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They way you make me feel

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Alone in a darkened corner of the room, my eyes follow you as you enter.   You look around, surveying the room, searching for me.   My eyes feast upon you.   Standing so tall, so sure of yourself, tension radiating off of you like hot steam.   I watch your eyes as you spot me.   Waiting.   They widen just slightly and I can see your nostrils flare as if you can smell my hunger for you.   Stopping to exchange pleasantries along the way, you make your way towards me.   I imagine I can feel your heat from where I sit.   Waiting patiently for you.   Yearning for your touch.   Aching to feel your skin slide over mine.   But I must wait.   Stopping next to me, you reach out and run your knuckles over my cheek.   My head involuntarily inclines towards you.   Holding my gaze captive in yours, you lean close, your mouth a whisper away from mine, “kiss me” you order.   My tongue slips out to gently touch your lips, before my hungry mouth reaches yours.   Ahh, sweet heaven.    Your lips pull at me like a magnet, your tongue, like lightning, darting here & there, awakening a firestorm of frenzied passion deep within me.   I can feel my nipples harden and press against my shirt, begging for release.   My pussy clenches and releases in eager anticipation.   My thighs tremble and I feel moisture starting to seep out of me.   I can feel your strong hands as you gently take my face between them, hold me there, captured in your embrace as you possess my mouth.   Finally, you pull away and my lips feel swollen and empty without the pressure of yours against them.   You take my hand and lead me away.   “I’ve planned a surprise for you” you tell me.   As we drive away, I wonder what you have planned.

We finally arrive at what looks like a deserted cabin.   “Wait here” you tell me.   I watch as you open the door and turn on some lights.   As you step back outside I can see that you have something in your hands.   “Trust me” you say, as you open the door and help me out of the car.   You reach into the backseat and bring out an overnight bag.   I follow as you head towards the door.   Just before we cross the threshold, you stop, put down the bag and pull me into your embrace.   Again you say “Trust me” and I nod.   “Good”.   “Close your eyes”.   I feel a silky scrap of material cover my eyes and your hands behind my head as you tighten it.   “Don’t be afraid, just enjoy” you whisper.   Again, I nod.   You take my hand and lead me inside and I hear the door click shut and lock.   I can feel the warmth of the room.    Hear the crackle of a fire somewhere.   The room smells of sandalwood, and lavender.   I can hear you as you move around, unzipping the overnight bag, the flick of a lighter.   My hands itch to touch you, but I know I must wait.   I feel you come next to me again.   I feel your hands undo the buttons on my blouse, your fingers glide over my arms as you push it down over my shoulders and onto the floor.   You move behind me to undo the clasp of my bra, moments later it too lands on the floor.   You reach around and gently cup my breasts in your large warm hands as if weighing them.   “Beautiful” you murmur and I can feel your breath on my neck, causing shivers to run down my spine.   Taking each nipple between your fingers, you twist and pull them until they are as hard as tiny pebbles.   I feel your hands release my breasts and travel down my sides to the top of my pants.   You pull me back into you and I feel the brush of your shirt against my naked back.   Your lips weave a trail of kisses from my ear lobes to my shoulders.   So lost in the sensations, I barely notice as you start to undo my pants.   You reach inside and cup my pussy through my now soaked panties.   “MMM”.   My knees start to buckle and I grab onto your arms for support, feeling the taut muscles.   Reluctantly you move your hand to push down my pants.   They join the other clothes in a puddle on the floor.   You gently push me forward to help me step out of the pile of clothes, and lead me to a chair nearby to remove my shoes and socks, leaving me only in my wet panties.   “Stay just like that” you say as you push me back into the chair, arranging my limbs to your liking.   “I’ll be right back, don’t move”.   I can hear you as you move away to another room and become aware of the low soft strains of quiet instrumental music.   Then you are standing next to me again.   You help me to stand.   “Put this on” you say as you help me into a soft velvety robe.   As you tie the belt around my waist the material brushes against my throbbing nipples, causing them to stiffen even further.   “Do you still trust me?” you ask.   “Yes”, I say.   “Good.” “Because I am going to take you to the heights of ecstasy tonight, and I want you to enjoy every sensation”.   “Yes” I whisper, “Please”.   Taking my hands you lead me out of the room and into the room where the music originated.   My senses are heightened.   I long to touch you, but I know that again I’ll need to wait.   You take me in your arms again and this time I can feel the proof of your arousal, and it just adds fuel to my already burning pussy.   “I need to feel you inside me” I beg.   “Not yet, my love.   Have patience.   The wait will definitely be worth it, I promise.”   “Slowly take the robe off for me.   Let it slide down your body as you take it off.”   “Good, now turn around and slide your hands between your skin and your panties.   Slowly uncover your sweet ass for me.   That’s it, now bend over and show me your pussy.   Spread your legs and open your pussy lips for me.”   Your hand reaches out to caress my naked ass and exposed pussy.   You pull me back up and turn me around.   I can feel the edge of the bed against the back of my knees as you gently lower me to sit.   “Scoot over to the center of the bed please.”   I do as you ask and lay down.   “Now, I want to you raise your arms above your head.”   As soon as I reach up I feel silken bonds trap my wrists and bind them together to the headboard.   “Are you comfortable?” you ask.   “Yes”, I answer.   “Now I would like you to spread your legs and bend your knees please.”   Again, I feel the bonds wrap around each ankle and get secured to the footboard.   “I love to see you like that.   Open, and so very ready for me.   Are you ready for the next step?”   It seems like the only word I know how to utter is “Yes.”

