soap making her deliciously slippery. As he did so the image of his hard cock between them flickered into his mind and he felt his semi-erect cock jerk to life.

Serena felt his cock stiffen against her back and smiled to herself.

“So are you going to help me get nice and clean and fresh for you?”

“I would love to. Can you get onto all fours in front of me?”

After some splashing and maneuvering Serena positioned herself, and Phil took the soap and started to wash her pussy. He used a lot of soap and lathered both her pussy and his hands and started to wash her gently. As she felt has hands washing her pussy she could tell from his touch that it wouldn’t take her very long to get him fully aroused again. She took one of her hands from the water, balancing herself, and took over the sensuous massage of her soapy tits. He felt his fingers slide into her pussy and she shuddered a little. She could tell he was trying to make a pretense of washing her, but really he was finger-fucking her again and it felt great.

“Mmmmh. Now that’s really nice too,” she purred “Make sure you make me nice and clean. Everywhere.”

He understood, soaping up his other hand and rubbing the bar of soap around her ass for good measure, then moving his other hand from inside her pussy to her clit, he started to finger her ass.

At first her body resisted his soapy finger, but as he soaped and probed she yielded and his middle finger nudged into her. She gasped and he felt her stiffen and he remained still while she adjusted to the invasion. After several long moments he felt her relax a little and he started to move his finger gently in and out of her while rubbing her soapy clit with his other hand. He could hear her sighing and felt her move back towards him slightly, forcing his finger a little deeper.

“Yesss,” she whispered, “just like that.”

When she had suggested to him that he could fuck her tight little ass it had been because her pussy was starting to feel just a little sore, but now that he was touching her again she could feel her pussy aching for his cock again. But she was torn; the way he was touching her ass felt amazing and she wondered if she could cum with his cock in her ass. As she pondered her delicious dilemma he carefully inserted another finger into her ass and a brief wave of pain shot through her as she adjusted to the doubling of the girth within her. Again she stiffened, but after a similar pause she felt her muscles relax to accommodate him. His fingers on her clit, combined with her own fingers on her nipples had her tingling again. His two fingers in her ass at the same time gave her an incredible feeling of fullness that she hardly ever got from even the largest cock in her pussy.

“That feels amazing”, she groaned “but I think I would like something even bigger in there. How about you rinse me off – I want to wash your cock, and then I want it inside me again on the bed, ok? Still want to fuck my tight little ass?”

Phil’s answer came quickly, his voice a primitive growl.

“Oh God yes!”

She pulled gently forward and he withdrew his fingers. Serena turned around and knelt down, then using both hands she rinsed away all traces of the soap from her pussy and her ass. She felt ready for him now. She reached down and grasped his shaft firmly, pulling him up to his knees by his cock. He moved towards her as she soaped her hands, then started to stroke his cock and balls with slippery hands washing every last inch of his now rock-solid member.

The towels on the heated rail were soft and pure white. They took turns carefully drying each other from head to toe, lavishing each body part with gentle caresses. After drying Serena took a small tube of lube from her handbag. Phil was quick to push her gently backward onto the bed and she sat in front of him, his cock springing just in front of her mouth. She grasped his shaft, and pulling it to one side she lowered her mouth to his shaved balls and began to lick and suck gently while stroking her hand up and down his length. He gasped at the feeling of her darting tongue on his sensitive balls.

“I thought you wanted me in your tight little ass, Serena?”

”Oh I do, babe, but we need to get each other ready first, right? Come and lie on the bed.”

Phil did as he was told; Serena straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his mouth and at the same time continued to lick his balls and stroke him slowly. Phil loved this position and started licking and sucking her pussy eagerly. As he felt her once more getting really wet he moved his tongue around and started to tease her ass. He knew he would be using lots of lube in order to slide his cock into her, but he thought that a little saliva would help them get started. Serena had never had a man intentionally lick her ass and the feeling startled her at first. She had a voracious appetite for all naughtiness but this was a brand new experience for her. Any concerns about cleanliness were dispelled by their bath, and as she felt his tongue start to tease her opening she felt suddenly incredibly aroused and pushed her ass down firmly on Phil’s waiting tongue. It felt amazing – different – but very intimate, and just as she was really starting to enjoy it she felt him reaching around her thighs to her clit. The combination of his tongue and his fingers made her pussy practically gush.

“Do the same to me, Serena – lick my ass too please? I want to feel what it is like.”

She let his balls fall from her mouth and slowly licked down to his tightly puckered hole. First she teased it gently - and each brush of her tongue made him jerk and spasm - then she started to probe him with her tongue and he squirmed in ecstasy. Once she had made his ass nice and slippery she licked her index finger and started to push. He resisted at first but she persisted while moving her mouth back to his cock and taking him deep in her throat. The shock of her practically swallowing his cock made him relax and her fingertip slid inside; She felt him stop breathing.

“Is this what you are going to do to me with your cock, Phil? Are you going to push it deep into my ass like this?” she asked, starting to ease her finger into him.

He simply nodded and breathed in sharply, pushing his tongue into her ass and making her head swim. His tongue explored her as she probed his ass, both of them lost in the ecstasy of the sensations for several breathless minutes.

“Jesus that is so intense, Serena. Stop or I won’t make it into your ass with my cock!”

Serena swung her leg over his chest and placed her hands on the headboard.

“Make my ass nice and slippery then, and let’s see if I can fit you in.”

Phil opened the bottle and spread some lube on his fingers, then in an act of mischief, squirted a little directly onto her ass. Serena winced and squealed at the chill, then thrust her ass in the air to him. He gently worked first one finger then a second into her as he had done in the bath and she received his fingers more easily this time. Then he tried his two thumbs together and at first Serena felt she would tear, but gradually the burning discomfort turned to intense pleasure.

