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Training Francesca - Part One

A cold autumn morning turns to a torrid night of exploration and the giving of an anal virginity.
Note: For our American readers, the word "pants" mean underpants here, and "Slug and Lettuce" is a chain of pubs. For legal reasons I should probably point out that I have never been served slug! Finally, I use British English spellings, what with being British and that. This is a true story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy remembering it.

Part One:

I met Francesca at one of those "Sport for All" events where volunteers from various sports try to persuade an increasingly waddlesome and reluctant public to get off their butts.

Little did I guess on that bright, crisp morning that it would be Francesca's butt that would soon be the centre of attention. She was an amateur runner but did at least 6 half-marathons a year. I was a mere swimmer, but there we were, side by side in our polysters jumpsuits. We got relieve by another volunteer at lunchtime.

"Wanna come for lunch with me at that new Slug & Lettuce pub round the corner? What could be more healthy than a slug and a lettuce for lunch? Meat AND veg! Mmmm!".

"OK! You're on!"

I hadn't thought for a moment that I was "asking her out for lunch", but my crappy joke made her laugh and she smiled a really warm smile at me as she grabbed her bag.

Francesca was really pretty - no makeup, a lovely long slender neck, dark eyes and an oval face and short hair with flecks of red that curled up just above her shoulders, sort of 1930's style. And she was a right little bundle of energy but barely 5 foot tall, meaning she was craning her neck up to look at me all the time. I hoped my nostrils were clean!

We chatted away over a couple of panini about how annoying people were, found out we were both blood donors, and had a great rapport going. Loads in common. But did it ever take her a while to choose what to eat!

Back to our afternoon stint we went, when a friend of hers came up and, looking all apologetic, handed over an envelope, had a few words, and left in a hurry.

Francesca looked a bit glum. "I'm not actually local, I was staying with an old friend this weekend, and we were supposed to be going to see Borat tonight at the cinema. She's got a bit of a family problem and has to go to Surrey. In a hurry! I hope things are OK. Um. Are you, er, local then?"

"Yeah, pretty much".

She looked a bit coy for a second. "Seen Borat?".

"As it happens, I wanted to see it, yes".

"Well, you don't seem like a weirdo. If you're not busy, would you save me from going on my own?"

How very quickly I forgot about the pub quiz I had agreed to being roped into that evening!


I met her at 6 - she stood out like an oasis of smiley welcoming light in a desert of chavvy town centre gloom. We went straight into the cinema. As we settled into the seats and munched on popcorn, we were just as two random colleagues - why would there be anything else happening? But I couldn't help notice the soft and subtle but slightly heady perfume she was wearing as she leant across to tell me just how much this particular Orange Mobile advert annoyed her!

The film started - if you've not seen it, there's one particular scene where Borat is wearing a mankini (a garment too awful to describe!) and he bends over to put a towel down. Francesca just instinctively grabbed my hand as she cringed along with the rest of the audience and said "oh nooo!!".

"Oops! Sorry - I, er, sorry about that", she whispered.

I whispered back "it's OK".

I could almost feel her thinking about it next to me. She seemed to edge a little closer.

"Your hands are nice and warm", she whispered to me, and started stroking one of my hands. "Tell me to piss off if I'm out of order!".

From that moment on, I hardly remember a single thing about the film. She started to play with my long fingers and soon we were very gently holding, stroking and touching hands while one fingertip of her left hand had discreetly found its way to stroking the inside of my leg. I was begging the film not to stop right now; I'd have had major difficulty standing up!

When the lights came up, I could see she was quite flushed in the cheeks. "I need a drink after that!", she said.

We found a quiet pizza place with some rather novel leather sofas to sit at. For the third time that day, she dithered and ummed and ahhed about what to have, eventually telling me to decide.

We got a bottle of red and she was drinking quite fast. "Slow down there!" I said.

"I'm fine. In fact, I'm more than fine!", she replied.

There was a long pause during which she fingered her glass nervously. She then held my gaze, looking at me intently, as if trying to read me, to suss me out. Her expression changed so many times.

"Take me back to Sarah's place. She won't be back tonight. Do it NOW, before I change my mind. Get the pizza put in a box."

We necked the rest of the wine, left the money on the table and ten minutes later, we were struggling with a key in the door of her friend's flat.

It was lush inside, very modern but nice and cosy too - nice to be out of the cold outside.

"Nice, huh? Now, she's got to have some somewhere...." and with that Francesca began rummaging through cupboards and with a triumphant "aha!" brought out and lit some candles in the living room and put some music on while I leaned against a kitchen cupboard trying to take it all in, wondering what nymph of fortune was smiling down on me.

"Come and sit down" - we went through to the living room and sat down on a sofa together.

