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Their Fantasy, My Pleasure

She caused quite a commotion among the menfolk at a party we attended together and met at, he was a very pleasant but quiet chap. ..quite unassuming, shy, it seemed. As we flowed in similar social circles we made contact online on a semi regular basis and at one point she mentioned that she would like to fulfil a fantasy for her husband....but it had to be a stranger. This instantly intrigued me but I had met him, although briefly, so was no longer a stranger as such.

I was a little disappointed as this meant that I couldn't put my resume forward for the position. It did however, get me thinking, though, about possible juicy little encounters I could organise for my own husband. How would he react to this fantasy that she had described to me? Would he also enjoy being blindfolded and completely open to the will of a stranger?, Would he succumb to that kind of power, to the enjoyment of his body being pleasured by someone he could smell, touch and taste but not see?

When she asked if I would be interested in being a part of the fantasy and being the mystery woman I was thrilled and terrified; but also so turned on all at the same time. I couldn't wait and yet, being the pleaser and perfectionist that I am, I was terrified at the possibility of failure or; almost as diabolical... mediocrity.

What if my own abilities as a lover, my own idea of my sexy, sensual self was all in my own mind? What if nerves took over? What if for whatever reason he didn't enjoy me or the evening? My sexual/sensual motor runs at a pretty constant purr but the possibility that I was might actually be a great big fraud almost stopped me in my tracks. .....A moment of insecurity. The burden of responsibility to make this truly an occasion to remember weighed me down momentarily
However as I always do, I gave myself a stern talking to, got a grip on myself and reverted back to purring. For the next few weeks the possibilities ran through my mind. What I could do? What would bring him pleasure? What would completely blow his mind and what was to be the order of things? I felt like I was formulating a recipe of sorts...a dash of sexy, pinch of sensual and a whole heap of spice and heat. . The anticipation was thrilling, terrifying and extremely arousing. I had intended to go to a party that night which I'm sure I would have enjoyed but this offer was MUCH more exciting than that party could ever hope to be.... utterly tantalising and completely irresistible.

 As the night drew near, we exchanged ideas, I did my reasearch and Mrs was more than happy to answer my questions as to her husband’s likes and dislikes. This helped the picture become clearer and the anxiety disappeared........I mostly knew, and partly hoped, Ii could make this evening everything they had hoped for as a couple. To blow his mind and please her with the way I pleased, tantalised, spoilt and teased her husband.

The delicious added bonus was that the very thought of me doing this for another man was turning on my own husband on no end. By the time the night came and he dropped me off at the hotel he was so turned on. He asked me to assure him that we would make pillow talk of the nights events later.

"This is making me so hot," he said., "You will come home and fuck me, won't you?"

“ Of course!” I agreed. We have a fondness for pillow talk and reclaiming the territory sex.

I had preened and perfumed myself as is standard before a date, shaved legs and pussy, hair washed to add not only softness on the skin but also for that extra subtle layer of scent.....the love is in the details after all. When he touched me I wanted him to feel softness, I wanted him to be excited by sensual smells and textures of my body. Sensual is what
I do best so I wanted to be at my sensual best for this evening.

Once at the hotel, I sent a text to Mrs. to let her know that I had collected the key she had left at the front desk for me. She messaged me back to tell me that left the room and he was ready for me. My heart started beating quite quickly, once again excitement and arousal kicked in....some nerves but they were easily overcome by the turn on of the situation. I swiped the key and opened the door. The room was beautiful and peacefully quiet, dimly lit with a faint scent of a lovely warm aftershave in the air. All I could see from the door was his feet. I closed the door quietly behind me, not wanting to alarm him. as I was sure he was as nervous and excited as I was.

There he lay on the bed, very well blindfolded, with only his underwear on. I wanted to reassure him and not keep him waiting so, before I did anything I approached the bed and kissed him softly.

The beautful aroma of whatever scent he had on was helping me feel a little more relaxed. Smell in the sexual arena is one of my greatest turn ons. The perfume on a woman, natural scent of her skin and her pussy, a nice aftershave on a man, that freshly washed smell on his skin just send me into automatic and instant arousal. I got undressed and underneath my clothes I already had black lace body suit which was peakaboo at the breasts and crotchless at the pussy, over the top of that a black lace short dress. Sexy but easy access. On the table were various toys and aids to assist in the eroticism of the evening. Anal vibe, a whip, lube, massage oil and condoms. I thought perhaps a massage first to help him relax would be nice,. I knew from the information his wife gave me that he enjoyed a firm massage. I looked over at him, he seemed so helpless, I found this to be a massive turn on. He was at my mercy. The nurturer in me though only wanted to reassure him that there would be no nasty surprises, only my best efforts at pleasureing him. I couldn’t imagine what he was thinking.