“Rub your clit for me Serena, but don’t make yourself come just yet, ok?”

She felt his digits slide out of her and felt the bed move as he repositioned himself behind her.

His thick cock-head pressed gently but firmly at her opening and she lowered her knees and pushed her ass up towards him. She could hear the sound of him spreading more slippery lube over his cock then felt him push firmly again. Once. Twice, more firmly this time. A third time, and she felt his head enter her almost with a pop as she closed again tightly around his shaft. A familiar searing pain made her cry out but as long as he stayed still for a moment she knew that the pain would be replaced by an intensely pleasurable feeling.

“Good God, Serena, yours is the tightest little ass I have ever fucked. Oh my God that feels incredible. Tell me when you are ok for me to move. In the meantime keep rubbing your clit for me.”

Serena couldn’t speak for the moment but she did as she was instructed and the warmth in her pussy rapidly began to help her relax. After a minute or so she was feeling good about his cock inside her, so she started to move her hips slightly. He held very steady as she began to impale herself on his cock and he could tell that she was enjoying the feeling. After a further minute she was rocking back far enough that he had to resist thrusting himself and she was taking at least half of his length. Each of her backward thrusts was marked with a low guttural groan, and her breath was coming in pants and gulps.

“Yes. That. Feels. Soooo. Good. Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh. My. God.”

Phil was holding himself back from coming already. He had never been able to fuck a girl’s ass for very long but Serena was so incredibly tight that he was having difficulty not coming already.

“Jesus, Serena, I can’t believe I am fucking your gorgeous tight ass. God you look so sexy with my cock in you like that. And so bad. Filthy.”

Serena stopped stroking her clit for a moment and reached back to his balls, caressing and scratching them gently.

“Why don’t you imagine it is your wife’s virgin ass you are fucking then? Why don’t you imagine you got her drunk enough to let you do it, and you want to show her who is the boss, huh? That is…if you have it in you; After all, she won’t let you cum in her mouth, and she won’t let you fuck her tight ass. Show me who’s boss tonight.”

Her taunting was all he needed. Phil’s hands dropped to Serena’s hips and he pulled her firmly back onto him while thrusting forward. In one move he buried almost all of his cock inside her, his thighs colliding with her cheeks with a gentle slap.

“OOOOOHHHHH. GOD!!!” The air rushed from Serena’s lungs as he speared her, and her fingers went back to strumming furiously at her clit.

“Fuck, yeah. Fuck my ass. Make me cum. Make me cum. Make me cum.”

Phil started to increase his pace, but after only a minute her realized that he couldn’t hold out.

“Make yourself cum for me baby. Cum for me so I can cum in your ass. I am cumming now. Oh Yes. Oh YES. OH YES. GOOOODDDDD.”

She felt his hard cock swell then throb rhythmically as he started to spurt hot cum into her. Her mind was screaming at the intensity of the feelings and she released herself to her own intense orgasm. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably and she felt as though his cock was all the way up in her stomach instead of just a few inches inside her. Her fingers on her clit drove her orgasm but the cock in her ass made it her most intense orgasm of the night. She could feel her juices flowing from her pussy and running down the inside of her thighs.

As their orgasms subsided Phil’s head fell to her back, groaning and kissing her tenderly, his arm snaking underneath her in a tight embrace.

“Serena…I….I hope I didn’t hurt you? That was harder than I meant to …and I….Are you OK?”

Serena, still gasping and her pussy still throbbing eased forwards letting his softening cock pop from her.

“No…I am fine…really…or I will be when I catch my breath.”

She smiled inwardly at his genuine concern for her own well being.

They showered together, gently and tenderly washing each other. Then they slept, curled together under the warm feather duvet, his arms wrapped tightly around her and his face buried in her tangled mane of hair. Even before the first rays of the sun lit the bed she was awake, slowly extricating herself from his embrace, gathering her clothes from the floor and slipping into the bathroom. She emerged fifteen minutes later looking fresh and light; her hair was swept back and her makeup less seductive than it had been the night before. Phil stirred and looked up at her through heavy eyelids.

“Good morning! Are you….leaving? Already?”

Serena bent down and stroked the side of his stubbled face.

“Yes. Normal life beckons. I enjoyed my evening with you; you are a nice man.”

Phil blushed crimson.

“…and you Serena…well, you are a dream come true. A fantasy. I won’t ever forget last night. Thank you.”

Serena reached down and hesitantly brushed his lips with her own. They kissed, gently, for a moment then she straightened. Phil made as though to speak but Serena hushed him with a shake of her head. She reached into her bag and took out a crisp, white business card and placed it on the bedside table, tucking it beneath his Blackberry.

“So you know how to get hold of me; You know…just in case.”

Serena winked, smiled, then turned on her heel and strode across the carpet to the door. Without looking back she pulled it open and stepped out into the corridor.

Phil turned over and retrieved the card. The plain white, heavy card contained three words and a phone number:

“Serena Smith. Consultant”

He turned it over in his hand then reached for his phone, tapping the number into the address book.

“Just in case…” he muttered to himself.

As Serena waited for the lift she pulled her phone from her bag and started to compose a text message. Her fingers clicked effortlessly across the keys as she typed then, hesitating only momentarily, she pressed send and tucked the phone away, smiling to herself.

To: Luscious Agency

Please refund the second credit card charge last night to the card holder – it turned out to be pleasure not business ;-)

Love Serena


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