I can hear the sounds of you removing your clothes and I picture in my mind your exquisite body.   I test the strength of the bonds and find that I am tied securely.   “None of that now” you admonish.   I sigh.   The plush comforter beneath me only adds to the sensations coursing through me.   Then I feel your fingertips.   Starting at the top of my head you gently massage my temples, stroke my ear lobes, down the side of my jaw and to my collarbone.   My breath hitches and a tiny moan escapes my lips.   Your fingers start their journey again, up the outside of my arms and back down, to the sides of my breasts.   Again, you cup my breasts, molding them to your hands, kneading, stroking.   Plucking at my nipples until I arch up and push them into your palm.   Stroking softly, you try to calm me.   Fingers slowly working their way down my sides, across my belly and lower, to the top of my pubic bone.   Then, slowly down my legs, stopping at my feet to take each one of my toes into your mouth and sucking on them, wrapping your tongue around each one.   “God, I can’t take this”, I whisper.   “Yes, you can” you say.   I feel you leave the bed and hear the top of a lid pop open.   Then a whiff of my favorite lotion, and a cool trail of it along my torso.   Your hands on my skin, rubbing the lotion in, rubbing so close to my pussy, causing me to writhe, arching up to meet your touch, silently begging for release.   “Not yet.” You say.   I try to relax, to no avail.   My body already feels like the slightest touch will cause it to shatter into a million pieces.   “I want to see you” I plead.   “I’ll remove the blindfold when I’m ready” you reply.   I feel you settle in between my open thighs.   I can feel your breath as your tongue runs a random path from one knee, up over my belly and over to the other knee, coming close, but not touching my dripping pussy.   “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” you ask.   “Please?”   I beg.   “Only when I sense that you really cannot take anymore pleasure will I fuck you.”   You reply.   “Soon?”   I ask.   “Yes, soon.   I want to hear you scream, and beg for me to take you.   I want to see you writhe in ecstasy as I bring you to the edge of your orgasm, then back down.   I want to see how much pleasure you can handle before I slide my hard cock inside you.”   “Yes” I say.   You reach up and tweak my nipples, first one, then the other, causing my hips to rise, searching.   I feel your mouth envelop one and your fingers twisting, pulling at the other, each sensation causing liquid fire to shoot straight to my womb.   Your hand trails down, down to the entrance of my sopping wet pussy.   I feel your finger slide inside, testing the wetness.   I hear as you bring your finger up to your mouth and suck my pussy juices from your fingers.   Again, down to my pussy, dip back inside only to bring your finger up to my mouth where I greedily suck my juices.   “So sweet” you murmur.   “I can’t wait to taste you again as you cum all over my tongue.”   My breath is starting to get labored and you run your hands over my body as if to calm me.   Then, the hot sensation of your tongue flicking my engorged clit.   I buck wildly and your hands come up to hold me still.   Slowly stroking your tongue up and down inside my wet pussy.   Sucking my outer lips into your mouth, pulling my clit inside, sucking, stroking, I feel your tongue slide inside me, then back out only to start all over again.   My arms and legs fighting to get free, knowing that it’s useless to try.   I feel your fingers, stroking, pulling at my lips, pushing me closer and closer to climax, only to slow and bring me gently back down.   I can feel the sweat, pouring from my pores, soaking my hair, glistening on my skin.   Your fingers weave a magical spell.   Touching, probing, stroking, petting.   Leaving me aching, wondering where you’ll touch me next.   I feel you shift, then touch my hip.   “Raise your ass for me” you command.   When I do, you slide a pillow under me.   My pussy is rewarded by more tongue lapping.   “God, I love your mouth on me” I say.   Your fingers slide back inside, pushing, stretching me, in and out, pushing me higher and higher.   I can feel your thumb, slick from my wetness, rubbing the entrance to my ass, circling, teasing.   “Yes….more” I pant.   Slowly you work your finger inside my ass, leaning forward to suck on my clit.   I can feel my ass tighten around your finger, eager for your next move.   Again I hear the pop of a lid opening and feel the cool slickness of lubrication, feel it as you coat your fingers and my openings with it.   “Do you like that?’ you ask.   I can only nod.   “Good.”   You get up and I can hear you rustling around in the overnight bag.   “I’m going to watch your pussy and your ass as I fuck you with these dildo’s” you say.    “I’m going to bring you pleasure, and a bit of pain, as I fuck you with them.   I want you to picture me fucking your ass, while you have a dildo in your pussy.   I don’t want you to cum.   I want to watch your face as I work both of these inside your body.”   “Yes”, I hiss through clenched teeth.   “Fuck me, please!”

