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Tina's Boyfriend

My best friend growing up was Tina, anyone who has read my stories already knows that but if you haven’t, now you know. Her first love was Mark. Mark was also the first guy I was interested in, mainly because Tina was. It wasn’t like I wanted to do what you are about to read, but I wanted what Tina wanted. Here is that story.
I woke up Saturday morning and trudged my way into the kitchen to get some juice. Not expecting anyone to be home since my Mom was over at some guys house the night before, I didn’t dress. So wearing only little panties, I'm in the kitchen pouring some juice and the TV comes on. Talk about freaking out! I peek out of the kitchen and there is some man sitting on the couch! I don’t know what to do. I think about yelling for help but who would help? It must be my Mom’s boyfriend and if Mom sees me walking around in only panties she’ll freak! I try to sneak past him and back to my bedroom.
He sees me.
I'm not sure what he was thinking but he says, "Oh, hi! You must be Paula? I'm William, but everyone calls me Bill." and the guy actually stands up and puts his hand out like I'm supposed to shake it! He is just standing there, blocking my way and holding his hand out! I'm standing there, mostly naked and this guy wants me to shake his hand!?
"Sorry I woke you up." He says like it's no big deal but despite his relaxed talk, his eyes aren’t looking at my face!
"No, I've been up. Who the hell are you?!" trying to sound as angry as I feel.
"I'm sorry, I thought your Mom had talked about me. She is out front talking with your neighbor so I just came on in. She told me she had a beautiful daughter, but you are even more pretty than she described."
I try to get past him but he continues on trying to shake my hand and won’t move. What a perv! He moves in closer! He is trying to touch me!
"Listen, I gotta get dressed. Do you mind?!" and I have to physically push past him to get to my room.
He follows me to my room.
I’m really not sure what to do. I don’t know when my Mom is coming back in. I look at him and then out my window but it doesn’t face the front of the house.
“My Mom is coming back in, you said she was right out front.”
“So.” He said.
“So, I’m going to my friend’s house. I need to get dressed.”
“I ain’t stoppin’ you.”
“So leave!”
“I just want to know why a pretty little thing like you would walk around the house in only your panties? Cute little panties too.”
He walks over and touches my crotch! I freeze. I’m so much smaller than him. I have no chance of running away. He takes my hand and puts it on his cock and then he says, “Here is what I got waitin’ for you whenever you decide you want it!” He laughs and walks out of the room.
I get dressed quickly and run past him and my Mom without speaking. It would do no good to tell her another of her boyfriends wants to fuck me. I don’t know how she picks these guys but where ever she meets them, they seem to know about me and think it’s ok to do things with me.
It's a long walk to Tina’s but I like to get the exercise and plus I usually stop and talk to all the people out in their yards. I flirt with the silly little married men, making sure to get close to them cause I know that it drives them crazy! The oldies are the best! They are so sweet and it's so funny to see how they react to my clothes and stuff. I get to Tina's and I'm feeling better but I notice the cheesy, blue Mustang out front...Mark!
I walk up the drive and Mark comes out the front door and Tina's Mom comes out with him. She is saying bye to him and then she notices me, "Oh Paula...I'm sorry dear but Tina is off with her Grandparents and her father today. You didn't walk all this way did you?"
"Yeah, but it's no big deal, I like to walk. So when is Tina going to be back?" I ask, trying not to look at Mark.
"Oh Gosh, I think they are going to be gone until sometime this evening. Listen, you wait right here while I get my keys and I'll drive you home."
"Hey, no reason to do that! I can drive her, I'm goin' that way." Mark says smiling at me.
"No thanks, I'll walk." I say without even looking at him.
Mark says, "Don't be silly, I'll give you a ride."
"Oh Paula, why don't you do that? I hate to think of you walking that far alone." Then she turns to Mark and says, "That is so sweet of you Mark!"
Ohhhhh...I just hate him!!
