Tough Day

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Smiling to herself because she was barely able to walk straight, moving to the bathroom, she...
Cindy hadn't slept a wink. Just a rough night. Stumbling through the morning waking up, she hurried off to work. The early girl told her as soon as she walked in, that one of the girls had called out. They'd be working the restaurant on a three floor today.

Looking at each other, they shrugged. Might not be fun if they got slammed, but it wouldn't be the first time. At 9am, another scheduled didn't show up. Breaks had been set back to wait on the dumb ass that was running late an hour because she slept in. Tired from the sleepless night, Cindy's temper flared a bit.

Making her way to her car where she sat undisturbed for breaks, she thought she'd better use this time for an attitude adjustment. Switching on the radio, she texted her man. A rush ran through her when he replied a shot time later. She always got that rush knowing he was just a touch a way. Another cigarette later, she knew one sure way to get that attitude adjustment.

Making sure the parking area was clear, she leaned the seat back, raising her apron and unzipping her black dress pants, she touched the soft place between her legs. Keeping a watch through the extra dark tint windows of the truck, she imagined her boss, a punk kid with a power trip walking up to her window and finding her fucking herself.

The thought amused her for a few minutes until she began to feel the benefits of her fingers in her clit. He was the last thing she wanted to see at that point and went somewhere else. Her pussy was warm and wet. A sweet smell creeped into the interior. She licked her fingers, tasting. The taste was light. He hadn't touched it in two days. Not for the lack of want, but because the kids had come home for a day or two and they had only found time for his daily blow jobs. She knew she needed some and was taking care of that herself. Bringing herself to orgasm, she stayed still for a few minutes. A smile rested on her face as she thought about what she'd just done.

Getting through the work day, Cindy rushed home like she always did. And like everyday she stripped on the way to her room. Getting into something comfortable, she stretched out on the bed indulging in a mood enhancer. Rob had asked about her day while she was undressing and now he was stretched out on the bed with her.

Passing on the enhancer, her watched her relax. She knew he wanted her to come close to him and she planned to. Lying beside him, they kissed. He took a tit hard and full in his large hand. Squeezing hard, she responded arching up and giving her titties to him. He kept a hold taking the other just as rough. He had a way of making her breast feel a part of her. A grip on her that handled her any way he wanted. The toughness in his hands felt good. It sent a streak through her body, ending in her cunt tightening with each pull and push he gave. The more he rubbed the blood and ache in to them, the closer her rock hard nipples got to his mouth.

Squeezing the tits hard together, he managed to get both flushed pink points in his mouth. Cindy reached for her shorts and removed them. He didn't give her the chance to touch herself. He worked her clit. She relaxed into the fingers working so softly and the mouth biting down hard on her tits. Pushing into him, She felt herself tender from her masturbation at work. The tenderness in her tits was gone now.

He pawed, smashing her full on the tits, pushing them into her chest. She felt that touch in her cunt. With each push, she felt nectar wetting, wanting something to be tight on. She marveled at the determination and work he put in to her clit. Even for her, it took time. He knew what he was doing.

She talked to him and told him, "You do that like you know."

He had to have known. The pleasure he gave and gave, pushed her over the limit. Cumming, spilling a light cream from herself, she was quiet except for the breathing. Moving 69 to her, he gave her his beautiful cock. She took it, ready to give him some. He let her have it for just a moment.

Taking it from her, he moved to his feet, grabbing her hips, pulling her ass to him. He covered his cock with warming gel, sunk his slick finger in her tight ass and entered, pushing her down. Rising on all fours, she pushed back on him and moaned from the pain. His fullness worked in to the tight ass.

She relaxed with each thrust, sinking into him. Spreading her legs wider, opening to comfort. Pumping her harder, she felt him stretch her. She wanted it tight so she could feel it in her cunt too. Reaching under herself and between her legs, she rubbed her clit. Instantly she closed on his cock with her ass. She worked hard for a while, wanting to cum. She thought about the workout her clit had had that day. It felt numb to the core right now.

She dug and worked into it, wanted more release. He pounded her and rocked her body forward as she worked back in to him. The more he fucked, the more pliable she became, melting, dropping her belly and cunt down on the bed, her fingertips touching every so lightly her clit made her react perfectly to the rhythm of his fuck.

Reaching between her legs and finding his head and the underside of his cock with her other hand, with her finger tips she stroked until she settled on gently milking his shaft like she was milking her clit. She felt numb on the outside. Everything she felt was in her. Ecstasy warped inside her. He shoved deep and then deeper, shooting his cum, filling her ass as she finished cumming herself. Her swollen, wet pussy rested on her turned up fingers, pushed in to her between the bed and his body.

She had said it a few times during their sex and repeated it now. "That was so sweet baby."

"You are so sweet."

After dinner she took her bath. Being pretty tired from the restless night before, she planned to go to bed. After kissing him goodnight, she undressed and got in bed. She knew what she was going to do. Beginning, she always thought about her addiction when she masturbated. Closing her eyes, she worked on her cunt. It was as swollen and plump as it got these days.

Thinking about what she really liked, she reached for the warming gel and lubed her ass. Reaching in to herself, she worked her cunt. Her ass tightened. Slipping her thumb and four fingers in just past her knuckles, she felt the tight opening and the smooth inside walls. Reaching and turning she pumped and pushed, extending in to the softness closing over her hand. Still numb on the outside, she felt the inside begin to cum. She came hard and quick.

Smiling to herself because she was barely able to walk straight, moving to the bathroom, she took care of herself. In her bed she thanked her Lord, closed her eyes, and wondered if he knew what kind of day she'd had.