I feel the head of the first dildo sliding up and down my pussy, opening my lips to you.   You slowly circle my ass with the second and I can feel my muscles relaxing, making entry easier.   Gently probing, pushing the head in until I can feel it lodged inside my ass.   You slowly work it in and out, in and out, and I realize that the noises coming from me are animalistic.   My hips move, searching for the other one.   The one meant for my pussy.   You continue to stoke and tease until finally you push it all the way to my cervix.   I can feel them both, rubbing back and forth against each other, as you slide and pull and push them into and out of my eager holes.   I can feel the pressure building, the juices from my pussy running down to the crack of my ass.   Muscles straining, breath hissing in and out of my lungs as you pound both of my orifices.   “Ohh…yessss” I moan, “More…please more….don’t stop!”   begging you, urging you to fuck me harder, faster.   “Don’t cum!” you order, as you slow your movements, stopping so I am left with my ass and pussy filled with the dildos.   You move to the head of the bead, placing tiny kisses along my face, finally reaching my mouth, taking, giving, crushing my lips to yours.   My body feels coiled, ready to burst at the slightest touch of your hand.   I can only imagine what I look like to you.   Laying there, wrapped in silken ties, blindfolded, spread eagle, writhing, arching, the dildos stretching me, opening me to your gaze.   “I’m going to untie you now” you whisper, “but I don’t want you to move.   Can you do that for me?”   “Anything” I reply.   My arms feel weightless as the bonds are released.   I stretch my legs out to release the tension in them after they are released.   “Ahh, thank you” I say.   “Don’t thank me yet.   I’m not quite finished with you” you say to me.  

“Raise your hips so I can remove the pillow, but keep the dildos inside you.   Don’t touch yourself, just hold onto them for me please” you order.   I do as you ask.   “Now, take the one from your pussy, slowly, don’t try to fuck yourself with it, just take it out.”   “Good girl” you say when I’ve removed it.   “Lick it clean.   Imagine it’s my cock, and I’ve just been fucking you and you’re cleaning your pussy juices from it.   Lick it, suck it, slide it between your lips.   You know how I like it.   Show me how much you love my hard cock in your mouth.   That’s it.” you say as I slurp up all of the sticky cum from the dildo, showing off a little for you because you know I love to suck your cock.   “Set that aside and sit up for a moment, leave the cock in your ass.”   I follow your order and sit up and you hand me a glass.   “Here, drink this.” I sip greedily from the glass.   Champagne.   I hand you back the glass.   “I’m going to touch you now, but you can’t touch me.   Just relax and enjoy this.” You say.   I feel tiny rivulets of champagne trickle down from my shoulders, across my breasts, down to my bellybutton and further on to my pussy.   I feel your hot tongue trace the path of the champagne, teeth nipping at my swollen breasts, grazing my hardened nipples, further to dip inside my bellybutton, and stopping just above my clit.   My hands clutch at the bed, aching to touch you, push you down.   Then your tongue barely touches my engorged clit, causing me to cry out “YES!”   as you ruthlessly attack.   I feel your fingers spread my pussy lips apart, your tongue like a dart, dipping inside me, your lips, sucking, stroking only to slow down and gently caress me.   Your thumb rubbing soft circles across my clit.   One finger, then two as you work then back and forth, in and out of my drenched slit.   I hear the moisture as you continue your movements.   “I’m going to cum” I rasp.   Your fingers still.   I feel my insides clenching at your fingers, silently asking for more.   “No, you’re not” you tell me.   Your fingers slide out of me.   “Reach down and take the dildo out of your ass.”   I do and hand it to you.   I hear you place it aside.   “Get up on your hands and knees” you tell me.   I eagerly do as you ask.   I feel exposed.   I can’t see you, but I can hear you moving about.   You reach out and stroke my ass cheek.   “Spread your legs wider and lean forward and rest your head on the mattress” you instruct.   Again, I do as you ask.   The mattress gives as I feel you settle in beside me.   You hand stoking my ass cheeks.   Dipping lower, under me to slide a finger in my pussy.   Down my legs and back up again to caress my ass.   WHACK!   Your hand smacks my ass and I moan.   You rub it only to smack it again, harder this time.   “OOOH”   I cry.   And again, this time on the other side.   And again and again, alternating between smacking and rubbing.   I feel the sting and burn of your handprints, imagining my ass is red.   Arching up to meet each stroke of your hand.   The fluids from my pussy dripping down onto the comforter, soaking it.   I can hardly breathe, my body tense, waiting for the next blow, aching to feel your hand again.   “PLEASE!”   I beg.   “I NEED MORE!”   My ass lifts higher, anticipating each strike.   Then your cool lips, kissing the sting.   Soothing the ache.   “I’m going to fuck you now.   I’m going to fill your hot pussy with my throbbing cock.   I’m going to torment you.   Do not touch your clit.   If you do, I’ll stop.   Do you understand?”   “Yes’” I whimper as your cock fills me.   Your hands on my hips hold me still.   You furiously pound my pussy, in and out, harder and harder.   I lean back into you, fucking you, moaning your name, begging for more.   You balls slapping my clit, causing me to jerk and shudder.   You reach up and grab my hair, pulling my head back towards you, holding me captive while you fuck me.   “AHHH!   Oh my god, you’re going to make me cum!   I yell.   “Fuck me, harder, please, fuck me!”   I wail.   You slowly come to a stop behind me.   I can feel your cock twitch inside me.   I know you have to be close to cumming.   I hear the pop of the lid again, and the cool liquid lubrication being placed in and around my ass.   “Oh god, fuck my ass, please!   Yes!”   I beg.   You take your cock from my pussy and place the tip at the entrance to my ass.   Teasing. Circling it.   Pushing just the head in, waiting until you feel my muscles ease, then more, inch by inch slowly easing your way inside me.   Pulling out a bit, then sliding back in.   My legs tremble.   My body aches for release.   “I love the way you take me inside.   I love how tight and warm you are around my cock.   I can feel the walls of your pussy contracting.   Just begging me to fuck you.”   “Is this what you want?”   you ask.   “Do you like to feel my cock buried in your ass?”   “YES, oh fuck, yes!” I say to you.   “I love it when you fuck me.”   “Please, fuck me.   I need to come all over your cock!”   “I’m going to make you cum, then I’m going to fill your ass with my hot seed.”   I feel your hands reach under me, touch my clit as you push deeper inside me.   Rubbing my clit between your fingers, sliding your cock in and out of my ass.   Up to my breasts, pinching my nipples, and back down to my hips where you hold me as you fuck me.   “Reach down and play with your clit.   Cum for me!”   my hand reaches out and my index finger starts massaging my clit, faster and faster.   I can feel your thick cock, stroking, pushing deeper and deeper, my pussy aches to be filled so I slide two fingers inside and work them back and forth, alternating between inside my pussy and fingering my clit.    My back arches, I throw my head back and scream “YES!” fucking god, yes!” and I cum all over my fingers, hips bucking, pussy clenching searching for your cock.   I feel your hands tighten, hear your breath quicken, feel you start to fuck me harder and harder, until I feel the first hot spurt of cum inside my ass.   Your clenched hands hold me still as you pump your load deep inside me.   My ass clenches at you, squeezing, caressing your cock.   You lean forward, resting your head between my shoulders.   You reach up and remove the blindfold and it slips to the bed.   We stay like that for a while, both trying to catch our breaths, marveling at what has just taken place.   You sit up, and pull your semi-hard cock from my ass.   I feel you reach for something, then feel as you place a towel between my legs and help me to lay down.   Your cum starts leaking from my ass, and my cum is leaking from my pussy.   We both chuckle.   “I guess it’s time for a quick shower” you say.   You lead me to the adjoining bathroom to a huge glass enclosed shower with dual massaging showerheads.   You gently wash my body, then I return the favor.   Finally able to touch you, my hands seek to memorize the texture of your skin.   I thrill at the chance to grasp onto your muscles, touch my favorite spots, your shoulders, biceps, your waist and hips, the two indents at the small of you back and finally your beautiful ass.   I press my body into your embrace, holding onto you like I never want to let go as you slowly move your hands around my body. Soothing, calming me.   You turn the water off and reach for a towel to dry me.   And I do the same for you.   Then you take my hand and lead me back to the bed.   Turning down the blankets and sliding into the cool sheets.   You reach for me and pull me into the circle of your arms.   Placing tiny kisses on my temple.   You whisper, “I love you.   You were made for me.   And I was made for you.   We’re perfect together.   With you, I feel like I can do anything and I hope I make you feel cherished.”   I tilt my head a little and look you in the eyes and say, “I love you, too.   And yes, you do make me feel cherished.   I love that we can be open enough to explore new ways to please each other.”   I snuggle in a little bit closer, hold onto you a little bit tighter and whisper, “Just wait until you see what I have planned for you!” as I drift off to sleep to dream of new ways to pleasure you.           

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