"My house is right around the corner." I said, not wanting to go home but feeling really weird sitting next to Mark. We barely spoke. I feel all hot and cold and excited now that he and I are alone. I don’t like the feelings.
No one home. Thank God!
It doesn't surprise me, my Mom can't wait to escape the daily chore of raising me and so she is rarely ever home. Sometimes it's like, if it wasn't for all the dirty underwear I leave lying around, I don't even think she would know she has a daughter. No, I'm not Ms. BooHoo, hell I probably might have been even more fucked up if she hadn't left me to my own devices.
"Thanks" I say and try to get out.
Mark looks at me, puppy eyes. Damn!
"What? You think I'm inviting you in? " I say.
"Oh, I thought you would never ask." and he gets out of the car and walks to my front door.
"Listen asshole, I don't go in the front door! God! You are such a geek!"
We walk around to the side so I can climb in my window. I don’t have a key to the house so I broke the lock on my window a long time ago. You would think Mom would wonder how I keep getting back in but she doesn’t seem to care. Mark climbs in behind me. Somehow a boy climbing in my window makes me feel all hot and cold again. Damn him!
"Listen, turn on the TV or something, I'm about to die for something to drink." I said. I go fix something and then come back.
"What!? No drink for me?" he says.
"You are a dog, fix your own drink!" I say, not looking at him but smiling. He gets up and I hear him fumbling around in the kitchen. He comes back with a drink and sits down next to me on the couch. Too close. I feel awkward. It’s Tina’s boyfriend. Why do I feel so excited that he is so close to me? Why do I want him to touch me?
"Are you really that angry at me?"
"Hell yes, I think you are a slime and you should beg forgiveness." I say.
"So you want me to beg?" He says laughing.
"Yes, get down on your hands and knees and beg like a dog!" I say. It’s silly. I know it. But I’m literally starting to breath heavier just thinking about it. Why won’t he kiss me?
The idiot gets on his knees in front of me and starts to beg for my forgiveness. Oh, I still think he is a jerk but he looks so stupid, I can't help but giggle.
"Would you get up? You look like a tard!"
"Not until I am forgiven." He says. He is enjoying this. I know we are flirting. I should leave. Tina, oh Tina I can’t help it. He just looks so cute crawling around on the floor like that.
"Well, you are going to have to do a lot more than that to be forgiven." I demand.
"Oh yeah, like what?" He asks, getting back up on the couch and leaning over me. He is closer now. I smell him. I want him. God damn me!
"I don't know...I think you deserve a spanking!" I say.
"OH! A spanking huh? Are you going to give it to me?"
I don’t know what to say. I’m trembling. He is so close. He knows it. I can tell. I’m younger than him. He is an older boy. He is Tina’s boyfriend and that just makes me want him more. I’m dying for his touch. I almost reach out for him before I catch myself and then I hit him. Hard!
"Now that's more like it. Come on, get it all out!! Tell me what it will take for you to forgive me." He says.
Honestly I don't know why I asked him to do what I asked, I think I just wanted to see if he would but honestly, I think I just wanted to see him do anything. I say. "OK...take off your shirt."
Of course I didn't think he would do it! But the next thing I know he is taking off his shirt! Now I can see why Tina is so pumped on this boy, he is cut! Rock solid muscle and smooth tanned skin but skinny, the way I like it. Like a dancer. I fight the urge to touch his chest by biting my lip.
"Is that it? That's all?" he says.
"Oh for the love of God! Put your shirt back on!" Oh Tina, I’m trying.
"Why? You said you needed to punish me, so punish me!"
"Ok, if you want to be an idiot, then take off your pants!"
I can hardly look. If he does it then I’m doomed. He looks at me and smiles. He takes his shoes off and unbuckles his belt!
"AHHHH!!! No! Don't actually do it!" I say laughing.
I cover my eyes but he waits for me to peek and when I do he flashes me his underwear! I scream again and laugh even harder. When I peek again, he pulls his pants all the way down and I can see his dick pressing against the underwear! He is hard! I can see the shape of the head pressing into the underwear. Oh god. Oh god!
