Traffic Stop Turns Into Sex-Capade

By Xanthe

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Used and abused by the cops
I had spent the weekend in Plattsburg NY and had planned on staying through the early part of the week when I got a message that my sister in law was in labor and about to give birth to my first nephew. I decided to leave early. It was 3:30 am and nobody was on the road so I saw that as an opportunity to haul ass and get home that much quicker. I got about 40 miles when I looked in my rearview mirror and saw flashing lights. "FUCK!" I was about to get pulled over.

I couldn't get a ticket, I already had too many points on my license. I pulled over to the side of the road, but there was not much of a shoulder, so the officer, through a sort of bullhorn, directed me to pull into the rest stop that was about 10 feet ahead. For a fleeting second I thought about leaving, but I knew I would only be making it worse, so I pulled into the rest area. It was a warm summer morning and I was wearing loose fitting drawstring sweat shorts and a tank top. The officer, an older man, probably about 45, approached the side of my car and asked me if I had been drinking. I said that I hadn't and explained why I was driving so fast. Even so, he told me to get out of the car and made me walk a straight line, which I did perfectly. He asked for my license and registration, so I told him I'd have to get it from my glove box. I opened the door and bent from the waist to reach into the glove box as my shorts rode up and my tits peaked out of the top of my shirt. I looked up briefly to see another cop staring in the windshield at my tits, when I suddenly felt a hand working its way into my shorts.

I was kind of offended until I realized that this could get me out of the ticket AND get me fucked by two men. At that point it started to sound like a good idea. Who would know if I was a whore in a rest stop for awhile? the first cop's fingers found my wet slit and began to probe as I remained on all fours on my front seat. Soon I began to feel my pussy tighten around his two or three fingers, moaning, my mouth wide open, the other cop saw the opportunity to get in the passenger side and position his HUGE cock (had to be at least 10" and thick) at my mouth and I eagerly began to suck him off. the first cop began to slam his hand into my cunt when the other guy said, "lets fuck the shit out of this slut." I thought to myself, "I'm not a slut, but I needed to be fucked and I won't get a ticket this way".

Cop #1 removed his fingers from my cunt and I heard his belt drop and his zipper came down. I heard something ripping and assumed it was a condom wrapper. I kept slobbing cop #2's knob or rather he kept fucking my face. I could feel his mushroom sized head in my throat and his balls slapping my chin. Suddenly I felt something really large force its way into my sopping wet cunt and something slid into my asshole and got pushed deeper every time he plunged his thick cock into my cunt. Something told me they had done this before.

Cop 2 shot a huge load down my throat and got up to watch his buddy abuse my tight wet cunt. Cop 1 pounded my cunt hole relentlessly until he came and I was raw. this had to have lasted for 20 minutes. A thick cock pounding my cunt and something of unknown origin slamming my tight asshole. I was screaming with pleasure and he was grunting like a fuckin' animal telling his buddy what a great cunt I had. he finally pulled out and shot his spunk in the crack of my ass. He moved away and said "Your turn" to cop #2. He said, "why don't you break that little ass in?" It was then that I found out that the object that was up my ass was the thin end of a billy club and GAWD did it feel good. The officer ordered me to bend over the hood of the car and to spread my ass cheeks. I knew this was gonna hurt because he was so big, but I didn't want the ticket so I did as he instructed and braced myself. He wasn't gentle at all as he positioned his cock at the opening on my asshole and drove it home...all the way home. I screamed out and tried to relax. he slammed that big beautiful cock deep into my asshole over and over until I felt a mammoth load of cum shoot up my ass and my legs gave out. It hurt, but it was a good pain. I got up and started to get dressed when I heard the cops say not so fast. They wanted to fuck my ass and pussy at the same time. They led me to the one and only patch of grass and one laid down and told me to straddle his cock, so I got on top and slid down onto his throbbing shaft as the other cop got behind me and slid his cock up my asshole and they both fucked my holes like maniacs, deeper and harder with every thrust and I rubbed my clit with reckless abandon.

After about 5 minutes I squirted all over the cock in my cunt and he pumped faster to prolong my orgasm until he shot his load deep inside me. he pulled out and the other cop assaulted my ass until he emptied his load into my ass. I got up, exhausted and used. I looked around and there were at least 4 men standing there watching me take on two men. The cops left and I walked to my car with these men staring at me. I didn't have a towel, so I had drenched panties as my ass and cunt were leaking cum. When I looked back the second time, I noticed that one of the men was particularly good looking so I signaled for him to come to me. He pointed back at himself as if to say "who me?" and walked toward me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and asked if he minded being fourth to have me today (I fucked my old college bf that night too). he said after seeing what I just saw, I wouldn't care if I was 14th. I walked to the back of my car and dropped my shorts.

I bent over and said "pick a hole". He said I want both. He must have known what he was going to do that night cause he had a condom. He began to work my pussy with his fingers as he dropped his pants and managed to work the condom onto his cock. This guy was amazing. he'd pump my cunt for a few strokes then slide his cock up my ass. Finally he returned to my cunt and fucked the shit out of my already abused and used cunt. His balls slapped my ass and he [periodically slapped my ass and slid a finger or two up my ass. I came violently, my body and legs shaking as he fucked me from behind. After I came, I begged him to fuck my ass. He pulled out and slid his cock deep within the depths of my ass. He pounded my ass harder and faster when he finally pulled out, ripped off the condom, and came on my ass and back. he said thank you and left. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up, hopped in my car and was on my way. It felt good to be a whore for once and who would know...except you, me, and the men who fucked me?