"Look, I'm breaking everyone one of my own rules here tonight. If I was at home, I'd be up at 7am and out with the running club on a Sunday morning. I don't know anyone else in this town and anyway it's been a long long time since I've had so much as a hug really. I just haven't really missed it, until today. Hey! Do you like my perfume?"

"Yes! I mean, I was going to say that, but..."

"That's not the only thing I bought specially this afternoon after we finished. Let's see what your kissing's like and you might get to see the other thing I bought!".

With that, she straddled me on the sofa, placed her hands under my chin, leaned forward and kissed me. One smacker straight on the lips, then another, a little slower, then her lips gently opened and we kissed deeply, passionately. Our tongues danced together in each others' mouths as if they'd done so hundreds of times before. Her soft mouth like silk, her gasps and sighs gentle yet intense. She shifted a little on me, adjusted her long skirt, and pushed her crotch down to meet the unhideable bulge in my trousers. I could feel the heat of her sex next to mine as she began to grind rhythmically on my crotch.

Her black boots were already off, and while the fingertips of my left hand gently caressed her soft neck, my other hand stroked the soles of her feet. She pushed me away and took her camisole top off to reveal small but perfect, firm and peachy breasts pushed together by a red lace bra. She pulled my top off too, and we held each other close while I kissed her neck and ears. I deftly unclasped her bra, held her shoulders and let her lean back as I kissed her breasts. She threw her head back and laughed - "It's like I'm telling you what do to and you're hearing it - you're definitely not like most blokes!".

"I'll take that as a compliment, but I hope you're not expecting to find a penis down there" I quipped.

"Oh yeah?! Then what's this?!" came the response, as she gave the trouser-splitting bulge a good hard squeeze.

That direct touch felt like permission and with that I laid her back on the sofa and feasted my eyes on her soft skin, small breasts and smiling face. I undid the zip at the side of her skirt and slid it slowly, gently off to reveal a matching red lace thong underneath.

"And that's part two of my shopping - you passed my kissing test!".

Then she sat up, all serious for a moment.

"Look, there's a couple of rules here. I have so many things I want to do, going round in my head right now.
I want to play, I want to have fun and explore.
But I've had problems with men not stopping when I ask them too at first - it's never gone too far, but I need to know you won't hurt me and will stop when I say stop.
Oh, and number two, don't spill or break anything!
Now, where were you? Oh yes, I think you were about to suck my right nipple! And no fair - get those trousers off - you'd better not be wearing M&S y-fronts!".

I took them off - and there we were, on the sofa, as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me close, just one thin item of clothing on each of us holding my raging cock from plunging deep inside her.

We ground together like that, I took her hard nipples into my mouth, gently biting, teasing, flicking my tongue across. As I moved up, I felt the shape of her hot cunt against my cock, drawing the length of my bulge across her swollen clitoris, pushing ourselves close together. I looked down - there was a damp patch and I could see the edge of her lips peeping through her thong.

I pulled her down onto the soft white rug on the floor and and turned her onto her front, slowly drawing the tips of my fingers down her slender back. She arched her back a little as my fingertips reached the top of her thong, and as she pushed her bottom up slightly I saw the outline of her cunt once more, the telltale slit of wet, and smelled her sweet musky scent. She moaned a little as I stroked the back of her knees, then repeated it with kisses back up from the soles of her feet to the nape of her neck.

Again, I drew my fingertips down her body, this time down her side, reaching under and caressing the side of her breasts. This time, I took the sides of her thong and pulled them high and tight above her waist before pulling it ever so slowly off her perfect butt, watching the material peel away from its warm place between her buttocks. Once again, she raised her butt, this time to help me slip her thong off, and her cheeks gently parted to give me a first teasing glimpse of her tiny and perfectly formed most private place.

My heart was pounding; once again, I kissed the nape of her neck, pressing my hardness - still trapped in my boxer shorts - against her bottom momentarily until I moved my kisses slowly down her spine, running my fingers all over her, through her hair, over her shoulders and neck, until I reached the bottom of her back. My head pounded with excitement - did I make my ultimate intentions clear right now and risk her backing off or gamble and win a prize so sweet? I continued to kiss to the top of her valley, her soft downy skin sensitive to every touch. As my lips first ventured between her soft cheeks I drew in the heady aroma of her soft skin, her perfume and the sweek musk of her cunt. I reached for a cushion and put it under her so I could very gently rub her clit at the same time. And then I let my tongue play around the warm soft entrance to that cave of pure lust.

I felt her fingers join mine on her clit, showing me exactly how she liked to be touched and stroked there, one finger rubbing between the lips, making it wet, then back down to her clit, then back up inside.

While my tongue continued around her tiny sweet hole, my middle two fingers entered her tight cunt. I curled them round and upwards towards her back passage, massaging her with long slow strokes which she must have been able to feel deep, deep inside her bottom. I became aware of a sudden increase in her juices, and my fingers started to squelch inside her while at the same time, she started to swear, gently, under her breath.