"What the hell are you doing Mark! Put your pants back on!"
"No, you said this would get you to forgive me, so this is what it will take. Is this it? Anything more?"
He wants me to say more. He wants this to happen and Tina forgive me, I do too! I can see his dick growing. Rising up toward the blue and red band around his waist.
"God Mark! I...I can see...I can see your thing!" I start laughing again.
 He stands there, his hands behind his back and his pants around his ankles. I turn back around and look right at the outline of his bulging cock. I don’t want to. I can't help it. My hand takes on a life of its own. I reach up and touch his bulging thing! It’s warm! He only looks down at me. I take my hand away and I say, "OK, get on your hands and knees."
He looks at me confused but he gets on his hands and knees. I rub his butt with my hand and Mark looks back at me smiling. I don’t know why I do it. I don’t think it was a turn on. I was just a girl trying to make something happen in the moment. With all the force I can, I spank him on the ass!
We both bust out laughing!
"Come on, harder!" he says shaking his ass at me.
I hit him as hard as my hand can hit. Apparently it wasn’t very hard. I think my hand hurt worse than his butt. He laughs and waggles his butt more. We both laugh. He turns around and his cock is full out hard and BIG! I didn’t expect it to be so big!
"God Mark! So I guess you liked it huh?" I asked.
"Did you?" He asks.
Honestly I did, I enjoyed it a lot! But I look at him and shrug my shoulders. But my eyes never leave his pulsing erection. It’s so big. So very big and warm and…TINA! Help me! Forgive me but I think I’m about to fuck your boyfriend!
"Do you want to punish me some more?"
"Yeah..." The word comes out soft, breathy, and he knows I’m excited. I try to stay cool and I say, "Take off your underwear."
He slips the underwear off, his cock springs out and to life. When he gets back up, he puts his hands on my knees, spreading my legs open and putting his throbbing erection right in front of me. My pussy responds, becoming warm, a little moist. I'm way beyond turned on at this point, and I'm way beyond thinking, and I want him to fuck me.
I watch his cock throb and pulse. I don’t touch it. He doesn’t make me. Youth is wonderful for forced teasing.
The tip of his cock is wet. His precum has created a little clear pearl of moisture that is slowly dripping down his enormous length. I feel like I'm in another world, my mind is screaming for me to stop, to run away! But that isn't what I do. For some reason, I have no idea why. My inexperience with boys, my naivety, or my sadistic inner bitch, whatever the reason, I quickly give his huge erection a thump with my finger!
“Ow! What did you do that for?” He sounds honestly mad.
"Awww, poor little boy. Want me to kiss it and make it better?" I say. Once again, no idea where that came from.
"Oh yes." He says.
I close my hands around his cock and feel it. Oh god it feels good. It’s soft but hard, warm and ready for me. I’m panting. I want it. I need it. I kiss it right on the tip. Just a kiss, like it’s a puppy. Then I quickly go all the way down on it as far as I can take it in my mouth.
Oh there is no turning back now. I’m lost. Tina doesn’t enter my mind except to think how exciting it is to fuck her boyfriend. To be sucking his thick big cock. I’m dripping. I’m so wet I surprised there isn’t a little puddle under my kitten.
But somewhere inside is the girl who knows this is wrong and she makes her way up just long enough to say, "We...we should stop." But my hands never leave his cock. Never stop stroking him. My hands betray that little girl. They know that she is a stupid little girl who hasn’t grown up. Us grown up girls want to fuck our best friend’s boyfriend. His cock is warm and ready in our hands. Don’t say no Mark. Don’t listen to that little doll faced wench. She is a little prude. We want you Mark. All the while waiting, staring into his handsome eyes and waiting for him to say something while we stroke his cock up and down, up and down. Caressing the wet tip with our finger. Pushing his slick precum around the little hole there.
"Is that what you want? Do you really want to stop?"
