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Turns out my girlfriend loves anal

I thought she left her recent searches up on accident
My name is Mike. I am 22 years old, about five-five and white. I played three high school sports and continue to exercise, so I’m in pretty good shape. My girlfriend, Emily, is five-one, white, and has an ass to die for, as well as DD tits (but I’m an ass man).

Emily and I had been dating for about four months and the sex was great. She wasn’t the most adventurous but she was no square. We would try all sorts of positions, our favorite being doggy. However, while I was loving our sex life, I really wanted to try anal with her. We had never talked about it, but I still felt like it was too soon. Not wanting to bring up an awkward conversation, I always refrained from talking about it. But each time I fucked her from behind, I couldn’t help but stare at her ass and wonder how amazing it would feel around my dick.

There were times when I would be in between her legs , eating her out for so long that her juices would flow down to her asshole. I would look down and see her tight, glistening puckered hole and try as hard as I could not to lick from her clit right down to her backdoor. Despite these desires, I never acted, until one day.

One afternoon, I was over at her house with a couple of buddies watching football. She was sitting on another couch with her roommates, not interested in the game at all. I remembered that I needed to send my boss an email telling him that I couldn’t make it in to work that night. Seeing Emily’s laptop on the ground, I decided I would just use hers to email him. I clicked on the web browser and started to type in yahoo mail when I saw a list of her recent history. The last visited site was a notorious porn site. In all the time we had been dating, I would have never pegged her as the type of girl that would watch porn on her own, much less know a site like that.

Making sure no one could see what I was looking at, I clicked on the recent web address and was amazed to see what porn she had been watching. Almost every video she had looked up involved some sort of anal play! I didn’t even know what to think. Not only was my girlfriend more sexual then I thought, but she was into the same sort of kinky sex I was.

In my head I started to devise a plan on how I could fulfill both of our fantasies without calling her out for watching anal porn.

“Are you alright over there,” Emily called out from across the room.

“Yeah I’m fine, why do you ask?” I replied. I was worried that someone had seen what I was looking at.

She smiled and simply said, “Well I don’t know but you have a huge grin on your face and look like you’re up to something.”

“Haha no, got a funny email.” Thinking to myself, you have no idea.

Later that night, when everyone went home, we made our way to her bedroom. We usually fucked before we went to bed, but I was ready to mix it up. Before she could take off her sundress, I pushed her onto the bed so she was facedown. I lifted up her dress and immediately ripped off her thong. Looking at that ass was just too much. I lifted my hand and brought it down hard to her white flesh. Emily lifted her head to look back but I pushed her back down into the pillows. She tried to wiggle away but I looked down at her puffy lips and saw she was already getting wet. I took this as a sign to keep going.

I smacked her ass hard again, This time asking, “Whose ass is this?”


I spanked her again, this time hard enough to leave my handprint. “I said 'whose ass is this?'”

“Yours baby,” she said as she let out a soft moan.

With her still on her stomach, I started tracing my tongue along the inside of her thighs up to the outside of her pussy lips. I lightly kissed from the soft skin of her legs to her dripping pussy lips. I then switched to the other leg, each time getting closer and closer to her clit. By this point, her pussy was gushing. I did this for a couple of minutes.

She eventually lifted her head begging, “Please make me cum.”

“I will eventually.” And I pushed her head back into the pillows.

I started to play with her clit, flicking it back and forth with my tongue. Her moans were audible, even through the pillows. I then began licking from the base of her pussy to her clit. After doing this for some time, I started to go past her clit.

“Mike what are you doing?“ she said while trying to hide that she was obviously enjoying it.

“What I know you want.”

With that I stopped playing with her clit and started rimming the asshole that I have wanted for so long. I licked circles around her puckered hole while she moaned and pushed her ass back into my face. With her moans getting louder, I got more confident until I finally pushed my tongue into her brown eye. I had never heard her moan so loud.

I could feel that I had a raging boner and needed some release. Knowing that her backdoor was plenty lubricated, I grabbed a bottle of KY that she sometimes gives me handjobs with and put a generous amount on my dick.

I placed the head of my dick at her entrance and tried to push, but it was too tight.

“Relax baby,” I said into her ear.

With that she relaxed and my head pushed into the tightest thing I have ever felt. It was like the first time I had sex all over again. It was as if her asshole was milking my dick. I slowly inched my entire length into her ass.

“Are you alright,” I asked.

To my surprise, she looked at me with a devilish smile and said, “Fuck my ass. I want you to cum inside it.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I started with a slow and steady pace, but that wasn’t enough for her. She pushed her ass back and I realized she wanted it rough. I started to pull out until my entire length was almost out of her and then slammed back into her tight ass. She moaned like crazy.

I then reached one of my hands underneath her and started to play with her clit while I fucked her ass. This sent her over the edge. She started to tighten up and then screamed in ecstasy. Her asshole somehow managed to tighten even more, sending me past the point of no return. I slammed deep into her as hard as I could and erupted in her ass. I came for what felt like forever.

I collapsed on top of Emily in exhaustion. She rolled me off of her and gave me a funny smile.

“What?” I asked.

“So I guess you finally found those recent searches I left up for you.”

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