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Today she turned 18, finally a woman Part 2

True story... or not? You decide. Part 2/2
He stood, but he had cum so hard his legs were shaking.

She sat up and took his cock in her mouth again, licking it clean of all his hot cum. He never lost his erection and they both wanted more.

He told her to go upstairs to bed, and she walked in front of him, wiggling her ass, knowing exactly what it was doing to him. He could see his cum leaking out of her cunt and down her legs. Only a few steps up, he told her to bend over on the stairs, and no sooner had she done that, was he fucking her again.

They both heard a noise and froze, it was her parents. If they were seen, she would never be allowed to see or speak to him again!

Her father walked out of the master bedroom, passed them and went to the bathroom. Lucky for her they were not seen. Sophie wanted to run up the stairs and into her bedroom but Dave held tight on to her waist, making his fat cock twitch inside her tight cunt.

She wanted to moan hard for him but she knew she couldn't. Dave started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her, she felt so naughty, like she could be caught at any minute and she loved every second of it!

Not long after her father stumbled drunkenly back into his bedroom, they sneaked back into Sophie's room. She knelt on the bed and moved her ass seductively but before she had chance to move another inch, he was inside her, fucking her so hard. She was moaning hard for him again as she loved every inch of his big cock.

Dave laid on his back and his cock pointed straight in the air. He told her to climb on. She whimpered as she sunk his cock deep into her, she lent back on her hands and grinded on his cock. She wanted to cum so badly but she just couldn't seem to, she wanted to please him so badly.

She climbed off him and stayed on her hands and knees, her firm ass in the air while her head was pressed against the bed. He slid into her tight cunt again, slowly using the full length of his cock deep inside her then all the way out, just leaving the tip inside her.

He slapped her ass, then moving his hand closer to her asshole, he put is thumb over her virgin ass and pushed it inside. Sophie flinched, unsure of what was happening, she knew it felt good; but it was a different kind of pleasure.

Dave leant over Sophie and asked her in their drunken state if he could fuck her ass. She was unsure but wanted to try it. It's always seemed such naughty, bad thing to do but she wanted it...

She said yes without hesitation. Dave started fucking her ass with 2 fingers, then 3, to get her ready. They both knew it may be painful, but she trusted him not to hurt her too much.

When Sophie was ready to take her man's cock in her virgin asshole he knew.

He pushed the tip in her virgin ass and she pushed her head further into the bed and gripped the bedding hard, as if to stop it hurting. He gradually pushed his cock further in her tight ass and she began to relax, she started moaning. It felt good, in fact it felt better than she imagined it could ever feel.

He thrust hard and she began to whimper for him.

Dave pulled out and pushed it straight in her pussy, she begged him to fuck her ass again. She wanted it so bad and she wanted every bit of his fat cock inside her ass, she needed it.

He did as she asked, and pushed it straight inside her, she hadn't known he was going to to that; it took her by surprise and she moaned harder for him. He fucked her little ass hard and fast, held her hips as he pummeled her ass.

"You're my dirty little girl," he told her.

She could only let out a moan in return. He pulled out of her ass again.

She knew it was seen as dirty, as naughty but she was getting off on it, she wanted more. He just pushed the tip in her little ass and asked her if he could cum in her ass, she wanted him to but was scared it would be hard. She didn't think she could take him fucking her ass that hard.

He fucked her pussy a little longer then pulled out and stroked his cock, and came hard all over her ass, pussy, and covered her back.

He collapsed next to her. He had just emptied a huge load all over her and he was exhausted...

She leaned over him, kissed him softly and led down next to him. Smiling, she was happy... I mean, wouldn't you be?

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