He puts his hands into my hair and it feels so good, his cock feels so good in my hand, everything feels so good. I don't want this to stop! I go down on him again, sucking hard and running my tongue around the head of his cock. Ha! You lost little girl. You lost because he moans and his fingers run through my hair, pulling my head down. His salty cock fills my mouth. Gagging me. He pushes me down on it. He is so big. My poor mouth is so small. I gag again. He doesn’t stop. I cry out. He thrusts harder.
Then that little long lost virgin in me bubbles up for one last ditch effort to save our soul.  
"Listen, I think you should go now." She says. I hear her but I’m not with her. My mouth is still tasting his juicy cock. I’m still feeling it touching the back of my throat. I’m still waiting for him to fuck me. My pussy is still dripping wet.
"Because...because...Tina." The little girl manages.
There is a moment where we both look at each other, not sure what either is going to do or say. He leans back to pull his pants back up and I watch the opportunity go away. I'm actually sad to see him putting on his pants. Like in a dream I watch him cover up and grab his shirt and walk toward the door. I walk with him to the door.
He steps out.
He stops and turns.
We don't say a word, just rush back into each other's arms and start kissing. His hands are on my ass, pulling me against him. I feel his erection pressing into me, I want his clothes gone, and I want him so badly. He lifts me up and takes me over to the couch and literally throws me down! I don't wait for him to initiate anything! I take off my shirt and slide my shorts and panties off in one swift motion, feverish to be naked and have him inside me. I'm naked by the time he has his shirt off. I rip at his jeans and in a couple of seconds they are on the floor along with his underwear. We kiss with all the passion of two kids alone at home doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Illicit love is like a drug and we are both completely wasted with it’s sugary passion.
He lifts me up and we both fall onto the couch.  I spread my legs, waiting for his cock to slide inside me. He looks down at my wet pussy first. A moment that seems to last forever when we can both see his huge cock hovered just above my little slit. Then he pushes forward. His cock tries to penetrate but doesn't quite go in. His inexperience makes him thrust too high. I reach down and with blessed relief I move him down a little and he slides inside me.
"Ohhh...Oh god!" I moan.
Mark doesn't say anything. He just fucks me and neither of us speak. I close my eyes and try not to think about what I'm doing. I just think about how wonderful it feels to have my hands on his ass and his cock down deep, and I mean deep inside me.
I cum quickly. Just a little one but it is enough to get Mark excited. He suddenly rams his cock down even deeper into me. It’s painful. I feel it all the way up to my throat! I watch his sweat covered face as the first gush of hot cum fills up my little sore pussy. He grits his teeth. He moans. It’s all so different. I love it.
I wrap my legs tight around him, pulling him into me deeper, his cum warming my insides with every deep thrust and leaving me feeling strange. When he is finished he falls on top of me, burying his head in my hair and laughing. I keep my legs wrapped around him. His cock still inside me. His hot cum leaking out of me. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, stroking his muscular back and holding him to me. After a minute or two he pulls out of me. I whimper. I don’t want him to stop. I want more. I’m hornier now. I could fuck him all day! But he puts his clothes back on.
I lay there on the couch, my legs still spread wide open. I can feel his cum leaking out of me. I close my legs and use my hand to try to hold it inside me.
"I guess I better go." He says.
I don't reply.
He looks back at me and I lay there, running a hand across my tiny boobs and belly. It’s my best attempt at seduction. With a body no where near as nice as Tina’s, I’m not sure I had a hope in hell. I look at him differently. I’ve had him. He is just as much mine as Tina’s. For a minute I smile, still feeling his cock inside me, and still feeling his cum warming me. He stands and only turns once to look back at me.
I haven't moved. I still hold his cum in me but it’s covering my fingers. Sticky. Warm. I move my fingers inside myself.
Then he is gone.
I lay there for a while, I'm not sure how long. There is a wet spot on the couch now. Reality slips back in. I stand and wince at the slippery feeling of a huge cum glob sliding out of me. I go clean myself up.
