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Tie me up or tie me down, I love it as long as I get your cock.

I am tied, naked, blindfolded, and spreadeagled on your bed, my pale skin contrasting with the dark denim comforter as I listen to the soft slide of fabric against skin as you undress. The soft thud heralds the loss of your jeans and I lick my lips, wishing I hadn't thought of the blindfold, I want to see you.

From your vantage point you can see the dampness clinging to the bush partially concealing my pussy, my clit pouts out at you. You kick your pants to one side a pick up the long feather from the dresser, the one I brought along with the soft nylon ropes and blindfold. You don't move, making me wait as I hold my breath and wait for the first touch, all my senses on overload from lack of sight.

I gasp as the feather glides along my ribcage, avoiding my swollen breasts entirely as it sweeps across my tummy and leaves. I wait, you're teasing me, and I hate it. The feather is on the sole of my foot suddenly and I jump. You chuckle in masculine amusement before continuing your erotic torture. Teasing all but my breasts and aching pussy with the feather, taking your time and delaying each new touch longer than the last.

"Please" I moan out.

"Please what?" you ask, I tell you've cocked one of your brows and you're smirking slighty. Though it irks me I know you want me to beg, and tell you exactly what I want.

"Please touch me everywhere" I manage to get out between gasps and moans as you've finally touched my aching breasts.

The feather is discarded and you leave the bed again. I bite my tongue to keep from struggling to undo the blindfold and see where you are.

I jump as you pick one of my feet up, then relax as you start massaging it, sucking on a toe now and then as shock waves of desire and heat radiate through me, drenching my pussy with juice. You finish with one foot and go to the other, repeating the eroticly stimulating massage.

"Please" I whisper helplessly, wishing you would pay attention to the rest of my desire-drunk body.

You slowly crawl up my body, trailing soft kisses, teasing both yourself and I before you lay claim to my mouth with a hard kiss. Your hard cock is pressed into my belly and I push myself up, trying to feel more. You push your tongue into my mouth with a groan and I duel it with my own, circling and parrying, until you pull back and slide once more down my body.

I arch as you take one puckered nipple into your mouth, suckling, nipping once in a while.

"Free my arms," I beg, "I have to touch you"

"In good time" You reply huskily as you continue to enjoy our little game. I growl in frustration and tug against the bonds on my arms.

Suddenly you leave the bed, leaving me bereft and I snarl, "Damn you, come back here and finish what you started!" struggling harder to get off the bed and reverse our positions.

I hear you leave the room and I sag back into the comforter with a grumble. The microwave tings in the kitchen and I frown under the blindfold. I can't tell what you're doing but I smell you as soon as you come into the room, your strong musk is mixed with the  sweet tang of honey.

I jump as the warm sticky syrup is poured over my breasts and down my stomache. "Waste of honey" I tell you.

"Oh no," you chuckle, "very tasty use of honey," and then you stop speaking as you lave one breast, removing the honey with your rough tongue.

"Goddamn it quit teasing me." I moan as both my nipples pucker under your attention. Suddenly you start down my stomache, following the honey trail, only stopping long enough to dip your tongue into my navel to trap the honey there, and it sends a shock straight to my pussy. I can tell there's a large wet spot on your comforter under my thrashing hips.

You pin my hips down with your arms and run just the tip of your tongue over my ignored clit and I arch in my first orgasm of the night, juices flooding out in a squirt to land on your waiting tongue.

Panting I manage to get out, "Tease" before you turn in earnest to eating my pussy, finding every lick of honey and all my juices. Within moments I'm writhing in orgasm again, the only thing keeping me from grabbing you is the bonds, Your weight is pinning me, keeping me down.

Finally you leave my pussy, glistening still and work your way to my head, I feel the head of your cock against my lips and eagerly open my mouth for you to invade. Your soft cockhead enters and I run my tongue around it, paying special attention to the crease where it joins your shaft, knowing this drives you crazy.

Your breathless groan drives me wild and I push my head up, taking more of your cock into my hungry mouth, reveling in the veiny texture and salty tang of precum and man. I bob my head back and forth on your cock loving the feeling of it as it starts to hit the back of my throat.

The moan seemingly ripped from your gut makes my smile and moan, the vibration causing your cock to swell even more, filling my mouth so much I almost gag. I pull back with a loving kiss to the end of the head and say simply "Please"

"Please what?" You pant.

"Please fuck me." I pout and you slid down my body placing your stiff shaft against my pussy.

"Now?" You tease.

I moan breathlessly, "Now! Please!" my cry cut off as you plunge to the hilt in my wet canal and start fucking me hard and fast, the way you know I love it. The bonds around my ankle stop me from wrapping my legs around your hips as I writhe under you, trying to match your thrusts.

Your balls slap my ass with every hard push and I cry out as another orgasm blasts through my body with a shudder, my pussy clamps down around your hard cock and you stiffen, trying not to cum with me.

As my pussy relaxes you pull out, dripping with my juices and you finger my ass. "Oooh" I moan lifting my hips so you have better access. "Please! Fuck my ass!"

You don't say anything, just put your cockhead against my asshole and push in, my cum making it easy for you to slip in. The feeling of fullness makes me groan and as you finish with your balls laying against my ass I massage your cock with my inner muscles, a trick I'd learned to please you.

You grab my breasts roughly and start banging my ass hard. I cry out and you bang me harder, bringing my swiftly to peak after peak, until I can't remember anything except your cock is driving me wild and that I want your hot cum in my ass.

Finally you thrust even harder a couple times before stiffening with your cock deep in my ass. You roar as your cock spurts pumping hot creamy cum in my butt. I clench you with my muscles again and you spurt a couple more times before pulling out and slumping onto me panting.

"Fuck me, that was mind blowing" I manage to get out after catching my breath for a few minutes. Concurance comes from you in the form of a grunt and a chuckle before you wearily push yourself up and off me to untie my legs and arms. I instantly tug off the blindfold and push you down onto the bed for a hug and kiss before curling up on your shoulder and side.

"It's my turn next you know" I tell you as we start to doze off.

You groan "Another night I think"

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