So I asked him to turn over onto his stomach, reached over for some massage oil that Mrs had left for me and started Massaging him. He had a gorgeous body. I'm very tactile and so I loved touching him. I Massaged his back and shoulders, back down his back to his perfectly delicious arse, pulling my black lace dress down to expose my breasts and rubbing my body and breasts into the oil on his body and up against his lower back and arse.

I couldn't resist reaching my finger down between cheeks to touch his freckle. I just had to lick it and it was perfect and the reaction was even more delicious than the action. I stopped to reach over and get the vibe, I grabbed a little strawberry lube and very gently just slipped the tip in and out for a little while. The way he moved and breathed, the odd little sound, fast inhale were all clear signs that he was very turned on and enjoying whatiI was doing. Oh how I do love boys bottoms,I love to touch them, lick them, bite them(gently of course),I love everything about them.

My research told me he enjoyed a little anal play. so I knew that boys who enjoy arse play, usually enjoy rimming and are spotlessly clean in the hopes of receiving a special treat.. I also knew from my research that he had never had it done to him before, the prospect of Virgin arse that had never been tongued before was positively thrilling.

I had to pace myself and not enjoy all the goodies at one..."patience" I reminded myself..."one thing at a time....stick with the plan...this is about him not you." The jocks came off pretty quickly though, I just had to get to that bottom, and pronto. I thought next I'd make use of that lovely whip over on the table, I slowly drew it back and forth across his body. All across his back and the back of his legs...the touch of a hundred fingers can be a lovely thing. He seemed to enjoy that. I massaged him a little more, ran my hands all over his back and legs and slowly along his inner thighs and delicately up between his cheeks to touch his arse. Every movement, every breath, every sound from him only served to make me hornier and wetter and more keen to let him have it in the nicest possible way. I parted his cheeks slightly and slowly slid my tongue down in between them till I found the little treasure I was looking for. It was sweet and perfect and divine and his reaction was even more delicious. His back arched slightly, he inhaled deeply and quickly and let out a sound that let me know very clearly that he was very much enjoying being aroused by this particular type of stimulation.

To my delight he was nice and hard when I asked him to roll over onto his back after I had finished licking his arse (for the moment) and a fabulous cock he had too. I had seen pictures of it but it was substantially more impressive in the flesh. I was torn between arse and cock, a kid in a candy shop....mmmm....and lips....he had lovely kissable lips. I kissed him again, touched and kissed his neck, shoulders and moved down his body. I ran my hands all over his body, his stomach, his thighs. Teasing by avoiding his cock. I did this for some time but it was teasing me as much as him I'm sure.

My hands touched his inner thighs, sooooo close....... I couldn't resist any longer, I licked him and his cock moved in response to me. I was totally hooked on the experience at this point. I couldn't wait to put my lips around him. I slowly slide them over the head of his cock. It was gorgeous, nice and big and thick. Beautiful texture and taste....I enjoyed licking him and sucking him for quite some time after that. He would move me away when things got a little intense. I would move onto another part of his body, enjoying the fact that he was so aroused. Then I would move back to his cock, put it back in my mouth.

I had to go back to that arse though. I knew he wanted me to from the way he reacted before. I stopped blowing him after it got intense again and gently pushed his legs up. He held them there,iI'm sure knowing what was coming. I gave him one big cow lick all the way from the top of his arse crack to the base of his balls and continued up his balls and to his shaft and then continued to circle his date with my tongue and every now and then slide it in just a millimetre or to for the thrill of it. Turned out to be just as much a thrill for me as for him. The surprise of this whole evening is thatiI think I got just as much out of it as he did.

But now I wanted him to touch me. I was so hot and so horny I needed his hands on my body like I needed oxygen....and NOW. I didn't have to reach down and touch myself to know that I was going to be soaking wet. She had been pulsating all for the last hour. I knew he would love to feel that..... but one thing at a time. FirstiI put his hand to my breasts, one by one. It was fabulous.

I asked him, “Do you like them?”

“Oh yes,” he answered.

 I had spent all this time touching him but his touch was dievine. He touched stroked and squeezed them gently and this let me know what kind of lover he was, he knew how to touch a woman to excite (not all men do, not all of them pay attention in class). I wanted him to touch my pussy and I wanted him to feel how wet I was. To see the look on his face. I watched carefully as I guided his hand to it. and I was absoloutely dripping with slippery wetness. He played with my lil’ pearl for a while making me come several times.

I then took his fingers and put them to his lips for him to smell and taste me......and he did. After that I took them into my own mouth, licking them and sucking them clean. I was so heated up I could have jumped him there and then but instead iI decided that a good substitute would be his tongue. So I straddled him and sat on his face. His tongue was amazing, but I knew I would only be indulging myself for a short time but it didn't take long for me to cum again. After only a few minutes I drew away from him and went back touching and licking and sucking him.