Sunday morning comes. Of course my Mom didn't come home last night and so I've spent the weekend being a bum as usual. I'm trying to figure out what to do, if I should tell Tina, when there is a knock at the door.
It's Mark.
I open the door, unsure what to say. He looks at me and neither of us says a word. I'm only wearing panties and a T-shirt and stupidly I open the door all the way. He looks me over and still without a word, he rushes in and we kiss.
He rolls off me, his second time cumming inside me. However this time he doesn't run away. I crawl back on him and hold him close. He puts his arm around me and I lazily trace a circle on his chest. Then I speak the first words anyone has spoken so far, "So what does this mean Mark?"
"I don't know?"
"Are we going to tell Tina?" I ask.
"I don't know, I guess we have to?" He looks at me pleading.
I'm so torn. I want him, I really do. But Tina! God! I love Tina! The guilt hits me bomb! "Do we have to tell her?" I ask.
He looks at me, I guess trying to decide if I'm serious or not.
"I'm totally serious! I mean can't we just not tell her?"
"I guess so, but don't you think she is going to find out?"
"Yeah, but maybe we can wait, I mean you could break up with we could just not tell her that you love me and make her think that it was just natural, you know?"
"Huh?" He says starting to get up.
"What? I mean you know...just not tell her and break up with her and then we can just chill until..."
"Who says I'm gonna break up with her?"
Now it's my turn to say, "Huh?"
"Listen Paula, you are a nice girl, but I'm not gonna break up with Tina."
"Nice!? What? Mark! What the hell is all this then? What just happened?"
"Wait! This is all happening too fast. I do care about you Paula, I really do. Honest! It's just that I really think I love Tina. I mean you started this."
I sit there listening to this and I'm only sure of one thing. I feel really horrible.
He doesn't leave, I don't ask him to. I don't know what I want, I just know I don't want him to leave, not yet. It isn't long before we are back in the bedroom, him on top of me. I was still convinced that he was in love with me. Only this time he wasn't going to have all the fun. When I had him nice and hard and he was giving it all he had, I pushed him off and got up hopping naked across the room. I was excited. I had an idea. I would have some fun.
"What are you doing?" he asks.
"Just stay right there" I say.
I go into my closet, reach behind the door and pull out a towel. I walk back over to the bed and say, "Oh, hold on a second."
A few minutes later I come back and drop my two items down by the bed. He tries to look over and see what I've got but I push him back and say, "Now lie down and spread your legs." I command.
He lies down but he doesn't spread his legs. I kneel in front of him and spread them for him. I put some cooking oil in my hands and rub it up and down the clear dildo Tina and I got from our friend Meredith (read my stories) and he can't see cause I'm doing it below the bed.
"What are you doing?" he says.
"Oh, you'll see. Trust me, you'll like it." I then start to rub his cock with my slippery hands and he is like, "That's really warm."
I rub the dildo up and down across his asshole and he is like, "What's that?" and I just say, "Listen, if you want to fuck me again, you are going to have to relax and let me do this. You want to just have fun, then I’m having fun!"
He lays back again and I keep stroking his cock but I push the dildo into his ass. It doesn't even go in before he is like, "OH GOD! That hurts!"
"You are such a baby! Just take it like a man, it's a little dildo, it's not even half the size of your dick!"
"No way! That is weird! I'm not letting you do that!"
"God Mark! You sound like a little baby, just lay back and let me fuck you. "
I look at him seductively, biting my bottom lip. "It would make me so wet!"
"Ohhh god yes! I’ve always wanted to do this. Then I want you to do the same to me."
"What? With that thing?"
"No! With this thing!" I say, squeezing his cock.