I stiffened my tongue and focussed once again on her butthole, taking my fingers out of her cunt and grasping both buttocks firmly and spreading them wide while I plunged my tongue as deep and hard as I could into her impossibly tight arse. Her fingers were moving faster now, and I decided to be a little sneaky, very gently alternative a push of my tongue with a fingertip soaked in cum from her cunt. Pushing very gently against her outer sphincter, the tip of my finger flat, rubbing round in wet circles. I felt her relax a little more, and the tip of my finger entered her. I was still flicking my tongue around there, dipping my finger in and out, making sure she was well lubed up with her own juices. And then it slipped in to my knuckle - the heat from her ass was incredible. It was like smooth, warm, wet silk.

"Are you OK with that?" I asked?

"Shut up and keep driving - I'll tell you if you're taking the wrong route", she breathed.

I sat up and entered her front and back with a finger, rubbing together, then very gently took it from her cunt and eased a second finger into her bottom. I didn't want to push in and out too much in case it made her sore - she was very very tight round my two fingers, so I moved them inside her, massaging her anally, curling my fingers down this time, towards her g spot, trying to find it through the gossamer thin wall between her anus and vagina.

Suddenly she started to moan a little more; I appear to have found the perfect spot. I looked down again, not believing what I was seeing. So sweet was that moment that I can still remember every single taste, smell and texture as I watched my fingers, buried deep in this girl's virgin bottom.

Goose pimples started to appear on the soft skin of her buttocks, her fingers moving faster now, mine too.
The goose pimples spread out and she started to quiver, her skin flushing rosey pink, her bottom pushing hard up against my fingers stretching her deep and wide.

She buried her face in the rug and started to make noises like a cross between stifled laughs and sobs. I moved my fingers to one side and saw a thick cream of cum around her cunt. Her buttocks begun quivering more, her whole body shaking. I reached my other hand down and pulled her fingers away from her clit,I wanted the whole focus of her orgasm to be deep deep inside her most taboo, secret and personal place.

"Ohhhh, fucking fucking fuck". I can't even describe her cries - it was a sound of raw female emotion and release. Her hands reached out over her head and she clawed the rug, stretching herself out, bucking and writhing, her hole now loose around my fingers, squelching as I gave a final frantic rub of my two fingers side to side round and round feeling the soaking depths of her anus. Finally, she collapsed, the tension gone from her body as I pulled my glistening wet fingers from her.

She turned to hold me, her cheeks streaked with tears, and she pulled me close as her body spasmed in a few aftershocks.

"Hey...are you OK?" I asked?

She sniffed and wiped her eyes and laughed a little - "I'm so sorry - I've never cried like that before. I don't know what happened there. Well, actually, I think I do -  you should feel honoured - that was the first time I've ever had a man make me come. I thought it was never going to happen. Christ, I am totally fucked - fetch me some water!"

We refreshed ourselves a little and microwaved up a now-cold slice of pizza. Not classy, but justified in the circumstances, we agreed. We flopped back down onto the sofa and she slipped her t-shirt back off.

"You've still got your pants on and by the look of things you need sorting out too. Look, I'm not ready to take you - that would be totally breaking my very last first date rule. But may I....?", she said inquisitively.

I didn't need to agree, as if I was ever going to say no, as she whipped down my boxer shorts and pushed me down onto the sofa.

"Now let's see how YOU like being teased! It hasn't gone un-noticed that you paid virtually no attention to my pussy. Not that I'm complaining but don't think you'll get away with that! You've got work to do, mister. But first...."

She kissed my mouth, then my chest and bit my nipples. First time anyone had thought of doing that, and not bad at all; kind of made a strange sensation in the base of my cock. I looked down as she wrapped her small hand around my shaft, and I saw a big drip of pre-cum on the tip of my cock. I swear I nearly popped right there and then as she ran her tongue across the glans and over the tip of my cock, licking that drop of salty fluid into her mouth.

I felt absolutely massive, I felt like the very reason for being a man was sated as she started to play her tongue around the head of my cock. This wasn't just "get it over with", she seemed to be really enjoying this.

This was never going to take very long, but the final build-up was longer and more intense than I'd ever felt. I thought that, being gentlemanly, I should warn her of my impending orgasm. "I'm going to come soon", I gasped. The pressure kept building and building, it almost hurt. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and then I came, wave after wave after wave - there must have been 10 or so waves of cum, and as soon as I realized that she wasn't going to pull away but kept swallowing my seed, it just intensified things. No-one had done this for me for years; there's something beautiful about a lover taking her man's seed deep inside, swallowing him. And so I lay back, totally spent as never before. She kissed the head of my cock one more time then came up to give me a salty kiss on the mouth.

As we lay there naked entwined on the rug, our bodies soaked with perspiration and our I had no idea this was just the starter for a feast of passion and emotion.

Part 2 to follow.
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