I looked over at the clock on the side table and realised that so much time had passed and his wife would soon return. I could have continued on with foreplay but I thought it time to get to the "main event". I knew he was well and truely ready to fuck me.

“How would you like to fuck me?” I asked him

“I would love you to sit on top of me,” I was happy to oblige his request.

I enjoyed a little more time sucking him and then reached over for the condoms and put one on him and straight away mounted him. Slowly sliding down the shaft of his cock and it was delicious....oooh my, it felt so incredibly good. I started rocking listening carefully to his breathing and his sounds which of course added to the intensity of the moment.
He was rock hard and I concentrated on the feeling of him sliding all the way into me. I wanted ALL of him, to not waste a millimetre of that gorgeous cock.

I didn't want to give away my identity, the mystery woman had to remain a mystery but iI was my usual noisy, entheusiastic and VERY appreciative, vocal self. I have no poker face, I am no great mystery...if I feel pleasure iI can't help but let the sound out and display my pleasure fully.

I rode him for a while but I had noted that he had a particular interest in my arse too. Touching it a little through out the night when he could. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me doggie style not being sure of where he would head, arse or pussy. I hadn't remembered to ask his wife if he had a liking for anal fucking a girl. Although I had tried it a few times before but I was a little hesitant. In previous experiences I had not managed yet to relax and enjoy it. I had also experienced that men who were quite thick and large meant discomfort. So although I was incredibly turned on and into the moment I wasn't sure about what was to come.

I wanted him to have what he wanted for the evening. I certainly wasn't about to refuse him if that's what he wanted. He did as I had suspected, head for my arse and not my pussy. I was very pleasantly surprised that he was incredibly gentle. He knew what he was doing, how to approach, which so many men don't. My one big complaint is that men fuck an arse like they fuck a pussy making for not a very hot experience for a woman who is 1, not properly prepared and relaxed and 2. not overly experienced in anal.

I knew I was still very tight but the smoothness of the condom, some lube and experience of the lover made all the difference. I was absoloutely shocked that my body was feeling pleasure. It was a little intense at first and I asked him to stop for a short time. I was determined to reward his gentle and considerate approach, I could feel that he wanted to pleasure me too. He stopped and then after a short time I wanted him to continue. I could feel that if I could relax enough this would be a pleasurable experience.

He once again approached very gentley and slowly pushing his way into me. Slowly building up pace and depth until he was completely inside me. Soon the most incredible pleasure built up in me even without any clitoral stimulation. I had heard of these earth shattering orgasmed attributed to anal sex, even heard of women addicted to it but had doubts but also hopes that I could experience them too.

Sure enough, before long my whole body was radiating with a pleasure I had never felt before., I couldn't believe my luck. I was just thrilled that this could actually be something pleasurable for me. My pussy had always provided me with such pleasure, and my little pearl delighted in being touched, and licked and particularly sucked, but I was doubtful that I would get pleasure in this way, particularly with a well endowed lover. All it took was a lover who knew how to do it properly. I could feel my own body building intense pleasure. The knowledge of this and the feeling of his body responding only added to the intensity of my own arousal.

I came a number of times over the course of the evening, with the tender touch of his tongue, and his hands and riding his cock earlier and finally came my very first orgasm through anal. I tried to contain myself as I didn't want him to think I was in pain but my whole body was just reeling. I couldn't understand that my whole body felt the stimulation from one area, right down to the tips of my toes, not just a happy tingle but almost the same pleasure of the actual area. I'm still amazed thinking about it now.

He came inside me and for a short time I enjoyed his full body just resting on my back. Very contented we collapsed on the bed. Sadly it was time for me to go as his wife was due back soon and I had used up all my time. It was now time to allow the happy couple the rest of the evening to enjoy the experience..........and time to go back for some pillow talk with my own husband and enjoy the experience with him. I got up, told him I was getting dressed but would kiss him before I left. I quickly got dressed and packed my things, still slightly addled with that "well laid" sex brain. :)He lay there, still blindfolded. Dressed, iI walked over and kissed him and said goodbye, he thanked me, I did the same and left.

I messaged his wife that it was safe to return, messaged my husband to tell him I was ready for him to pick me up and left the room. My mind was full of the night’s events, thinking also about what was going on in that room now that I had left. I was also thinking about my own very horny husband and how horny I still was.

Sure enough, my husband greeted me in the car with a smirk and a huge hard on. I had to convince him NOT to stop somewhere and bend me over the bonnet of the car, but wait until we got home. I had enjoyed the tease and delayed gratification theme of the evening and was on a roll. We got home and couldn't wait to get our hands on each other. I described everything I did to him and How he touched me and licked me and fucked me which meant neither of us lasted very long before we came but boy it was one hot quickie. I now can't wait to be involved in another fantasy and I am very thankful for the privelidge of this one
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