He lies back down and closes his eyes and I push a little harder. I stroke him a little faster and he is like grunting and then the dildo pops in! He is breathing heavy and mumbling and I don't move it, then he starts to relax a little and I move the dildo into his ass a little deeper. I keep stroking his cock and I very slowly move the dildo in and out of his ass. I'm kinda laughing cause I can't believe he is letting me do this! Then I want his cock and so I get up on the bed and I leave the dildo in his ass. His legs are spread wide and I have to close them a little in order to get on top of him and when his legs close the dildo slips out of his ass and he is like, "Oh god! Don't do it again. It hurts so bad."
I roll my eyes at him, genuinely annoyed. Something about his lack of adventure just really annoyed me. So I say, "Come here", and I kneel down on the bed and I spread my legs and stick my ass up in the air.
"Fuck me in the ass, let's see who is the real man!" I say.
He moves in behind me and takes his slick cock and pokes me in the ass. It slides down into my wet pussy. For a second it feels wonderful, but it isn't what I want and I'll be damned if I'm not gonna get what I want this time!
"No, up, let me help." I reach behind and very carefully put is cock right on my little anus. He pushes and at first I want to clinch up so he can't get in. I’ve never done this before.
"See? Hurts doesn't it?" He says.
"You really want me to do this?" He asks.
"Yes, I want it."
I force myself to relax and he slides in a little. He keeps forcing his cock into my little hole and it tries to slide in but I can't help but clinch up. So I wrap my hand around his cock, so he can't get it all the way in, and he starts pushing. I turn, watching his face as he tries to fuck me. He slips around a few times and I have to guide him back to my tight little butt. Finally, he slides in as far as my hand will let him. I relax, feeling like I have control. Only the oil on my hands and what is still left on his cock makes it so slick that I can't keep him back and with his next trust he is all the way down inside me!
"Oh, my fucking...Oh Mother of GOD!!" I scream.
It's like someone just shoved a lighthouse up my ass! I bite the pillow and try to keep from screaming. It’s no use. I slam my fist into the bed and scream. He doesn't pull out! I try not to give in. I asked for this. I wanted to do something different. He starts fucking my ass and I'm crying and screaming and he doesn't stop! He takes my hips in his hands and slams his dick down hard into my ass. I turn and yell, "Slow down! For God's sake, slow down!"
He stops all together and I rest my head on my pillow. My ass feels like it is bleeding, like it's ripped wide open! But it’s not.
"Do you want me to take it out?" he says.
"No!" is all I can manage.
I keep biting the pillow and I try to relax. He tries really hard to not move but I can feel every pulse of his cock, every slight movement.
"Ok, keep going but slowly, very slowly"
He slowly fucks my tight little asshole again. By now I don't think I can squeeze. I had always wanted to do this and I did it! I'm not sure why but it made me feel really good and really cheap at the same time. But it felt wonderful when he did it slowly. It sent small shivers up and down my spine with every thrust and move. I reached under and started to play with my pussy. He gets a little faster and I play with my pussy a little faster. He is grunting and fucking my tight ass and I'm rubbing my clit and it starts to actually feel good. Then he cums. I don't even feel it but his cock throbs and he pumps harder and I'm forced down harder. Unable to move I just keep my head in my pillow while he pumps my ass full of cum. He keeps pumping until every last drop of his cum is down in my ass! He pulls his cock out of my sore little asshole and I realize I am crying. My ass hurts so bad and I can't even hardly move! I curl up into a little ball, trying to hide my tears and my pain. I keep my hands on my belly which is on fire!
"Hey! Are you ok?"
I guess I was on some sort of macho trip because I just shake my head and keep my legs curled under me. I’m trembling and sore.
"Hey, you wanted me to do that!"
I look back at him and say, "So you actually think you are forgiven? I'm just getting started!"
He looks at me confused and then we both start laughing, but I can't laugh too hard, it hurts!
"Hey, is anybody home? Paula?"
 Mark and I panic. It’s Tina! He jumps up looking for his clothes but not finding them. I’m trying to pull the sheet up but it’s under him. There is nothing we can do. Tina enters the room.
"Paula? Are you back here? I saw Mark's car out front and..."

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